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We are blessed to experience another wonderful
Remember every road that God led you on for
Sabbath Day wherein we share praises and worship those forty years in the wilderness, pushing you
together. May you enjoy a feast of blessings through to your limits, testing you so that he would
fellowship and the power and peace of His holy
know what you were made of, whether you
would keep his commandments or not.
Church Business Mee6ng this evening at 5:30p, in
Linda Hall. Your presence is kindly solicited as Deuteronomy 8:2 MSG
important issues are discussed and decisions made.

Transfers, First Reading: Traian & Gabriela Barbu from
the Romanian SDA Church, Loma Linda; Andrae &
Viana Chambers to Calimesa SDA Church; Cliff &
Freddie Harris to Oakwood University SDA Church.
Sabbath next week, February 24, will feature two
meaningful events: 

Pastor Jose Rojas will preach an evangelisTc message
to serve you
geared parTcularly to hungry souls searching for hope
and faith. He has challenged the Campus Hill JULIO TABUENCA - Senior Pastor
congregaTon to fill the sanctuary with non-members 909.771.4179,
invited by each and all congregants. Make a real effort
to come accompanied by your neighbor and or family CRISTIAN IORDAN - Worship & Media
member who doesn’t aXend this church. It will be a

At 6p, CAL BAPTIST CHOIR will fill the sanctuary with
magnificent voices praising our Creator. Come in the SHIPHRAH FEPULEA’i - Young Adults & Women
company of your friends. You will be blessed! 760.224.4404,

Adven6st Academies present Junior-High Choir GABRIEL KATRIB - VisitaTon
FesTval next Friday, February 23 at 7p. You are invited 909.478.9707
to enjoy this exuberant display of youthfulness and
praise. (More info from James Woods).
Children’s Health & Nutri6on Conference is February 951.522.5210
25 (9a - 5p) in the Centennial Complex Damazo
Theater. RegistraTon starts at 8a. This is sponsored JUDI WRIGHT - AdministraTve Assistant
by Health Ministries Departments of North American
Division and Pacific Union Conference of SDA. All are
909.796.0222 11057 Hill Dr. Loma Linda, CA 92354
invited! RITA BENDER - Office Assistant
March 10 will be another High Sabbath at Campus Hill:
The New England Youth Ensemble will do the music,
children’s story and other acTviTes with incredible February 17, 2018
talent and devoTon. This is a unique opportunity made
available to us by God’s grace.
Chuck Neighbors, a world-wide Bible story teller will
take the sermon Tme to do In His Steps. You will want
to share this high blessing by bringing friends and
neighbors to such an unprecedented occasion.
11:00 AM
Monday - Thursday
Condolences to Criss Carlson and family at the passing
9:00AM to 5:00PM
of her grandfather this week.

Study Time PRELUDE Andante Religioso, by E. Gigout
Angelica Prodan

PRAISE MUSIC Male Double Quartet
9:30 aM
Theme: Stewardship INTERCESSORY PRAYER Obed Asif
Mo6ves of the Heart
Leader: William Wright CHILDREN’S SONG God Has a Plan
Teachers: William Wright, Grant McAuley, Alva Waworoendeng
Emmanuel Ogunji, Tom Gibson, Rolland
Crawford, Dorothy Donesky CHILDREN’S STORY Ted Mohr
Lesson: Honesty With God
Memory Text: “But that on the good OFFERING APPEAL Lenah Kebaso
ground are they, which in an honest and
good heart, having heard the word, keep it,
and bring forth fruit with pa<ence.” Luke OFFERTORY Unsuspiro medley with Great Is Thy Faithfulness
8:15 arr. Alva Waworoendeng

Today’s Pianist: Don Benedicto
 SCRIPTURE READING Deuteronomy 8:2
Sabbath School Manuel Villegas
11 o’clock Service

Sunset: 5:36 SPECIAL MUSIC Hymn Medley
arr. by Alva Waworoendeng
Next Week: 5:42
MESSAGE “Remember!”
Julio Tabuenca

CLOSING HYMN He Leadeth Me, #537
Male Double Quartet


POSTLUDE Scherzando Op. 29 no. 3, by G. Pierne
Angelica Prodan