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This study is about the effectiveness of a garlic as an insecticide. This experimental study

was designed to prove if a garlic, if used as an insecticide, will be an effective alternative for a

typical insecticide.

The data was deliberated at Cotabato City, in the premises of Notre Dame University –

Senior High School. The actual experiment was done by making a mixture of crushed garlic and

water. The researchers used common house cockroaches for testing. They have a total of 18

cockroaches for the experiment. The caught cockroaches are placed in 3 plastic containers with 6

each. And for the application, they applied 3 mixtures of crushed garlic and water with different

concentration (1st=50 ml+50 ml, 2nd=70 ml+30 ml, 3rd=90 ml+30 ml).

The data of this research were measured through observation. After the application of the

garlic, the researchers observed the behavior of the cockroaches sprayed with garlic insecticide.

Based on the major findings of the study, the conclusion was drawn that the insecticide can

somehow cause negative behavior for the cockroaches but it can’t cause death to it. Thus the

researchers concluded that the use of garlic as an insecticide is not effective.