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Radford University’s Student-Run Newspaper The Tartan | January , 31 2018

University Announces Merger With
Annouces Jefferson College

Culture 4
“The Post”

The Tea 5 (Left to Right) Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop, president of Jefferson College, Nancy Howell Agee, Photo courtesy of Raford University

The ‘Tide president and CEO of Carilion Clinic, Dr. Brian O. Hemphill, president of Radford University
annie schroeder
operates Jefferson College, which has a professionals,” said Nancy Howell Agee,
student population of 1,150. Jefferson president, and CEO of Carilion Clinic.
adford University
was founded in 1982 and offers 25 “Joining the Radford University family
Challenge’ announced on Thursday that the
university would be merging with
different degrees of study. The merger
between Jefferson and Radford will take
is a wonderful opportunity for Jefferson
College. Moreover, now is the right time
Roanoke-based Jefferson College of
between 18 and 24 months. as the vision for a health sciences and
Health Sciences. Radford and Jefferson
“Both schools are approaching this technology campus in Roanoke comes
have both had a long time partnership
potential merger from positions of to life. Partnerships among leading
with Carilion Clinic, which is where the
institutional excellence and financial academic institutions strengthen our
idea to merge the two schools came to
strength. We’re combining forces to region as a destination for health
be. Officials say this potential merger
create something even bigger and better education and research, and ultimately
will create the second largest nursing
for the entire Commonwealth,” said drive economic development.”
program in Virginia.
Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop, president of Officials emphasized that Radford
“Radford University and Jefferson
Jefferson College. “We believe that University is not purchasing Jefferson
Super Bowl College have a robust history of
collaboration, and these two great
together, we can enhance the quality of
healthcare education and research better
College and that both institutions are
academically and financially stable and
institutions are now working toward
52 Is Getting an even stronger partnership,” said
President of Radford University,
than we could individually.”
Carilion currently employs more than
“Jefferson College already enjoys a

Rocky Dr. Brian Hemphill. “This endeavor

benefits the students, faculty, staff,
350 Radford graduates, 40 of whom
graduated in 2016. Officials say that the
wonderful relationship with Radford
University,” said Bishop. “This next step
merger will benefit students entering makes sense for both institutions, and
alumni, supporters, and communities
the medical field. “Carilion Clinic is serves to enhance Radford University’s
of both institutions, along with the
proud to have nurtured Jefferson’s reputation as a premier educational
Commonwealth of Virginia and the entire
growth, as it established a reputation destination for those seeking careers
for developing ethical, knowledgeable, in nursing, health care, and health
According to the press release,
competent and caring healthcare sciences.”
Carilion Clinic currently owns and
@rutartan @RUtartan TartanAtRadford the_tartan
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Recap: The Recent

g r ac i e m i l l e r
Government Shutdown

they had an agreement, or a fix, for Deferred Action for millions of Americans who have done absolutely nothing
Childhood Arrivals (DACA), meaning the Democrats to deserve this,” Republican Sen. Majority Leader Mitch
here have been 18 government shutdowns
blocked a Senate bill that would fund the government. McConnell said.
in U.S. history. Six of those were in the late 1970s ranging
Thus causing, our three-day shutdown. Finally, the Democrats received the commitment
from eight to 17 days. The most prolonged government
President Trump and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New they wanted from the Republicans to hold a vote on
shutdown in history was in late 1995, this lasted for three
York came close to an agreement to hopefully avert a immigration legislation. However, they still compromised
weeks, sending thousands of government employees
government shutdown. Later on Friday the president a lot of what they wanted to reopen the government.
without paychecks who have to wait until their next pay
and his chief of staff demanded more concessions on McConnel and Schumer agreed to continue negotiating on
period to get paid. There was one in 2013 which lasted
immigration. immigration and spending matters. This is what lead the
for 16 days, but of course, the most recent government
Much of the federal government officially shut down way to end of the three-day government shutdown.
shutdown would be the one that happened this past
early on Saturday morning after Democrats on the Senate The Senate voted 81-18 in favor of passing a bill to fund
blocked consideration of a stopgap spending measure to the government through Feb. 8. Later the bill was sent to
A government shutdown typically occurs when
keep the government operating. the House where it received a vote of 266-150. President
lawmakers cannot agree on what to fund before the Fiscal
Officials at the White House Office of Management Trump then signed the bill. This short-term spending
Year, Oct. 1. In this case, the Republican and Democrat
and Budget had even spent the past week consulting with bill also contains a six-year funding renewal of a popular
Parties needed to decide on Jan. 19, which is when the
federal agencies on contingency plans in the event of a Children’s Health Insurance program.
stopgap spending bill expired.
shutdown; this is the fourth time in the past year they had The government has been signing short-term spending
The Democratic Party made a few demands, such
to make preparations for this. bills into place since the beginning of the fiscal year in
as funding for a Children’s Health Insurance Program,
Saturday, the first official day of the shutdown, October. There are still multiple disagreements between
a boost for veterans’ care, disaster relief to hurricane-
Republican and Democratic leaders spent a lot of their the two sides, for example, how much to invest in the
stricken areas, and a broader intervention in the opioid
time assigning blame to each other. The House and the opioid crisis, how much to spend on disaster aid, and
epidemic. The Democrats were frustrated with the
Senate were in session on Saturday, but that does not more. So, if the Democrats and Republicans cannot agree
stop-and-start nature of short-term spending bills. They
mean they were getting anything done. by Feb. 8, Congress is at risk for another shutdown.
also did not want to vote on another spending bill until
“The solution is to end the foolishness. It’s hurting

University Announces Plans for Center for

Adaptive Innovation and Creativity
annie schroeder

R adford University
unveiled a new proposed plan
Porterfield and McGuffey
halls were built back in the
for the Center for Adaptive
1950’s and 1960’s. While the
Innovation and Creativity that
buildings have been renovated,
will house arts, health sciences,
the university believes that
and information technology,
they have met the end of their
replacing where Porterfield and
lifespan but have been beneficial
McGuffey Halls currently stand.
throughout the years. Due
The massive modern building
to growing enrollment, the
will be changing the University’s
buildings will no longer be able
skyline drastically.
to hold enough students.
The Center for Visual and
According to a statement
Performing Arts (CVPA) are
from the University, the
currently housed in both
proposed Center for Adaptive
Porterfield and McGuffey Halls;
Innovation and Creativity will
this new building will allow the
facilitate bringing together
program to be housed under
multiple disciplines in one
one roof. The new building is
facility that will meet various
estimated to cost 79 million
needs in the arts, as well
as healthcare and big-data
All of the current programs
education, and promote
that are held in Waldron Hall
collaboration, innovation,
will also be held in the new
and creativity on a scale not
building. The announcement
currently available on campus.
of the proposed building
The Center will provide
comes just a week following
Radford University the facility
the announcement of the
to merge health education
university’s merger with
research, creativity and new
Jefferson College. The
technology to meet evolving
university’s strategic plan
challenges of the future. Photo Courtesy of Radford University
focuses on healthcare
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The Tartan | January 31, 2018 Culture | 4

Movie Review: “The Post”

a a r o n co o p e r s m m i t h

shots that follow a character into the environment instead of just seeing it from a
teven Spielberg’s latest film, The Post, is the story of the Washington Post distance. These shots allow the viewer to take in the atmosphere better than quick
dealing with the intense and controversial decision to publish papers that would pace cuts and ‘tracking shots.’
unwrap the lies of the American occupation being successful in Vietnam in this 70’s Except, there were times where it didn’t sit well with me. With the first ‘one
drama. take’ following an intern entering The Washington Post, it was pointed up towards
Having grown-up in DC, I felt a strong obligation to see how Spielberg depicts the characters; pretty much allowing you to see a bit below the waist and up.
a DC staple. The film left me quite satisfied with a bit of a strange aftertaste. This This choice seems awkward since low angle camera shots are supposed to make
movie is obviously “Oscar-bait,” with its premise and period-piece style. Yet, I the audience feel that there is a higher power above us, yet later we find that The
cannot say that I disliked it. Washington Post does not really have a ton of influence.
The two acting juggernauts of Tom Hanks, playing The Washington Post’s Editor, This was not the only awkward choice by Spielberg; there were multiple times
and Meryl Streep, playing as the post’s publisher, did a fantastic job on displaying where characters would talk over each other at such a fast pace, I would find it
the themes of truth and having a voice. Tom Hanks did an incredible job in letting sometimes hard to keep up. Now, I understand that this choice in dialogue is a
the audience feel a passion for making sure the truth gets out to the people. Even method to show the intensity of conflicting opinions. Except every time characters
with Tom Hanks’ age, we still see him put the same amount of effort into every would have conflicting views they would take over each other continuously. By the
character he plays. Meryl Streep did a tremendous job showing the transformation third time it happened, it overstayed its welcome.
of a soft-spoken and shy woman into someone of confidence. This change in Streep Even with its blemishes, I would still endorse for people to see it. This movie
was significant to show the symbolization that The Washington Post had become a was a chance for Spielberg to try something new and most of the time he succeeds.
more serious and confident paper. Dramas based on real events can sometimes be challenging to express the intensity
Next, we come to the cinematography of the film. What I can say is of the conflict when we as viewers already know the outcome. In the back of my
that Spielberg did not take the usual shots that he has done in the past. He added mind, I already knew that The Washington Post would triumph its adversity while
a lot of one takes and tracking shots in his scenes, which was supposed to give risking its existence because I have read it every morning.
the viewer a sense of realism. At the beginning of the film, we get these tracking Spielberg does it right, by making the viewer forget about the present and for
a while cause the audience to feel like their living in a different time, showing us
The Tartan |November 15, 2017 The Tea | 5

The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
uted at more than 30 locations
on and off the RU campus.
The publication is printed at
Shenandoah Publishing House
in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of High-

lander Student Media and is
completely student-run. As
a newspaper, The Tartan re-
serves the right to address,
explore and delve into issues
that affect the university stu-
dent body and the surround-
ing area.

Student Media A teenager eating a Tide Pod. Taken from


The ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142

POLICIES hannah curran

Authors’ individual editorials When parents read the warnings, I think that, are encouraging this or finding it
do not necessarily reflect the they are thinking of their babies, not their funny? Because the death rates of teenagers
bout every six months, teenagers in
opinion of The Tartan staff the United States choose a new fad to be 16-year-olds and since it is making its way are not high enough in the United States
members or Radford Univer- involved in. Now ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ has around the nation, do they want to be that already and Schumer has chosen to use his
sity. been dubbed the “in” thing to be doing. popular or fit in that much that they are power to make a joke instead of perhaps
This challenge, like all the others, is idiotic. willing to risk their life? help stop it.
Letters to the editor are en- Teens are eating the laundry pods that Of course, then there is the influence Maybe it was not a joke though, who
couraged, but The Tartan re- contain soap and many other harmful of people like New York senator Chuck really knows. Even Tide has come out
serves the right to edit. All ingredients in them. What is surprising Schumer whose comment was, “I saw with a commercial urging people not to
letters must be submitted with about this, though? You might expect this one [Tide Pod] on my staffer’s desk and eat them; I bet that is not something they
from a toddler who wanted to eat it,” while also stating that “I expected to have to do.
the proper contact informa-
tion. wants to discover
what is in the dark
“However, what do I know, in my youth Radford University
senior Jayson Guerra
and loud washer said, “People are out
TARTAN there doing it because

or a bucket up
on a shelf, but we just swallowed a mouth full of they are trying to get
views on different
teenagers? They
should know better. social media platforms,
2017-2018 Do parents now
have to watch their
cinnamon and hoped we lived through and regular people
view these videos and
Dylan Lepore teenage kids as make fun of the people
much as they watch
their toddlers for
the next five minutes of our life.” eating them because
they are so stupid
fear they have the for doing so.” I think
Annie Schroeder anyone with a brain
same intellectual
Copy Editor do not know why they make them look so would agree with that. level? Eating these pods can be fatal and
cause reactions such as a change in blood delicious.” Before they decide to film themselves
pressure and heart rate, passing out, and So when people that are high up eating a Tide Pod just because it is the
Gracie Miller are saying things like what Schumer said, “in” thing of the week, they should think
News Editor even having seizures.
The central question to be asked about can we really blame the teenagers? Dr. to themselves, “do I want my mom and dad
this chanllege is, why is it happening? My Tamara Kuittinen said, “they look yummy to mourn my death because I was a moron
first thought is that they must have some and like candy.” Those two things seem to and ate something that I knew was going to
Van Faust-Stephensons
Culture Editor mental illness to eat a tide pod. Everyone be what teenagers cannot stop themselves poison me?” Most likely not. You will end knows that it is dangerous, either you have from having. Probably saying things like up on the news as just another kid who died
seen the commercials, or you just have “come on, if the New York senator likes in some stupid challenge. However, what
Alexis Gardner common sense, either way, there is no them we might as well do it too, am I do I know, in my youth we just swallowed a
The Tea Editor reason for this to be happening. right?” mouth full of cinnamon and hoped we lived Apparently adults, powerful ones at through the next five minutes of our life.
The Tartan | January 31, 2018 The Tea | 6
The Tartan | January 31, 2018 The Tea | 7

New Year, New Me

How to Be Healthier in 2018
Hannah Hale

to your habits will help you understand what your hundreds of pounds on their first day.
e are a month into the New Year, and the most boundaries are. Do not feel guilty if you overeat one Allow yourself time to grow. If you are really lost
popular resolution Americans have is to lose weight. night! You are only accountable to yourself, and you and need some guidance, try the Group X classes at
Instead of defining “healthier” as shedding pounds, should be kind to yourself. the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus. They
observe it as a goal to feel healthier and take care of A simple way to significantly improve your health offer a variety of classes such as yoga, BODYPUMP,
your body. Being attentive to your well-being is crucial is to drink more water. Soda consumers shake to their Zumba, Cycling, and more. Taking a class can give you
to your overall quality of life. It is not too complicated core when this is suggested, but just replacing one soda an opportunity to learn and make friends!
to make small, gradual lifestyle changes that can make a day with water is fantastic. You can gradually reduce It is important to point out that doing these things
a huge difference. the number of sugary drinks you consume, but it is up could help you lose weight, but it could also make you
The most important lifestyle habit is eating! It is to you if you want to give them up entirely or not. Just gain weight. This is why the scale is unreliable. You
usually smart to eat smaller portions, especially since remember to get enough water either way. could have 10 pounds of fat, but that fat would be
America’s portion sizes are significantly larger than Be sure to set attainable exercise goals for yourself. significantly larger than 10 pounds of muscle. Also, the
portions in other countries, but restricting yourself will Doing so allows you time to get into the swing of more muscle you gain, the more fat you burn. If you
only lead to quitting easily. exercise rather than attempting to run on a treadmill are not losing weight or you are gaining weight, it does
Do not cut out your most beloved foods. Instead, be for an hour on your first day at the gym. You can start not mean that you are not progressing.
more mindful and allow yourself to enjoy your favorites small by doing home workouts using your body weight. It is a great thing to aspire for better self-care.
responsibly. Counting calories obsessively or eating Try doing some exercises just a few minutes a day, and Remember always to be kind to yourself, and reward
significantly less will only make it more challenging to eventually, it will become more comfortable with time. yourself for every milestone you hit. It is entirely
keep up with your goal of living healthier. Do not expect yourself to go to the gym five days possible to live healthier without spending tons
Try including more plant-based foods in your diet, a week if you have not been in months. Start out a of money or time. The goal is to feel good and feel
be mindful of your meats, and do not eat when you are couple of days a week and add more when you feel healthier through positive lifestyle changes.
not hungry. Being responsible and paying attention comfortable. A weightlifter did not start off lifting

Logan Paul’s Visit to Japan

E m i ly S a r g e n t

YouTuber and disrespected a lot of people.” Waggenspack then said that YouTube
ocial media star Logan Paul has come under fire for posting a video on YouTube has policies that need to be changed.
of a victim of suicide. What Paul did was disgusting and selfish. Did he not think about how the victim’s
On Dec. 31, 2017, Paul uploaded a vlog to his popular YouTube channel, which friends and family would have felt if they saw this? Making fun of someone who
has over 16 million subscribers. In the video, Paul entered the Japan’s “suicide recently died is hugely disrespectful.
forest,” Aokigahara which is a destination for people wanting to kill themselves. Japan is a culture that focuses on respect, and Paul’s behavior is not at all
He came across the body of a man hanging from a tree and shouted at it. He then respectful to the Japanese. Also, who in their right mind would visit a suicide forest?
speculated that the victim had killed It is not a tourist attraction, so
himself recently.
The video was removed from YouTube
“I didn’t do it for views. I get views. I did Paul continued to be disrespectful
by entering it.
on Jan. 1 for policy violations. According A lot of Paul’s fans are children,
and this sets a bad example for
to a statement from the platform, the
policies that were violated were ones that it because I thought I could make a them. If your fan base is this
young, you should strive to create
forbid “violent or gory content posted in
a shocking, sensational or disrespectful appropriate content for them. This
Paul posted an apology on Twitter
positive ripple on the internet, not cause type of material can traumatize
children and get them into trouble
after the video sparked a major backlash at home or school.
from the public. “I didn’t do it for
views. I get views. I did it because I
a monsoon of negativity”, the tweet I agree with Waggenspack that
YouTube needs to change their
thought I could make a positive ripple policies. Paul is allowed to upload
a video of a dead body, but videos
on the internet, not cause a monsoon of
negativity”, the tweet reads. Paul then reads.” containing music from popular
artists get removed all the time
claimed he intended to raise awareness
about suicide and suicide prevention. for copyright violations. I do not
YouTube later suspended Paul’s channel and cut off the funds he received. In understand this at all. Videos that do not intend to cause harm should be allowed on
an unfortunate turn of events, he returned to YouTube recently and told TMZ he the platform.
deserves a second chance. I do not understand why YouTube allowed him to come YouTube needs to improve their filters to prevent disrespectful content from
back. He already violated one policy, so there is a good chance he will violate more. being uploaded in the first place. That way the platform can be more enjoyable for
Will Waggenspack, a junior at Radford University said, “I only learned about everyone.
Logan Paul from Mao Rebel News. I did not see any of his videos, but he is a popular
The Tartan | January 31, 2018 Sports | 8

Rocky training up. Taken from the Tartan staff

Super Bowl 52 Is Getting Rocky

Will the Eagles stand a chance against the Patriots?
D av i s B yr d

pitted them against a young Tennessee Titans team talk of Patriots Empire crumbling have been laid to rest
uper Bowl 52 takes place next Sunday, pitting led by Marcus Mariota and company. After being as New England saunters into their 9th Super Bowl
the force that is the New England Patriots against behind early in, they cruised out to what seemed to be appearance.
the underdog, who has shattered that label, the a relatively easy and expected win 35-14. They then Not many would have thought that the Philadelphia
Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams enter the big game had to face a somewhat unknown entity in the playoffs, Eagles would have been able to make it this far, but
with a 13-3 record and with raised tensions due to Philadelphia is a tough city with a football team
this being their second time facing off in the Super
“Not many would have characterized by the city’s most famous character:
Rocky Balboa. The Eagles weren’t expected to
This will be the Super Bowl 39 rematch almost be in the playoff picture, but they clenched their

thought that the Philadelphia

13 years later; the Patriots will be looking to repeat
the result and add another Lombardi Trophy to
home field advantage. More problems arose, such
as, young superstar Quarterback Carson Wentz
their trophy cabinet while Philadelphia looks for suffering an unfortunate ACL tear and fans and

Eagles would have been able

their first. The game will take place February 4th at critics didn’t trust backup QB Nick Foles.
6:30 PM in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Thoughts they would be one and done in
Minnesota. the postseason abounded. Philadelphia proved
that they were determined, tough, and most
The New England Patriots, led by the core
of Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Tom to make it this far.” importantly, a good team. They beat the Atlanta
Falcons 15-10 before laying waste to the Minnesota
Brady, and Tight End Rob Gronkowski, alongside
well drilled supporting staff in Danny Amendola, Vikings 38-7 with all 38 of their points coming
Chris Hogan, and their slew of role players on offense. unanswered and backup QB Foles playing to the
In the opposite position is a well coordinated defense the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars put a lot of same MVP-esque form of old.
capable of making plays. Super Bowl 49 playmaker pressure on the Patriots and held a 14-10 lead over the Philadelphia will come into the game against the
Malcolm Butler, AFC Championship breakout Stephon defending champions going into halftime. Another Patriots as underdogs in the minds of many, but that’s
Gilmore, and new addition in James Harrison, all Brady led comeback ended up felling the plucky, what they’re used to. The only difference between the
round out a very capable defensive unit coached by upstart Jags to take New England into another Super team and Rocky though, is that Eagles will be looking
Matt Patricia. Bowl. Rumors of a power struggle between the three to do a lot more than just go the distance.
The Patriots path through the AFC playoff picture prominent figures in the Patriots organization swirled,

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