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Andrew Lorscheider

Current Address: Permanent Address:

302 N. School Street Aprt. #5 4115 N. Ozanam
Normal, IL 61761 Norridge, IL 60706

Education Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Bachelor of Science in Education, Special Education, May 2019
Professional Educator License
Endorsement: Learning Behavior Specialist 1 PreK-Age 21
GPA: 3.7/4.0

Teaching Practicum Experience (2 days a week clinical experience):

Experience Self-Contained classroom, Bloomington High School, Bloomington, IL (1/18-5/18)
11th–12th Grade Self-Contained, Diverse student population: urban, 53% low income,
38.7% minority
 Created and taught lessons for math, health, English, and life skills
 Collected performance and behavior data
 Monitored special education students within resource classrooms
 Created task analysis for a variety of students needs

Relevant The Unity Community Center (9/17-11/17)

Experiences Normal, IL
 Worked with students from k-12th grade
 Assisted students with homework and projects
 Taught read skills to at-risk readers age 6-12
 Helped select appropriate texts

Norridge Park Day Camp (6/15-present)

Norridge, IL
 Worked with Pre- K-Kindergarten children
 Group leader of 20-30 children
 Worked with children with and without disabilities
 Help create inclusion plans for children with autism
 Inclusion aid for student with development delay

Activities Best Buddies (8/15-present)

Leadership Honors society 1/17-present

Honors Nancy K. Daniels scholarship 2017

Special Skills First aid certified

Andrew Lorscheider

References Eileen Wright, Camp Director

[two required] Norridge Park
 4631 N Overhill Ave, Norridge, IL 60706
 Phone: (847)-293-9189
 E-mail:

Megan Cantos, History Teacher

Ridgewood High School
 7500 W Montrose Ave, Norridge, IL 60706
 Phone: (773)-213-7903
 E-mail:

Christopher O’Leary, Concession Stand Owner

Norridge Park
 4631 N Overhill Ave, Norridge, IL 60706
 Phone: (312)-618-0712
 E-mail: