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Vocabulary nationalities

ritish Grammar be (singular): positive

and negative

*:-il,:i:!1. ii:*.?if!":.i ]::lr*:';;i:r Write five singular words

(a watch, etc.). Work in pairs. Take turns to say your
words. Say the plurals of your partner's words:
Aawatch Bwatches.

;,,iri.,r, Write the missing vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in these
t ltaly 5 G rm ny 9 T rk y
2 3r z I 6 gYPt 10 the K
3 R SS 7 str I 11 Sp n

4the S BM X C 12 Ch n

Match these nationalities to the countries in '".:t.

a Germanl e American i British

u Mexichn f Spanish j Turkish
c ltalian s Egyptian k Chinese
d Russian h Braziltan I Australian
,,', ,' , ,ffiiilSffiffiflTm Listen and practise the
countries and nationalities.
iita;y, ttatian
:,, Work in pairs. Say a country. Your partner says
the nationality.

Turkey Turkish

, What's your nationality? Tell the class.

I'm Japanese. I'm French. I'm Colombian. ,

Around the world

photos A-D. Fill in the gaps
.-,, Work in pairs. Look at
with a nationality from rr:,.
Listen and check.

' :':, ' :l:,:r:t:..',,ttrl' be {SingUla;,): pg$itive

:..,;....::,...r1' . .': r: ..

.:,,,r,, Fill in the gaps with m, 're or's.

tr[,'., Hector and rhis is my
5 car. It's
1 I British, (= lam)
z You a student. (= you are) *.j

3 He German. (= he is)
+ She Brazilian. (= she is)
s lt American. (= it is)

.: '.]. ] ,...1 ::';


.t:r.i ii,fi1:l:ilrrifli Listen and practise the

sentences in ,rrr .
Get ready ... Get it right!
I'rw ^* l'm firifish. Work in new pairs. Write three true sentences and
three false sentences.
: ,, Fill in the gaps with 'm or 's.
fiilJ G*fes is Am*r!*;;;:.
t She from S5o Paulo and she a student. SMW is a Srifish ceflparty.
2 I from London and I a teacher.
3 lt isn't a Mercedes. lt a Chevrolet. r Work in groups of four. Read your sentences to
4 She isn't Australian. She from the UK. the other pair. Are the other pair's sentences true
s He isn't from Berlin" He from Hamburg. or false?
6 l'm not American. I from Havana, in Cuba. Bill Gates is American. I think that's true / false.
,, Work in pairs. Compare answers. Then match the
sentences to photos A-D. Yes, you're right. / No, you're wrong.

:', ' . be (singular): negative

Tell the class two of your true sentences.
,r Look again at' ',. Then fill in the gaps in these
sentences with m not, aren't or isn't.
NEGATIVE (-) tr,.
1I AmPrican. (= am not)
2 You a teacher. (= are not)
3 He from Berlin. (= is not)
+ She Australian.

, i}*;iii:ii:-l:'* Listen and practise the .:nrjalarl;iii*li r'ii,9'

sentences in

i";r, nOt -. 1n; ,:,': -,tlf g'i::,-.

True or false?
t,,,, ,r Check these words with your teacher.

the capital (city) a singer a company

,: Work in pairs. Look at photos 1-10. Tick (/)the

true sentences. Make the other sentences negative.
Write the correct sentences.
1 Madrid is the capital of Spain. 1
z Gisele Bundchen is German. EM*'l t*F!lt
OiSS/* fiilr;*Clre,,r
Leonardo DiCaprio is ltalian.
{:cr,";-r::;r" $Ji* s ":t.:z;jia,t.
.I ,t,
4 I'lii^^,r i\ .. ^
s Eilfel lower is in Paris.
O The \f/hi+o t-r,rr i9q is,: iil 516..y",r \';rir.
7 Prirrce Wiliiam is Russian.
8 Beyonce is an American singei. ,!:lil ;$i
g Flat is a French company. {: laii
1o Beijing is the capital of China.

Check on p134. Are your answers correct?

Vocabulary jobs

What's your job? Grammar be (singular): questions

and short answers
x i-=.iii!:.!r;r:jtl::r=,iili€.!!,ji:]1-=;:j:i:-:i-3'ill=i-l;;,r1,?;J.i'!:'t::.;;i

*'*'i:*E ,*gv3frtry *.*t.:[1.tr11es *** r:*ti*r't*i!{i**

Work in pairs. Take turns to say a
country. Your partner says the nationality and a person or thing of that nationality:
AThe UK. B British. PrinceWilliam is British.

Photos of friends
;.;1; ,i Check these words with your teacher.

a friend be6utiful mdrried single

, ,r Look at the photo of Tina and Matt' Listen

11; l.,...r;ir1
and match these names to photos 1-4 on Tina's computer.

ffi Sofia

,':: Listen again. Complete the table.

Marco Emma, Gary

Gary Marco Emma Sofia

country Australia

job a doctor

i-i i.,.l ::r: :,''',r ,r';: i:'l ril,, : ;,'.


he (singular]: lrVh- questi*ns

Fill in the gapi with am, are or 's.
uni- oueslous (z)

t Where t?

2 Where you from?

3 Where he / she / it from?
4 what your name?
s What his / her name?
i;,lir ;, Work in pairs. Match these jobs to pictures a-i. 6 What your iob?
z Whal his / her job?
a manager il ? trt:ctcr ta a teache: r. l...ili.,.i:r,tri,":.:"'1ll'. .:.:::,. :.r.: :
a sAles assistani fr- r-ln actor / an actri, N+

a wdlter / a uiaitress i a taxi drive ri ffi Listen and practise the

a musician a police officer
questions in il.

T,fl " ln these vocabulary boxes we only show the ,,:, Cover the Work in pairs. Then take
iable in 1,1;.

main stress (')in words and Phrases, turns to ask and answer questions about the people
in photos 1-4.
,lr '.;4.,,, , m Listen and practise.

'. Work in new pairs. Ask questions about the 'W'hat's

his name? Gary.
people in pictures a-i.
\7here's he from? Australia.
N(hat's his job? He's a police officer' '

\7hat's his job? He's a doctor.

I7hat's her iob? , She's a doctor. :


ls he a musician?
,t,.:,:. ,, Look again at the table in . Tick (/)the correct answers. , ":'..,l:,,'''l'l,;i:l.:.i,li tisten and practise
1 ls Gary a musician? a Yes, he is, b No, he isn't. / the questions and short ':.
2 ls Marco from Mexico? a Yes, he is. u No, he isn't. Fill in the gaps with ls or Are.
3 ls Emma an actress? a Yes, she is. tr No, she isn't, 1 you a student?
4 ls sofia ltalian? a Yes, she is. b No, she isn't. 2 your teacher from the UK?
5 Are you from Russia? a Yes, lam. b No, l'm not. 3 yqu Spanish?
6 ls your watch Japanese? a Yes, it is. b No, it isn't. 4 you married?
, Work in pairs. Compare answers. 5 'your mobile in your bag?
6 you a doctor?
7 Beyonc6 a singer?
fo* {singular):yes / no questicns and short answers B Leonardo DiCaprio a musician?

Fill in the gaps with am, are, aren't, rs or isn'f. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the
questions. Use the correct short answers.

I in Lhis class? Yes. you are. / No. yotr Are you a student? Yes, I am.
you from Russia? Yes, I . / No. l'm rot.
he a doctor? Yes, he rs. i lr,o, he
she ltalian? Yes, she . / No, she isrr't Get ready ... Get it right!
it Japanese? Yes, it / No, it Work in new pairs. Student A p87.
Student B p92.
Vocabulary titles; greetings
Real World email addresses;
personal information

Good morning! 6
BEAL WORLD Email addresses
Look at this email address. Notice how we
&1; ;r Match 1-3 to a-c.
say . and @.
1 Mr (Brown) a a married woman
z Mrs or Ms (King) b a single woman
3 Ms or Miss (Robertsi c a rnan (married or single) eve dot smith at webmail dot com

n u.i ,,, ffiffii* Listen and practise. &

{vlr -* fv'lr Brawn

g;1 r Look at pictures A-D. Complete the conversations

with these phrases. Which three phrases mean
Hello? Which phrase means GoodbYe?

Good m6rning Good Svening PeterWest

Good night Good afterncjon
0l5l 496 321 I
aq= ffi
The CirY GYnr
l2 Morton Street
LiverPool L8 3RF

manda. **{=

very much

;:l Work in pairs. Say email addresses 1-4.

ffiffi Listen and practise

email addresses 1-4.
.co"uk n @cityg:trn --. pefer.west@e uk

r, Ask three students for their email addresses.

l: :'..-:,',.., ,. mm Listen and check. Listen Write the email addresses. Are they correct?
again and practise.
lfhat's your email address? It's ..'
,r"r Work in pairs. Praetise the conversations.
The Gity Gym 'd.'

t Personal information questions
Write the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in these questions.
t What'syourf I rst na me, please?
o 2 What's your s rn m ?
g What'syourn t -.n l-. ty?
+ What's your ddr ss?
s What'syourm b I n mb r?
a o What's your m I ddr cc?
M * @z ffi+= Look at the photo.
join The City Gym. Watch or
Karen wants to
listen to her conversation with Peter. Tick (/)
the questions in & when you hear them.
b Watch or listen again. Complete form A,

New Member Form


first name Karen


New Hen:ber F*rr*

first name

mobile number

email address


mobile number

email address
a Work in pairs. lnterview your partner and fill in
form B.
i.-,-::,' *ii..... i7l{.rtcr 1i:'.Ji i-lvei-::r;cl -3 :i.l:
h Check your partner's form. ls it correct?
Vocabulary numbers 13-1 00
World How old ... ?
How old is she? Real
Skills Listening: five conversations


i:ji,Jii:li. il*?i{i"r,1i }.i*i:':i::;tl* **t*

Write the numbers
0-12 in words (zero, one,etc.). Work in pairs. Check
your partner's spelling. Then say the numbers.

- rfitr: r ffi{{ffi Listen and say these numbers.

,i,f i'.tlJtlfr1;',iailli
18 eighteen
'.1,::1t,, :,:,'., :,;;
;,, :

- :. i

r,,, Match these words to the numbers.

thirty ninety seventy fortY

eighty fifty .a hundred sixtY

30 thirty 60 90
40 70 100

50 80

frffiiftI*&ffi Listen and practise. ..1;-;!*

Numbers with -feen and -fY
;;,,:r ,,: l-e6k at the photo. Match these words to 1-5.
l . r, Listen to these numbers. Notice the stress.
a girl acar a house a cat a dog
fourte"en forty sixte"en sixty eighteen
,r, Listen to five conversations. Fill in the
i;, Where is the stress in these numbers? gaps with the correct number.
seventeen ninety fiftY thirteen a The cat is
thirty nineteen seventY fifteen n The house is years old.
c The girl is
; Listen and check. d The car is years old.

e The dog is
....,.t-' Listen aoain
and practise. r Fill in the gaps with these words.

Write the numbers. H€w is are lm old

21 fwe*Iy-r:ce 24 27
22 25 28 l t4rsvt old2
23 26 29 your house? It's 100 years 3

,,,, Work in pairs. Say these numbers. How old ; vou? (

27 35 49 52 68 /3 86 94
. ,s'iili,iitlf;fi$*lfri Listen and check. Listen
again and practise.
,,r Write four numbers.

Work in new pairs. Say your numbers. Write your

,rr, Work in pairs. Look again at photo A. Ask questions
.pgrt'ner's numbers. Are they correct? with Horaz old ... ?.
Htri*p *jtTr{ F}fi*rdi.}r{{.:t,{!'{"t{_rf.i ItI and /itl
and words. Listen again and practise.

/t/ /i,,/ ;' ,,., :.:a;::,:,1 ;:r,11.,.r..,.:,,

ninet,:,.,,,, n

, Listen to these words. Notice how we say

the pink and ili'-i,r, vowels. Listen again and practise.

/t/ /it/
six thing his ninet,,:r.h h;'s sh:'s
sangle Miss women p,:,r,':rple pli:::,se
British watches Chin..:se police imail
evening fifteen ::vening fift,;r,:n

rl.: Look at the vowels in bold in these words. Do we

say /r/ or /i:/?

i|'s /tl li'^i sandwiches teacher

think married isn't read musician
assistant me Spanish Japanese sixteen

:: , Work in pairs. Compare answers.

::; ,' Listen and check. Listen again and

Vocabulary, Grammar and Real World

Language Summary 2 p116

2A-D Workbook p8
. Self-study DVD-ROM 2 with Review Video

i;;,,. :r Work in new pairs. Look at the photos. Guess how

old the people are. Use these ages.

41 47 51 58 71 76 80 87 Reading and Writing
Portfolio 2 Three people Workbook p54
I think Amybeth is 22. I think she's 24.
Reading business cards; addresses; forms
Writing capital letters (2); filling in a form
Check on p134. Are your answers correct?