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Assignment 2

Part 3 Segmentation and Place Mix

1. What is the geographic scope of the market you intend to serve and why have
you so chosen?
We chose Ludhiana. Because it is a centrally located district in Malwa region of

2. What customer needs will your product or service satisfy.

Our customer needs are fresh hygiene food. We will provide them this facility to all
PG (Boys) & Corporate Offices.

3. List and describe the main types of customer for your product/service.
Students & Corporate Offices.
4. Which of these market segments will you concentrate on and why?

Students and Employees who come from other cities/country and staying in PG. It
is not easy to maintain a healthy diet there as most of the things are not under their
control. We can fulfill their requirement till their expectations.

5. Match the features of your product/service to the benefits on offer to customers

in each of your chosen market segments.

High Grade Quality: We will provide good quality food so as to increase our
customer satisfaction.

Low Cost: We will provide at our services at lowest cost as compared to the market

6. Is the market you are aiming at currently rising or falling? What is the trend
over the past few years?
Since necessity of food, the market demand for home cooked food remains constant.
The demands for these products are never bearish or bullish. Which means it is
always stable.

7. What would be the approximate market size (in units) what share of the market
are you aiming at initially?

Hundred People (100)

Part 4 Competition Analysis

8. List and briefly describe the companies with whom you will be competing

9. What, in the light of this competitive analysis, do you believe to be the critical
factors for success in your business sector?

10. What is unique about your business that makes it stand out from the

Part 5 Price Mix and Pricing Strategy

11. List all the costs you are likely to incur in making or marketing your product.

12. Using the costs as calculated above and your profit objective, calculate the
optimal price you should charge.

13. Is there a possibility for charging differentiated prices for different price

Part 6 Advertising and Promotion

14. Prepare an advertising and promotional plan for the upcoming year,

a) What is the objective of your advertising?

b) What message you will use to achieve these results.

c) What media you will use and why.

d) How much you will spend.

Part 7 Place and Distribution

15. What channels of distribution are used in your field, which do you plan to use
and why?

16. Your online channels and e Commerce plan?

Part 8 Sales Operations

17. Who will sell for you?

18. Will you use point of sale material, leaflets, brochures or videos, for example

19. Will you make your product yourself or buy it in and why?

20. If you are making a product, describe the production process.

21. What plant and equipment will you need, what can it do, how much will it cost
and where will you get it

Part 9 Sales Forecast

22. Provide details of all customers you expect to sell to over the forecast period,
and how much you expect to sell to each segment

23. Prepare a sales forecast by value and volume for each major product group
throughout the whole period of the business plan up to 2 years, monthly first
year and quarterly in the second year.

24. Give an estimate of the likely market share that these forecasts imply.