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Four 8-hour classes taught by world class firearms instructors
Six meals (4 lunches, BBQ dinner, and the closing banquet)
LETC “Dirty Harry” competition
LETC Collectible T-Shirt, plus a Camp Reference Book
Official certificate of completion signed by your instructors
Tons of trigger time, red carpet treatment, and no egos
Exchange ideas with training professionals from across the country
To help departments get the quality firearms training they need, LETC combines world-class instructors and a comprehensive curriculum into a single training event. You get advanced instructor training for several different subjects, all in the same week and all at one low price. It would be impossible for any department on its own to bring together such a wide variety of superior trainers and topics, which is why LETC has become such an important opportunity. As many have learned, you better come ready to shoot because LETC keeps you working on the range all day, every day.
Don’t let the low cost fool you.
 LETC provides the most and best training you will find anywhere at any price!
Monday the 13th is a travel day with check-in and opening ceremonies on Monday evening. Classes will be held Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to about 5:00 pm.
The host hotel will be the Best Western Cotton Tree Inn in Provo, UT. A group rate has been negotiated for the event which includes free internet in the rooms and breakfast at the hotel. More information will be provided in your confirmation letter you will receive after registering.
 You will be responsible for providing all personal equipment including weapons and ammunition. Ammunition round counts and other equipment requirements for each class will be included in your confirmation packet.
LETC will be limited to the first 160 PAID applicants. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment must be arranged 30 days before the first day of class to avoid losing your slot.
2010 Courses
 High Performance Handgun
Bank Miller - Action Target Academy
For better or for worse, the handgun remains the primary firearm for law enforcement work. This intensive program will help you develop techniques and tactics that are tactically efficient and effective for the handgun under stressful situations. Based on economy of motion, the unique techniques and tactics presented will elevate your operational efficiency far beyond that of basic skill development. You will be able to respond to hazardous situations rapidly and safely with determination and confidence. This will very likely be the most intense and action-packed firearms training class you will ever take.
Handgun safety and handling
Sighted vs. unsighted shooting
 Alternate shooting positions and ground fighting
Multiple threats / multiple shots
Shooting while moving
Engaging moving threats
Dominant and support hand drawing, firing, reloading, and stoppage clearing Bank has 30 years of federal, local, and military law enforcement experience with 12 years as the chief firearms instructor for the DEA, the FBI Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the National Narcotics Training Institute. He spent 13 years as the Director of Training for the Sigarms Academy, and is the currently the Senior Firearms Instructor for the Action Target Academy.
 Advanced Practical Handgun
Mike Lehner - Safariland Shooting School / Action Target Academy
Based on the concept of “get them out of their comfort zone”, this course will provide you with powerful new training tools that can be used on even the most primitive ranges. Learn how to set up and conduct challenging tactical scenarios that expose critical weaknesses in equipment and technique. This course will demonstrate how the many challenges of modern firearms training can be met, even by departments with extremely tight budgets. You will experience first hand how simple portable targets can be used by any department on any range to elevate practical firearms training to dramatic new levels. Mike has been a law enforcement firearms instructor for 29 years. Mike is the Chief Instructor for the Safariland Shooting School. He has achieved the status of CPPA Grand Master, IDPA Master, and IPSC “A” Class. He has been a guest instructor throughout North America and Europe.
Shoothouse Instructor Orientation
Todd Haller - Safariland Shooting School
This course is designed to instruct the law enforcement trainer how to conduct realistic and safe scenario training inside a live-fire shoothouse facility. The student will obtain insight into instructor responsibilities when conducting live fire training inside a shoot house. Students will also learn how the placement and location of target systems and instructors play a major role in overall safety. The student will leave with an understanding of angles of deflection, target placement and the implementation and importance of emergency action plans as they relate to effectively managing shoot house training.
Emergency action plans
Two and three operator entries
Target systems
Clearing multiple rooms
 Angles of deflection and bullet splatter
Maintaining operator control inside the shoot house
Pre-operational inspections
Understanding shoot house dynamics Todd Haller is an officer with the Snowmass Village PD with 14 years on the job. He has eight years of experience as a POST certified firearms instructor, a USPSA/IDPA competitor, and is a senior instructor with the Safariland Shooting School.
Patrol Rifle/Carbine
Kyle Schmidt - Safariland Shooting School
This course will stress the real world, LE application of the patrol rifle. It is intended to make the student aware of the capabilities, limitations, and advanced application in the world of law enforcement. This program will prepare you for this role by providing the tools necessary for training law enforcement personnel with sound tactics and techniques that will improve safety and overall skill under a variety of situations.
Range operations and safety concerns
Coaching techniques
Understanding ammunition and its application
Teaching alternate shooting positions
Development of tactical and precision shooting
Outline and lesson plan development
One handed / disabled techniques
Selection and use of lights and sighting systems Kyle Schmidt is an officer with the Tempe, AZ Police department with seven years of SWAT experience. He is a certified patrol rifle instructor and was instrumental in developing Tempe PD's extensive PR course and policy. Kyle is a full time agency firearms training officer, Colt ertified AR-15 armorer, and a USPSA Master class shooter and 3-gun competitor.
Ultimate Shotgun
Brian Hoffner - Safariland Shooting School / Hoffner's Training Division
This Course introduces you to the high speed world of Safariland Shooting School’s Tactical Shotgun Program. Painlessly increase your level of speed to a blistering level with the skills necessary to win the deadly fight and go home at the end of the day. Drills include: Operational positions and indexes, Maximum speed presentation, Sights and trigger scale, Multiple threats, Select slug procedures, High speed reloads, Transition, & Active scanning through the Active Fight Cycle. You will be surprised at HOW fast you hit and win! Shooters will compete for Top gun through multiple events. Brian Hoffner, a 29 year Houston Texas Master Police Officer, Senior Firearms Instructor, and Director of Hoffners Training Academy, is known and respected as a leader in his field. Brian’s style of motivating his students while progressively teaching hands, knife, pistol, shotgun, rifle, & tactics make him a trusted favorite throughout the country. Brian is known for his innovation and high level of intensity while training. He brings out the best in his students and ensures a positive learning experience for all.
Weapons Retention and Disarming
 Aurleio DeLaRosa - DeLaRosa Submission Wrestling Academy of Combat Arts
This course will provide Police Officers basic, realistic and effective methods for weapon retention and disarming attempts. This system can be integrated into your control tactics or ground fighting programs. Each officer learns how to defend their weapon against attacks from the front, sides, and rear while the weapon is drawn and holstered. This program teaches the officer's techniques securing weapon and quickly incapacitate the aggressor, allowing the officer to disengage.  Aurelio is a 19 year veteran of the Rockford Police Department in Rockford, Illinois. His professional experience includes working as the lead trainer assigned to the Training Unit as an investigator. Aurelio holds multiple training certifications and has taught Use of Force, Police Combatives, Ground Fighting, SWAT and CQB Tactics, Traffic Stops, High Risk Warrant, Taser, OC Instructor, Less Lethal Weapons, Flash Bang, Handgun and Carbine courses, and Verbal Judo among many other law enforcement related courses.
Rapid Deployment Pistol Operator
John Krupa - Team Spartan
This advanced course takes the student beyond the realm of defensive applications of the handgun and introduces the student to using the handgun as an offensive weapon. When responding to active shooter incidents, first responders will not always have long-guns available to deploy and will take immediate action using their duty handgun to stop an assailant’s deadly actions. This course will focus on aggressive, decisive action and rapid deployment concepts during continuous movement drills while engaging multiple threats. John is a police officer with the Orland Hills Police Department and has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement He has previously served as a beat officer, rapid response officer, field training officer and firearms instructor with the Chicago Police Department. He is a graduate firearms instructor from the Secret Service Academy, FBI, DEA and FLETC. John is founder and president of Team Spartan and Director of Training Operations for the DS Arms Law Enforcement Training Division. He has presented firearms training courses at previous ASLET, IALEFI, ILEETA, ISOA, MTOA, TTPOA and LETC training conferences.
Emergency Medical Response for Firearms Instructors
Brian Bardsley, Jr. - Team Spartan
This course focuses on providing firearms instructors with the skills and knowledge to develop emergency medical action plans and how to render immediate medical aid to students injured in training. Firearms instructors have one of the toughest jobs in training. They have to be able to deliver teaching points and student performance objectives during live-fire courses - all while ensuring they are running a safe training environment. Unfortunately, even in training, injuries occur. Varying from twisted ankles during dynamic courses, to bee stings, hypothermia and heat stroke, to serious traumatic injuries received from projectile splashback or gunshots. Emergency medical services may not always be readily available or may not have timely access to the training site when injuries occur. Using techniques designed for and proven by the U.S. military, this course introduces firearms instructors to pre-incident planning, preparation, and provision of basic, effective, initial medical care for themselves and others. Brian is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department and has over 9 years of experience in law enforcement. He has served as a beat officer in the 15th district and is the recipient of the Cook County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Award of Valor for his actions in the line of duty. Brian has been a paramedic for over 11 years and has served as a paramedic and firefighter / paramedic with several municipal fire departments including the Chicago Fire Department and Stone Park Fire Department.
Shoot, Move, Communicate
Dennis Tueller - Glock Training Division
Tactical communication, controlled movement, use of cover, and accurate shooting - These are skills that must be effectively applied by armed personnel to resolve and survive close-range armed confrontations. Students will participate in range activities that will help them learn and apply techniques and tactics for integrating safe gun handling, marksmanship, mobility, and verbalization. Along with movement-oriented shooting exercises involving multiple stationary and moving targets, there is also a strong emphasis on the proper mind-set for combat survival.  As a retired 25-year veteran of the Salt Lake City PD, Dennis has trained thousands of men and women from throughout the world including law enforcement officers, police recruits, firearms instructors, federal agents, S.W.A.T. teams, military personnel, and corporate security specialists. Perhaps Dennis is best known for researching and developing ground breaking training protocol, as exemplified in his published seminal article, “How Close is Too Close.” In that text, Dennis identified critical concepts (“proximics”), which influenced a revolution in tactical training doctrine (the “Tueller Principle”).
Success with Remedial Shooters
Scott Kenneson - Sig Sauer Academy
This course will show instructors how to maximize their students’ natural attributes through specialized teaching methodology that accelerates the learning process in achieving success. The foundation of Objective Based Training is simple, believable, and easily reproducible teaching methods that are non-arguable and show immediate results. Nothing is really new technically speaking, but a great deal is new in presentation, demonstration and expected results. The application of Objective Based Training will allow firearms instructors to reduce training time, decrease rounds expended and greatly improve remedial students. The following are just some of the topics that will be presented:
Only 2 things are necessary to hit
One hand shooting
 Analogical teaching
Working with imperfect vision
 Visual cues
Overcoming the self preservation response
Tactile consideration
Tricks of the trade Scott spent over 20 years as a State Law Enforcement Officer in New Hampshire. Among other special duties with the state he served as an agency firearms instructor and armorer. Scott is a master instructor/trainer and has provided firearms, tactics, and armorer training to thousands of professionals. Scott is in charge of all technical and armorers training that the Sig Sauer Academy offers. Scott is a US Navy Veteran and graduate of the New Hampshire Police Academy. As well as being a talented tactician Scott is an expert in survival, search and rescue, and hunting.
Shooting on Reactive Steel for Speed and Accuracy
Peter Tarley - Police Training Division
Reach your maximum performance with a handgun, and teach others to do the same. You will be amazed at how much faster you can actually be! Action Target’s computer controlled reactive steel Bobber targets are used to decrease reaction time as they are rapidly presented and removed from view, forcing the shooter to fire reflexively (subconsciously) rather than intellectually (consciously). Time limits are extremely short, and combat accuracy is stressed in all drills. The skills taught in this class are appropriate for all types of firearms training, from basic in-service to advanced tactical. Mr. Tarley served for over ten years on the board of directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) and has been a regular presenter at national & international conferences since 1986. He presently supervises all Use of Force Training for the New York State Zone 4 Police Academy. He is a Master Instructor and authorized by the State of New York to train and certify law enforcement instructors. For over 20 years, Mr. Tarley has been under contract with the State of Connecticut, to provide annual training for instructors and special team members at the State of Connecticut's Police Academy.He is the founder and president of Police Training Division.
Special Event - Shooting Demo and "Dirty Harry" Competition with World Champion Rob Leatham
During the Tuesday night BBQ 24-Time National Champion and 5-Time World Champion professional shooter Rob Leatham will demonstrate the skills that have helped him remain at the top of the competitive shooting world for over 20 years. Then Rob will demo and help run the annual LETC "Dirty Harry" match. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the world's best!
Note: This is a special event that all attendees will be able to participate in. Do not include this in your class selection.
Rob began shooting in the late 70's and soon became of the top shooters to watch at the local and then national level competitions. He now holds 24 national titles, including 16 consecutive years as the Single-Stack National Champion, and 5 world titles. He has been a professional shooter for over 20 years and shoots for Springfield Armory and Safariland. When Rob is not competing he is a sought after firearms instructor for Law Enforcement and Military.

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