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Motivation Letter

It has always encouraged me to maintain a balance between academics and extra-curricular

activities. My education has the highest priority in my life and it gives me strength to climb the
ladder to achieve my goals in life. I will need to adopt, to change and to learn in order to grow
with every experience. I hope to continuously study ahead, facing every challenge on the road of
achievement and success. Education abroad will help me widen my prospective of my life and
help me to become more rational in my thinking.

I am responding to your advertisement for a PhD position in civil engineering. I am confident

that a position as PhD researcher in geotechnical would not only shape my career but would also
make me excel in a field in which I have talent and assist me in achieving my future goals.

I have completed my Masters degree in geotechnical engineering; particularly I worked on a

liquefaction topic. Moreover, I’ve had a part time job experience at Talar Gostar Company and
altogether I have 4 years work experience along five years till now. I have obtained a wide range
of experience related to many laboratory techniques during my employment and studies, as well.
There are many techniques which I have learnt during the past five years, including:

* Ability to understand and provide solutions to various problems in project

*Quick to learn and adapt to new situations
*Ability to work individually or in a group
*Quality control of materials and concrete mix designs in various projects
*Prepare statements of various projects; buildings and geotechnical researches.

You can find more information about my past and current projects in my CV as attached file.

I would like to get my degree in Germany because of common interests between the two
countries specially since Iran is ranked a developing country and Germany is among the world’s
top industrial countries in terms of technology and research and academic education.

My interest is geotechnical engineering and my education is based on numerical study. In

addition, I have experimental work experiences and I have published several articles about
liquefaction and its effects in international journals and conferences and a book associated with
liquefaction so that I could understand the geotechnical pathways in dept. I have experience in
practical works in my work projects; hence, my education and experience has provided me with
acceptable insights into the technical aspects needed to work in this field. I hope my
qualifications and your needs will have an excellent fit. I believe that studying in the department
of geotechnical engineering have the potential to research on, which can be the main topic of
several research projects in different fields such as soil improvement, numerical modeling , slope
stability and bearing capacity of foundation.
In summary, my research plan for the near future will be motivated by my findings during the
PhD research, with this goal in mind, I seek admission to your department and I sincerely hope
to be selected for admission. I can promise hard work and total commitment to achieving the
targets of the program, because more than a career step, I view my further education as my
mission in life. Given the chance, I assure you to perform to the best of my abilities and bring
academic laurels to your research group.

I appreciate your time in advance and would be most grateful if you could consider my
application for the available position.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention. I look forward to hearing from you.


Mehran Naghizaderokni

PhD Applicant in Geotechnical Engineering