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Article 5

Dunbar-Jacob, J., Nativio, D. G., & Khalil, H. (2013). Impact of Doctor of Nursing Practice Education in
Shaping Health Care Systems for the Future. Journal of Nursing Education,52(8), 423-427.

The author in the article presents important some of the initial recommendations made by the Institute
of Medicine recommending improved education for nurses to improve medical errors. These
recommendations were made to different health care team disciplines such as physical therapy,
pharmacist and nursing recommending greater skills and knowledge. As discussed in previous articles
the same ideology is presented by the author, the principal points discussed are related to how the
doctor of nursing practice degree can directly impact the evidence based practice.

The article has strong points on how collaboration between different disciplines in the health care field
will improve patient’s outcomes. In essence the article indicates that MSN and DNP prepared nurses
provide excellent patient care, making emphasis that DNP nurses have more tools in their practice to
redesign and evolve the health care system. Also the author presents different paths that master level
prepared nurses can follow to obtain a DNP, mentioning also that the second most common placement
for DNP nurses is in academics.