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Senior Mechanic 1-Nov-13

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Rig/Facility: DS 6 Well : Egypt – Raven East 4 Type of Change: End Of Shift X End Of Hitch

Operation Status: Normal Date and Time: 25 October 2017 to 22 November 2017
Equipment Status (Including Equipment Under Repair):

Deadline reel
Hoses, filter and gearbox oil replaced.
The 10” Quick lock clamp was damaged when saver sub was changed. We installed the spare but do not have another
spare at the moment. New one on order. Also the swing bolt was broken by drill crew. New ones Part no: M614001132
in the warehouse at location E J4 A. Also trunnion and bolts/nuts at location C A4 O for the clamps.
Cooling pump expansion joints are staring to show signs of sun damage.
There is still an Air swivel in Mech store that needs to be rebuild. Did not have time to rebuild it yet. Spares in the
We are in the process of getting new QD’s for the service loop that can be connected under pressure to prevent down
time in the future if there is problems connecting them again. The quote arrived yesterday and Andy is handling it.
IBOP was rebuild with new parts and is ready for service. The air swivel is not installed to protect it from corrosion.
There is some oil on top of every ball also to protect against corrosion. If we now function it as preventive maintenance
the oil must be replaced. The WO was printed out and is in the actuator housing.
Air swivel in mechanics store has to be rebuild and tested.
Waiting on the parts to rebuild the manual IBOP that is in Mechanic store.
BX Elevators
 On U deck BX4 – NL0148909 & BX4 – NL0130077
 Ready for service : BX4 – NL2546507 & BX4 – NL0132697 & BX5 – NL0130360 & BX5 – NL0130046
2nd Gripper
Ready for service minus the break out ring. At Hydraulic shop. New break out ring in warehouse.

Load pins
Greased on 29/10/2017

Gripper yoke
Replaced 30’’ & 20’’ gripper yoke gearbox oil 17/11/17.

No issues. Hoses to be changed out as part of 5 year PM when operations allow.

Adjusted brake gap on calipers 2 and 7.
Brake cylinder serial no. GD490415-7 was rebuild and tested with new seal, spring and bushes and install it instead off
The cylinder came out from no#5 SN:10001682-001 was rebuild and tested with new seals only, ready for service.
Waiting on another set of springs to rebuild GD490415-2. All parts needed was ordered.

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Senior Mechanic 1-Nov-13
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Moon pool baskets

No issues. The new hoses for the Moon pool Port- AFT Basket are arrived and Domonique replace the hoses on the
remote panel and install it.
Basket at 11/21/2017 in long term isolation just needs to fabricate drain and return ST. Piping and it will be ready after
that and back to service.

Main Well Hydra Racker.

Replaced all 4 hoses for the Gripper/roller function that runs through the arm. (302 – 305)
Replaced hoses for Tail arm guide head latch open/close function. (302 and 303)
Had several issues with the lower encoder and encoder wiring failing. Had to then emergency travel the lower trolley
(with hydraulic power) while the driller move the upper trolley from the chair to get it to park position for operations to

Hydra Racker Gripper spare

On U deck. Position transducer not installed. Maybe you know where the transducer is? There was one taken from
stock but nobody seems to know where it is.

Hydra Tong Main Well. (AUX cassette installed at the main well now)
Replaced HP hose 700 for top Torque wrench clamp cylinder. Also the chain wheel for the spinner was damaged. The
keeper plate bolts were broken off and the bushing badly damaged. Repaired with new parts. During assembly we
noticed that the chains were not evenly tensioned which I believe caused the failure. (lesson learned)
The upper clamp block mounting was loose which we retightened.
Replaced the bearings in the PS - FWD spinner bearing housing and tightened the bolt. Also installed new seal kit in
that motor as it was leaking at the shaft seal.
Rebuild Spare right hand side of spare spinner. Waiting on parts to rebuild the left hand side.
The SBT-AFT motor is damaged due to motor shaft & upper, lower bearing failure, we took the lower and upper
bearing and hosing from the rebuild spare right hand side because we do not have another lower bearing on stock and
install it without motor because we do not have any more and put a plat with gasket to cover the upper housing, now
the spinner is running with 3 motors only.
After that we take the last spare upper and lower housing and bearing which is left on the spare right hand side and
install it on the PS-AFT.
Finally now at the last night we are working on the paper work to take the last one left at STB-FWD upper and lower
bearing to disassembly it and rebuild it again with the last pars we have and install it again.
To be all four spinner upper and lower bearing for this cassette (Main well cassette and connected at the aux) is new,
we will finish it before the end of the shift &Hitch.
Hydra Tong Aux Well
Replaced HP hose 718 from intensifier to Lower clamp block. Was leaking at the crimp.
Cat heads
Replace the aux well cat head hoses with hard piping.
Utility winches
Changed all the hoses (supply, return, drain) with hard piping.
Replaced came switch mechanism on AFT- PS Rig floor utility winches and adjusted upper and lower limit.
Replaced the bearings and coupling on Shaker 3 Port Aft clump weight.

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Senior Mechanic 1-Nov-13
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PS 30
Replaced O rings and backups on the door hinge pins. I used 2 backup’s part no. 51302 223 and a 36 x 3.5 mm o ring
as we do not have the OEM O rings. Tested and it seems to be working good, Function tested on AUX side and ready
for use on MW side.
Trip tank pumps
Noticed the discharge expansion joints are starting to show some cracks. I changed the joint on Trip tank B. If you for
some other reason have to open the pumps please replace this at the same time. We can use the Drawworks
expansion joints Part no. 70188562
Mud pumps
1 – STBD inspection cover still leaking. Operations did not allow us to drain the oil to repair the leak. The offline
filtration unit had a cracked fitting at the discharge, fitting is replaced .
Main lube oil pump is leaking and we replaced with a new one, function tested.
4 – Pulsation dampener pressure gauge damaged. Replaced it with a new one and charge the pulsation damper again
to 1000 PSI, and we are Waiting on coupling for bypass filtration unit.
Agitator 10 gearbox failed, disassembly gear box parts and waiting for bearing for overhaul.
Pipe catwalk
Tightened mounting bolts on 2 off the 4 loading arms
Damaged hose on row 2 latch 1. Maybe we only get a chance to replace this hose next year.
Hoses on the Mousehole was changed by Dominique. Hose register updated accordingly.
Bucking machine
Repaired more leaks and changed out Headstock Clamp cylinders Port and STB side and tailstock PS Clamp cylinder.
Now all cylinders have been replaced, rebuild and rotating cylinders are finished.
Overhauled and tested clamp cylinder to be a spare.
Holding tank filtration unit E motor failed. The motor is 220V and the motor we have spare is 440V. New motor to be
ordered. HT is busy with this.
Centrifugal pumps
Reserve pit Transfer pump B was as per your handover leaking. Replaced the mechanical seal and the sleeve with
no further issues.
Scissor lift
Weekly PM is done, Needs to replace hydraulic oil filter, it is coming within few days (onshore now).
Other Relevant Information (Reference Other Documents as Necessary):
Cable cutter hydraulic pump is failed and we connect an air foot pump to use direct to the cutter to continue slip and cut
The parker pipe bender broke while using it. We requested a quote for the replacement parts.
Saving bigger size folders/ pictures on the desktop slows down the computer allot. All the bigger folders that was on
the desktop was moved to the mechanics folder under Hydraulic tech desktop folders.
Passwords Mechanic: Password1 HT computer : Hydtech7@

From (Name): Ahmed Abdel Nasser Position: SR. Mechanic Signature:

To (Name): Ahmed Khairy Position: SR. Mechanic Signature:

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