Official Newsletter of IBM Ring 50 -- The National Capital Ring

Volume 64 No. 9

September 2010

I.B.M. Ring 50’s September Without further ado, president 1st meeting was opened by Arnie Fuoco, introduced our first President Arnie Fuoco . Two new new performer, Bob Weiman. members we voted into the Ring: Edward Kaczka of West River MD and John Kenny of Alexandria VA. Prior to the meeting Theo Rushin had a short Magi-Whirl meeting to begin construction of the volunteer teams. If you are interested in helping with Magi-Whirl 2010 please contact Theo Rushin or Bob Patterson.
Bob Weiman and assistant Arnie Levin (r) with Bob Patterson (l)

R I N G 50
International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 50 The National Capital Ring President Arnie Fuoco (703) 521 -6286 Vice President Danny Selnick (202)-250-3834 Secretary & Webmaster Eric Henning (301)-369-0025 Treasurer Bob Patterson (703) 490 -1222 Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Paxton (301) 596 -7407 Magi-Gram Editor Bob Patterson

Bob did an original routine with a change bag. Up next from the Counts of Conjuring was Joseph Bailey . The youth did a series of effects including a magic coloring book, mystic knot in a rope, plate thru arm penetration. Then a shackles and handcuffs

and then did a funny card routine which resulted in the spectator losing his watch. Then he did a coin in the bottle effect followed by a copper, silver, brass coin routine. Dr. Greg Szlyk using an Al Capone story did a coin switch using a solid brass container as Al Capone’s safe. Then he gave his version of Gregory Wilson’s ring and string effect. Greg Clements assisted by Cassandra Rogers performed a chain escape and Cassandra was tied up with 20 feet of rope and managed under cover to put on a spectators jacket under the ropes. Rucj Uffelman did a

Joseph Bailey & Theo Rushin

escape showing he was the Semi Transparent Kid. John Kenny followed with a silk to egg routine. Next Bob Patterson presented a Random Treasure Hunt Prediction and a magical Rucj Uffelman card routine with a jumbo deck mentalism routine about truth and a regular deck. Dr. Arnie tellers. Arnie Fuoco closed the Levin opened with a few jokes

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show with his latest invention for Collectors Showcase, and The protecting a cell phone. Paper Collectors Marketplace. (More pictures and details are on Ken is a member of The page 4) Magic Circle, the Society of

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 HOLIDAY INN Alexandria, VA 6:00 Cocktails 6:45 Dinner 8:00 Meeting

American Magicians (Past President, Assembly 23, Washington, DC) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin).

Ri n g 5 0 M a g i c Y o u t h I n t e r n a t i on a l
At the September 1st meeting the members of the Counts of Conjuring enjoyed an evening of magic and creative role playing. For our October 6th meeting there will be a lecture by Ken The meeting began with a I want to thank all who performed demonstration and teach-in of the Trombly, a lifelong magic Professor's Nightmare trick by at the September meeting. The enthusiast and longtime magic Bert Udovin. The chief wizard of performances were superlative for first time performers and we hope collector. Ken is the proprietor to see the same magicians in of, and future shows. For October we resides in Bethesda, Maryland. have Ken Trombly, a lifelong Ken has been performing magic enthusiast and longtime magic since magic collector presenting the age of "Collecting Magic Ephemera". He 10 and has has written articles on magic been a posters and collecting that have serious been published in many magic collector of publications. For November we magic have scheduled The Linking Ring Bert Udovin performing posters and the Counts of Conjuring, Theo reviewers from Ring 50. They will related Rushin, led the group in a be performing one or more of their items for at least the last couple creative, role-playing exercise favorite magical effect(s) that they . of decades. He began by called "Get Your Act Together" reviewed in The Linking Ring. The exercise focused on each Finally don't forget that our own collecting original magic Dick Christian will be performing posters from the "Golden Age member creating and acting out a Comedy Cabaret Magic at the of Magic." Ken has shared his fictional magic act in a randomly Helen Hayes Galley in National chosen location while equipped knowledge of magic posters with three randomly chosen Theater on September 27th. And with the Magic Collectors objects. our past President Louis Meyer is Association, lecturing at their Don’t forget to encourage a presenting a Dan Harlen lecture at 1995 and 2000 conventions, youth to attend the Ring 50 MYI. the ChildTime Magic Party Place and has given his slide show The youth meeting starts at 6:00 in Vienna VA on September 14th. poster presentation to other pm at the Holiday Inn in magic clubs Alexandria. The Youth Ring is Be sure to maintain as well. He open for children ages 7-17. your membership has written Please let Theo Rushin, Chief with the International articles on Wizard for the youth group, know Brotherhood of magic if you are bringing any youths so Magicians each year. Send your that we can be better prepared for posters and dues to the I.B.M. office at: 13 them. collecting Point West Blvd, St. Charles, that have been published in Missouri, USA 63301

October’s Meetiin g O cto b er’ s et Featu res a Lectu re eatu es Lectu re by Ken Trom bl y by

“The Counts of Conjuring”




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Coming Events
IBM Ring 50 Schedule

S..A..M..News S A News
Oct 6 ….. Ken Trombly Lecture Nov 3 …. Ring 50 Reviewers Perform Dec 1 …. TBA 2011 Jan 5 ….. TBA Washington DC: January 27 – Feb 2 ….. TBA 30, 2011. This year the location Mar 2 …. Auction Night has changed! Because Kapital Apr 6 …. TBA Kidvention sold o last year the Apr 29 & 30 … Magi-Whirl 2011 ut only direction was to get Mar 4 …. Dan Lacey Contest BIGGER. So, now right outside of Washington DC is the National DAN HARLAN’S Conference Center. This place is 2010 LECTURE HUGE, nestled in the forests of TOUR Virginia is this resort for education. The vendor room is 3 times the size of last ye ar’s! Kapital Kidvention is THE convention to pick up the needed skills to increase business and learn more marketing secrets from 24 presenters or more. Details at:
The Society of American Magicians will be hosting the North American Championship of Magic as an integral part of its annual four day convention to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 1316, 2011. The convention will be holding up to six contests of magic to accommodate the 50 contestants who will be selected to compete for the title of North American Champion of Magic. Multiple winners across six categories of magic will be guaranteed a position if they wish to compete at the FISM World Championship of Magic to be held in Blackpool, England, in July 2012. Future S.A.M. Conventions are scheduled for: 2012 Las Vegas, NV, 2013 Arlington, VA.

Do You Have Som e tth iin g Do You Have Som e h n g To Se llll Or Tra de? To Se Or Trad e?
All members in good standing can advertise your item free. Just include a picture and a description of your item along with your contact info to: Bob Patterson, Magic.Bob@Comcast.Net

Monday Night Monday ight At The National At T e Nat o a
“Monday Night At The National” is a series of free public performances in the Helen Hayes Gallery at the National Theater on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. The "Stars Of Magic" series begins on Monday, September 13 and runs through Monday, December 13 with performances at 6:00PM and 7:30PM. Wayne Alan and Dick Christian are among the local performers who have been selected to appear. Dick will be performing on Monday evening, September 27 and Wayne will be featured on Monday evening, October 25. For more details see: nday/monday.htm

At the August meeting Stan Rosenthal donated over 144 trick decks of cards to Ring 50 members.

Harlan is famous for unique magic creations and his incredible versatility, Harlan invents and performs cutting-edge miracles influenced by ancient mysteries. His wit, wisdom, and whacked -out weirdness always "wows" all wide-eyed witnesses. His new lecture, “Meaningful Magic,” is about making our magic relevant in the modern world. He explains how we can use the principles of performance to make a connection The headliners for Magi-Whirl with our audiences. Many of the 2011 are Dirk Losander, Luna effects are brand new, never Shimada, Keith Fields, and Danny before seen by the magic Garcia. community. When: September 14th 8pm ChildTime Magic Party Place 312 Dominion Rd. NE Vienna, VA 22180 Cost: $15 per person

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New Performers Night
and Some That Have Not Performed Recently
Before a room packed with 54 people an amazing magic show was presented by new members and some members that had not performed at the meeting for a long time. There was a variety of magical effects to amaze the audience. The performers and some of their effects follows: Bob Weiman displayed a vintage mahogany handled; plush velvet magic bag that he got on eBay and was told it would hold anything. But he had problems with the silk falling out the bottom as the zipper was open. Once close it did hold the blue silk. Then he vanished a signed yellow silk saying it would appear tied to the blue
Bob Weiman and assistant

Then, with the help of his uncle Theo Rushin, he performed the Plate Thru Arm Penetration. Joseph’s arm was placed through the hole in the frame, and the plate was pushed down. It penetrated right through his arm. Next he did a Shackles/Handcuffs escape that proved his ability to pass thru solid objects thus proving he really is the Semi-Transparent Kid. John Kenny pushed a silk into his hand, where it changed to an egg, but then the silk is shown to have actually travelled to the pocket. After changing the silk into an egg, he explained that the egg is hollow and the silk is inside. He then repeats the effect to show exactly how it was done. He went through the motions, "explaining" what you do and how you do it. The payoff at the end was he broke the
John Kenny

silk in the bag. When the blue silk was removed from the bag it was found to be tied to an old sock. Reaching into the sock he found the signed yellow silk. Joseph Bailey, a member of Counts of Conjuring, performed for the audience as the Incredible Jozini . He began by warming up the audience with the Magic Coloring Book showing blank pictures common to all unused coloring books. Then, with a wave of magic, he revealed that the pictures had all been colored. Next he took a long piece of rope with the ends in each hand, he was able to perform an instant knot in the rope without letting go of the ends of the rope.
Joseph Bailey, the Semi-Transparent Kid

supposedly fake egg to show it as real and the silk had vanished! Bob Patterson presented a Random Treasure Hunt Prediction. Bob introduced four different colored paper bags and four different colored boxes. He explained that each box contained a treasure and one contained $50. Random spectators were chosen using a deck of cards and were asked to place a colored box in each bag in any order they chose. The spectators then placed post-it notes numbered from one to four on the bags in any order they chose. Bob handed a deck of cards to one of the spectators. The spectator shuffled the cards and dealt them face up. The first ace, two, three, or four that came up was that spectator’s bag and the box inside. Two more spectators repeat the same process until the magician was left with the only remaining bag. A spectator then opened a prediction that was on the table and revealed it stated the exact color of bag and color of the

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box the magician had. The spectators got to keep their treasures (a candy bar) and in Bob’s box was a $50.00 bill. Then he did a routine having Arnie Fuoco select a card from a jumbo

Bob Patterson and Treasurers

followed by a coin in the bottle routine; where he visually slammed a coin into an ordinary bottle. The bottle and coin were completely and examinable free of any holes, slits, or openings of any kind. The coin was genuinely trapped inside the bottle and far too large to get in or out of the bottle. The bottle was completely sealed! He immediately handed it out to the spectators for thorough examination. Next Arnie did the copper, silver, brass coin routine. He showed a brass Chinese coin, a copper Mexican centavo, and a U.S. silver half dollar. He placed the 3 coins in his closed hand and removed the half dollar placing the half dollar in his pocket. When the hand was reopened, the copper and brass coins had changed into the half dollar! In his pocket were now the two foreign coins! He did a series of incredible transpositions and at the end all coins were handed out for inspection! Dr. Greg Szlyk told the story about Al Capone & TJ O’Hare and two sets of books using coins in place of the books. Real set of books (gold coin) and fake set of books (silver coin). The two coins were examined and marked

deck and neither of them knew what the card was as he hung it from a ring in a stand. Using a regular deck that he placed in a basket, he moved cards from the basket on one side of the ring to the other. Arnie was told to stop him at anytime while a card was going from one basket to the other. After several cards were passed between the baskets, he stopped Bob the regular card was shown. The jumbo card was turned around and found to match the regular card. Dr. Arnie Levin was one of the first time performers who entertained. He began his routine with his humor, telling jokes and having funny props to enhance his magic. He started

Dr. Greg Szlyk and assistant

Dr. Arnie Levin ( r) and assistant

with a funny card reversal routine that actually ended up with Arnie removing the assistant’s watch which later was revealed. This was

Gold coin place in to gold safe (brass box) and the silver coin into a hanky for safe keeping. The silver coin disappeared from the hanky and the gold coin was found in its place. Looking into the gold box (brass) there was the silver coin. Next Greg performed a Gregory Wilson routine with a ring and string. The sting was threaded thru the ring and the ring was magically plucked off the center of a rope and just as effortlessly thrown back on without letting go of the ends! In a flurry of action, the ring takes on a life of its own - it hops and pops,

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slips and slides, moves and grooves on and off the string. Then he threw the ring at the string and it pops right into the middle the string. With the ring on the middle of the string, he handed one end of the string to a spectator and the other end to another spectator. Then he plucked the ring from the middle of the string. He made it disappear only to be found on his finger. Greg Clements performed an escape from a Siberian Chain and lock. Houdini discovered this system in use to transport prisoners in Siberia Greg’s wrists are securely bound with the steel chain, padlocked and covered by a spectator. He was able to get in or out of the chains in a matter of seconds. The chain and padlock were still intact and impossible to put back on without unlocking the lock. Next he did the Gypsy Rope Tie and Cassandra’s wrists were tied behind her back, then with about 20 feet of rope she was completely tired up and wrapped up with rope from her neck to her waist. Dr. Arnie Levin was the observer and assistant in tying the knots. Then Arnie stood in front of her and
Greg Clements & Cassandra Rogers Arnie Fuoco

Rucj Uffelman (c) with Cassandra Rogers (l) and Wayne Alan (r)

few simple questions, Rucj quickly divined who was lying and who was telling the truth and announced correctly which of them had the hidden ring. Arnie Fuoco closed the show with his latest invention for protecting a cell phone. Citing that those expensive leather protectors do nothing to protect the cell phone from moisture and shock if dropped, he revealed his solution -- a balloon. He magically inserted his cell phone into the balloon which protects it from moisture. He then blew up the balloon providing a mini-air bag to protect the cell phone from shock. Finally, he told the audience the cell phone wasn't real and it vanished.

they were concealed from the audience with the curtain of mystery. In about 25 seconds the curtain was dropped and Cassandra was wearing Arnie’s jacket with the knots and ropes still tied on the outside of the jacket. Rucj Uffelman performed a mentalism routine based on an effect described by Donald Engstrand in his book, "Secrets of Mind Reading and Telepathy Revealed." Cassandra Rogers and Wayne Alan assisted Rucj by secretly adopting the roles of someone who always lies or someone who always tell the truth. They also hide a ring between them. No one, including the audience, knew which role each had assumed, or which had the ring. With a

I.B.M. Ring 50 meets the first Wednesday of ea month ch
(except July) at the Holiday Inn -95 at Telegraph Rd., I Alexandria, Virginia. - Easy access from all parts of the DC metro area. - Across a parking lot from Metro (Yellow LineEisenhower Ave.) - Full service restaurant with entrees from $7.00 nd up a The hotel has added a one -price buffet for our convenience - Full bar that welcomes members to perform before and after the meeting. (We can perform in the restaurant, too.)

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World Champion Illusionist Wayne Alan Presents

World’s First Magician’s Yard Sale II
Saturday, September 25, 2010 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Rain or Shine (we’ll have tents)
Wayne Alan, America’s Only World Champion Illusionist, (FISM 1982 Gold Medal winner fo r Grand Illusion) presents a yard sale featuring magician’s illusions, stage and parlor magic, close -up magic, books, posters, memorabilia and even costumes. Come join the fun with fellow magicians. A small sample of the 100’s of items available:

Illusions Include: Zig Zag Illusion ●Balloons Thru Child-Midsection Vanish Illusion ● Levitation (Maybe Phil Moore’s Lighter than Air) ● Osborne’s Laser Cannon by Chalet ● Double Sawing in Half Illusions by John Gaughn, Chalet, David Mendoza, Owens, etc. Also sound equipment and stage set pieces. Stage and Parlor Magic include: Collector’s Workshop Jumbo Sidekick ● Delbin’s Hand Chopper
A $10.00 admission will be charged to deter the curious and help defray drink and snack costs. MAGICIANS ONLY. A valid ID from a magical organization such as IBM, SAM, or other proof of a serious interest in magic is required for entry.

Directions from Baltimore-come south on I-97 and when you approach Rt.50 stay to the right and get on Aris T. Allen Blvd toward Riva Road. Take Riva Road south, over the South River Bridge, past the firehouse on the left, turn left into the community- Annapolis Landing, take the first right onto Newcastle Lane-2nd house on left. Directions From Washington DC-Take Rt. 50 east, after passing Rt. 301, take the Davidsonville Rd. exit, left at the first blinking light onto Governor’s Bridge Rd until it dead ends into Riva Rd. Left on Riva Rd. for about 4 country blocks and turn right into the community - Annapolis Landing, make the first right onto Newcastle Lane-2nd house on left. Hotels Just 5 miles away: Courtyard by Marriott410-266-1555; Hampton Inn-410-5710200; Homestead Studio Suites Annapolis-410-571-6600; Extended Stay Hotels-410-5719988

3103 Newcastle Lane, Riva, MD 21140 RSVP-410-956-8132

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