You and your clicker

A guide for first year students College of Science

The clicker project is an initiative within the College of Science at NUI Galway. Clickers are available for all incoming first year science students.

What is a clicker? Clickers, also referred to as Audience or Personal Response Systems (ARS/PRS), are small handheld units the size of a mobile phone that you can use to respond to questions posed by your lecturer in class. Questions are usually multiple choice in format and you respond by selecting the appropriate option on your clicker. The participation rate and the breakdown of student responses is instantly available in a graph via PowerPoint. What does it do? It offers a means for you to participate in class; to offer your opinion, answer questions, acquire feedback and gage your understanding of a topic. Utilising a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, it offers the lecturer a way to engage with the learners in a small or large group setting. You are invited to become integral to the learning process by contributing to the way a session may develop.

Some useful information
Clicker Collection Point If you miss the initial orientation session, you can collect your free clicker initially from the College of Science Office during the first week of term. Subsequent collections will be available from Media Services on the main concourse on campus.
College of Science Office

Media Services

Donʼt forget!
It is simple and easy to register your clicker online. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Using Clickers
1. Register your clicker number online On, register your clicker, as per the three steps below. a. Locate the unique clicker ID An eight digit number on the back of the clicker (e.g. 173899ED)

b. Register via any Blackboard course Within any of your Blackboard modules, look for Course Tools & scroll down to PRS Clicker Registration c. Enter in the unique clicker ID This is the eight digit number found on the back of your clicker. Select RF (Radio Frequency) checkbox. Be sure to click Submit to save. You only need to undertake this registration once.

2. Bring your clicker to class Your lecturers will be expecting you to bring along your clicker to all of your lectures, tutorials and lab sessions. Be sure to carry it with you.

3. Lost Clicker and Returns If you lose the clicker, you will be charged an additional €30 for a replacement. Replacements can be obtained from Media Services (see map overleaf). At the end of the academic year, you must return your clicker or you will incur a €30 penalty fine.

4. Additional Information One student, one handset Do not lend your handset to any other student. Each clicker handset is uniquely identified, and tied to your student ID number. Failure to comply with this policy is a breach of the Student Code of Conduct. Battery The expected battery life is one year. In the event of the battery life ending during the year, you will be responsible for the battery replacement.

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