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Biological Perspective Assumptions

 All that is psychological is first physiological.

 Much of our behavior has a genetic basis.
 Psychology should investigate the brain, nervous system, endocrine system,
neurochemistry, and genes.
 The basis of behavior is largely physiological. It can be understood in terms of the
structure and function of the nervous system and the endocrine system which produces
 Both heredity and environment have an important part to play in the nervous system
structure and function. The interaction of nature and nurture therefore needs to be
 Since human nervous systems are similar in structure, the general principles of
functioning can be discovered.
 Behavior is rational and predictable based upon what we know about the brain and the
nervous system.

Sociocultural Perspective Assumptions

■ Principle 1: Humans are social animals and thus have the need to 'Belong'
■ Principle 2: Culture influences behavior
■ Principle 3: Humans have a social-self
■ Principle 4: People's views of the world are resistant to change and developed by the
community and culture in which they reside.