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Lesson Plan 5

iCode After School Club.

Tynker / Drone Lesson Plan.

The use of drones in modern society is becoming more prevalent. Architects,

Estate Agents and sports teams are using them as part of their normal operations.
The use of drones in computing activities is becoming popular. Using the drone
with the Tynker app can make iCode very exciting for teachers, pupils and

Computing outcomes: Curriculum outcomes:

• Write programs using repetition and Numeracy.
loops. • Construct a range of 2D shapes,
• Solve problems by decomposing them examining angles and sides.
into smaller parts. STEM.
• Program an object to move through a • Understand modes of flight and the use
range of directions. of innovative technologies in STEM areas
and wider society.

N.B. This lesson plan will outline how the drone can be used linking to the curriculum. It is
recommended to outline these links to the children, show them how to use the drone safely then,
give them the opportunity to 'tinker' and enjoy using such a wonderful device in iCode.

Introduction - 5 mins.

Show the drone to the children and share how drones are used in
modern society:
• Architects use drones to take aerial images of sites before the design
• Estate Agents use drones to create flyover videos of properties for
their websites.
• Farmers with large land holdings use drones to observe livestock who
are a considerable distance from the farm buildings.
• Sports teams use drones for game analysis and to get a birds eye view of tactics and

Connecting the Parrot Drone to the Tynker app.

1. Place the battery into the Parrot Drone, this will activate it. It is ready to go when the lights at
the front of the drone are green.
2. Ensure Bluetooth is on.
3. Access the Tynker app, tap 'Projects' at the bottom left of the screen, then tap 'Create New
Project' then 'Blank Template.'
4. On the screen with the stage, tap on the bin below the actor then tap 'Yes.'
5. Tap the '+' at the top right of the screen, tap 'Connect Device' then select the red Parrot
6. Tap on 'Code' beside the Parrot MiniDrone on the stage.
7. Hold the Parrot MiniDrone close to the iPad, it will then connect.

iCode After School Club.

Programming the drone to fly in 2D shapes.

There are a range of apps that allow the drone to fly much like a remote control helicopter.
However, we love the fact that the drone is able to be programmed using the Tynker app to move
exactly where you want it to go. Below are the algorithms to program the drone to fly around the
classroom or hall in particular 2D shape routes. Encourage the children to drag the blocks from
the left hand side of the screen and put them in the correct order to ensure that the drone flies

Turning the drone

through 360°.


iCode After School Club.


Challenge - ask the children which shape the drone will fly in with this algorithm?

iCode After School Club.

Hints and Tips for flying the Parrot Drone.

• Plan your lesson indoors. The wind can affect the flight of the drone.
• Have students organised on one side of the room and plan for the drones to fly away.
• Often a drone gets dropped from the Tynker app and picks up another drone. So after a few
times of this happening, when a group was ready to fly their drone they announced for the class
to step away from the drones just to be certain it wasn’t picked up by another drone.
• Since there is a lot of room for inquiry in this lesson, check student programs before they fly to
be sure they didn’t get too far off from the program you were hoping they would create.
• It is okay to run a teacher centred drone lesson for the first few lessons until students gather
confidence with programming their drone.
• Battery life is only about 7 minutes. However, a quick 3 minutes charge on the USB cable will
bring it up again.

Parrot Drone safety tips for children.

• Always communicate well with your team.

• If you are in charge of controlling the drone, you must be sure no one is holding the drone in
their hands or kneeling near it and be certain everyone on your team knows when it is time to
• Be aware of other groups around you.
• Act out your program before you hit play.
• Do not try to grab the drone while it is flying.
• If you have long hair put your hair back in a ponytail.
• Do not run after the drone if it is running astray.
• When in doubt, parachute out. (Use the emergency landing button).
• Each person in the group has a role. Please share the roles by taking turns.

iCode After School Club.