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Program : MBA
Course : Managerial Communication
Course Code : MGT 513
Year / Semester : I Year / I Semester
Session : Spring - 2017
Date : 10th August, 2017
Time Duration : 3:00 Hours

Instruction to candidates
1. This question paper has Three (3) Sections.
2. Answer ALL questions in Section A in OMR answer sheet.
3. Answer Six out of Eight questions in Section B.
4. Answer Two out of Three question in Section C
5. No scripts or answer sheets are to be taken out of the Examination Hall.
6. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the Examination Hall.

Do not open this question paper until instructed.

Multiple Choice Questions Section A However, a recent report by an MBA student from Kovidh College of Management,
Attempt all questions [30x1 = 30 Marks]
carried for the partial fulfillment of the course, noted a fact that the HR of many
1) APA, one of the citation systems, is propounded from…. companies are still not much satisfied with the way candidate develop their Resumes and
a) American Physical Association applications, despite better placement for the people stepping through your channel.
b) American Psychological Association
c) American Phonetic Association They-HRs- argue that if an applicant is smart and innovative enough, as they love to argue
d) American Phanatic Association and urge, the application and resume too will be smart or should mandatorily be alike.
2) The long reports are normally produced… The different type of applicant should reflect the difference in documentation as well.
a) For daily business communication
Application and resume are not only formalities for the job, rather the first sample of the
b) To collect customers’ complaint
c) For academic reason job done to the business house. Their argument makes you revisit the prior set
d) To promote the sales understanding on resume and even you feel that the application and resume should have
3) Typist initials means…
sharp difference than those were in the past.
a) The person who signs the letter
b) The person who types the letter A new notion is developed that writing application and resume too should reflect the skills
c) The person who carries letter one does have for the business innovation and justifies that he/she as best among all the
d) The person who reads the letter
competent and so on. Application and resume hold a great deal of business sense and
4) Collecting data for writing long report is…
a) Job of planning phase communicate profusely for one’s screening in or out in organization. An author boldly
b) Job of doing phase writes that with the way of developing application and resume, around 95 percentage of
c) Job of completing phase applicants show that they are disqualified for the post they are intending in vying for. You
d) Job of presenting phase
5) Which of the following is feature of short report? too realized a fact that a detail and exclusive orientation on these issues will be beneficial
a) Takes minute coherence for the all users in upcoming days.
b) Bears strict methodological clarity You decided that registered members of your site will be gathered and then oriented about
c) Starts with conclusive remarks
better ‘writing application and developing Resume’. For next week, the date is fixed and
d) Is developed for purpose of academic submission
6) The action in course of communication done by the sender is… around 75 people are about to attend in first phase.
a) Decoding To present them a sample of an innovative application and resume, you are thinking of
b) Feedback
preparing a sample of application and résumé to be forwarded for the position of HR
c) Responding
d) Encoding manager for a company named Kuai International. Make a sample of both: an application
7) The word abstract is synonymous to… and resume to be presented for the participants on that day.
a) Letter of transmittal
b) Letter of authentication
c) Letter of declaration
d) Executive summary
*****Best of Luck*****
8) The communication between same organization is not….
Section B: Short Answer Questions (Any Six) [6x5=30 Marks] a) Internal
b) Intra-structural
1) Explain the need and importance of communication competencies to business c) Internal-operational
d) Extra-structural
9) Meeting among same organization’s employees is not….communication
2) Explain major interview etiquette. a) Official
3) How should the meeting be organized? b) Formal
c) Internal
4) Write a memo to be circulated to the account officer of your organization demanding
d) External
to forward the income and expense detail of last month. 10) Nonverbal communication is….
5) How can resume be separated from CV? Elaborate. a) Communication with posture
6) Why should speaker analyze the audience during public speaking? b) Communication with body language
c) none of a & b
7) List then explain the components of non-verbal communication.
d) both of a & b
8) ‘You can’t not communicate’ Explain. 11) Raising a thumb in USA means…
a) Good luck
b) Number one
Section C: Long Answer Questions. (Any Two) [2x20=40 Marks] c) Number five
Question No.3 is compulsory. d) An insult
12) ‘The action of mind to select right supposed information from many possibilities’ is…
1. Explain the communication process with neatly labeled diagram. a) medium of channel
b) mental filter
2. Write a letter of complaint against the business house where from you had recently
c) Sensory limitation
purchased a refrigerator which has gone dysfunctional now. d) Slow mind
3. You are the chief of ‘Mero’ private limited, one of the best job outsourcing 13) The red colour is meant to express…
a) Elevation
companies in Nepal. By the time, we have changed into digital dependence and its impacts
b) Cheerfulness
are heavily incorporated in our life time, searching the jobs through online search engines c) Excitement
has been a common trend these days. The number of people following the link to find out d) Mourning
matching job has been rapidly increasing. Even the job, which is least viewed by people, 14) Which of the following is not necessarily considerable option of candidate in job
reads around 500 clicks or even more, a day. Hence the business houses too are much a) Academic qualification
interested to have deal with you than taking their advertisements on papers or televisions. b) Institutional experiences
c) Necessary soft skills
d) Economic standard
As said, the posting of jobs in your electronic wall seems to have multi-fold benefits since
15) The last alphabet ‘A’ in AIDA format of sales letter stands for …
it saves the time, makes people get access any time when they like, applies only low a) Attention
costing and many more. In three years of time, you have been able to cover more than b) Action
c) Attraction
3000 business houses as your clients to post their announcements trough your web.
d) Activity
16) Which of following letters must be written with adoption of indirect approach? 24) The official memo doesn’t have the …title in printed form.
a) Routine communication a) To
b) Good news letter b) From
c) Bad news letter c) Place
d) Regular communication d) Date
17) Which of the following is bad news message? 25) The enquiry letter is an example of….
a) Promotion of employees a) Business meeting
b) Salary holding b) Internal communication
c) Demotion of employees c) External communication
d) Bonus allocation to employees d) Internal-operational communication
18) The interviewee should … 26) The word ‘redressal’ letter is synonymous for …
a) Bring the pates a) Claim letter
b) Bring the friends b) Inquiry letter
c) Report late c) Adjustment letter
d) Know organization before attending the session d) Refusal letter
19) If the receiver can’t develop right understanding because s/he has problem in hearing 27) Being good at external communication makes the business people develop…
because of defective eardrum; that is…. a) Regulative capability
a) Physical barrier b) Extractive capability
b) Semantic barrier c) Productive capability
c) Environmental barrier d) Distributive capability
d) Legal barrier 28) ‘You can’t not communicate’ says that…
20) The barrier related to language is… a) Communication is optional
a) Physiological barrier b) Communication is controllable
b) Psychological barrier c) Communication is unstoppable
c) Semantic barrier d) Communication is transitory
d) Environmental barrier 29) Which of the following response on telephone shows absence remarking?
21) In business meeting, the attendees should... a) He will be shortly in office.
a) Report on time b) He is dealing a customer now.
b) Object all the issues c) He will shortly be calling you back.
c) Record the discussions d) He is not in office now.
d) Remain absent 30) Our organization got huge profit last year, can be made more concrete as…
22) Which of the following is not regarded as ethical enough in business presentations? a) Our organization got much profit last year
a) Having content slide b) Our organization got 23 % profit last year
b) Being admissibly dressed c) Our organization got success last year
c) Using all capital letters in slides d) We earned good profit last year
d) Italicizing the name of books
23) The notion of colour wheel in slide preparation is….
a) Using same colour slide design and font
b) Using contrast colour slide design and font
c) Using only two line words on slide
d) Using colourful picture on slide