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the character of the soil will affect plant growth. especially fertile
soil. fertile soil contains many nutrients and substances needed plants.
fertile soil also contains humus. humus is important source of plant
In a study in the cotton fields tennessee, there are three different
soil layers called soil horizons. The top soil containing various rock
particles consisting of several sizes, including sand and clay. and also
contains plenty of humus. The second layer contains fewer organisms
and organic material than the top soil. while the third layer contains
only a fraction rocks.
Cation exchange is a chemical nature that is closely related to soil
Cations are positively charged ions such as Ca ++, Mg +, K +, NH4 +, Na
+, H +, Al 3+ and so forth. In the land of these cations dissolved in the
groundwater or sequestered by the soil colloids. The amount of cations
sequestered in soil unity heavy soil cation exchange capacity in the call.
Cations that have been sequestered by the colloids are leached out by
water gravity difficult but it can be replaced by other cations
contained in the soil solution cation exchange dinamamkan it. The types
of the above mentioned cations are cations that are commonly found in
soil sorption complex. Land with inbox high when it is dominated by
cations alkaline Ca, Mg, K, Na, (Saturation bases can increase soil
fertility, but when it is dominated by acid cation Al, H (Saturation low
base) can reduce the fertility of the soil, since nutrients contained in
the colloid sorption complex nutrient elements are not easily lost,
washed away by the water.
preserving soil fertility are an important task for us and there are
three important aspects for the irrigation of soil fertility, erosion
control and fertilization.
Irrigation is one of the means used to maintain soil fertility. but, if
irrigation is done in dry areas, it will deplete water resources. there is
also the use of modern irrigation pipe perforated pipe dripping slowly
into the ground.
erosion is a very annoying problem in agriculture g midwife. therefore,
prevent erosion is an arduous task for farmers. minimal processing
farming methods can reduce erosion, farmers menggunakaan this
method to kill weeds. but, usually farmers use herbicides daoat pollute
soil chemistry. Another way to reduce the erosion by planting trees. In
the past, fertilizers made from animal or plant remains. but now, the
fertilizer made by the manufacturer and contains senyaw inorganic
nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium difference between organic
fertilizers release nutrients gradually while inorganic fertilizers,
making nutrients available quickly. but, hard inorganic nutrients from
fertilizer absorbed by plants and can contaminate ground