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January 2014
Volume 7, Issue 1 Stiletto
Miss Major Honored With Building
Inside this Issue Dedication and Documentary
Miss Major Honored
With Building
Dedication and

In Memory of Melenie

Community Mourns
Loss of Transgender
Oakland Minister
Bobbie Jean Baker
Miss Major is also the subject of a new
documentary called MAJOR! which
Letter from Miss Major
will be released in 2014. The
documentary explores the extraordinary

Letters From The life and times of Miss Major and
inside features interviews with her, her friends,
and her family. Miss Major's story is the

Battles Behind Our story of the LGBT rights movement that
Prison Walls is so often whitewashed, marginalized,
and rendered invisible. Through first-
My Story… trapped TGIJP’s Executive Director, Miss
person narration and innovative visual
Major (aka Mama Major) was recently
story telling, MAJOR! seeks to create a

Why a Transgender Woman honored with a building named after her
Helps the Incarcerated living, breathing history of a
and follow activist Jay Toole in New
community's struggle and resilience, as
York! The Miss Major-Jay Toole
Janetta Johnson goes to the seen and experienced by those who
Building For Social Justice is the
WPATH lived it.
location that houses five of NYC's

Transgender organizations committed to social We are excited to see Miss Major and
Community News justice for and by LGBTQGNC people TGJIP members’ stories reflected on the
of color and poor and low income big screen!

Passage and Place people, including Audre Lorde Project,
Call for Submissions FIERCE!, Queers for Economic Justice,
Streetwise & Safe, and Sylvia Rivera
Law Project. In August of this year,
Miss Major and TGIJP members flew to
TGI Justice
New York, NY for the dedication
Project (TGIJP)
th ceremony which was attended by
1201 46 Avenue members of the organizations housed in
Oakland, CA the building, as well as many
94601 transgender activists and allies.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

retreats for our members; she brought member, said, “Melenie brought her
In Memory of delicious food to our weekly meetings; immense heart to the work we did and
she offered workshops on spiritual the people we helped. After our first
Melenie Eleneke healing to trans people coming out of prison visit together, Melenie told me
prison and jail; she represented the how upset she was that our sisters in
Letter from Morgan Bassichis, former organization at protests and coalition prison were so cut off from community
TGIJP Leadership Team Member meetings; she wrote grants and and from resources to help them. She
organized fundraisers and asked people became even more determined to learn
for donations; she updated our database; about the prison industrial complex, and
she helped the organization move how she could become a better advocate
between two spots Market Street and for our community inside.” Malachi
then to 9th Street and then over the Larrabee-Garza, Leadership Team
bridge to 46th Avenue in Oakland; she member, reflected that Melenie brought
edited and wrote for our annual “cultural grounding of a tireless
newsletter, Stiletto, and sent it into mandate to care for each other and work
prisons; she flew to Geneva, for the full recognition of ourselves as
Switzerland in 2008 to testify with Miss sacred beings, no matter the degree of
Major in front of the United Nations exploitation, oppression, personal
about the human rights abuses of triumphs or failures.”
transgender women of color (of course
clad in her white knee high boots, long During the celebrations of her life
gloves and faux fur coat to keep her following her passing, we were moved
stylish and warm); and so much more, to see just how many people and
both out-in-front and behind-the-scenes. groups held Melenie as dear as we
did. She was “Auntie Mel” to countless
(above) Melenie Eleneke with her But even this list does not begin to people in LGBT, Pacific Islander, and
daughter Kukunaokala describe the contribution Melenie social justice communities—in addition
made to TGIJP over her 9 years with to TGIJP, Melenie was an active
Longtime TGIJP Leader & Stiletto the organization. Miss Major, TGIJP’s member of The Ladies of Keolalaulani
Editor Leaves a Legacy of Love long-time leader and beloved movement Halau and the House of Valenciaga, a
elder, said, “Melenie brought an aura to founder of a transgender women of
In September, our dear sister Melenie TGI. She was always sweet and open color hula group, and a long-time leader
Mahinamalamalama Eleneke passed and generous with her time and in the Asian & Pacific Islander
away in her home in Daly City at the experience. She was a wonderful lady.” Wellness Center, among other groups.
age of 53. Melenie was born on Oʻahu, Janetta Johnson, Program Co- A lifelong spiritual healer, Melenie was
Hawaii on December 25th, 1959. Her In Coordinator with Melenie, said of her, a fierce advocate for the preservation of
nephew Tamalani Auvaʻa, with whom “She brought a sense of welcomeness the culture, language and spiritual
Melenie had been living for the last and warmth, a very nurturing spirit for practices of the Hawaiian people, and
three years, shared that at age 14, the people we work with and for. She brought this commitment to all parts of
Melenie bravely transitioned and always let people know that she cared her life. The many celebrations of her
demonstrated the courage and passion about them.” For Beck Witt, longtime life were filled with laughter, dancing,
that she would carry front and center for TGIJP leader, “Mel brought a food, and memories of time spent
the rest of her life. She was beloved by leadership that was rooted in a deep together.
a vast network of family, friends, and spirituality and respect for those who
colleagues, and her loss has been felt came before her. She was all about All of this speaks to the legacy
my many. loving on and including and supporting Melenie has left behind. For Miss
everyone around her.” StormMiguel Major: “Melenie left a sense of humor,
Melenie joined TGIJP (then called Florez, TGIJP’s Administrative to be able to laugh at yourself and not
the Trans/Gender Variant in Prison Director, said, “Melenie brought take the world so seriously.” For
Committee) in 2004, and, until her passion and much-needed humor, even Janetta: “She left behind a greater
passing in 2013, played almost every in the hardest of times. She also passion to do and be better, to be more
role in the organization—she visited brought honesty and a very involved in the movement and work for
trans people at California Medical compassionate realism to the the people in the system. She tells me,
Facility (CMF) in Vacaville and other organization. The health of TGIJP and ‘OK, Janetta, you can do it. Be a part
prisons; she wrote letters with and our members meant the world to her. of.’” For Beck: “Mel leaves behind a lot
organized letter-writing events for She gave me a lot of joy—my memories of people that miss her and want her
imprisoned trans people in California of her always make me smile.” Alex back! She would want us to find humor
and throughout the country; she Lee, TGIJP founder and longtime TIP in every situation—she greeted even the
organized planning and empowerment

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

hardest moments with the deepest “It’s a big community loss. She [was] The ELIXHER team had the honor of
laughter.” For StormMiguel: “Melenie huge in the African-American meeting Bobbie Jean Baker at the 2012
reminded us how important it is to stay transgender community and the TransSaints in Color Conference in
connected, to remember that we are all community at large,” said Tiffany Charlotte, NC. We are extremely
family.” For Alex: “Melenie had that Woods, the program coordinator at the saddened by this news.
rare ability to feel compassion and rage Tri-City Health Center in Fremont, the
in her gut whenever she saw anyone only transgender program serving A ceremony was held in Baker’s honor
being treated unfairly or being transgender women in Alameda County. Saturday, January 11 at 1 p.m. at the
discriminated against. She is leaving “She was grooming the younger First Congregational Church of
behind a legacy of deep caring and [generation] and mentoring them.” Oakland, at 2501 Harrison Street.
commitment.” For Malachi: “We are
following in Melenie’s guidance by
working for liberation based in people’s
abilities to survive every day. She
modeled this for us.” Miss TGI
Miss Major, Executive Director
TGIJP works to break the chains that
keep transgender women of color—and Hello Beloveds sending lots of love and
all people—trapped by prison, jail, well wishes I know that life and its
detention, police, racism, and poverty. situations can sometimes have it’s ups
As our mission states, we are creating and downs, hold you head up and be
“a united family in the struggle for strong , the TGI-JP family has
experience a great deal of loss in 2013
survival and freedom.” Melenie with the passing of MelenieEleneke
embodied this vision and commitment who’s been our dear sister and auntie
in her bones: She believed in people. and friend the beginning 2014 the loss
She believed that, whoever you are, of Miss Bobbijean Baker which has
your life is worth fighting for. caused so much pain in our hearts so
Although our hearts are heavy with the ladies please be extra careful It’s a very
painful thing lose such outstanding
grief of losing such a dear sister and social justice warriors these were very
A staunch advocate and role model,
friend, we are grateful to count giving women in our community/family
Baker worked with trans women
ourselves among the lucky recipients of however we will continued to do the
overcoming substance abuse,
her bright light, unconditional love, and work that has been placed on our hearts
homelessness and more. The Memphis mind body and souls yes we are in a
generous spirit.
native moved to the Bay Area in 1992 transition period our newsletter Stiletto
Melenie, we honor you. Thank you for
and later became an ordained minister at and retreats Sista’s Doing It for
the City of Refuge United Church of ourselves will continue please know that
blessing us with your life. In your you are loved and cared for by us we
Christ in San Francisco. She was the
memory we continue the struggle for will do our best to keep you updated on
lead singer in the transgender group
survival, self-determination, and and changes ,and for the ladies that are
Transcendence Gospel Choir for a getting out stay in touch and allow us to
decade and was returning from a be a part of your transitioning look
nighttime service when the crash forward to hearing from you sending
Community Mourns happened. lots encouragement love and strength to
move forward even in the midst of a
Loss of Transgender The unfortunate incident is currently storm.

Oakland Minister under investigation.

Miss Major
Bobbie Jean Baker
See more at:
bobbie-jean- Stiletto Submissions
Thank you for all of your submissions. We are working on including these
Community members everywhere are submissions in the next issue of Stiletto. Please note that if you would like us
mourning the loss of transgender to include your submission in Stiletto, we will need you to sign the enclosed
activist and religious leader Bobbie Jean release of information along with your submission. If you lose the release form,
Baker. Baker, 49, tragically died in a car please feel free to request one by mail we’ll be happy to send it to you.
crash on New Year’s Day.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

From the Inside environment, with less privileges, no

grass, or guitars, but even the shukick-
out prison "Delano" that houses
The following letters and stories are a disciplinary inmates have all these
glimpse from the inside and is shared privileges. I'm disciplinary free. I have
to give you support in your daily my eye lids permanently tattooed blue
struggles. and my eye brows and lashes tattooed
black, as a advocate we were provided
Being Strong sports bras, not bras, in order to smash
by Lisa Strawn our breast down to take our identity and
to manipulate acts of Dominance or
retaliation due to
homophobic/transphobic beliefs of
inflictions under inhumane conditions,
clearly unconstitutional with no secure
Transgender Friendly Housing environment for G.I.D. or "LGBTQ"
Criteria Institutional Facilities inmates, for a non-hostile housing
comprehensive adequate standard for
By Rodney Quine equal treatment under the governments
obligation under the united nations
These new standards/policies treaty as human rights are rights
implemented are due to the inherent to all human beings. Under the
Stiletto Readers, discrimination/harassment/harmful california correctional health care
I am transgender and currently abuses throughout the CDC to services policies CDCR employees need
incarcerated at C.M.F Vacaville. The "LGBTQ" inmates. However, the to undergo sensitivity training. I'm not
prison is suppose to be so called Torture continues with no real scrutiny allowed no real life experiences i.e.
transgender friendly. There are around and many forms of subterfuge practices allowed to full-time living as a gender
20 or so transgenders here. within these facilities. . . woman and patient on hormones
therapy. I absolutely want the real life
For some reason the transgenders here I'm a 54 year old, pre-op male-to-female experience I struggle for and certainly
are divided. Over the years there have transgender. Incarcerated for 34 years now that I'm past puberty I no doubt at
been groups for us concerning the now. I'm as productive as possible to my own expense should be allowed
transgender issues. better our environment. In 2008, at the feminine clothing and items just as
R.J.D. prison, I was recommended for women prisoners are allowed to order
One of the sponsors left to work at hormone therapy. In 1978, I took and have. Due to my development I
another prison. And since then the hormones for a short period "black have big hips and buttocks with big
group is no longer meeting. We have market issues". I had previously breast and long hair. To which, my
another sponsor that was helping with attempted suicide because I had tried all presence creates within the population
the group. But for now it doesn't look possible adjustments since childhood to confusion and mixed emotions from the
good for us. live with my current male gender that I males that go from romantic thoughts to
felt was nothing more than a mistake. disgust and explosive turmoil reactions.
So we have nowhere to go when issues So I have lived within the prison system I am subjected to constant verbal abuses
come up in the prison. But I have and before as a man even though I have from staff and inmates for amusement
always been taught to stand out and be my whole life identified as a woman. In purposes. Music and grass is a universal
different. Even in here that can be a 2008, I obtained hormone treatment and source of life for religious purposes and
difficult task. attempted to get sex re-assignment basic human fulfillments for officials to
surgery. As a form of disrespect and/or deny these human basic needs is cruel
I am trying to revive the group with one harassment I'm addressed as Mr., him or and unusual and is not based on no
of the sponsors we had. The sir with no feminine pronouns such as rational financial reasonings other than
transgenders are looking forward to Ms. her or transgender and the pure hatred. As LGBTQ inmates that
meeting again. Maybe it will bring all of description and tone is used as a don't get into trouble we should be
us together as one. So I say to all of you weapon. The administrative appeal treated at least as good as other inmates.
out there. Be strong and stay grounded process always has negative results. No Besides your issue of laundry when you
and anything you want can be achieved matter what relief you may seek I have arrive, you wait 6 months or longer for
if you try. needlessly encountered problems and laundry exchange. I have painful bone
face discriminatory practices of spurs and have been waiting for medical
Sincerely, harassment that come in many forms shoes for at least 8 months. We are only
Lisa Strawn transfers to a more troublesome allowed 6 T.V. stations, other facilities

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

and prisons are allowed numerous T.V. physically. My feminine appearance is people. I recently received your
stations. These are negative results for who I am and my personality is bubbly. "Stiletto" news letter, I enjoyed it and
filing 60 appeals. If a person does not like me for who I related to it thoroughly. I wanted to
am that's perfectly fine with me, just thank you for sending it to me and for
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ keep your hands and hurtful comments all the good you do for people like us.
to your self. It's a beautiful feeling to know that I'm
Dear TGI, not alone and there are people like me
My reason for sharing this story is to who can relate to my life and struggle.
My name is Jammie Yevette Blake, I inspire other TransGenders who are in I've been here awhile and have
am incarcerated at CSP-LAC in prison to take the proper action if they experienced so many terrible things I've
Lancaster, California. I am a are being abused by prison staff--You been raped stabbed in the chest and
TransGender women in prison doing a are not alone sisters--I feel your pain-- head and cut on my face and hands by
50 year term. I've been there and I know the guys who are hateful and dislike our
feeling. We as TransGenders have to kind or are pressured to do these acts by
I received the December issue of TGI fight legally for our rights. We as their friends. It's been a long hard road
Justice and I was touched by Ms. Grace mature women have to pave the way for in here 4 me and often I feel like it will
Lawrence's story. I felt that it was very our young transgender sisters, and our never end and I begin to lose hope but I
helpful 2 our TransGender Sisters all up commin young generations. I love try to reach out to all the support I can
over the United States. We as all my TransGender sisters and my heart get even if it's just a newsletter or a
TransGender Ladies are looked down hurts when I see them getting beat up or pamphlet of information. Something to
upon especially being incarcerated. The hit on. My soul cries for them because read some form of news or update for
Correctional Officers treat I'm defenseless and can't do nothing information directly related to or
TransGenders in-human and no matter about it. But what I've learned is our affecting people like us I would like to
what the issue may be the TransGender society has given us a legal system and know if at all possible can you send me
is always in the wrong according to the through our legal system is a way to get the
Administration. justice done. 1) updated resources and self advocacy
tools for people inside and also:
My story started on April 8, 2012 when I am not gonna be happy if I receive a 2) the (W.P.A.T.H.) World Professional
a Correctional Officer assaulted me just dollar amount for my pain & suffering. Association for Transgender Health 7th
based on my femminett Truthfully I don't care for the money, it version
appearance. The Correctional Officer means nothing 2 me. What means
kneed me in my thigh really hard and something to me is a judge hearing me It is my hope that I can be updated on
called me a "faggott". Since then I been out and me exposing this Officer for his the Standards of Care that us
on Motrin, Tylenol and Muscle Cream CRUEL act he inflicted on me. It will transgender inmates are to receive.
Rubs. I filed a grievance at this prison give me some peace of mind that I was
on the Officer and it was denied even heard and justice was done, and if I do Thank you for your time and support.
though I had 3 witnesses who seen the get money as a reward for this I"m
Officer assault me. gonna find an organization such as the Sincerely In Solidarity,
wonderful "TGI" to donate it to.
After I went through the grievance Jenna Clawson
process at the institution I filed a 1983 Keep up the good work TGI--we need
Civil Suit and got a response back from more of you.
the court-- they said I have a 8th
Amendment claim and gave me a case Sincerely,
#, I plan 2 take this action all the way 2 Jammie Y. Blake
the END, as a TransGender Woman I P.S. I will keep TGI posted on the steps
have legal rights to be protected from of my civil suit. I love u all.
cruel punishment.
I have been in prison for 10 yrs. I've
seen so many TransGenders get TGI Justice Project
assaulted by Correctional Officers and
not take action by filing grievance and Hi my name is Jenna I'm a Transgender
take it to the courts for help. The woman incarcerated in an all male
officers assault us for being who we are- prison here in California. I have been in
-we are humans first and no one's prison 10 years now. I am always
personal beliefs should give them the trying to reach out to any and all
rights to hurt anyone verbally or support groups and programs of LGBT

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Challenges from Transgenders Battles Behind Our Prison Walls

Searching for True Identity, Her Survival, The Hardships Seeking Love and Peace with Freedom
By Shiloh Quine (aka Rodney Quine) Jan.1 2011, Art by Shiloh Quine: Shy’s Journey Within, January 1, 2013

I, can only hope for our society to have acknowledge as your advancing, exploring
tolerant and understanding in regard to the the aspects of your lifestyle moments that are
forces we constantly face inside and outside attributed with the determination and own
prison. Here or there can take on its own perspectives satisfying to your own true
walls, we face a lot of hate stereotypical identity. But only you sometimes, at some
images with little tolerance or understanding point, when our soul reaches (senses) with all
because of morals. In the 1970’s we faced its being & desires experiences from many
numerous problems in society, I was made by lives before lived.
all kinds of means to be a real man, which
was traditional, I was taught this in It will enhance its development. I perceive
childhood. At some point, I had a true battle myself even with the production of
inside for I had been feminine within my testosterone. In accordance, because I have
heart and soul and mind. I was however, in a genitals and my sex-description, they say my
man’s body, needless to say I did battles condition is a “gender identity disorder”. My
within. manifestations and characteristics associated
to my sexual orientation from childhood is
Its been a hostile frontiers of discoveries inspired because even though I was taught “I
along the way of awareness and of was born a man”; (Then I was a man). I had
discrimination faced. I had a lot of anger and the wisdom or basis potential within to know
even rage which at some point, it has faded I was a girl. Incredibly even after our
It has been very difficult, frequently a lot of into true beauty (from youth as an outcast). Christian dominance in Religious traditions, I
times even frustrating simply standing at and At last when you find that character that exits still proclaimed what I had been.
against sometimes these greats of odds in within each beat of your heart pondering at
order to achieve ones coming out with all of your soul from within, this ongoing conflict In 2008, after all the discriminations seen I
the incidents we face in between, in hope for you must fight alone with all your might, had the strength to have my hormone
our obtained perseverance. constantly the mind and heart will do battle therapy, not according to the political plan
upon your journeys that longs for its identity, that is involving homosexuality. “Don’t ask,
My heart goes out to you seeking (simply) to that can get lost, that defines us all. Don’t tell”. Look at our history, incidents in
have the courage to find your own identity. society of deceptions falsehoods suffering to
It’s wonderful of you all whom made it all Sadly enough, it is hard “self-acceptance others colonized surrounding power through
possible, I’m in my golden years now, life is seldom is easy” and these challenges of all the suffering of others. Great violence around
wonderful, even in prison or where ever you the complexities struggles attitudes meant to the world, look at our burning times.
may be and we should live to the very fullest, de-humanize us. It takes real strengths to
no matter the challenges or circumstances. survive your struggles completely felt or

My Story… Trapped by Julian Davis

I have known since the early age of 3 that what was that, and he went into detail help. No doubt being a transgender is
I was different. I knew I liked girl and I about feeling like I was born in the hard, a lot of people are uneducated and
knew I wanted to be a boy. But at 3 your wrong body and actually feeling like I physical/verbal abuse befall us, even
not really all that developed so you don't was a “Man” trapped in a “woman's” death. But God made me this way so I'll
know physically what you got and what body. When I heard that word do all I can to reach out to others. I've
you don't have. I lived from age 3 to 12 “TRAPPED” I knew instantly thats what had people call me a disgrace, wannabe
feeling angry, odd, “trapped,” and I had been feeling all those years but man, as well as other things but my
different, but I was too embarrassed to couldn't put my finger on it. As soon as I response is always the same...
say something. Then I turned 13 and I heard that work all the anger,
chopped off all my hair and wore boy embarrassment and shame went away. “If I could go back to the beginning, right
clothes. But I still felt “trapped.” I would Even though I'm still physically trapped, before I was formed in the womb, I'd
secretly have encounters with other girls I am no longer mentally trapped. either choose to be born a man who is
but I felt insecure about my body. I didn't happy being a man, or a woman who is
know why, I had a flat stomach, perky There are so many people in the same happy being a woman. Anything other
boobs, nice legs, what was there to be situation I was. They either can only than a transgender. Because its hard and
ashamed of? It wasn't until 10 years later identify as a lesbian or a gay man not it hurts me how people (especially men)
that I figured out what was wrong... I was knowing that there is a whole other treat me and others like me. But I am this
trapped in the wrong body. I was 3 years “category” if you will. People are other way for a profound reason and that is to
into my prison time and this “BOY” genders trapped in the wrong body and be a voice.
asked me if I was “transgender.” I asked its my job and others to reach out and

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Why a Transgender Woman Helps the Incarcerated

The California Report interviews TGIJP Program Coordinator, Janetta Johnson

The recent news that Chelsea Manning -- me down and try to take advantage of hopelessness and despair. A lot of times
formerly known as Bradley Manning -- me sexually. It’s kind of like a situation people don’t want to work with
hopes to receive hormone therapy in where you can’t tell because, if you tell, transgender people because they don’t
military prison has sparked you’ll be considered a snitch, so you’ll really understand our issues.
conversations about the treatment of be further marginalized.
transgender people behind bars. As part I’m currently employed at Transgender
of our ongoing series of first-person There’s times that I felt like I was really Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project,
health profiles called "What's Your hanging on to my sanity. which is known as TGIJP. And I work
Story?" Janetta Johnson talks about
with transgender people that are
what it was like to be a transgender
Then when I got out of prison, and I got incarcerated or getting out of
woman in a men's federal prison.
out on a Monday, and I ended up in the incarceration.
hospital on a Friday because I had a
“It’s a devastating experience being a
really, really bad panic attack and I It’s kind of like a spiritual thing to me.
transgender woman and being in a male
couldn’t breathe. It was just a very
prison and people constantly telling you,
fearful situation because all the It’s like Harriet Tubman and the
you’re not who you are. I mean, after
negativity that I heard while I was in underground railroad. Once you get out,
hearing this for so long, you start to
prison, I began to hear inside my psyche, you know what I’m saying, you gotta go
question who you are. Even to the extent
when I got out here. back and get some of the people and say,
where, at one point, I didn’t even
It took me about three months to get into come on, let’s go. Let’s get out of this
identify as human.
mental health care, and that’s too long. mess. Let’s go find something different.
That’s too much of a leeway for Something better.”
Every single day, this guy would touch
somebody to fall into a state of
me inappropriately. This guy would pin

Janetta Johnson to Attend the WPATH

A letter from TGIJP Program Coordinator, Janetta Johnson

Dear friends and family, position to advocate for

I have been invited to attend the World transgender people,
Professional Association for especially transgender
Transgender Health (WPATH) women of color inside
Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand in prisons and those who
February to speak on a panel about are coming out of
incarcerated transgender people, and prisons.
their health needs. I'm thrilled to have
the opportunity to attend and I truly All transgender people
believe in my heart that I can make a need and deserve to have the best care I’ve had so far to be able to be a part of
difference by sharing my experience possible when it comes to our mental the construction of community,
with the medical and mental health and physical health. All too often, breaking the yoke of Oppression for
providers who will also be attending. transgender women of color, especially trans people of all colors.
My goal in attending WPATH is to those who are incarcerated, fall through
speak directly about the needs and the cracks of the larger discussion and Thanks and love,
issues faced by transgender people in policy making around transgender Janetta Louise Johnson
prisons. issues.

Having had the misfortune of spending I am currently fundraising to get the

three and a half years in prison and the money together for a plane ticket and
good fortune to be in leadership at the registration fees, and while there’s
Transgender Gender Variant Intersex still some money left to raise, I feel
Justice Project, I am in the unique honored and favored to get the support

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

psychological testing requirements for History article. Christine Jorgenson

transgender pilots seeking or renewing was not the first recipient of sex
their pilot’s license. reassignment surgery by a long shot, but
she had hormones which were new at
9/15/2012 the time. Michael Dillon had
TransGriot published a blog testosterone pills and he was the first
remembering transman Jim McHarris, recipient of female to male sex
born in 1924 in Meridan, MS as Annie reassignment surgery in 1946-1949.
Lee Gordon. He exhibited a distaste for
Transgender all things feminine except dating the
ladies. He transitioned in his teens to
After a great deal of debate, the US
Community News living as a man and spent the next 15
years traveling and working odd jobs.
Congress reauthorized an LGBT-
inclusive version of the Violence
Katheryne Stripling, Member He settled down, got engaged and was Against Women Act, which protects
living life as a man until he was arrested victims of domestic violence. Obama
Hello! by police and a pat down reveled his signed it into law immediately.
gender. He ended up serving 30 days in
I hope you enjoy reading my column’s a woman's jail, but dressed as a man 2/16/2013
news offerings in this edition of Stiletto. while there. Despite controversy and Gallup polls showed that Washington
The following are a list of transgender criticism, he continued to live his life as D.C. has the highest percentage of self-
law developments. Please let me know a man. identified LGBT people – nearly 10
any specific TG news you’d like to read percent of the population. The national
and I’ll research it for you. 10/4/2012 average is 3.5 percent, and Hawaii,
Transgender Law Center celebrates its Vermont, Oregon, Maine, Rhode Island
Thanks, Katheryne 10th Anniversary. also had high percentages. The study
Good News found that states with higher proportions
10/30/2012 of LGBT residents tend to have LGBT-
USA Vice President Joe Biden called supportive climates and most have laws
transgender discrimination “the civil that prohibit discrimination based on
2012 rights issue of our time.” The vice sexual orientation or gender identity.
Neil McKenna wrote a book, "Fanny president has been a steadfast ally to the
and Stella: The Young Men Who LGBT community. 2/19/2013
Shocked Victorian England" about the Massachusetts passed The Transgender
lives and community of two "young 11/29/2012 Equal Rights Law in July of 2012,
men who liked to dress as women" who Allyson Robinson was appointed which prohibits discrimination against
came to public attention when they were executive director of OutServe - Transgender persons and includes an
arrested in 1870. Servicemembers Legal Defense amended definition of hate crime which
Network. She is the first transgender now includesany crime motivated by
8/6/2012 person to head an LGBT organization one's gender identity. As of February
The U.S. Department of Health and that is not trans-focused. 2013, elementary and secondary school
Human Services (HHS) clarified that students can now use all school
the Affordable Care Act’s prohibition 11/30/2012 facilities that coincide with the student's
on sex-based discrimination includes It's the 60th anniversary of Former Army gender identity, such as restrooms,
discrimination against transgender Private George Jorgenson traveling to changing rooms and sports teams. It is
people and discrimination based on how Denmark and returning as Christine also required that student records and
masculine or feminine a person Jorgenson – the first ever MTF sexual diplomas use appropriate pronouns and
presents. The HHS announcement reassignment surgery. Afterward, she names.
means that transgender patients who wrote a letter to her parents, saying
experience discrimination from health “Nature made a mistake which I have 2/22/2013
care providers that accept Medicare, had corrected, and now I am your Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from
Medicaid, or other types of federal daughter.” The first FTM surgery took the papacy in February. There are
funding should file discrimination place in Bristol, UK in 1942, when rumors that he was part of a network of
complaints with HHS. Laura Dillon underwent a double cross-dressing gay priests and stepped
mastectomy and became Michael down because he was being blackmailed
8/12/2012 Dillon. She had already been taking by male prostitutes at a Roman spa.
The Federal Aviation Administration testosterone and dressing as male.
(FAA) this summer instituted a new 2/27/2013
policy eliminating burdensome 2/8/2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Phoenix City Council voted 5-3 to store where she worked fired her shortly
expand an anti-discrimination law to 3/29/2013 after she announced her plans to
include protections for LGBT people in Monica Roberts' blog post: The Human transition from male to female. She will
city contracts, housing, employment and Rights Campaign just had another be awarded $50,000 in addition to
public accommodations. They had voted incident of dissing the trans community, receiving a formal letter of apology and
this measure down 21 years ago, and covering it up and calling witnesses letter of recommendation from her
LGBT advocates said the move was a liars. This time organizers removed a former employer. There will also be
long time coming. trans pride flag at a rally, not removing public notice on the company's bulletin
any other flags; the HRC denied the board and a yearly training on
2/27/2013 incident for 2 days. workplace protections.
In February 2013, transgender teen,
Devon, was voted Homecoming Queen 4/27/2013 9/17/2103
after transferring to a new school and Washington Post: A new book, "They Federal court rules that a business
keeping her biological gender a secret. Fought Like Demons" by DeAnne corporation owned by Roman Catholics
She then spoke publicly about it in order Blanton and Lauren Cook Wike, is is not entitled to claim a religious
to help others in the same situation. In about "at least 250 women [who] exemption: Obamacare requires that
September 2013, transgender teen, dressed like men and fought for the health insurance plans for employees
Cassidy Lynn, was also voted North and South in virtually every cover contraception. If the Supreme
Homecoming Queen and in October major battle of the bloody Civil War". Court overturns this decision it could
2013, transgender teen, Ray, was affect other rulings about religious
crowned Homecoming King. All three 5/3/2013 discrimination against LGBT people.
were the first transgender students in Huffington Post: Article called "women
their schools to win “royalty” and all who passed as men in pursuit of a 9/21/2013
three have used the opportunity to speak dream" discusses 13 people, who are Cassidy Lynn, one of the transgender
publicly and raise awareness. authors, musicians, athletes, doctors, teens who won Homecoming Queen this
soldiers, politicians and a stagecoach year, later posted on her Youtube
3/2/2013 driver. channel that she was feeling distraught
TransGriot published a blog and unhappy after receiving a deluge of
commemorating Women's History 5/3/2013 negative and hateful remarks after her
Month, bringing attention to the Rhode Island became the 10th U.S. state win. She said she was having trouble
importance of remembering our trans to legalize same-sex marriage. living up to the pressure of being a role
women of color history. The blog said model, even though she knows she
“the recognition of our contributions to 5/14/2013 should be strong for the kids she did it
women's history has been far too slow Minnesota became the 12th U.S. state to for.
in coming for African-American trans legalize same-sex marriage.
women, but it hasn't stopped us from 9/27/2013
doing what we have to do to fight for 5/17/2013 New Jersey legalized same-sex
our humanity.” Some of those France becomes the 14th country in the marriage.
mentioned in the blog include Marsha P world to legalize same-sex marriage.
Johnson, Miss Major, Janet Mock, 10/8/2013
Laverne Cox, Lucy Hicks Anderson and 6/4/2013 California Governor Jerry Brown finally
Patricia Underwood. Transgender Navy SEAL, Chris, comes signed the TRUST Act, which prevents
out as Kristen after serving multiple the police from turning in many non-
3/4/2013 tours as one of the most elite members violent inmates to deportation officials.
The National Center for Transgender of the military. She has published a Participants of the Transgender
Equality and Just Detention memoir called “Warrior Princess.” Leadership Summit educated lawmakers
International led efforts to strengthen about the importance of the Act,
protections against sexual abuse of 6/8/2013 because transgender people are at
LGBTI in immigration detention as part Author Steve Berry recently wrote a greater risk for police harassment and
of the implementation of the Prison book, The King's Deception, claiming deportation. The TRUST Act will
Rape Elimination Act. that Queen Elizabeth I was a male refocus S-Comm enforcement onto the
impostor who replaced the real princess most violent offenders rather than those
3/12/2013 when she died at age 10. who committed minor offenses.
Maryland is moving forward a bill in
the state legislature to ban 9/16/2013
discrimination against trans and gender A transgender woman in South Dakota
non-conforming persons. It is voted won a landmark settlement in an
down by the state senate on March 15. employment lawsuit, after the grocery

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Uruguay became the 12th country in the Bad News
world (and the 2nd country in South
America, following Argentina) to USA
legalize same sex marriage.
5/13/2013 Drag queen Martha Graham Cracker
A transgender woman has won the right was asked to sing and read Dr Seuss at
to marry her boyfriend in a watershed an after-school program in New Jersey
ruling in Hong Kong. Singapore, as part of National Read Across
Australia and New Zealand also allow America Day. The invitation was then
transgender people to marry as their revoked without explanation, but critics
new gender. The ruling does not allow believe it is because he is gay and a drag
same-sex marriage. queen. A church in Philadelphia then
invited him to perform, in response.
France becomes the 14th country in the 6/10/2013
Around the World world to legalize same-sex marriage. Sama Chaka Quinland pleaded guilty to
voluntary manslaughter in the death of
2/20/2013 6/8/2013 DeAndre Fulton-Smith after stabbing
Ancient rock carvings were discovered Author Steve Berry recently wrote a him 22 times and shooting him twice in
in China that depict scenes of bisexual book, The King's Deception, claiming the head. Quinland states he did this
and transgender activity. These carvings that Queen Elizabeth I was a male after learning that Smith was a man who
may date back to 2000BC. impostor who replaced the real princess was presenting as a woman while
when she died at age 10. offering sexual services through the
3/3/2013 internet. Quinland received the
Neil McKenna's new book was 9/17/2013 maximum sentence of 30 years.
published, titled 'Fanny & Stella: The Federal court rules that a business
Young Men Who Shocked Victorian corporation owned by Roman Catholics 7/21/2013
England.” It tells the story of two is not entitled to claim a religious Jeanne Manford, who founded the
flamboyant and gender-bending gay exemption: Obamacare requires that straight ally group Parents and Friends
men in Victorian London. health insurance plans for employees of Gays and Lesbians (PFLAG) died at
cover contraception. If the Supreme the age of 92. She founded PFLAG in
3/7/2013 Court overturns this decision it could 1972.
Ireland amended its Employment affect other rulings about religious
Equality Act to protect teachers from discrimination against LGBT people. 8/22/2013
being discriminated against based on Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley
their sexual orientation. 9/25/2103 Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in
New Zealand: Anne Toley, Minister of prison for leaking hundreds of
3/7/2013 Corrections, announces that New thousands of classified documents. She
Peachy Tabilos says that in her heart she Zealand prisoners can now be placed in was found guilty of 20 counts, six of
was born to be a woman and born to the prison that matches their gender, not them under the Espionage Act, but her
play volleyball. She has not yet had sex their sex assigned at birth. lawyers argued during the trial that
reassignment surgery, which means she Manning was acting out of a sense of
cannot qualify to play on a women's duty to her country. After the
volleyball team. However, she has sentencing, Manning announced she
found acceptance and support on the wanted to be referred to as Chelsea, and
men's team at City College of San that she would undergo sexual
Francisco. reassignment therapy to become a
woman. She states she leaked the
3/8/2013 documents because she is a
Greece changed its hate crime "transparency advocate” and feels that
legislation to include gender identity. “the public cannot decide what actions
Many consider this a huge victory and policies are or are not justified if
because this is the first time Greek law they don't even know the most
has ever recognized the trans rudimentary details about them and their
community. effects.” But Fort Leavenworth military

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

prison in Kansas, where Manning is due

to serve out her sentence, said that it
would not provide trans treatment
beyond psychiatric support, in a move
criticized as unconstitutional by
activists and LGBT groups.

Around the World

Twenty-nine countries in Europe are
insisting transgender people are
sterilized before their true gender is
recognized in law. In many European
countries, sterilization and SRS are
required. Many LGBT rights
organizations are calling this a major
human rights abuse and fighting for this
requirement to end.

Russia's parliament passed
overwhelmingly passed a bill that bans
so-called 'propoganda' of
homosexuality. They will impose hefty
fines for holding gay pride rallies or
providing information about LGBT
issues to minors. Any person or
organization mentioning sexual
relationships considered 'non-traditional'
will be fined. Foreigners may face up to
15 days of imprisonment followed by
deportation. Cher was approached about
being an ambassador at the Games and
performing at the opening ceremony,
but turned it down immediately due to
the anti-gay laws.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11


PASSAGE & PLACE Print Project

Organizers: Annah Anti-Palindrome is a 32 year old queer/femme who was raised in the rural, working-class craters at the base of the sierra foothills.
She is interested in exploring the ways that her home of origin constructed her early sense of self, as well as the ways that separation from that home (via
juvenile detention centers, addiction, rehabilitation clinics, travel and relocation) have displaced her from that original sense of self over time. She is
interested in exploring the ways we are often required to reclaim and redefine ourselves as we move (by force or choice) further away from what we once
knew home to be. Lex Non Scripta is a 34 year old, working-class, trans/gender-queer artist and activist invested in transformative racial and economic
justice. They have lived in over 34 different homes throughout the U.S. over the course of their life, and are interested in exploring the ways that
transience and displacement inform how we navigate the world, and how we build, sustain and invest in community.

We're collecting written and visual art submissions in response to the prompt below:

Who/What/Where is Home?

The term 'Home' does not always refer to a geographical or structural location. For some people, Home is more of a concept than it
is a physical place. Some of us may associate particular people in our lives with a sense of Home. For others, Home may be laden in
the sight of an object, a smell, a sound, a phrase. One's concept of Home may be best conjured up by the act of movement, the
practice of tradition, or the retelling of significant events. Our sense of Home is something that lives inside of us regardless of where
we are.

What is it that signifies Home to you? Consider drafting a letter or creating an image to/for that place/person/object/etc.

This is a call for letters written, and visual art created from You to Home. A collection of these letters and images will be bound and printed into an anthology released
in conjunction with the National Queer Arts Festival, 2014. All participants from the inside will receive a free copy of the finished book.

All submissions must be received by March 1st, 2014.


Passage & Place

PO Box 22469
Oakland CA 94609

Please specify if you would like your original submission returned to you, so that we can include it with your copy of the completed project.
Along with your submission, please include a 2-3 line bio about yourself, as well as your contact information. Please also specify if you would
like to have your contact information published alongside your submission for readers to contact you directly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12