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1. A constant torque acting on a 5.

A mass slides down an inclined

uniform circular wheel changes its plane and reaches the bottom
angular momentum from Ao to with a velocity v. If the same
4Ao in 4 second. The magnitude
of the torque is
mass were in form of a ring
which rolls down this plane, its
3A o
(a) (b) A o linear velocity at the bottom is
4 v
(c) 4A o (d) 12A o (a) v (b)
2. A thin circular ring of mass Mis
rotating about its axis with a (c) 2v (d) 2v
constant angular velocity . The 6. A thin uniform, circular disc is
two objects, each ofmass m, are rolling down an incline plane of
attachedgently to the opposite inclination 30o without slipping.
endsofa diameter of the ring. The Its linear acceleration along the
ring nowrotates with an angular
plane is
M M - 2m) g g
(a) (b)
(a) (b) 4 3
M+ m M + 2m
g 2g
M M + 2m) (c) (d)
(c) (d) 2 3
M + 2m M 7. A solid cylinder of mass M and
radius R rolls from rest down a
3. A particle of mass m is p0rojected
with velocity v makingan angle of plane inclined at an angle q to the
45o with the horizontal. The horizontal . The velocity of the
magnitude ofangular momentum center of mass of the cylinder
of the projectle about point of after it has rolled down a distance
projection when the particle is at d is(figure page no.6.48)
maximum height h is
3 (a) gd tan  (b) gd tan 
mv 3
(a) ZERO (b)
4 2g 3 4
3 (c) gd sin  (d) gd sin 
mv 3 4 3
(c) (d) m 2gh 8. The radius of gyration of a thin
4. Let I be the moment of inertia of
rod of mass 100 g and length 1 m
a uniform square plate aboutan about an axis passing through its
axis AB athat passes through center of gravity and
itscentre and is parallel to two of perpendicular to its length
its sides. CD is a line in the plane 1 2 3 2
(a) Bl (b) Bl
of the plate thatpasses through 2 4
the center of the plate andmakes 2 2
(c) Bl (d) 2 Bl
an angle q with AB. The moment 1 1
of inertia of the plate about the (a) (b)
2 3 6 2
axis CD is then equal to
2 1 1
(a) I (b) Isin  (c) (d)
3 2 4 3
2 2  9. A wheel of radius r rolls without
(c) Icos  (d) Icos ( )
2 slipping with a speed v on a
horizontal road. When it is at a
point A on the road, a small blob
of mud separates from the wheel
at its highest point and lands at
point B on the road
r r
(a) AB = V (b) AB = 2V
g g
r r
(c) AB = 4V (d) AB = 8V
g g