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35 Words and Music by TED WHITE & ARETHA FRANKLIN Moderately You better THINK THINK tout what you're tio’ ta do to me ¥ He Bice 4 ES wey on way back WRT Let your se be free — Let's eo back Let's go. back, Lats go {=e even fom you, You cul’ been too much nove than Oo? "mo pay chia = Arist ain't no Ee See what you're doin to we eter with de ares Buti don't take too mich high 1 You bet = ter (© 1968 Fourteenth Hour Music Corp Pundit Music, USA. EMI Songs Ltd., London WC2H O&A 36 i a ‘THINK about what you're Uyint to do to nD Freedon__(feedom! Ob, Freedom Yeah __ Free - Right now Freedom (freedom) Oh, Freedom (freedom) Gimme some Frecwdom —_ m iF + THINK «= bout THINK & - tout a ‘cnothnint youcould ask 1 could ansower you with 1 want but 1 want gon nachange to I'm not Cif you 7 Ea ta a Ea beep do in things 1 don't) THINK 4-tou what youre tyin' to tS ah " » Let your mind go Let youreelt be free Peo-ple walk - int ‘round ev - ‘ty day, play =a? fed Eg a fumes and taking scores Thyin'____ to make otter poo ple lose thei mid Well, be care fil you don't tose yours, Oh c004 ea ‘i r . i _ f afi hae ate ther can do. Ob, Hey THINK a bout ime. (To the bone for deepens)