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New Generation Analysers

The New Generation KRYKARD Portable Load Manager Series changes the way energy & power quality is measured and analysed in an
electrical system.

The Portable Series opens up exciting new possibilities in the area of Energy Audit and Power Quality Analysis, enabling you to take
accurate energy management decisions. An unmatched combination of range, measurement technology, unconditional accuracy & user-
friendly features have made the KRYKARD Portable analysers the preferred choice of energy auditors & energy managers in India.

ALM 31 : 3-Phase 3 CT Analyser Common Features of ALM 31 / 33 / 35 / 36

Ÿ V, I, PF, kW, kVA, kVAr, Hz

Ÿ Conforming to Standards:
Ÿ kWh, kVArh, kVAh
Ÿ Harmonics up to 50th on both V and I § IEC 61010, CAT IV 600V/ CAT III 1000V
Ÿ CF, THD, K-Factor, DPF, Tangent, Phase § IEC 61000-4-30 Class B (ALM 36/33)
Ÿ Unbalances, Neutral current Ÿ Large Colour TFT screen for graphical menu-driven display
Ÿ Peak V, Peak I
Ÿ Continuous cycle by cycle measurement of all current and voltage channels
1 at 256 samples/cycle - for accurate and dependable measurements even
Ÿ 12 screen shots can be captured on non-linear loads
Ÿ Storage Capacity for a selection
of parameters at 1s interval Ÿ Suitable for 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire measurements

ALM 33 : 3-Phase 3 CT Analyser Ÿ Wide choice of clamp-on CTs to measure currents from 5mA to 6500A -
Options include 5/100A CT; 1000A CT; 6500A Ampflex flexible CT;
1 1000Aac/1400Adc CT
Ÿ Transient records of 78 micro seconds
Ÿ On-board memory with programmable interval of data collection from 1
1 sec to 15 mins
Recording from a few days to many weeks
Ÿ Recorded data can be viewed as trends on the meter screen for quick
Ÿ Expert analysis mode for harmonics
analysis on the field minimizing dependence on PC/Laptop
Ÿ User-settable alarms can be captured -
min/max value and duration of alarm is Ÿ Zoom-in / Zoom-out facility for better resolution enabling in-depth analysis
stored ( minimum of ½ cycle detection)
Ÿ Screen shots of any waveform, trend, phasor or measurement screen can
ALM 35 & 36 : 3-Phase 4 CT Analyser be captured & stored

Ÿ Different parameters can be recorded under 4 user-defined configurations

Ÿ Up to 210 Transient records
Ÿ Inrush waveform capture Ÿ DataView software for meter configuration, download, analysis & export
of recorded data

Ÿ 50 screen shots can be captured Ÿ Up to 10 hour battery back-up for un-interrupted field studies
Ÿ 2 GB memory for data storage
Ÿ Neutral current & voltage measurement

ALM 10: 1-Phase 1 CT Analyser Features

Ÿ Full colour display completer insight into your electrical system
Ÿ Up to 1.5 MB of on-board memory for online trending with configurable data-logging
Ÿ V, I, PF, kW, kVA, kVAr, Hz options
Ÿ kWh, kVArh, kVAh Ÿ Up to 4096 alarms to capture abnormal variations with user settable threshold limits
Ÿ Harmonics up to 50 on both V and I Ÿ Inrush current waveforms for a clear picture on motor starts
Ÿ CF, THD, K-Factor, DPF, Tangent, Phase angles
Ÿ Stores up to 8 pictures for graphical analysis
Ÿ Peak V, Peak I
Ÿ 1-ph or balanced 3-ph measurements Ÿ Completely user-defined & flexible data logging options
Ÿ DataView software for configuration, download, analysis & export of recorded data
ALM 20: 3-Ph 3 CT Analyser Features
Ÿ High electrical safety standards as IEC 61010, CAT IV 600V/ CAT III 1000V
Parameters Measured
• Magnetic Latch for instant mounting and removal on electrical panels
Ÿ AC/DC Voltage • 17 types of electrical connections possible
• AC/DC Current • Bluetooth interface, USB and Ethernet communication
• Frequency - 50, 60 & 400 Hz
• Data logging & data retrieval possible directly from SD card
• V & I Crest Factor
• kW, kVA, kVAr • Auto CT recognition, accepts up to 9 different CTs for measurement
• PF, Cosø, Tanø • Simultaneous data logging and harmonic analysis
• Wh, VAh, VArh
• Complete freedom to select time interval and duration
• THDf on V, U, I, In
• DataView software for data download/ retrieval and report generation
• Harmonics up to 50th order on V, U, I & In
• Android App for configuration and real-time data

F Clamps - Power & Harmonics Clamps Features

Ÿ 3 Models - F205 / F407 / F607

Ÿ High electrical safety standards:
Ÿ AC/DC Voltage Ÿ DPF (F407/607) § CAT IV 1000V - F407/607
Ÿ AC/DC Current Ÿ Min/Max, Peak
§ CAT IV 600V - F205
Ÿ AC/DC Power Ÿ True Inrush Current
Ÿ kW, kVA, kVAr, PF Ÿ V & I THDf, THDr Ÿ IP54 protection from water & dust
Ÿ Frequency Ÿ Individual Harmonics Ÿ Min, Max, Peak, Average measurements
Ÿ True Inrush current measurement
Ÿ Data recording & Bluetooth communication (F407/F607)

Accessories & Software (Only for ALM Series)

Range : 10 to 10000A Range: 3 to 1000A Dual Range: Range: 2 to 200A Range: 10 to 1000A AC DataView Software
#1: 450mmL, 140mm dia ID: 52mm 5mA to 5A & 100mA to 100A ID: 20mm 10A to 1400A DC
#2: 800mmL, 250mm dia ID: 20mm ID: 39mm

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