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The pedaling dress washing machine is a new innovative concept is mainly used to

save power. In this concept we have designed a pedal operated washing machine. It is used to

wash the cloths without using electric power. Now days washing the cloths are very easy by

using the electric power systems like washing machine but these machines are very costly

which is only using by the rich people. Instead of that we are going to design a pedal operated

washing machine for the poor people to make their work easy.

In this concept we have design the pedal operated washing machine with simple mechanism

for washing clothes with the help of pedaling operation. It also consists of one more

advantage, the pedaling operation just acts like an exercise to the human being. It is easy to

operate, and also easy working.

We have to just put down the cloths in to the cylinder and add required water in to the

cylinder, and Start to pedal the pedaling system. When pedaling system starts to rotate, it will

rotate the washing blades by using the rack and pinion arrangements.

The shaft is welded with the pinion which is fixed on the cylinder. The rack and pinion

arrangement will give the forward and reverse direction rotation for the operation of washing