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👑Most awaited session of spiritual trajectory 👑


✍ neurobics - How to collaborate with your brain, how to maintain with
your brain

The word was coined by LORENS

✍Many exercises and gyms are there for muscle fitnes but no gym for

✍When person cannot think then he cannot act - he should move towards

✍Neurobic exercise - anything that you do Which is not routine

For example - if you always talk while eating a meal, eat a meal in silence

✍Makeyour brain to sit up and notice , bring out of the box

✍Break the routine
✍Neurobics involves all the 5 senses. When you exercise, your brai
releases growth harmone known as neutrophins which will enhances your
brain fitness level -- each time you open a new circuit or neural pathway
you do push ups with brain but without exertion 👑

Here are some neurobic exercises

1. Eat outside if weather permits

2. Though you have preferences for books but read different books

3. Start riggling your toes before you get from brain

✍When you do something new, your brain hits up and says this is
something new

✍Do something out of your comfort zone

✍One of the most common barrier to the success is your mind

✍Colliborate with your mind - best collaboration

✍You have to understand the specific way that it works 👑

Basic rules by which you can work with your mind
1. Your mind does it exactly which you want to do

Your mind is always listening to your self talk

Learn to trick your brain

Give specific order to brain - best time its just before you sleeping and just
after waking up

2. Your mind is hard wire to move towards pleasure and move away from

Our brain is probably is at hold

People have changed but brain mechanism changes

Everytime we hestitae - the brain sends the chemicals and says that I am

Train your mind to move towards the pain also and leave the comfort

3. The way your mind understands that how you feel about something , it
brings two things
- the pitcure you make into your head and the words you say to yourself

Exercises - the lemon cutting exercise same way you can control your

Push your hand back and say i will push it more back and it will go

4. Your mind loves what is familiar

Notice the negative self talk and defeated mental images that you project to
yourself everyday

First make your beliefs and then your beliefs will make you

✍ neurobics is closely related to Mind mapping ... Take a pen and paper
and start the mind collebrating

Write - what is your goal and ask yourself the questions ... Radiate it like a

This will show relationship between diffrent ideas, problems, functions.
Once you are able to do this.. Things will become nuisance

Idea output - put all ideas on you paper whatever you have in your mind
✍Mind collobration mapping - It increases ideas, speed, qi energy

Two minds will bring better result.

If we put 10 brains together then see the result

✍No person has original ideas.. These ideas are rest on other brains

✍Engagement - When you align thoughts togther and string togther..

Means creating collobrating ,setting minds to meet 👑

Tools to showcase

1. Brain storming -

Needs free mind

Brain is ultimate digital memory bank

Can store unlimited amount of information

Train the mind regulary then your speed will improved

Receptive mind is needed for stroming

2. How unique are your ideas??
Leader - should have sufficient EQ 👑

Many values we get when brain starts working for you

1. Your communication levels are streamlined

Personal relationships can be holded easily

This generation does not have resilience so we need to develop neurobics

2. We are good at problem solving when we Pratice neurobics

3. Mind collaboration says help others and you actually help yourself

✍Collabrated mind mapping will - Time is saved

Decisions are taken

Actions are taken

All the hidden agendas goes for a six

✍So if you want to see your life propale start with neurobics and its starts
Thankyou didiji

Dr komal bhopal

Hello my great great sunshine didiji

Thank you so much didiji for again came with brand new topic and with new

" Rhythm of Register."

In yesterday S.t session just not cover one topic but Yourself include many
topic in one session like Momentum, change the habit, generosity,
exaltation and why Power.

Didiji in yesterday session I like one line most which said by yourself that
we will show our love on valentine day only for one but we want to show
our love everyday like example our bhagwnaji they always gave us
blessing and showing their kindness for us.

Following points like by myself.

1. Little things in your life that is bite you

2. Little mistake that you make over period of time that lead your success.
3. Relationship responsibility means give your 100 % and expect 0 %

4. Luck is when your opportunity meet with preparation. Opportunity come
at that time when you are not prepare.

5. Thoughts comes because of your feelings.

6. Change is hard. If it is easy so every one can do it.

7. Change lead us ordinary to extra ordinary .

8. If you leave your mind free then it will think all kind of thoughts.

Thank you didiji for spiritual trajectory session it is for us ocean of

It is university of knowledge. It's help us remove our bad habits. And
making us perfect human beings.

Thank you didiji

Your Alaisha Dubai

DATE - 12 NOV 17



a game changer 📋

When you are able to change the spiritual knowledge to synchronize with
the dreams in your head thats you become dream reality architech 📋

There are no qualifications for this 📋

Didiji is the biggest exhibit ray for turning dreams into reality 📋

Each dream of didiji for organization into reality 📋

Didiji have used to spiritual knowledge as the mind heck , you will be
able to transform the mind into extra ordinary 📋

When you do work beyond your capacity then you are extra ordinary 📋
you can inherint the talents 📋

When you inherent ,transform the behavioural pattern

It becomes the social contagious 📋

Happiness in fulfilment is the productivity 📋

spirituality is the knowledge which will build your future 📋

Make dent with universe to live in this world 📋

Tasastu cultivates individual freedom + strengthening of cinnection +
promiting flexibilty 📋

smartness comes from other people who are smarter then you and for
that you need to be humble and have receiving mind then you can have the
better intelligence

Bull shit rules - Bruise (old age rules) 📋📋

6 steps to the meditation

1. Think - for love and compassion
2. Gratitude - If you pratice gratitude your day goes beautiful

Just say it if you cant write it .

Every 24 hours give thankyou list to the specific persons or things those
who are giving you comfort

3. Negative charges- eliminate the negative charges , your emotional
battery draines when you have negative charges

Forgive the person completely , this will eliminate lots of things

4. Plan for 3 years for creative visualization

5. One day project - you visualize hour to hour

6. Ask for blessings from bhagwan ji - cherry on the cake 📋

greatest ability is to make the world around you 📋

The dreams in your head should match the reality 📋

translate your ideas , ambitions into reality 📋

Tools to turn into reality
- Spiritual visualisation

Whatever you think about most it comes to reality 📋

you build your muscles through your brain 📋

never look on other side .look on your life process

The synchronicity which you witness is the miracle in itself if you believe it 📋

Reticular activation system - observation and your brain will make the
things comes true. 📋

Learn to use right and left side of the brain then you are god. 📋

when you use consciousness your conscious mind to governs the
physical mind - bio centerisism 📋

you need not to know about the brain but you need to know how to use it 📋

make things happen 📋

dominant thoughts - they will shape your life and destiny 📋
brain continue to live in pre historic time 📋

when we have the fear - we suffer from negative spiraling

Thoughts - fear - negativity 📋

Simply define your goal and act Spontaneously and your internal
machinery will guide you - brain hecking 📋

when you know how to maintain your brain patterns then intutions comes
by replicate and reproduce the same brain patterns - Neuro Plasticity 📋

dnt be a Dabbler be a Master 📋

the best way is to throw - ignore the please of all authorities to be
realistic 📋

Realistic people do not accomplish extra ordinary things 📋

dream big to have a epic life


Your neophyte

Dr Lavanya