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Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 26
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26 – Metal Storm

“Incoming! Yang Ye’s mechanical golem legion!” A man wrapped in two small black snakes, with
each having a single long horn, said in a deep voice. The man was dressed in a black robe, had
snake-like vertical eyes and was holding a 2m long mace.

That man wearing the black robe, with snake-like vertical eyes, was Demonic Snake’s Eye’s
level-2 Warlock Arbane.

A handsome middle-aged man wearing a white robe, blonde and blue-eyed, was holding a black
book as he said in a deep voice: “Blood Bat Knights, attack! Exterminate those golems!”

This middle-aged man was Fernandro Family’s level-2 Warlock Kenny! He was also one of the
three strongest, a level-2 Warlock, and this army’s commander.

Blood Bat Knights, the warriors riding the enormous Blood Bats, immediately flew down

“Great Strength!”

“Precision Shooting!”


Below, Apprentice Warlocks were madly casting level-0 spells. Large amounts of strengthening
spells blessed Blood Bad Knights’s warriors and their pets.
After Blood Bat Knights’ warriors and their pets were blessed, their battle prowess immediately
rose by two times and they once again flew high into the sky.

Blood Bat Knights quickly flew towards above the mechanical legion composed of Bladed-
troops and immediately threw down palm-sized bombs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The palm-sized alchemic bombs landed along with loud sounds and shortly after emitted
terrifying explosions. That terrifying explosion directly blew apart the level-4 mechanical
Bladed-troops, as countless parts scattered on the ground.

Yang Feng watched as the mechanical Bladed-troops were blown apart and his eyes flashed a
trace of dignity: “Biological bombers! Truly amazing!”

Under the bombardment of Blood Bat Knights, those level-4 Bladed-troops were as unfazed as
before. There weren’t any noises from within the affected areas, and the Bladed-troops
expressionlessly rushed towards Fernandro Principality’s forces.

White Bear’s Fang’s level-2 Warlock Jamt, with a medium build and dressed in white bear skin,
his eyes had a trace of dignity as he slowly said: “Sure enough, the mechanical golem legion was
Sixth Dynasty’s one of the most terrifying trump cards. Even if they’re only Knight rank defects,
once a large amount appears, they’re still so terrifying.”

An average human army under the bombardment of Blood Bat Knights would have collapsed
long ago. Even if they wouldn’t have collapsed, they would still scatter and look for cover. But
those mechanical Bladed-troops were as fearless as before, as they charged towards Fernandro
Principality’s army, they were simply terrifying. Under the siege of the more than 10,000 level-4
Bladed-troops, even a level-2 Warlock could only cut a sorry figure and flee.

“In the end they’re just some defects!” Kenny smiled coldly, as the black book in his hands
opened at once and from within a black page instantly flew out several tens of pitch-black
seeds that then entered the ground.

Shortly after, the several tens of pitch-black seeds entered the ground, they had a crazy growth
spurt and grew into several tens of several ten meters long pitch-black vines.
Those several tens of pitch-black vines crazily swung, like several tens of enormous whips, they
whipped ferociously at the level-4 Bladed-troops, directly flinging them aside.

The several tens of long pitch-black vines blocked a large amount of the level-4 mechanical
Bladed-troops, then a unit of heavy cavalry mobilized an assault, and destroyed the scattered
level-4 Bladed-troops.

A 1,000 of high-level warriors wielded sledgehammers, as they resolutely attacked those level-4
Bladed-troops, smashing them one at a time.

After Fernandro Principality became aware of Yang Feng’s employment of the mechanical
legion, they immediately switched their own troops’ weaponry. They replaced them with
sledgehammers and various other types oh heavy weaponry. Thus, after the ordinary troops
were blessed by Great Strength, Acceleration and other series of level-0 auxiliary spells, they
could threaten an average level-4 Bladed-troop.

The Apprentice Warlocks stood quietly, they were located in the center of the army in order to
protect them, they didn’t release any offensive level-0 spells. Rather, they were ready to cast a
variety of level-0 auxiliary spells at a moments notice and bless the human forces.

Official level-1 Warlocks were among those that surrounded and protected the Apprentice
Warlocks, they calmly observed the happenings, they preserved their spirit force and physical
strength, and would only act at the most crucial moments.

Whenever the formidable level-2 Warlock Kenny acted, he would forcibly block that huge level-
4 mechanical legion for a while.

Blood Bat Knights’ warriors continuously threw the bombs from the sky at the level-4 Bladed-
troops, blowing them into pieces and scattering everywhere the countless parts.

A large number of mechanical Bladed-troops were blown into countless parts and pieces.

Yang Feng gave coldly an order as he looked at those level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops being
blown into pieces: “Gunner-troops, attack!”
10,000 Gunner-troops suddenly appeared – they had since an earlier time found a place to hide
– they raised their 12.5mm heavy machine-guns towards the Blood Bat Knights in the sky and
crazily shot at them.

Countless blazes bloomed along with the waves of ear-piercing fabric tearing sounds, a metal
barrage as dense as rain shrouded the sky in the blink of an eye.

Specks of blood blossoms bloomed in the sky, Blood Bat Knights’ warriors, one after another,
were into sieves by the terrifying heavy machine-gun bullets and then fell from the sky.

The huge Blood Bats also fell continuously from the sky and became corpses.

“Take off! Take off!” Fernão’s complexion changed tremendously as his entire body instantly
erupted with a formidable field of life force that enveloped him – simultaneously he issued a
loud howl and urged the huge Blood Bat underneath him to rise higher.

More than a dozen heavy machine-guns shot bullets at Fernão, shortly after, the incomparably
formidable field of life force twisted and the bullets were reflected.

For every 100,000 Knight ranks, only then will a Sky Knight rank appear. Once one is promoted
to a Sky Knight, one can for a short time erupt with a formidable field of life force to defend
oneself. The defensive force of the field of life force is comparable to a level-1 defensive spell.
This is also the most important reason why a Sky Knight may contend against a level-1 Warlock.

In order for the Blood Bat Knights to do as much damage as possible against the level-4 Bladed-
troops they had to fly relatively low, that is also why they were the perfect target. Under the
crazy shooting of the 10,000 Gunner-troops, more than a 1,000 Blood Bat Knights were torn
and crashed under the terrifying firepower. The rest of the Blood bat Knights did they utmost to
rise higher.

“Damn it! That wretched bastard!!” Kenny saw as the more that 1,000 Blood Bat Knights were
eliminated, his heart bled, he gnashed his teeth and spat out a sentence of curses.

Blood Bat Knights’ warriors were trained by Fernandro Family from childhood to be loyal and
devoted to them. Every Blood Bat Knights’ warrior consumed resources equivalent to their size
in gold. Because of the current loss of more than a 1,000 warriors, the Blood Bat Knights have
been damaged as a whole.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 27
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27 – Divination
After those level-4 Gunner-troops pressed those Blood Bat Knights out of the shooting range,
they then immediately turned their muzzles towards those 3 level-2 Warlocks sitting on the
magic carpet, and once again shot in a frenzy.
Sparks flashed and countless bullets, as if raindrops, fired at the 3 level-2 Warlocks.
“Warping Force Field!”
Arbane extended a hand and pointed in front to cast a level-1 defensive spell.
In front of the magic carpet suddenly appeared a Warping Force Field, countless heavy
machine-gun bullets shot at it, shortly after, their trajectories were warped and they were
flicked away.
Merely, under the practically endless hail of bullets, the Warping Force Field could only persist
for five seconds and then collapsed. Forcing Arbane to once again release the Warping Force
Field in order to defend against the bullets.
Arbane’s eyebrows creased tightly as he said in a deep voice: “We should leave! Like this my
spirit force will soon be exhausted!”
Level-2 Warlocks can easily cast level-1 spells. However, level-2 Warlocks’ spirit force isn’t
endless. Originally, when Bonney was within the Warlock Tower, he could employ terrifying
strength with its support – that’s why he could force those thousands of mechanical Bladed-
troops to stay outside of the Warlock Tower. Arbane’s strength still can’t compare to Bonney’s
within the Warlock Tower. If the consumption continues as is, than he’s going to be soon at
death’s door.
Kenny was gloomy as he took a glimpse downwards.
After loosing the aerial bombardment of Blood Bat Knights, the densely packed level-4 Bladed-
troops immediately swarmed and cut a pitch-black vine into broken pieces.
The Apprentice Warlocks have been continuously releasing a variety of level-0 auxiliary spells,
weakening the fighting prowess of those Bladed-troops. However, the level-4 Bladed-troops
were truly to many, and those Apprentice Warlocks even though they did their utmost in
casting a variety of level-0 spells, a pitch-black vine was till chopped into broken pieces.
Before long, those mechanical Bladed-troops would kill their way into Fernandro Principality’s
main forces. Even with the help of level-1 Warlocks, Fernandro Principality’s forces won’t stand
a chance against those level-4 Bladed-troops.
Even if those mechanical Bladed-troops were destroyed until there only remained 1, as long as
it doesn’t receive the order to retreat it still wouldn’t take a step back and would fight to the
end. However, as for the side of the human warriors, once the casualties surpass 10,000, then
their forces would immediately collapse.
Jamt’s eyebrows creased as he spoke in a deep voice: “We should retreat! And ask Warlock
College Antalya for their help. This Steel Lord Yang Ye himself perhaps isn’t a big deal, but his
mechanical golem legion is truly too formidable.”
A level-2 Warlock’s strength is much more formidable than that of a level-1 Warlock.
Additionally, they’re the most troublesome, as whenever they perceive their situation as being
discouraging they’ll choose to escape.
In theory, a 10,000 strong mortal army already has the power to kill a level-2 Warlock.
However, a level-2 Warlock wouldn’t stand there and tenaciously fight against a mortal army
face-to-face. A level-2 Warlock can choose to strike at the leader, guerrilla warfare, poison –
anyway, one has plenty of means to gradually eliminate a mortal army.
Jamt perceived their situation to be so discouraging that he wanted to retreat. He was unwilling
for tens of thousands of magic stones to decide his fate.
Kenny’s complexion was gloomy as he spoke: “Jamt, I know you have a level-1 Divination Scroll.
Sell it to me for a handsome price.”
Divination Systems, they’re Warlock Systems that are among the most difficult systems to
practice. And the most typical among them are Warlock-Astrologists and Warlocks-of-Destiny,
they were formidable Warlocks’ Divination Systems and extremely difficult to practice. The
requirements were exceedingly outstanding talent as well as great luck, countless resources,
and hard work – only then could one succeed in ones cultivation. Excluding those two types of
formidable orthodox Warlocks, the remaining Warlocks’ Divination Systems numbered a great
amount, however, their accomplishments weren’t too outstanding, so very few people
practiced them. Therefore, Divination Scrolls were extremely rare and everyone of them was
extremely precious.
Jamt said with a grin: “I want your level-2 secret treasure Green Revolving Ring!
Arbane’s eyelid’s jumped and he firmly stared at the green bracelet on Kenny’s right arm.
Secret treasures were exceedingly powerful alchemical treasures refined by Alchemists from all
kinds of precious materials. Every secret treasure is extremely precious. Especially those
defensive secret treasures that can defend one’s life.
The level-2 secret treasure Green Revolving Ring was Kenny’s best defensive Treasure and was
also one of Fernandro Family’s 5 great defensive Mystic Treasures. Under normal
circumstances, exchanging a level-1 Divination for a level-1 defensive Mystic Treasure was
already extremely fortunate, Jamt wanting to exchange a level-1 Divination for the Green
Revolving Ring is the same as trying to profit from somebody’s misfortune.
Kenny had a gloomy complexion as he said in a cold voice: “A level-1 Divination can’t divine a
level-2 Warlock’s position. If Yang Ye is a level-2 Warlock, or if he knows a spell to resist
Divination, then the Divination Scroll would be a waste.”
Divination was extremely strange and mortals simply couldn’t resist it. As long as Divination was
employed, unless mortals were hiding within an area with an extraordinary masking ability,
otherwise there was nowhere to hide.
Mortals couldn’t ward off Divination, but Warlocks possessed various means and secret
treasures to ward off Divination. Of course, it’s necessary to possess a formidable official
Warlock’s inheritance in order to possess means capable of resisting Divination. If the level-1
Divination were to be used against a level-2 Warlock, it basically wouldn’t have any effect.
Jamt grinned as he said: ” Kenny, don’t be angry! If you don’t want to make the exchange, then
forget about it! We’re ready to retreat! If we don’t retreat, then your pitch-black vines will be
easily disposed of.”
After Kenny’s gaze underwent a number of changes, he finally gnashed his teeth and took out
the Green Revolting Ring from his right arm and threw it at Jamt: “So be it! Lets do the
Jamt had a pleased smile after he caught the bracelet, he took out a golden scroll and threw it
at Kenny.
Kenny caught the golden scroll, and at once poured an enormous quantity of spirit force into
the golden scroll. That golden scroll at once glimmered with golden radiance, which then took
shape of an arrow and pointed straight towards Black City’s Warlock Tower.
Within the Warlock Tower.
As Yang Feng saw the image of the golden arrow displayed on the screen, his heart sunk
slightly, then he said: “What spell is that?”
Robot Bonney said: <It’s Divination! Master, You’ve been already locked down by Divination!
Before the effect of Divination is lost, Your position will be known by the caster of the spell.
Currently, we don’t have any countermeasures. Unless You upgrade to a level-4 Fortified
Stronghold, only than can the appropriate mechanical isolation against Divination can be

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 28
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28 – Shredding Level-2 Warlocks

Kenny’s eyes flashed with a trace of excitement as he spoke in a deep voice: “The Divination
was a success! Which means that he’s a level-1 Warlock at most, but was lucky enough and
received Sixth Dynasty’s defective mechanical golem legion as an inheritance. Please help me
suppress his Warlock Tower! I’m going to take care of him!”
Jamt and Arbane, the both of them nodded in agreement: “Fine!”
Kenny needed both level-2 Warlocks in order to suppress Black City’s Warlock Tower. Then he
could seize the opportunity and kill Steel Lord Yang Ye within the Warlock Tower.
The 3 level-2 Warlocks rushed the magic carpet and quickly flew towards the Warlock Tower.
A large number of level-4 Gunner-troops were frenziedly firing towards the sky. The majority of
the terrifying metal barrage missed and only some of the bullets were on target that was the 3
level-2 Warlocks. The bullets that were shot at the Warping Force Field had their trajectories
warped and deviated towards the distance.
The 3 level-2 Warlocks under this kind of barrage, while Fernandro Principality’s main forces
bitterly struggled, less than 10 minutes later appeared in the air above Black City and flew
directly towards the Warlock Tower.
Kenny looked at a the three story high Warlock Tower, his eyes flashed with a hint of malice
and he coldly smiled: “Steel Lord Yang Ye, you’re dead!”
The 3 level-2 Warlocks joined hands in order to surround and kill the level-1 Warlock locked
down by Divination. Even if that level-1 Warlock was hiding within the Warlock Tower, he
would still have a hard time avoiding death.
Suddenly, buildings one after another opened and revealed the black holes of cannon muzzles.
Almost in the blink of the eye, Black City’s Warlock Tower’s surroundings formed an anti-
aircraft cannon field. The amount of 37mm anti-aircraft cannons, within the anti-aircraft
cannon field, reached up to 2,000.
“Shit!! Warping Force Field! Air Spirit Shield!” Kenny saw those anti-aircraft cannons that
suddenly emerged from below as if raindrops – shortly after a trace of an ominous premonition
welled up in his heart – he instantly cast a level-1 defensive spell and simultaneously activated a
defensive secret treasure that unleashed a level-3 defensive spell.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Ear-piercing rumbling noises of cannons instantly reverberated through Black City, countless
red lights were shot out from within the city shrouded in darkness, immediately swallowing
Kenny and his group.
Every cannon shell was equivalent to a level-1 spell. Even though most of the cannon shells
missed, there were sill thousands of cannon shells with a destructive might comparable to a
level-1 spell that sot at the the level-1 spell Warping Force Field, instantly shattering it.
Terrifying cannon shells directly shot at Kenny’s group of three mighty Warlocks.
Kenny’s group of three, in a split second, activated defensive spells one after another, however,
those defensive spells immediately collapsed.
Arbane was torn to shreds by the terrifying cannon shells.
Jamt before being torn to shreds by the cannon shells, finally unleashed his blood-meridian
morphing ability and changed his shape into a long Flying Komodo Snake with wings – with half
of his body blasted into shreds, in a split second flew into the sky and disappeared.
Kenny launched the level-3 spell Air Spirit Shield and by relying on it withstood countless
cannon shells for three seconds.
During those three seconds, Kenny quickly turned to a page of the black book in his hand, from
a black page flew out a pair of griffin’s wings, which fell onto Kenny’s back.
After the griffin’s wings stuck to Kenny, he decisively turned around and flew away. Under the
the shooting of countless cannon shells, he simply couldn’t approach the Warlock Tower.
“Array Shot!”
Shortly after Kenny had the wings stuck to his back, Yang Feng issued a command.
300 level-6 Gunner-troops quickly adjusted their aims, forming an all encompassing small-scale
array, in a split second spat out endless flame tongues and cover the sky with their shots.
A level-6 Gunner-troop’s computing power, shooting speed and accuracy far surpassed that of a
level-4 Bladed-troop’s. That array pattern way of shooting completely enveloped Kenny.
Regardless of how Kenny evaded, vulcan cannon’s shells took a firm hold of him, every
defensive spells’ defensive force field was immediately shattered.
Ten seconds later, Kenny was completely swallowed by the terrifying shooting and turned into
countless shreds that fell from the sky.
Yang Feng watched as Kenny was torn to shreds by the anti-aircraft cannons and thought to
himself: “Even if level-2 Warlocks are formidable, wanting to breach my defensive stronghold in
a frontal assault is a pipe dream. Presumably only a Great Warlock rank expert with a large
number of level-3 Warlocks might breach Black City. However, after a level-1 defensive
stronghold is successfully established, then even if a Great Warlock were to come over, I
wouldn’t fear him. But if it is an expert above Great Warlock rank, a level-1 defensive
stronghold may not withstand him. Furthermore, my body is too weak and can be quite easily
get rid of by being poisoned or cursed with some kind of strange spell.”
Yang Feng who possesses a formidable mechanical legion, his sole weakness is his body. His
body’s constitution is merely that of an average earthling. This kind of existence within
Turandot Subcontinent is classified as the the lowest bottom feeder, even a peasant’s body’s
constitution may be more formidable than his. If he were to be hit by a random curse or a
disease spell, that would be a death sentence to him.
“Unfortunately one fled! Level-2 Warlocks are truly freaks.” Yang Feng was thinking with some
Under the intensive bombardment of 2,000 anti-aircraft cannons controlled by a super
computing chip, to still be able to escape. It fully displayed the dread of a level-2 Warlock. An
ordinary human would have been blasted into tatters a long time ago.
“We’ve failed! Steel Lord Yang Ye’s mechanical golem legion was more formidable than we
have anticipated. Those from Demonic Snake’s Eye, immediately withdraw!”
An extremely weak voice suddenly resounded within the minds of Demonic Snake’s Eye’s
Warlocks and Apprentice Warlocks. Demonic Snake’s Eye’s Warlocks suddenly had their
complexions change greatly – after they communicated among themselves for a short period,
they immediately withdrew from the battle field and fled towards the distance.
When Demonic Snake’s Eye’s Warlocks withdrew, the battle field that was originally in a
precarious situation, collapsed at once like an avalanche.
A large number of level-4 Bladed-troops immediately entered from the side of Demonic Snake’s
Eye’s defensive perimeter and killed their way into Fernandro Principality’s army.
Without the support of Warlocks, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army basically wasn’t a match
against those level-4 Bladed-troops and was being massacred by them.
The frenzied massacre lasted for a while, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army thus begun to
crumble from where Demonic Snake’s Eye escaped, and retreated backwards like a tide.
The forces of the huge collapsing army that still battled also begun to fall apart.
“Demonic Snake’s Eye is a bunch of bastards!!” A Fernandro Family’s level-1 Warlock gnashed
his teeth and spat out a sentence of curses, then helplessly sighed: “We’re also withdrawing!”
Fernandro Family’s and White Bear’s Fang’s Warlocks took the advantage of the chaos of the
battle field and quickly withdrew from it.
Blood Bat Knights in the sky also flew away from the battle field.
After loosing those core forces, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army completely collapsed.
Under the assault of the level-4 Bladed-troops, large numbers of scattered warriors chose to

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 29
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29 – Scarlet Hands Blitz

Southern States Coalition was a coalition formed by 10 large principality’s as well as
approximately 100 small states. A lot of the small states only had one city.
Warlock College Antalya was located in the heart of Southern States Coalition and it had the
control over all of Southern States Coalition’s member states.
Warlock College Antalya’s headquarters lied in St. Kaulin City, which was the only city within
Southern States Coalition with it’s population surpassing 5,000,000 people.
St. Kaulin City, within a room in a hotel.
Allen’s eyebrows creased tightly as he continuously made considerations in his mind: “How
awful, Warlock College Antalya actually hasn’t received me! Do they even want to settle the
issue with the mighty Steel Lord?”
Allen arrived at St. Kaulin City more than ten days ago, basically no one from Warlock College
Antalya’s side had contacted him during that time. As if he had become forgotten. This made
him somewhat restless.
Once Warlock College Antalya was determined and wanted to get rid of Yang Feng’s fabrication
that was Steel Lord Yang Ye, then Allen’s plight would become extremely perilous. But no
matter how resourceful Allen was, there was to little intelligence and nothing that he could do
– after all, the time he spent in St. Kaulin City was to short.
“Mr. Allen, Warlock College Antalya’s Sir Köln requests an audience with you.”
After knocking on the door, the extremely courteous voice of the waitress came from the
Allen’s eyes lighted up, he immediately stood up and opened the door.
Outside the door stood a 35 or 36 years old official level-1 Warlock beside the waitress, he was
wearing a Warlock’s white robe with a silver thread on the cuffs.
That Warlock smiled slightly and said: “Are you Allen? I’m Warlock College Antalya’s Köln.”
“Sir Köln! I’m Allen!” Allen put his right hand on his chest and bowed slightly in salute towards
Within Turandot Subcontinent, whenever an Apprentice Warlock sees an official Warlock, he
needs to salute. It is a necessary custom. If one doesn’t follow it, some narrow-minded
Warlocks might even take the initiative to get rid of those that don’t understand the custom.
Köln smiled and said, “Please come with me! Sir Blitz wants to see you!”
Allen’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment as he cried out: “Sir Blitz! Could it be Sir
Scarlet Hands Blitz?”
Scarlet Hands Blitz was an extremely formidable level-3 Warlock within Turandot Subcontinent.
He once by himself destroyed a small mortal state and killed two terrifying level-3 Warlocks. He
was the strongest within Warlock College Antalya under the Great Warlock rank and was also
the most promising to advance to the pick expert that was Great Warlock.
The Sirs that Allen had seen previously were only level-1 Warlocks, but now he was going to see
a level-3 Warlock, obviously he was extremely astonished and excited. A level-3 Warlock was
not someone that such a small character like him could meet.
Köln smiled and said: “That’s right, it’s Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz!”
Allen calmed down at once and said politely: “Then I’ll ask Sir Köln to lead the way!”
Under Köln’s lead, the two arrived at a wide bouleuterion within St. Kaulin City. 2
When Allen took a step into the bouleuterion, he saw level-2 Warlocks sitting on either side of
the bouleuterion, while emitting terrifying aura. In the main seat of the bouleuterion sat a
middle-aged man with silver hair, he appeared to be 40 or 50 years old and was dressed in a
scarlet Warlock’s robe with three silver threads on the cuffs.
Shortly after Allen looked the silver-haired middle-aged man in the eyes, his body shuddered
and he felt a sharp pain in his eyes, as if he had seen two incomparably dazzling suns, his whole
soul shook and almost crumbled.
“So terrifying! Is this the strength of a level-3 Warlock? Truly too terrifying!!” While Allen was
having a headache, he was full of astonishment and dread in his heart. He was extremely clear,
that Scarlet Hands Blitz didn’t need to do anything, as even a glance could kill a level-3
Apprentice Warlock like him. This was Turandot Subcontinent’s strongest Warlock.
A level-2 Warlock sitting on one side of the bouleuterion waived his hand and a stream of
rainbow-colored radiance enveloped Allen.
Only then did Allen felt his body become much more at ease and he gave a long sigh of relief.
Blitz looked down at Allen and said indifferently: “Allen, for what reason did Yang Ye send you
“May I ask if You’re Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz?”
“I am!”
Allen was neither servile nor overbearing as he spoke: “The mighty Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye
dispatched me here in the hopes of supplanting Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality,
to establish a new principality based on the territory of both states, succeed both great
principalities’ rights and duties, and serve the mighty Warlock College Antalya. The mighty Sir
Steel Lord Yang Ye can display his power to You – as long as You consent, we can destroy all of
Fernandro Principality’s resistance within a month.”
“Destroy all of Fernando Principality’s resistance within a month, such bragging!”
“Not necessarily, perhaps he really can do that! Kenny and Arbane are dead! Jamt was also
seriously injured, supposedly half of his body was shredded.”
“However, to actually wanting to swallow Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality, Yang
Ye’s appetite is also truly great! He can’t even obtain Fernandro Principality and he still wants
Senarus Principality, such a greedy guy.”
After hearing Allen’s speech, the level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion begun to discuss in
hushed voices.
Fluctuations of magic pervaded the bouleuterion, and Allen simply couldn’t hear the discussions
of those level-2 Warlocks.
Blitz said coldly: “Impossible! Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality can’t be given to
Allen smiled as he said: “In case Warlock College Antalya’s Sirs are unwilling to hand over both
great principalities, Sir Yang Ye told me to say, that we can only choose to rely on Savage Claw.
Surely Savage Claw’s Sirs will support us in the capture of both great principalities.”
“Savage Claw! Damn it, if he truly relies on Savage Claw, then that would be trouble!”
“This guy wants to rely on Savage Claw, what an asshole!”
The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion were staring at Allen with eyes full of wrath.
Savage Claw was Warlock College Antalya’s mortal enemy, both parties were unaware of how
long they have been fighting, countless Warlocks fell at the hands of both parties. They were
unable to dispel their hatred, and now actually hearing that Steel Lord Yang Ye wanted to rely
on Savage Claw, immediately let them be full of wrath and killing intent.
Blitz’s voice became extremely cold, giving rise to traces of extremely ghastly killing intent: “Are
you threatening me?”
Allen said indifferently: “I’m not! I’m simply talking about a possible development.”
30 – Shi Xue
Allen was respectful towards Blitz as he spoke: “I, Allen, was born in Fernandro Principality!
Fernandro Principality is my homeland. If there was a choice, I wouldn’t want to betray my
homeland. Thus I, at the risk of my life, begged the mighty Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye and eventually
moved him. So he only request that Fernando Principality and Senarus Principality’s Western-
Ocean City are handed over to him – then he agrees to join Warlock College Antalya and send
his only kin to join Warlock College Antalya to cultivate on his Warlock Path. Simultaneously,
our great steel wall will become a guard of Warlock College Antalya. As long as there’s the great
steel wall, then the experts of Savage Claw absolutely won’t be able to pass through our
territory and from there attack the Southern States Coalition.”
“This condition is quite good! Since Yang Ye can defeat Fernandro Family and if he sincerely
relies on our Warlock College Antalya, then We’ll get a formidable helper!”
“That won’t do! Fernandro Family is an affiliated family of our Warlock Academy Antalya – in
case their family perishes, what will the remaining families think? This will destabilize our
Warlock Academy Antalya’s rule.”
“Fernandro Family needs to be preserved! Otherwise the foundation of our Warlock College
Antalya’s rule is going to be destabilized!”
The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion had a heated discussion. One side of the level-2
Warlock advocated to let Yang Ye join Warlock College Antalya’s sphere of influence. While the
other side of level-2 Warlocks was resolute in protecting Fernandro Family.
Blitz pondered for a moment before unhurriedly saying: “Fernandro Family was loyal and
devoted these few years towards our Warlock College Antalya and they didn’t make any major
mistakes in their handling of affairs. We can’t give them up. Western-Ocean City is Senarus
Principality’s most wealthy port city and also can’t be given to you. Change your conditions!”
3 formidable level-2 Warlocks attacked Black City, two were killed and one came back while
heavily injured, without Steel Lord even so much as showing his face. Yang Feng’s formidable
mechanical legion made it so that Warlock College Antalya attached great importance to it.
Even such a jagged character like Blitz, after Yang Feng showed a trace of intention to rely on
them, also couldn’t help but to weigh the matter repeatedly.
Allen once again took a step back: “In this case, with the current distribution of power,
Fernandro Principality needs to cede three cities, which are Golden-Sand City, Hard-Wood City
and Brilliant-Rock City. Additionally as compensation, we want 300,000 magic stones, 10 bottles
of Blue Mirage, which can alter a practitioner’s soul aptitude. Like that I’m able to persuade the
mighty Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye to accept your conditions, join Warlock College Antalya and send
his only kin to join Warlock College Antalya to cultivate on his Warlock Path.”
“He’s really daring. The ten bottles of Blue Mirage is enough to an Apprentice Warlock with a
superior level-3 soul aptitude to promote until intermediate level-4 soul aptitude.”
“Although Blue Mirage is precious, if it can let Steel Lord Yang Ye join our Warlock College
Antalya, then it’s really worth it!”
The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion were discussing one after another. Finally, the
majority of level-2 Warlocks agreed to Allen’s conditions.
“We agree to your conditions!” Blitz’s gaze shifted and fell on an elderly man among the level-2
Warlocks, with white hair and beard: “Eudorax, tomorrow you’ll leave for Black City and sign a
contract with Steel Lord.”
Eudorax respectfully saluted towards Blitz: “Yes! Sir!”
Black City, within the underground floor of the Warlock Tower.
Suddenly, on the eggshell of the unknown life form that was above the altar, appeared a crack.
Yang Feng’s spirit was slightly roused. Lately he had been staying on the altar most of the time,
waiting for the beast within the egg to hatch like a chick. Finally the life form within the egg
begun to be born, which made him be full of expectation.
Yang Feng put his hands together in a prayer in the direction of the large egg as he muttered to
himself: “My request isn’t high! Since it’s something that came from within a taboo stone, it
should basically be a lofty existence. I will be perfectly contented with a dragon’s, a
fenghuang’s, a cerberus’, or any other kind of mythological beast’s cub. I want a bad ass
mythological beast!”1
The formidable Warlocks of Second Warlock Dynasty conquered countless planes, seized a lot
of formidable existences and carried out all kinds of taboo research on them. Life forms and
secret treasures that were puny, basically didn’t had the qualifications to be sealed in the taboo
stones. It is because of this that Yang Feng is so expectant of the large egg.
In the midst of Yang Feng’s expectations, the large egg begun to shatter at once – within the
large egg, an approximately 6 year old was curled up – with waist long hair and jade white skin,
a lovely angel-like little girl.
“What the fuck? Are you messing with me?! What about the formidable contracted beast?”
Yang Feng opened his eyes wide as he looked at the 6 year old little girl climbing out of the
large egg – he felt like weeping.
Yang Feng originally intended to get a formidable contracted beast, later on his Warlock Path
he would have an enormous meet shield and a strong hired thug. Instead appeared a 6 year old
little loli – he felt like weeping.
The little loli opened her eyes, that pair of bright and clear large eyes tightly stared at Yang
Yang Feng looked at the pair of pure, clear and beautiful like black gems eyes of the little loli,
the annoyance in his heart melted and gave birth to sympathy and affection: “Forget it! To start
with an Oriental loli isn’t that bad.”
Within Turandot Subcontinent, there is an abundance of Occidentals. Reportedly, in the far-off
main continent, there are also a lot of Orientals. But within Turandot Subcontinent, Orientals
are still quite rare. Adorable lolis like this one are even rarer.
The little loli gave a sweet affection inducing smile towards Yang Feng and extended a pair of
snow white little hands.
Yang Feng held up the, sympathy and affection inducing, little loli with a face full of love.
The little loli got embraced by Yang Feng, she giggled, raised her snow white little hands and
emitted a mysterious power.
The scattered fragments of the large egg, above the altar, one after another flew up towards
the little loli’s hands. She held the fragments of the large egg and constantly made clicking
sounds while biting and chewing.
With every fragment that she gnawed on, the little loli would grow up a bit.
7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old – the little loli quickly grew up and very quickly became a 13
year old, with a beautiful long black hair, a pair of well developed peaks, a seductive body, a
beautiful young girl.
Yang Feng looked as the little loli constantly changed, and once again confirmed that the loli
wasn’t human, but rather some other kind of life form.
“Big brother, thanks for hatching me. I like you the most!” That beautiful, as if from a fairy tale,
fairy-like young girl nestled in Yang Feng’s embrace as she sweetly said.
Yang Feng gently caressed the fairy-like young girl’s beautiful black hair while smiling: “You
were hatched from a rock and your skin is like snow. Henceforth I’ll call you Shi Xue!”2
Shi Xue sweetly smiled at Yang Feng and said: “Oh! Ok!”
Yang Feng clapped his hands and soon after a robot holding a set of black gothik loli dress came
After Shi Xue put on the set of black gothic loli dress, she emitted an astonishing charm. Seeing
this, Yang Feng’s heart stirred slightly with a kind of dazzling feeling.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 31
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31 – Scouter Glasses1
Nr.3796, while possessing Robot Bonney, handed over to Yang Feng a pair of silver glasses:
<Master, the Scouter Glasses that you requested are ready!”
Yang Feng put on the silver glasses and thought inwardly: “Analyze my data!”
<Yang Feng, basic properties, strength 0.63, agility 0.74, physique 0.62, spirit 0.85.>
<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-1.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-0 life form. Evolution potential, small!>
The silver glasses emitted a flash of radiance and quickly set out a string of text.
Yang Feng muttered somewhat gloomily: “Level-0 life form, my strenis truly awful.
Once he had adjusted his frame of mind, Yang Feng looked at Shi Xue sitting nearby, he once
more started the silver glasses’ scanning ability and scanned Shi Xue.
<Shi Xue, basic properties, strength 1.5, agility 1.6, physique 2.1, spirit 3.5.>
<Blood-meridians: the database is inadequate. According to the analysis of the known data, the
life form possess formidable blood-meridians.>
<Natural charm! This is her innate talent, birthing a good impression in a persons heart after a
glance. She is Extremely attractive to males.>
<Soul aptitude: superior level-8.>
<General evaluation: currently classified as a level-1 life form. The life form possess enormous
evolution potential.>
Yang Feng’s eyes erupted with waves of burning light, he was brimming with excitement as he
thought: “Superior level-8 soul aptitude! Truly terrifying! This is indeed the cultivation aptitude
of a monster! Sure enough, my luck wasn’t bad!”
Practitioners with a level-7 soul aptitude within Turandot Subcontinent were as rare as a
feather of a phoenix or a horn of a unicorn, they were beings rarely seen in a century. The
superior level-8 soul aptitude, even if placed during the times of the Eight Great Warlock
Dynasties, would be a peak existence and a favorite of those times.
Shi Xue appeared to have sensed Yang Feng scanning her status, she turned her head towards
him and sweetly smiled at him while brimming with charm. Yang Feng’s heart stirred slightly
and he almost couldn’t control himself.
Thanks to his strong willpower, Yang Feng could remove his gaze from Shi Xue, his heart was in
turmoil: “That won’t do, the status of earth’s waste is truly too awful! Things can’t go on like
this. Otherwise, a Sorceress casually using a Charm spell, I’m afraid that I’d be then reduced to
being the other’s slave.”
After Yang Feng received the Scouter Glasses, he begun to carry out the most basic body-
tempering, under Robot Bonney’s guidance, in order to cultivate until Apprentice Warlock.
Apprentice Warlocks were the lowest existences within the Warlock System. However,
becoming an Apprentice Warlock wasn’t so simple either. Every Apprentice Warlock’s physical
constitution must reach the level of a Knight rank expert, only then can one begin to learn
Apprentice Warlocks’ related knowledge.
Without a sturdy body, one basically can’t bear the burden of the high-intensity learning that is
the learning of Apprentice Warlocks’ related knowledge. Additionally, for Blood-Meridian
Warlocks – that is, Warlocks that need to transplant a formidable life form’s blood-meridians –
without a sturdy body one basically can’t bear the impact of the blood-meridian transplant.
Ordinary people, once they transplant blood-meridians of a too formidable life form’s, they
basically will have their bodies explode and die.
Originally, with Yang Feng’s status as earthling’s waste, to rely on his own bitter cultivation to
promote to a Knight rank expert was practically impossible. However, an official level-1
Warlock’s means are exceedingly frightening. Everyday, Robot Bonney without hesitation
squanders a large amount of resources in order to refine some of the most basic strengthening
elixirs, and slowly strengthen Yang Feng’s body, improving it everyday by a little.
Three days later, an enormous Griffin flew towards Black City. The two people sitting on the
Griffin’s head were precisely the level-2 Warlock Eudorax and Allen.
<Stop, descend immediately! Otherwise, we’ll regard you as enemies and shoot at you!> A
level-4 Bladed-troop roared in an electronic and synthetic voice from the city gate.
The anti-aircraft cannons were quickly adjusted and begun to lock down on the Griffin within
the sky.
Eudorax suddenly had a premonition of danger, he pulled on the reins with slightly creased
eyebrows and rode on the Griffin down towards the ground.
Eudorax used his discerning sight to size up the level-4 Bladed-troops guarding the city gate and
quickly found a series of shortcomings: “Those are Steel Lord Yang Ye’s mechanical golems? The
workmanship is too crude and the motion system is also far from that of Sixth Dynasty’s. The
style of the mechanical golem legion is also far to different from the one of Sixth Dynasty.”
Of course Yang Feng deliberately streamlined the crude and simple level-4 Bladed-troops. In
order to pursue the manufacturing volume and speed, the level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops
had a lot of shortcomings – but using them to crash ordinary people like Knight ranks or lower is
more than enough. However, dealing with level-1 Apprentice Warlocks is extremely difficult.
Allen walked out from behind of Eudorax towards the 8 Bladed-troops guarding the city gate
and said: “I’m Allan, the envoy that was sent on a diplomatic mission towards Warlock College
Antalya, and this is Warlock College Antalya’s esteemed envoy and level-2 Warlock, Sir Eudorax.
Please let us in!”
The level-4 Bladed-troop pointed towards a passage of a facility littered with all kinds of
scanners: <I’m really sorry, Sir Allen. Because of assassins, no matter who, everyone needs to
pass the scanner in order to enter Black City. Please go there to get scanned.>
Allen turned around and said apologetically: “Sir Eudorax, I’m really sorry. Because we just
recently entered a state of war with Fernandro Principality, we had no choice but to be
cautious. Please come with me!”
Eudorax was somewhat displeased within, yet he still slightly nodded and followed Allen into
the passage.
As soon as he entered the passage, streams of scanning waves were emitted from radar-like
apparatus, enveloped Allen and Eudorax and begun to thoroughly scan them.
<Eudorax, basic properties, strength 21.6, agility 21.9, physique 30.7, spirit 36.5.>
<Blood-meridians: ordinary human blood-meridians.>
<Soul aptitude: superior level-5.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-8 life form, a level-2 Warlock.>
Eudorax’s data was then quickly transmitted to Yang Feng.
“So formidable!” Yang Feng looked at Eudorax’s data and his eyes flashed with a trace of shock.
Eudorax’s physical constitution was several dozens of times higher than Yang Feng’s. Even if
Eudorax didn’t use any magic, he was a monster-like being with his body alone. This is a
Warlock’s, a level-2 Warlock’s terrifying characteristic.
After being scanned, Allen took Eudorax towards the direction of the Warlock Pagoda.
“Warlock’s Eye!”
Eudorax cast the level-1 spell Warlock’s Eye, an enormous eye suddenly appeared above his
head and looked in every direction.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 32
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32 – Eudorax
Eudorax coming this time to Black City had an additional task, which was to spy on Black City
and discern its actual situation. Under the spying of the Warlock’s Eye, the sights of the
surrounding several li, were all within reach of Eudarox’s eyes.
At this time the whole of Black City was still in the remodeling phase, with every street having a
permanent defensive fort built. Each permanent defensive fort had on top of them 3 anti-
aircraft cannons, 3 battalion cannons, 1 multi-barrel rocket launcher, 6 12.7mm heavy machine
The entire Black City appeared to be an enormous military fortress littered with various sorts
and kinds of muzzles. Eudorax’s scalp became slightly numb after seeing this.
With Eudorax’s strength, a cannon basically can’t wound him in the slightest. However 100 or
even 1000 cannons firing simultaneously, if he doesn’t escape, then he’ll be blasted into tatters.
While Eudorax was observing the whole of Black City via the Warlock’s Eye, he was thinking
within: “If His Majesty Dean doesn’t comes personally, then even if Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz led a
team, it also would be very difficult to capture this Black City. It seems like Steel Lord did indeed
obtained a part of Sixth Dynasty’s inheritance with regards to the mechanical golem legion.”
After crossing various streets, Eudorax’s group of two entered the Warlock Tower and then
arrived at the main hall on the third floor.
“I’m Steel Lord Yang Ye! Eudorax, I welcome You. Please sit.” A Liquid-Metal Robot transformed
into a brawny Han person, wrapped in synthetic human skin and with artificial eyes, was sitting
on the main seat, then lightly smiled towards Eudorax.5
Beside Yang Ye stood 8 level-7 primary battle robots, they were respectively 4 level-7 Bladed-
troops, 2 level-7 Gunner-troops and 2 level-7 Shield-troops.
The 8 level-7 battle robots’ all-out defense was enough to let Yang Ye quickly escape the scene,
i he were to be under attack. The 8 level-7 battle robots were originally 5m to 6 m tall, but in
order to be able to let them act freely within Warlock Tower, they were shrunk to a 3m tall
form during manufacturing. In doing so, their fighting prowess weakened by a lot, but they
were still terrifyingly strong as they posses the strength to kill a level-7 life form.
Eudorax took out the agreed upon contract and handed it to Allen: “HELLO, Yang Ye! I’m
Warlock College Antalya’s Eudorax. I’m overjoyed to see You, this is our agreed upon contract,
if there are no issues, please sign it.”
Allen then stepped forward and handed Yang Ye the contract.
Yang Ye carefully read the contract, after confirming that there wasn’t any loophole, only then
did he signed it.
“Eudorax, what do you think of these two mechanical golems?” Yang Ye waved his hand and
soon after two level-7 Bladed-troops stepped into the main hall’s center.
Eudorax carefully looked at those two level-7 Bladed-troops.
The two level-7 Bladed-troops didn’t had a human shape, although the upper body was in the
shape of a human, yet it had eight long arms with every arm was equipped with a long alloy
blade, on its forehead was a compound of countless insect-like eyes and it had a serrated
mouth reminiscing of a bloody sacrificial bowl. It’s lower body was in the shape of a wild beast
similar to a fierce tiger’s, with an incomparably sharp lance-like tail.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye snapped his fingers, shortly after the 2 level-7 Bladed-
troops acted and frenziedly fought at close quarters.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Extremely ear-piercing sounds of metal striking metal reverberated fiercely in the surroundings,
the 2 level-7 Bladed-troops, as if extremely savage mechanical battle beats, fiercely fought
against one another in close quarters – they were completely unscrupulous and made people
that watched them feel dazzled.
“Those mechanical golems are so powerful! The 2 mechanical golems’ fighting prowess are
comparable to a pinnacle level-1 Warlock’s!” Eudorax watched the 2 level-7 Bladed-troops
fighting and within his eyes flashed a trace of dignity.
After fiercely battling for more than ten seconds, Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye clapped
his hands and the 2 level-7 mechanical Bladed-troops immediately stopped fighting.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye smiled and looked at Eudorax.
Eudorax said unhurriedly: “Very powerful! The 2 mechanical golems’ battle prowess are
comparable to a pinnacle level-1 Warlock’s.”
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye smiled and said: “How about I give you those 2 mechanical
Eudorax pondered for a moment and then said decisively: “Excellent! However, what do you
want from me?”
The 2 mechanical golems’ were also extremely useful to the level-2 Warlock Eudorax as their
battle prowess were comparable to a pinnacle level-1 Warlock’s. This kind of mechanical
golems were convenient when dealing with huge numbers of enemies and exploring some
dangerous areas.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye smiled slightly, clapped his hands and soon after his true
body slowly emerged from the side.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye pointed at his true body and said unhurriedly: “This is Yang
Feng, my only kin. He would like to practice cultivation on his Warlock Path, but his talent is too
lacking, I hope that You take care of him when he cultivates at Warlock College Antalya.”
Yang Feng put his right hand on his chest, bowed slightly in salute towards Eudorax, and said:
“I’ve seen Sir Eudorax! I’m Yang Feng, Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye’s nephew.”
Eudorax was a genuine level-2 Warlock, moreover a level-2 Warlock coming from Warlock
College Antalya, he was extremely formidable. Yang Feng didn’t want to be discourteous in
front of such a formidable Warlock.
Eudorax turned his head towards Yang Feng and gave him a glance, his eyes blossomed with
a trace of dark green radiance which shrouded Yang Feng’s entire body.
Yang Feng suddenly felt his body being submerged, he practically couldn’t breathe, move or
think, his life fell under Eudorax’s control and his whole body trembled violently, fear spread
from the deepest recesses of his heart all the way until his limbs.
This sense of fear continued for a full ten seconds and then faded away. Yang Feng’s entire
body was covered in sweat, gasping for air, legs shaking like leafs and eyes flashing with fear.
Yang Feng was full of fear in his heart: “So powerful! Is this the power of a level-2 Warlock?
Truly formidable!! Its an extraordinary life form worthy of being known as having surpassed
mortals! Only when one actually faces it, can one truly feel it’s terror.”
Eudorax’s eyebrows creased as he muttered for a while and then unhurriedly said: Yang Ye,
your nephew’s soul aptitude is only at inferior level-1. To even become an Apprentice Warlock
with this kind of soul aptitude is extremely difficult, much less becoming an official level-1
Warlock. Even if he joins Warlock College Antalya it also would be very difficult to become an
official level-1 Warlock.”
Yang Feng’s heart sunk slightly, Eudorax was an orthodox level-2 Warlock from Warlock College
Antalya. If even he, a level-2 Warlock with a formidable inheritance, didn’t knows how to help
Yang Feng, then a stray level-2 Warlocks without any inheritance would be much worse off.
Eudorax had just said that him wanting to become a level-1 Warlock was extremely difficult,
then it really must be extremely difficult.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye said in a deep and firm voice: “He’s my only kin and also
my only relative in this world, no matter the cost, I must help him become an official level-1
Warlock. Blue Mirage Elixir can alter a persons soul aptitude, as long a he can promote to a
level-1 Warlock, then no matter how many bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir it takes, I must obtain it
for him.”

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 33
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33 – Exchange
“Is this kid Yang Ye’s bastard?” Eudolax shot Yang Feng a glance as he was wondering within.
Eudorax said unhurriedly: “Any elixir has its limits and taking more of it will have the body
develop a resistance to it! His cultivation aptitude is truly too low, Blue Mirage Elixir can at most
promote his soul aptitude until superior level-2. Even with our Warlock College inheritance,
with a superior level-2 soul aptitude, one can at most cultivate until level-2 or level-3
Apprentice Warlock. Additionally, to promote his soul aptitude from inferior level-1 to superior
level-2 would require at least 50 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir. Each bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir is
worth 5,000 magic stones, 50 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir would require 250,000 magic
1 magic stone is equivalent to 100 gold coins or 200,000 copper coins. 250,000 magic stones
was equivalent to 50,000,000,000 copper coins, only to promote Yang Feng’s soul aptitude
from inferior level-1 to superior level-2 requires this huge sum of money. The cost of promoting
soul aptitude thus could be imagined. It was because of this that even if a person’s kin was
involved, if the soul aptitude was too lacking, then there wouldn’t be any Warlocks letting their
kin tread on the Warlock Path.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye said in a deep voice: “Even so, I will never give up!
Eudorax, I hope to be able to obtain a few formulas of soul aptitude promoting elixirs. Can you
help me to purchase them? I’ll pay you handsomely.”
Eudorax smiled slightly as he said: “Formulas of soul aptitude promoting elixirs, everyone of
them are extremely precious. At hand I only have one formula of a soul aptitude promoting
elixir, Siren Tears. However, I want to remind you that Siren Tears is an elixir formula passed on
from Second Dynasty. Many of the materials are specialties from other planes. For nearly a
thousand years there has never been anyone that could successfully configure this elixir within
our Turandot Subcontinent. Even so, if you want this elixir formula, then you have to pay me
10,000 magic stones.”
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye said resolutely: “I want it! Deduct the 10,000 magic stones
from Fernandro Family’s war reparations!”
Within Turandot Subcontinent all knowledge was controlled by Warlock Groups. And every bit
of knowledge that the ordinary people wanted to learn needed to be paid for with large
amounts of money or the corresponding number of magic stones.
Eudorax extended a hand and a piece of yellow paper appeared in it, then as if grabbed by
Taoist’s Hand, it flew towards Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye’s hands.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye gave the elixir formula a glance, quickly scanning and
entering it into the database, then begun to carry out deductions and analyses.
Eudorax smiled slightly while saying: “Yang Ye, I’ll try to as much as possible take care of your
nephew within Warlock College Antalya.”
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Steel Lord Yang Ye was a terrifying Alchemist who could easily kill a
level-2 Warlock. Such an expert, Eudorax naturally was willing to become fiends with him.
Additionally, apart from some Warlocks with an eccentric disposition, the remaining Warlocks
emphasized greatly on interaction and becoming friends with other Warlocks.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye also smiled slightly as he said: “Then I’ll entrust him to
You! Oh, by the way, my nephew is currently tempering his body in order to breakthrough into
the Knight rank. The inheritance that I obtained isn’t that good, and the secret methods aren’t
too good for breakthrough into the Knight rank either. Could You give my nephew some
Eudorax pondered and then waved and extended a hand, shortly after a secret manual
appeared within it, then the secret manual flew before Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye via
the Taoist’s Hand: “This is Magic Note’s Titan, it can be directly cultivated until level-3 Warlock!
Seventh Warlock Dynasty, also known as Magic Note Dynasty, handed down this peerless
secret method with boundless might. There aren’t anymore Titan’s blood essence from the
Plane of Giants – therefore, this secret method will never be able to promote one until official
Warlock. However, this Magic Note’s Titan has quite a good foundation for breakthrough, as
long as you’re willing to spend some resources, your nephew should be able to promote until
level-1 Apprentice Warlock within three years.”
A lot of extremely formidable secret methods were handed down from the Eight Great Warlock
Dynasties. However, those extremely formidable secret methods since long ago have been
changing gradually, in the end turning into remains only suitable for reference. Even so, this
Magic Note’s Titan was still countless times more formidable than Zhao Jiang’s handed down
Thunder-ox martial art.
Because of Yang Feng’s cultivation aptitude, even after Nr.3796 optimized Thunder-ox,
however, he was still incapable of advancing until Knight rank in his entire life. While practicing
Magic Note’s Titan, he’d probably be promoted until level-1 Apprentice Warlock within three
years, the gap between those two arts is enormous.1
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye conveniently caught the Magic Note’s Titan and threw it
towards his true body and said in a deep voice: “Stop being so slow and go thank Sir Eudorax!”
Yang Feng’s true body saluted respectfully towards Eudorax: “Many thanks Sir Eudorax!”
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye said: “This Magic Note’s Titan is too precious! Eudorax,
how much do I need to pay you for it?”
Eudolax smiled as he said: “I’ve promised to look after your nephew. This small gift is nothing.”
Magic Note’s Titan possesses boundless might, and even within Seventh Warlock Dynasty it was
one of the peak secret methods. But in Turandot Subcontinent, it’s basically impossible to get
one’s hands on Titan’s blood essence, therefore, this secret method’s value isn’t high.
“My nephew has a little girlfriend, her cultivation aptitude is extremely outstanding. I wish to
request a powerful secret method for her. This golem is a small gift, I hope it’s to Your liking.”
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye clapped his hands and a level-7 Shield-troop went from
beside him to the center of the main hall.
A level-7 Bladed-troop moved, it brandished eight super-alloy blades from eight direction and
fiercely shopped at the level-7 Shield-troop.
The level-7 Shield-troop lifted up its shield, a formidable transparent protecting cover appeared
to block in front of it in a split second.
The level-7 Bladed-troop’s alloy blade fiercely hacked at the transparent protective cover and
set off ripples, yet it was unable to harm the level-7 Shield-troop in the slightest.
Eudorax watched as the the level-7 Shield-troop release that formidable protective cover, his
eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of extraordinary splendor. Looking at that level-7 Shield-
troop made his eyes brim with desire: “The defensive strength of that defensive cover is
comparable to that of a level-2 defensive spell’s! No, the protective cover’s defensive strength
has very likely reached the pinnacle of level-2 defensive spells!”
Within the World of Warlocks, defensive secret treasures will forever be more popular than
offensive one’s. A mechanical golem with a defensive strength comparable to a level-2 spell
could even save Eudorax’s life when necessary.
“This is Western Extreme-Cold Ice-Phoenix! It’s the most suitable peerless secret method for
females to cultivate, it was handed down by Seventh Warlock Dynasty, Magic Note Dynasty,
and is a secret method that I once obtained during my travels. However, with this secret
method one can only cultivate from the basics until level-1 Warlock. From level-2 Warlock and
upwards, as far as I know, only Savage Claw’s level-3 Warlock Ice Blue Maiden as well as Snow
White Pagoda’s Great Warlock Snow White Madam, only them have done it.
“Western Extreme-Cold Ice-Phoenix doesn’t really require any special blood-meridians in order
to be cultivated! When Your nephew’s little girlfriend needs to change arts, it’s really not that
difficult. You can let her first cultivate this method until she promotes to a level-1 Warlock and
then change secret methods.” Eudorax thought for a moment, flipped his hand and a secret
manual appeared within it, then via Taoist’s Hand grabbed it and handed it Yang Feng’s
embodiment of Yang Ye.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 34
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Chapter N
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34 – Blood-Meridian Secret Methods vs. Orthodox Secret Methods

Yang Feng was lately learning a lot o basic knowledge related to Warlocks under Robot
Bonney’s guidance.
I seek truth in the darkness and pursue eternity!
That was a saying of First Warlock Dynasty’s first appointed Warlock Emperor Time Lord, this
saying was also regarded by countless Warlocks as being truthful. Warlocks’ ultimate goal was
to acquire eternity.
Countless Warlocks, in order to acquire eternity, have their tracks spread over countless planes.
They absorbed the knowledge of those planes, seized their life forms, carried out blood-
meridian remodeling, taboo research, soul research, mechanical golem manufacturing and all
other kinds of research.
Secret methods were founded after Warlocks obtained countless planes’ knowledge and
practiced secret arts.
Secret methods were divided into two great categories, one was the blood-meridian secret
methods, the other one was the orthodox secret methods.
Blood-meridian secret methods involve the transplant of formidable life form’s blood-meridians
and the posterior practice of special secret methods, resulting in the entire person transforming
into a kind of formidable life form. After countless advancements and creation of countless
freaks, Second Warlock Dynasty obtained a ripe secret method. Prior to Second Warlock
Dynasty, basically all Warlocks practiced orthodox secret methods.
Different from the orthodox secret methods, the blood-meridian secret methods’ might was
enormous and the cultivation speed was also surprisingly fast. As long as a formidable life
form’s blood-meridians were transplanted into one’s body and one is able to withstand it –
then with the same resources, Blood-Meridian Warlocks that practice blood-meridian secret
methods, their cultivation speed may be more than ten times higher than that of Orthodox
However, practicing blood-meridian secret methods also had its limitations. That is, once one
transplanted blood-meridians, it would be difficult to change them. Additionally, some
formidable blood-meridians also had the potential to evolve – once the transplanted blood-
meridian’s potential was depleted, then one would be restricted by one’s blood-meridians and
would have great difficulties in advancing further.
Orthodox secret methods don’t have those kinds of restrictions – those that practice orthodox
secret methods, if they become dissatisfied with them, they can at any time switch to another
secret method, and even can combine two or three different secret methods that don’t conflict
with each other. Of course, in order to switch secret methods, one still must pay a certain price.
Magic Note’s Titan was a formidable blood-meridian secret method. Western Extreme-Cold Ice-
Phoenix was a formidable orthodox secret method. The two secret methods where many times
more formidable than Black Cottage’s secret methods. Especially the Western Extreme-Cold
Ice-Phoenix, even though it could only be cultivated until level-1 Warlock, yet it was valuable
enough to become a small Warlock Family’s inherited secret method.
As for Knights’ secret methods, they were in fact the body-tempering branches of Warlock’s
cultivation. A Knight rank expert’s body constitution was equivalent to level-1 Apprentice
Warlock’. A Sky Knight’s body constitution is equivalent to level-1 Warlock’s.
After both parties got what they wanted and rows of polite conversation, they begun to
exchange their cultivation experiences.
Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye had Robot Bonney’s memories as a reference, he inquired
Eudorax about a lot of snags within a level-1 Warlock’s cultivation.
Eudorax on one hand gave Yang Ye pointers on issues within level-1 Warlock’s cultivation, on
the other hand confirmed that Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye was truly only a level-1
Both parties were quite pleased with their conversations, two days later, only then did Eudorax
left Black City.
Black City, Warlock Tower, within the master bedroom of the third floor.
Yang Feng’s true body sat on a sofa covered in white bear’s fur, heaved a sigh of relief and
satisfaction, then said unhurriedly: “The war has currently come to a conclusion, we now gained
some time of respire. We need to start building the Fortified Stronghold.”
Nr.3796 asked: <Where shall we build the Fortified Stronghold?>
Beside Yang Feng, Robot Bonney’s eyes flashed and emitted two light rays, in the air appeared a
map marked with Yang Feng’s sphere of influence.
Yang Feng said: “Establish a Portable Fortified Stronghold in Giant-Stone City! Establish a
Permanent Defensive Stronghold in Black City! However, Black City’s defensive stronghold
doesn’t need to be build with a matter and energy converter.”
Matter and energy converter was the most core part in producing a stronghold. Nr.3796
possessed a great amount of technological creations that exceed this era. However, due to lack
of materials, those formidable technological creations couldn’t be produced on a large scale. A
matter and energy converter could convert energy into all kinds of materials. With this
machine, one had the ability to produce even more formidable battle robots in a large scale as
well as other technological creations.
Currently, there was no lack of steel nor energy in order to build a level-1 Portable Fortified
Stronghold, there was only a lack of Dimensional Crystals. Therefore, Nr.3796 needed to use its
ability, via its own build-in matter and energy converter, to slowly produce the Dimensional
Crystals. Had there been a large matter and energy converter, then the Dimensional Crystals
could have been effortlessly produced.
Yang Feng’s intention was to build a Portable Fortified Stronghold then in case he runs into
some existence that he was unable to resist, he could take the Portable Fortified Stronghold
and escape. With that large Portable Fortified Stronghold, no matter where, he could quickly
make a comeback.
<Understood! In order to build a Portable Fortified Stronghold, what should the resources
distribution ratio be? Once the resources distribution ratio is decided, then in order to adjust
the distribution ration would require a month of prior notice in order to carryout the
Yang Feng said: “List the construction time for the distribution of resources at 50% and higher.”
<Resources distribution ratio at 50%, requires 3,712 days in order to complete the
<Resources distribution ratio at 60%, requires 3,421 days in order to complete the
<Resources distribution ratio at 70%, requires 3,012 days in order to complete the
<Resources distribution ratio at 80%, requires 2,512 days in order to complete the
<Resources distribution ratio at 90%, requires 1,900 days in order to complete the
<Resources distribution ratio at 100%, requires 1,221 days in order to complete the
“Ten years? So long!” Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly and he said: “In case I obtain the
Dimensional Crystals, then the construction time would be shortened to how many days?”
<20 days! If You’re able to obtain enough Dimensional Crystals, then I’m able to produce a
Portable Fortified Stronghold within 20 days.>
Yang Feng made a decision: “Then let the resources distribution ratio be at 50%!”
50% of resources would be used in the construction of a Portable Fortified Stronghold, the
other 50% of resources Yang Feng would use to expand his mechanical legion as well as
promote his true body’s strength. If all the resources were to be invested into the construction
of the Portable Fortified Stronghold, then excluding the currently available mechanical legion
that could be employed, he would be unable to build any new battle robots – therefore, in case
he encounters a Great Warlock rank expert, then even his entire mechanical legion could be
Nr.3796 said: <Affirmative! I will immediately begin with the construction of the Portable
Fortified Stronghold in Giant-Stone City.>
“When I leave for Warlock College Antalya to study, I’ll hand this place over to you!”
<Not a problem! I will strictly implement the procedures that You formulated.>

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 35
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35 – Hunting Fangs Wilderness

Hunting Fangs Wilderness is the only way that leads towards Warlock College Antalya from the
following three great principalities: Fernandro Principality, Senarus Principality and Poten
Principality. It belongs to Senarus Principality.
Hunting Fangs Wilderness had an extremely strange climate, it was basically unable of growing
food. Senarus Principality was an agriculture oriented state, thus within Hunting Toot
Wilderness were only a few large pastures. The remaining area was unregulated.
Countless criminals, thugs and scum from the three great principalities converged and formed
groups of violent bandits within Hunting Fangs Wilderness, threatening those that left for
Warlock College Antalya.
Whenever the bandits’ forces flourished, Warlock College Antalya would send a formidable
Warlock for a clean up. Only those bandits could never be completely eliminated, every time a
group was exterminated, another one would sprout out after a brief respite, never to be
completely eliminated.
Those bandits were desperate and extremely violent. The three great principalities had lots of
people leave for Warlock College Antalya every year and die tragically en route at the bandits’
hands. Thus, this Hunting Fangs Wilderness was an extremely dangerous place in the eyes of
On the main road of Hunting Fangs Wilderness, an extremely huge caravan was currently slowly
moving forward.
Within the caravan, there were more than 500 carriages, with each carriage being modified,
becoming faster and longer as well as packed tight with merchandise. The caravan was also
guarded by more than 2,000 people.
A voice reverberated in the caravan, the huge caravan halted its movement at once.
Extremely skilled cooks came down from the carriages, took out various kinds of tools and
started cooking.
The door to a modified luxurious carriage opened and Yang Feng came down from within.
Like a ghost, Shi Xue also jumped down from the carriage and followed closely after Yang Feng
as if a small tail.
A small practice field, littered with different kinds of weapons, was erected.
Yang Feng walked into the small practice field with large strides. Within the practice field, there
were already 4 expressionless robots waiting while holding clubs.
“Begin!” Yang Feng went to the center of the small practice field, took a deep breath and
operated Magic Note’s Titan, all of his muscles were at once stretched taut and bulged up,
swelling up slightly.
The 4 expressionless robots holding clubs suddenly ferociously lashed at Yang Feng from
various directions.
Magic Note’s Titan was a formidable secret method for imitating a giant. It’s core cultivation
concept lied in the practitioner being regarded as a piece of refined iron, after enduring
countless lashes, it would stimulate the potential of the body, tempering it into steel.
Under the countless club lashes, Yang Feng felt waves of pain through his entire body, only then
did he operated Magic Note’s Titan. That pain was then turned into waves of warm currents
flowing within his body.
After five minutes of lashing, the badly battered Yang Feng quickly took out the elixir Repairing
Water Elixir worth 20 gold coins and immediately downed it.
Once the Repairing Water Elixir entered Yang Feng’s body, it begun to immediately repair his
Practicing Magic Note’s Titan also required the consumption of large amounts of money. If
there wasn’t Repairing Water Elixir to assist him, then after Yang Feng was lashed, he would
need to rest for 30 days in order to restore his body. Additionally, if he was the least bit
incautious during his cultivation, then he could leave behind internal injuries.
A small aristocratic families such as Zhao Jiang’s had less than 500 gold coins as their savings.
Ordinary people even so more couldn’t afford the 20 gold coins of the Repairing Water Elixir.
“So comfortable! After practicing cultivation, the entire body feels pleasant and vigorous! It
practically can’t compare with the previous status of subhealth! No wonder this world has so
many cultivation maniacs! This kind of cultivation can indeed make people become addicted to
it!” Yang Feng’s entire body was pleasant, warm and extremely comfortable, he squinted his
eyes and begun to scan his status.
<Yang Feng, basic properties, strength 0.73, agility 0.84, physique 0.72, spirit 0.9.>
<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-1.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-0 life form. Evolution potential, small!>
Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a trace of excitement: “Excluding the spirit force that rose by
0.05, all the other attributes rose by 0.1! Magic Note’s Titan, as expected, the name isn’t in
Yang Feng lately had continuously practiced Magic Note’s Titan, within a ten day period, all of
his attributes rose by 0.1, that meant that his physical constitution within those short ten days
was upgraded by close to 20% Although he was still a waste, but he still could feel the benefits
of cultivation.
Yang Feng looked at Shi Xue by his side, his eyes flashed with a trace of envy as he launched the
scan: “Unfortunately, compared to her, my progress is shit, ah! Superior level-8 soul aptitude is
really perverted!”
<Shi Xue, basic properties, strength 2.5, agility 2.6, physique 3.1, spirit 4.5.>
<Blood-meridians: the database is inadequate. According to the analysis of the known data, the
life form possess formidable blood-meridians.>
<Natural charm! This is her innate talent, birthing a good impression in a persons heart after a
glance. She is Extremely attractive to males.>
<Soul aptitude: superior level-8.>
<General evaluation: currently classified as a level-3 life form. The life form possess enormous
evolution potential.>
Within those ten days, Yang Feng practiced Magic Note’s Titan and rose all of his attributes by
0.1. While Shi Xue rose her’s by 1.0. The cultivation speed of both parties differed by 10 time or
One must know that the further one advances in one’s cultivation, the slower will one’s
cultivation speed be. 1.5 of strength rising by 0.1 will be much more difficult than 0.6 of
strength rising by 0.1.
However, Shi Xue doesn’t has a need to use any heaven and earth treasures and only by
practicing Western Extreme-Cold Ice-Phoenix, she had her attributes increase by 1.0 within 10
days. This cultivation speed made Yang Feng, who drank an unknown amount of Repairing
Water Elixir, become somewhat envious.
Shi Xue chuckled, clapped her hands and said: “Too fierce!Big brother! You’re actually able to
withstand the attacks of the clubs, really too fierce.”
Yang Feng laughed heartily as he spoke: “Haha! It’s only natural!”
With a head full of golden long hair, height of 1.75m, slender body, a well developed sexy
figure, a pair of giant breasts that were nearly ripping their clothing apart, an extremely
beautiful woman with slight fragrance wafting from her was dressed in a maidservant-like attire
as she flirtatiously went before Yang Feng and said in a gentle voice: “Master, lunch is ready!”
This golden-haired big breasted great beauty was Giant-Stone City’s White Cat with a Hat
hotel’s signature beauty, Sissi. Before his death, Zhao Jiang was also obsessed with her, she was
the woman of his dreams.
After Yang Feng captured Giant-Stone City and slayed Sissi’s original master, the Viscount, he
conveniently seized her and made her act as a maid.
“What a pity! The smell of prostitution is too strong – additionally, the skin is too rough and the
makeup is too thick. Sure enough, the real stunning beauties are Warlocks, or Apprentice
Warlocks.” Yang Feng glanced at Sissy, the great beauty, and his eyes flashed with a trace of
After Sissi meticulously put on makeup, she appeared extremely beautiful, but after a closer
look, one would discover her skin to be full of thick pores, not like the snow white as if silk Shi
Xue, they shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. Furthermore, after she removes
her makeup, Sissi’s good looks would be greatly reduced, she would be merely considered an
ordinary beauty. The only thing that she can be proud of is her well developed sexy figure,
within Yang Feng’s maids, she was currently ranked as first in that aspect.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 36
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36 – Storm Wolfs
A snow white cloth was spread on a round table made of rosewood – top-notch
porcelain imported from the eastern main continent were displayed above the dining table.
Baked oysters, veal with black pepper, ox tongue with salt and pepper, oxtail soup, lobster
baked in cheese, and other delicious and lavish cuisine were placed on the snow white top-
notch porcelain, emitting a tempting fragrance.
Yang Feng picked up a slice of veal with black pepper with the chopsticks and bit it – brimming
with gravy, it melted and its fragrance immediately filled his mouth.
Yang Feng was satisfied and gave a sentence of praise towards the cook: “Pretty good! Root,
your cooking is quite good!”
Root bowed slightly in salute and said: “Master, I’m honored to receive Your praise!”
All the best cooks within Black City’s sphere of influence were recruited by Yang Feng, to be in
charge of his diet. And Root was one of them.
“I’m finally able to enjoy an aristocrats life!” Yang Feng looked around at the beautiful maid and
the dining table with the top-notch cuisine, and revealed a trace of satisfaction.
With the current forces under Yang Feng’s command, he could even establish a small
principality. Additionally, within that small principality, only he would be an aristocrat and all
the wealth would be entirely under his control. He could be considered to be as wealthy as a
The majority of Yang Feng’s forces were robots. Robots didn’t need to have any salary, they
only needed to be supplied with sufficient energy, they would bear with hardship without
complaints, they work without making mistakes – therefore, in terms of salary, he saves quite a
large sum. It could be said the the major chunk of income in his territory is his net income,
which lets him bear a luxurious life comparable to a big-shot aristocrats’.
The oysters, veal, lobster, ox tongue, oxtail and other ingredients were placed inside a level-0
secret treasure specially refined by an Alchemist to keep them fresh. Just to keep those
ingredients fresh required the consumption of 1 magic stone a day. Ordinary nobles would
become bankrupt after a few days.
Yang Feng finished lunch, received the slightly moist, hot and fragrant towel from Sissi and
wiped his mouth – then slowly stood up, looked towards the distance and whispered: “Should
be about now!”
Just as Yang Feng had spoken, from the south of the wilderness appeared more than a
dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attires. Behind the more than a
dozen young men and women was a group of horse-mounted bandits on their heels.
The young men and women were headed by a slightly plump with a head full of blue hair
aristocrat, as he shrieked in appall: “Help! Save me! I’m the son of Warlock College Antalya’s
level-1 Warlock Abel! Quickly save me! I’ll reward you handsomely!!”
“Please save us!”
The more than a dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attire, all of
them screamed loudly.
Yang Feng waved his hand and 200 level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops, that looked almost
exactly the same as humans, quickly went to rescue those more than a dozen young men and
women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attire.
Among those 200 bandits that were in the back in close pursuit, a leader-looking bandit raised
his hand, then the bandits seized their charge.
The bandit leader’s eyes flashed with a trace of a cold ominous glint as he threateningly said:
“I’m Budd the leader of Storm Wolf! Hand over those that are my prey and I’ll let this matter
be! Or else, you should forget about leaving this Hunting Fangs Wilderness!”
Yang Feng gave the leader of the bandits a glimpse and immediately launched the eyeglasses’
scanning function.
<Budd, basic properties, strength 5.1, agility 5.7, physique 6.2, spirit 4.3.>
<Blood-meridians: human’s.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-3.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-5 life form. Evolution potential, small!>
Yang Feng gave an indifferent smile and waved his hand: “A trifling Great Knight actually dares
to yap nonsense in front of me! Go put out their lights!”
The 200 Bladed-troops, while holding alloy blades, directly charged at those more than 200
An aristocratic youth’s complexion slightly changed and he whispered towards level-1 Warlock
Abel’s son: “Fuck! Gars, this guy is so stupid. To actually use infantry in a charge against cavalry!
It’s the same as sending his subordinates to death! We should run away!”
Gars whispered back: “I also think that he’s very stupid, tell the others to be ready to escape at
any time. Wait until the caravan is defeated, then we’ll take advantage of the confusion and run
To use infantry to charge at cavalry, was the same as sending the infantry to their deaths.
Within Turandot Subcontinent, only infantry with a phalanx formation might contend against
cavalry. Furthermore, only those most elite valiant warriors that don’t fear death might
contend against cavalry in a phalanx formation. Otherwise, if an infantry meets a cavalry on the
battle field, then it would basically result in a bloodbath.1
Those more than a dozen young men and women that managed to escape the danger by a
fluke, they were originally relaxed then their hearts started to race once more, they looked at
Yang Feng as if looking at a moron.
The more than 2000 guards defending against the fierce and tough cavalry of 200 people, the
best way would be to use the carriages in an all round defense, then use bow arrows and
crossbow bolts to carry out the defense. Infantry charging at cavalry, only the most stupid
commanders would issue such an order.
Budd’s eyes flashed with a trace of contempt, he pointed with the Zhanmadao in his hands
towards Yang Feng and shouted: “Moron! Follow me! The one who cuts down that moron’s
head and brings it to me, I’ll allow him to have his share of women and goods.” 2
When those bandits heard Budd, they all clamored with excitement, grasped their scimitars
tightly, yelled some strange words and charged fiercely towards the level-4 Bladed-troops.
Very quickly, Storm Wolf’s cavalry formation ruthlessly clashed with Yang Feng’s level-4 Bladed-
A Storm Wolf’s warrior laughed malevolently, brandished his Zhanmadao and ruthlessly
chopped at a level-4 Bladed-troop, with the power of the mount’s charge.
Once that cavalry launched its assault, with the power of the charge, even Knight rank experts
could be killed. The Storm Wolf’s warrior had already envisioned that level-4 Bladed-troop
being cut into two parts by his blade.
That level-4 mechanical Bladed-troop was expressionless, it merely brandished brandished it’s
2m long alloy blade mechanically and chopped down at the Storm Wolf’s warrior.
In the next moment, scorching blood sprayed, that Storm Wolf’s warrior and even his mount,
were both cut into two pieces, as blood and viscera sprayed on the level-4 Bladed-troop.
Practically at the same time, countless amount of blood splashed on the battlefield, the Storm
Wolf’s cavalry, man and mount, continued being cut into two parts – corpses littered the
ground, it was like a scene of hell!
The complexion of an aristocratic young girl paled, with her stomach churning, she almost
vomited, she then whispered: “So terrifying!! They’re Knight rank experts! How could there be
so many Knight rank experts?”

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 37
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37 – Great Knight Budd
Knight rank experts were not that easily recruited. A Knight rank expert’s salary each month
was 20 gold coins or higher, which was 240 gold coins or higher a year. 200 Knight rank experts,
a year’s salary would require 48,000 gold coins. If the various Knight rank expert’s equipment
were also added, then it would require an even more terrifying amount to be spent. Only
Fernandro Principality’s Imperial Family and the likes could recruit up to 200 Knight rank
Gars’ eyes also flashed with a trace of astonishment as he involuntarily cried out: “Knights?
How could there be such formidable Knight experts? Could they all be Great Knights? Or else,
how could they withstand the assault of those bandits?
Under the astonished gazes of those young men and women, the 200 level-4 mechanical
Bladed-troops killed almost all of the bandits, they only spared the bandits’ leader Budd with a
cultivation of a Great Knight.
Even though those mechanical Bladed-troops were modified into a simplified version, they still
weren’t existences that ordinary humans could defeat.
“Impossible! What kind of monsters are you? What kind of monsters are you??” Budd
brandished his blade and chopped at a level-4 mechanical Bladed-troop, seeing that he was
being encircled by the 200 level-4 Bladed-troops his eyes flashed with a trace of despair and he
roared loudly.
200 level-4 Bladed-troops could hack Budd into tatters, even an Earth Knight rank expert also
wouldn’t be able to withstand the encirclement of 200 level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops.
Yang Feng swept Budd with a glimpse as he said indifferently: “Surrender! It just so happens
that I lack a Great knight slave! I’ll give you 3 seconds to consider, if you don’t surrender then
go to hell!”
Budd clenched the Zhanmadao in his hands, gnushed his teeth and said in a loud voice: “If
Sir can promise not to sell me to a Warlock to do human experiments, then I’ll surrender!
Furthermore, I’m willing to serve Sir! Otherwise, Sir should just kill me!”
It is extremely easy to sell Great Knight rank slaves at the slave market! Some Warlocks carry
out human experiments, they require test subjects at the Knight rank or higher. A lot of Great
Knight ranks fall into slavery in times of war, once they enter the hands of those Warlocks, their
end would be extremely miserable.
“Put on this head ring and collar! As long as you sincerely serve me, then I won’t sell you to any
Warlock.” Yang Feng waved his hand and a mechanical Bladed-troop brought Budd a head ring
and a collar.
“Yes! Sir! After Budd saw those items, his complexion changed slightly, he hesitated for some
time, eventually he gave a long sigh, dropped the Zhanmadao in his hands, then put on the
head ring and the collar.
Yang Feng said lightly: “These two items are secret treasures refined by the Steel Lord. Once
you have harmful thoughts towards me, then you’re entire person will blow up into chunks. So
you need to behave.”
Budd’s complexion went through repeated changes, finally he said in an extremely docile
manner: “Yes! Sir! I understand!”
In addition to the mechanical legion, Yang Feng still needs to expand his forces within Turandot
Subcontinent. Great Knights such as Budd can also be considered as elite talents – when
recruited to be his subordinates, he’ll have everything to gain and nothing to loose.
“The Steel Lord’s mechanical golem legion is truly powerful!” Gars said sincerely in admiration,
then went in front of Yang Feng and said: “I’m Gars, the son of Warlock College Antalya’s level-1
Warlock Abel, You who are being protected by the Steel Lord’s mechanical golem legion, are
You the Steel Lord’s only kin Yang Feng?
Yang Feng smiled humbly and said: “Indeed, I’m Yang Feng.”
Gars said: “Many thanks for rescuing us.”
Yang Feng swept those young aristocratic kids with a glance, his eyes flashed with a touch of a
peculiar glint: “It was as easy as raising my hand! Furthermore, if I didn’t guess wrong, then
we’re ought to become classmates soon.”
Warlock College Antalya had an enrollment once a year, and the age of the recruited students
was between 14 and 18 years old. Those students that travel to Warlock College Antalya were
mostly past 14 years of age, they would first participate in Warlock College Antalya’s
examination and then join Warlock College Antalya. Thus, those more than a dozen aristocratic
youngsters standing before Yang Feng were approximately 14 years old. With Gars being the
oldest, with his only 16 years of age.
Yang Feng was already in his twenties, standing among those juveniles, gave one the feeling of
a crane among a flock of chickens.
Gars stood beside those more than a dozen young men and women and introduced them to
Yang Feng one by one.
The majority of those young men and women were aristocrats from Poten Principality.
Originally, those aristocratic youngsters hired a mercenary corps and they also had their own
joint protective troop of more than a 100 people – just the number of Knight rank experts that
they hired was at 5. Only, traitors appeared within that large mercenary corps – the large
mercenary corps crumbled under both inside and outside attacks. The joint protective troop
was also nicely encircled and killed by the Storm Wolf’s bandits, only those more than a dozen
aristocratic youngsters managed to escape.
Shi Xue, with slight fragrance wafting from her, came out from within the camp and went
beside Yang Feng.
When Shi Xue appeared, Gars and his group, regardless of male or female, all of their gazes
were firmly attracted by her. She was not only astonishingly beautiful, but also had a natural
talent of charm, making her attractive force towards males even more astonishing. Although
Yang Feng had been constantly in contact with her, he also didn’t dare to look at her too often.
Otherwise, with his mortal flesh, he would have already drowned in her charm without any way
to extricate himself.
Gars looked at Shi Xue, his eyes flashed with a trace of infatuation as he said: “Yang Feng, can I
get introduced to this fairy-like beautiful lady?”
Shi Xue’s eyes were like limpid lakes, she smiled sweetly and said: “Hello, I’m Shi Xue, Big
Brother Yang Feng’s little sister, very pleased to meet you!”
Those aristocratic youngsters looked at Shi Xue’s extremely beautiful smile for which men and
women alike would pursue, with their minds in an uproar. Regardless if men or women, under
Shi Xue’s natural charm, all would develop a favorable impression of her.
A giant eagle was within the sky, on its back was a short eagle tamer lying prone while scouting,
he then guided the eagle to fly towards the distance.
“Come more often! Use your flesh and blood to establish our Steel City’s prestige.” Yang Feng
suddenly raised his head and looked towards the distant giant eagle, then whispered.
A Small Reconnaissance Satellite was floating high among the clouds. That floating Small
Reconnaissance Satellite that was above Yang Feng, surveilled in all directions.
That giant eagle flew for a while until it finally landed within an enormous camp that extended
continuously for more than 10Km and went towards the biggest tent.
Within the biggest tent, on the main seat, sat a brawny middle-aged male with a face full of
knife scars, a pair of blue double-pupils, emitting a brutal aura.
This brawny middle-aged man with a pair of double-pupils was the leader of Hunting Fangs
Wilderness’ most cruel and formidable bandits, the butcher of thousand men Gria. He was a
Sky Knight, and the only one in this Hunting Toot Wilderness with fighting prowess comparable
to a level-1 Warlock’s. The number of bandits and caravan guards that died under Gria’s hands
surpassed a 1,000 people, it was through countless close combat fights that he became Hunting
Fangs Wilderness’ most feared overlord.
“200 Knight rank mechanical golems! Additionally, he has 2,000 guards! In other words, he has
2,000 mechanical golem guards.” After Gria finished listening to the eagle tamer’s scouting
report, his complexion became gloomy and he said slowly.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 38
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38 – Dragon Blood Elixir
“2,000 Knight rank mechanical golems, is not something that we can digest! Moreover, I don’t
want to provoke the fierce Steel Lord, who could even kill level-2 Warlocks. Please go back!”
Gria turned around and looked at a person clothed in a black robe and a shrouded and
indistinguishable face standing at a corner and he said coldly.
Demonic Snake’s Eye, White Bear’s Fang, Fernandro Family, three great level-2 Warlocks joined
hands and went to Black City to kill the Steel Lord. The outcome was, two dead and one heavily
injured. This weighty news had practically spread through all the major forces within Turandot
As long as a family had a level-2 Warlock keeping watch over it, then the qualifications for the
establishment of a small principality were met. Even if it was Warlock College Antalya, one of
the six major forces, level-2 Warlocks would still be important members part of the senate, the
parliament and the council.
The Steel Lord could kill two great level-2 Warlocks, it doesn’t matter how he achieved that
result, it was still enough for him to be ranked among the peak experts within Turandot
Subcontinent. No one was willing to provoke such an expert without any cause or reason.
The reason why Yang Feng hadn’t met any troubles on his journey was because of his 2,000
mechanical Bladed-troop guards. Any force that would want to deal with Yang Feng’s 2,000
Bladed-troop guards would need to first think three times before doing so.
The person wearing a black robe said in a husky voice: “One bottle of Dragon Blood Elixir! As
long as you comply with my order, then I’ll give you one bottle of Dragon Blood. With that
bottle of Dragon Blood Elixir , you’ll have some hope to breakthrough through your bottleneck
and promote to a Firmament Knight.”
“Dragon Blood Elixir!!” Gria’s eyes flashed with a trace of greed and excitement.
Dragon Blood Elixir required a level-3 Warlock or higher and very high attainments in
pharmacology, only then can one refine it. In addition, one of the hidden main agents of Dragon
Blood Elixir was the blood of a dragon.
Adult dragons weren’t only rare, but also every one of them possessed strength and wisdom
not inferior to a Great Warlock’s. Wanting to butcher a dragon was extremely difficult.
Naturally, the amount of Dragon Blood Elixir was also extremely low.
The effect of a bottle of Dragon Blood Elixir was extremely astonishing, it could increase the
chances of a pinnacle Sky Knight expert like Gria promote to a Firmament Knight by 20%.
Without Dragon Blood Elixir, there was practically no way to impact the success chances of a
Sky Knight like Gria to promote to a Firmament Knight.
Gria strongly repressed the excitement in his heart, his eyes radiated with a burning radiance as
he said in a heavy voice: “Dragon Blood Elixir, first I’ll have to inspect it!”
The person wearing a black robe took out a bottle of dark-red blood-like elixir, he then opened
a small hole in the bottle, a tiny dragon-shaped shadow flew out from within the bottle,
emitting traces of might.
Gria took a deep breath and regained his calm, then creased his eyebrows tightly as he spoke:
“It’s really Dragon Blood Elixir! However, the Steel Lord’s kin has 2,000 Knight rank mechanical
golem guards by his side. Even if we gather everyone within Hunting Fangs Wilderness, we still
wouldn’t be a match for him.”
Gria was a pinnacle Sky Knight expert and even against 100 mechanical golems, he still would
have certainty of fighting them for some time. But if he went against 2,000 Knight rank
mechanical golems, that would be seeking death. Even if all the bandits of Hunting Fangs
Wilderness joined together and clashed with those 2,000 Knight rank mechanical golems, they
still would only be seeking death.
The person dressed in a black robe said in a husky voice: “That’s not a problem! As long as you
can draw away the majority of his guards, then I can kill him! After I kill him, this bottle of
Dragon Blood Elixir will be yours. With this bottle of Dragon Blood Elixir, once you are promoted
to a Firmament Knight, then you won’t need to stay in such a desolate place like the Hunting
Fangs Wilderness.”
Gria’s eyes flashed with a trace of strange light as he whispered: “That’s right, as long as I
promote to a Firmament Knight! Then I won’t need to stay in such a desolate place like the
Hunting Fangs Wilderness.”
Firmament Knight’s battle prowess were comparable to that of a formidable existence such as a
level-2 Warlock’s. No matter where one would go, one would attract the interest of the major
forces. A Firmament Knight casually choosing a principality to go to, could become that
principality’s state Knight and enjoy endless glory, splendor, wealth and rank.
A bandit leader of Hunting Fangs Wilderness compared to a principality’s state Knight, the gap
in status and treatment of both parties was basically something that shouldn’t be mentioned in
the same sentence.
Gria said resolutely: “I agree to your proposal! My subordinates will follow Your plan.”
“It’s finally about to begin! Truly interesting, it seems that Hunting Fangs Wilderness is about to
present me with much more benefits.” Yang Feng suddenly raised his head and looked towards
the distance as he revealed an ice-cold smile.
Gars asked somewhat curiously: “Big brother Yang Feng, what happened?”
Yang Feng smiled slightly and went outside: “Come! Follow me to watch a good show!”
Gars and the other aristocratic youngsters were confused as they followed Yang Feng outside.
Currently outside the camp, bandit troops one after another rushed over from all over, the
sight of the densely packed bandits was extremely shocking, as they appeared to be a
boundless mass.
Gars looked at those densely packed bandits, his legs went quickly limp from fright and he cried
out involuntarily: “Bandits!! How could there be so many bandits?! Did those bandits gathered
from the entire Hunting Fangs Wilderness?
The rest of the aristocratic youngsters’ complexions also paled when they saw the countless
bandits, their bodies trembled and they felt endless despair.
Countless people as if hiding the sky and covering the earth, all the bandits of the Hunting
Fangs Wilderness were gathered by the mysterious person wearing a black robe, their numbers
already exceeded 10,000 people.
Although Hunting Fangs Wilderness belonged to Senarus Principality, it was never the less the
joint border of three states. Extremely wicked and violent criminals from the three great
principalities would escape to this wilderness, and one after another would become members
of bandit groups. This time around, nearly all of the bandits from Hunting Fangs Wilderness
were gathered by that person wearing a black robe, resulting in the current terrifying force.
From within the densely packed bandits, Gria rode a pitch-black Demonic Wildebeest, stared
coldly at Yang Feng and his group, and said in a loud voice: “I’m Gria, the leader of Thousand
Kills Group!! The Steel Lord’s nephew Yang Feng, I want to invite you to come with us! Our
master wants to see you. We’ll be in charge of your safety!”
Gars’ complexion suddenly had a great change as he said in a somewhat shaky voice: “Gria, the
leader of Thousand Kills Group, the butcher of thousand men Gria!! He is a pinnacle Sky Knight
expert! He’s the man that once escaped from under the nose of two great official level-1
Warlocks. He’s Hunting Fangs Wilderness’ most ferocious hunter! Fuck! We’re in big trouble
this time!”
A trace of terror showed within the eyes of the remaining aristocratic youngsters.
Even great principalities such as Fernandro Principality only had one expert such as a Sky
Knight. An existence that could rival a level-1 Warlock expert. A Sky Knight could easily
massacre an elite team of 100 people, this sort of expert wasn’t an existence that they could
Yang Feng gave a cold smile as he spoke: “Sky Knight? Gria, kneel down in surrender! I can still
give you a way out! Otherwise, you and your subordinates are going to be buried here today.”
“Gria, why are you speaking so much nonsense with this kind of rubbish?! Let me kill him!!” A
burly, up to 2m tall and bald man’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness, he held an
enormous scimitar and pointed it towards Yang Feng as he roared loudly.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 39
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39 – Killing Bandits
That bald man was a bandit dressed in red clothes and was holding a Zhanmadao, he exuded a
valiant aura as roared viciously towards Yang Feng and charged at the caravan.
When that bald man made his move, the leaders of the other bandit forces also urged their
mounts to charge at Yang Feng.
“Kill him! I’ll reward the one who brings me his severed head with 3,000 gold coins!”
“Kill him! I’ll reward the one who kills him and brings me his severed head with 1,000 gold
The bandits’ leaders roared loudly and each of them offered extremely high rewards in order to
stimulate the dregs and the scum under their command, making them holler in excitement.
1 gold coin could be exchanged for approximately 2,000 copper coins. 1000 gold coins could be
exchanged for 2,000,000 copper coins. A lot of small aristocratic families didn’t even had a
liquid capital of 1,000 gold coins. 1,000 gold coins would be more than enough for those
bandits to retire and live in prosperity for the rest of their lives.
When Gars and the rest of the aristocratic youngsters saw the bandits, that hid the sky and
covered the earth, rush towards them, their bodies shivered and their eyes flashed with
a trace of fear.
Within Turandot Subcontinent, basically all of the aristocrats were descendants of Warlocks –
furthermore, there was an atmosphere of revering military skills. Many of the aristocratic
families had Knight rank secret methods as their inheritances. Gars and the rest of the
aristocratic youngsters had also received martial arts training, and a lot of them were at the
standard of a low-level Warrior. However, seeing those bandit’s, that hid the sky and covered
the earth, they still felt extremely shocked and fearful.
Yang Feng said in an ice-cold tone: “Kill them all, don’t leave any prisoners!”
A 1,000 Bladed-troops expressionlessly marched orderly in order to welcome those bandits.
That large patch of bandits and those 1,000 Bladed-troops very quickly collided.
The next moment, countless limbs flew and hundreds of mounted bandits, man and mount,
were cut in two by those mechanical Bladed-troops holding alloy blades.
Those bandits that had already unleashed their assault were to late to dodge, so they still
charged dauntingly towards those Bladed-troops, then those Bladed-troops expressionlessly cut
them in two halves, it was like delivering pigs for slaughter.
When the bandits in the rear saw the hell-like scene, they at once became scared silly, and one
after another urged their mounts and scattered.
The thousand mechanical Bladed-troops at once exerted their power and raised their engines’
power output to the highest level, they began to charge at those bandits with a speed that
exceeded that of the bandits’ mounts’ – cutting those mounted bandits one after another into
Gars praised sincerely: “Those mechanical golems are so ferocious!! Steel City’s mechanical
golem legion, the name is really well-deserved!!”
The more that 10,000 bandits were being chased by merely 1,000 mechanical Bladed-troops,
that was simply inconceivable. Even for a Knight rank expert, it would be difficult to overtake a
bandit riding a mount. But those mechanical Bladed-troops could easily chase up to those
bandits and then cut them into two, such fighting prowess were simply terrifying.
Countless mournful wails reverberated within the Hunting Fang Wilderness, hundreds of
bandits were cut into two every second. Blood dyed this patch of wilderness red.
“Save me!! Save me!!” The bald bandit leader, with a cultivation of an Earth Knight, in
succession killed quite a few of his subordinates as he urged his mount in order to flee from the
encirclement of the mechanical Bladed-troops. Suddenly he saw 128 mechanical Bladed-troops
surround him and he was at once terror-stricken as he shouted loudly.
That 128 mechanical Bladed-troops’, with cold and indifferent gazes, at once pounced at that
bald bandit.
12 Mechanical Bladed-troops jumped up high towards the bald bandit.
“Bring it on!” That bald bandit gave a furious roar, he instantly stimulated the full potential of
his body – the Zhanmadao in his hand hacked continuously 30 times as he crazily chopped at
the Bladed-troops one after another.
In a split second, 8 mechanical Bladed-troops were then cut into more than a dozen parts.
At the same time, more than a dozen alloy blades sealed all of the maneuvering space of the
bald bandit, then instantly chopped at him, cutting him into countless pieces.
Budd looked at this scene from the distance, his scalp felt somewhat numb, he rejoiced within:
“The butcher of hundred men Mark also died! Those mechanical golems are so strong!”
The butcher of hundred men Mark was one of the most formidable bandits as well as one of
the few Earth Knights within the Hunting Fang Wilderness, his fighting prowess were only
second to Gria. His most famous battle was when he himself killed more than a 100 enemies,
that was how he received the fierce title: butcher of hundred men. Now even one of the
strongest bandit leaders was actually killed and split into parts by more than a dozen
mechanical Bladed-troops. By that point, Budd had a new understanding about how formidable
the mechanical legion was.
In fact, the larger were the numbers that composed the mechanical legion, the stronger were
its fighting prowess. One against one, a mechanical Bladed-troop against a Knight rank expert,
the odds in a battle between the two parties would be 50-50. But a 100 mechanical Bladed-
troops against a 100 Knight rank warriors, the 100 mechanical Bladed-troops would crush the
100 Knight rank warriors. That was because the mechanical Bladed-troops were well
coordinated, they were valiant and unafraid of death, their bodies defensive strength was
formidable, their vital points were few and small, and they would fight until the bitter end.
Knight rank human warriors didn’t had such qualities.
As large numbers of bandits lost their courage as they were being killed by those mechanical
Bladed-troops, they urged their mounts to escape this hell-like battle field without any
The rest of the bandits found themselves being duped, one after another came to a standstill as
they hesitated.
Suddenly, the space 200m behind Yang Feng warped slightly and the man dressed in a black
robe appeared within a patch of underbrush. The man dressed in a black robe pointed at Yang
Feng and soon after a level-1 fireball shot directly at Yang Feng.
The level-1 spell Fireball might was also extremely terrifying, even if it was a Sky Knight rank
expert, if the level-1 fireball hit him, the only outcome would be death.
As long as a mortal such as Yang Feng enters in contact with the fireball, he’ll be instantly
burned to death.
In this critical moment, two level-5 Shield-troops standing beside Yang Feng raised their shields
within their hands, light flashed slightly above the shields and two transparent protective
covers suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.
The level-1 fireball exploded instantly, the explosion set off traces of ripples on the two
transparent protective covers.
Gars looked at the man dressed in a black robe, he became somewhat appalled and then shout
loudly: “Stealth! Fireball! It’s a Warlock! An official Warlock!!”
The rest of the aristocratic youngsters also revealed traces of appall within their eyes.
An official level-1 Warlock, anywhere within the Turandot Subcontinent, as long as it was not
within Warlock College Antalya, could proclaim himself Lord of a territory. A level-1 Warlock
could casually kill a mortal such as Gars. If not for the two level-5 Shield-troop guards, the level-
1 fireball would have already blown Yang Feng into tatters.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 40
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40 – Assassination
“Kill him!” Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly, he pointed towards the man dressed in a
black robe and said in a cold voice.
400 mechanical Bladed-troops in a split second raised their engines’ output to the highest level,
with a terrifying speed that exceeded fleeing mounts darted towards the man dressed in a black
“Dark Fog!”
The man dressed in a black robe took out a black magic staff, and unleashed a spell from the
magic staff, a cloud of black fog suddenly appeared and at once shrouded completely the place
where Yang Feng and the others were.
A stream of magic radiance rose from the man dressed in a black robe, he tapped lightly with
his foot, and instantly shot backwards, escaping towards the distance with a speed by far
outmatching those mechanical Bladed-troops’.
“Activate the Infrared Scanning System, Thermography System and Sonography System!” Those
mechanical Bladed-troops quickly activated their scanning systems and countless flows of data
welled up within their electronic eyes.
A stream of a strong wind blew over, the Sky Knight Gria in a split second erupted with his
fastest speed, darted towards Yang Feng’s location with a terrifying speed of up to 180 Km/h,
while leaving an after image .
Sky Knights have broken through human limitations – the same as official level-1 Warlocks –
and begun to evolve in the direction of an extraordinary life form. Gria’s all out eruption of
speed could go up to 180Km/h. However, he could only maintain such a terrifying speed
eruption for one minute.
Under that terrifying eruption, Gria only needed two seconds to cross a distance of 100m and
appear before Yang Feng, then he only needed to slash once with his blade to guide Yang Feng
with his mortal body to his death.
Accompanied by a loud noise, an enormous container beside Yang Feng suddenly burst open.
Among the countless flying pieces of wood, a level-7 Bladed-troop suddenly burst out and
pounced lightning-fast at Gria – it fiercely chopped at Gria, from different directions, with its
alloy blades.
“Fuck! What is this freak?!” Gria’s complexion suddenly changed greatly, a formidable field of
life force instantly erupted from him, he brandished the enchanted blades in his hands and put
to a good use his bitterly practiced Bloody Cross Cut, a stream of a bright and sharp Bloody
Cross Cut radiance with a tyrannical aura, fiercely chopped at the level-7 Bladed-troop.
A radiance flashed within the chest of the level-7 mechanical Bladed-troop, and in a split
second a level-1 protective cover shrouded its body, it expressionlessly, allowed the Bloody
Cross Cut chop at its protective cover.
That Bloody Cross Cut at once cut open the level-7 mechanical Bladed-troop’s protective cover,
then fiercely chopped at the level-7 Bladed-troop and left behind a stream of 3cm deep knife
Practically at the same time, that 7-level mechanical Bladed-troop seized the opportunity to
brandish its alloy blades in a chop and Gria was cut into into eight fragments in a split second.
The man dressed in a black robe saw Gria’s tragic death in the hands of that level-7 Bladed-
troop, he felt a trace of coldness in his heart: “What mechanical golem is that? To actually be
able to instakill a Sky Knight! The Steel Lord actually sent such a treasure to protect his
nephew? Fuck!!”
Within Turandot Subcontinent, mechanical golems capable of killing a Sky Knight were
priceless. Even if it was a level-2 Warlock who acquired such a treasure, he absolutely wouldn’t
rashly lend it to others. Rather, he would treasure it as a trump card to be used during battle.
Boom! Boom!
Along with two loud noises, two containers opened in a split second and two tall Gunner-troops
at once darted out from within the containers – they instantly aimed, with their equipped
vulcan cannons, at the Warlock dressed in a black robe, while countless flows of data surged
within their eyes.
“Shit! Warping Force Field!”
The Warlock dressed in a black robe, in his heart suddenly welled up a touch of an ominous
premonition, then an incomparably formidable Warping Force Field enveloped him in a split
The vulcan cannons shells bombarded the Warping Force Field, the trajectories of the shells
were distorted and shot around the Warlock in a black robe.
But every vulcan cannons’ shooting rate was at 600 shells per second, the two leve-7 Gunner-
troops were altogether equipped with 8 six-barrel vulcan cannons, reaching a shooting rate of
4,800 shells per second. Coupled with the super computing chip that calculates the trajectory
and optimizes the lock-down of the target – therefore, the majority of the shells shot towards
the target, the Warlock dressed in a black robe.
Merely stalling for less than a second, the Warping Force Field of the Warlock dressed in a black
robe immediately crumbled, his body was then was teared to shreds by the terrifying vulcan
cannon shells .
Gars watched as the Warlock dressed in a black robe was turned into a cloud of bloody mist and
incredulity flashed in his eyes: “Instakill! To actually instakill a level-1 Warlock! My god, I
haven’t seen it wrong, right? This is Steel City’s mechanical golem legion! Truly too terrifying!!”
Incredulity also flashed in the eyes of those aristocratic youngsters, their gazes were brimming
with envy and jealousy as they watched the two tall level-7 Gunner-troops.
That Warlock dressed in a black robe died and the entire bandit army collapsed and fell apart,
scattering in every direction.
Yang Feng only let the level-4 Bladed-troops kill the bandits and didn’t dispatch the level-7
Level-7 Gunner-troops’ firepower was extremely terrifying, but the consumption of ammunition
was also extremely great. Although Yang Feng brought a lot of shells, but he would only use
them on Warlocks – for ordinary humans, those melee type level-4 Bladed-troops were enough.
The Xi Clan could also manufacture battle robots with infinite ammunition. However, the
technology of those battle robots with infinite ammunition was too high-end, they weren’t
something that Yang Feng could currently manufacture. Thus, the destructive power of those
formidable level-7 Gunner-troops, level-7 Artillery-troops and other similar primary battle
robots – when far away from the headquarters that was Black City – Yang Feng couldn’t lightly
utilize them as he was subjected to the logistics’ pressure. In contrast, the Bladed-troops were
his main primary battle troops.
A rather beautiful aristocratic young lady called Bella, she had a head full of blue short hair and
some freckles on her face, spoke towards Yang Feng while being extremely envious: “Yang
Feng Dage, your uncle is so good to you!”
The rest of the aristocratic youngsters exposed a trace of envy on their expressions.
In order to protect a kin, to send a mechanical legion capable of exterminating an official
Warlock, such extravagance, even a lot of large Warlock Families won’t do something like that.
Even the sons and daughters of a lot of large Warlock Families’ Patriarchs, at most they would
be accompanied by a few level-3 Apprentice Warlock guards or some Great Warlock and Earth
Warlock rank guards. Only some formidable Level-3 Warlocks or Great Warlocks wight be
willing to let a level-1 Warlock become their child’s guard.
Yang Feng smiled slightly as he said: “That is because I’m uncle’s only relative.”
Gars suddenly pointed towards a Bladed-troop and asked full of curiosity: “Yang Feng Dage, are
the carriages loaded with that type of mechanical golems?”
Those aristocratic youngsters’ gazes also focused on Yang Feng, while brimming with curiosity
and excitement.

41 – Black Dragon Tower

The number of carriages in Yang Feng’s convoy reached up to 500, if all of them were loaded
with such terrifying battle robots as level-7 Bladed-troops and level-7 Gunner-troops, that
would definitely be an extremely terrifying force. Even if it was a level-3 Warlock, he also may
not be a match for that mechanical legion.
Only Great Warlocks, who completely exceeded mortal limitations, might have the strength to
destroy a mechanical legion composed of level-7 mechanical golems from within those 500
Yang Feng said dismissively: “Part of them!”
Those aristocratic youngsters’ eyes exuded unspeakable envy and jealousy.
Within those 500 carriages, even if only 20 of them have mechanical Bladed-troops and
mechanical Gunner-troops, such battle weaponry would already be an extremely terrifying
force. If placed within any one principality, that would be a strategic force capable of deciding
the fate of that state. Yang Feng could actually employ such a force at his whim, his power
surpassed by far that of those aristocratic youngsters.
After Hunting Fangs Wilderness’ entire coalition of bandits was rooted, the Bladed-troops
begun to sweep the battle field and collected anything that could be collected. The bandits’
weapons, equipment and money were all gathered, the loot was sizable.
After the battlefield was swept clean, the huge caravan once again began to slowly proceed
At nightfall, as the night shrouded the earth.
In the distance, in the rear of Yang Feng’s convoy, in a place more than 10km away, an
extremely wide big tent was erected.
The severed heads of countless bandits formed a small hill within the big tent, above the hilltop
was a basin-sized mechanical sphere suspended. From within the mechanical sphere countless
fine mechanical tentacles extended and pierced into the bandits’ severed heads, in order to
read those bandits’ memories.
The bandits in Hunting Fangs Wilderness’ came from all over, their memories possessed a lot of
useful information and knowledge. In Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks control everything and
monopolize all knowledge – therefore, any knowledge was extremely valuable. Therefore, after
Yang Feng killed his enemies, all their memories would be read – all of the enemies memories
would be recorded in the database, as an abundant database was a resource.
The more abundant the data-resource within the database was, the more accurately would the
various deductions be carried out. In addition, through those bandits that come from all over,
from their memories, it could let Yang Feng understand the local conditions and customs,
things that were taboo, distribution of power and other intelligence of Turandot Subcontinent’s
various regions.
“Dragon Blood Elixir! I’m truly lucky, this guy actually carried such a treasure!” Yang Feng
fiddled around with the crystal bottle containing Dragon Blood Elixir and within his eyes flashed
a trace of excitement.
Dragon Blood Elixir was an extremely precious and rare elixir, the defensive strength of the
crystal bottle containing Dragon Blood Elixir was extremely astonishing. Additionally, it was
luckily preserved as its surface hadn’t been blasted apart by the cannons.
Yang Feng passed the Dragon Blood Elixir to the octopus-like robot with a lot of tentacles
beside him and said: “Nr.3796, can you synthesize this Dragon Blood Elixir?”
Nr.3796’s consciousness could move to any robot equipped with a smart microchip.
On that robot octopus’ head appeared an opening, from within extended a fine glass tube that
sucked in a small portion of Dragon Blood Elixir then retreated back and shortly after, countless
flows of data surged through its eyes.
<Initiating the analysis of the elixir! Analyzing the feasibility.>
<The elixir can be analyzed and synthesized!>
<Initiating the analysis model!>
<Analysis rate is at 0.01!>
<With the current computing power, it is estimated that the elixir will be completely analyzed
after 10 days!>
Notifications appeared on Yang Feng’s eyeglasses one after another.
Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a trace of delight: “Can be synthesized! Terrific!”
Dragon Blood Elixir was a very rare elixir. Black Cottage’s master Bonney, all along wished to
obtain it, yet was also unable to buy it. Only the six great forces or some Great Warlocks’
formidable forces might refine such a treasure as Dragon Blood Elixir.
Once Dragon Blood Elixir could be synthesized, Yang Feng then could use large amounts of it to
strengthen his body and promote his strength.
Yang Feng very quickly checked the origins of the Warlock in a black robe: “Black Dragon Tower,
I was under the misconception that it was Savage Claw’s doing – I didn’t think that the assassin
would be from Black Dragon Tower! Apparently, quite a lot of people want me dead, ah!”
Yang Feng obtained the admission qualification to join Warlock College Antalya because of the
recommendation of his embodiment of the Steel Lord. However, within Turandot Subcontinent,
there were a lot of forces that were unwilling to see Yang Feng join Warlock College Antalya.
After all, Yang Feng’s embodiment of the Steel Lord broke the strength balance between the six
great forces.
Although Yang Feng didn’t wanted to achieve such a great struggle. However, his cultivation
aptitude was truly to lacking, if it was not for his identity as a kin of the master of Steel City and
his recommendation of admission, he basically wouldn’t have entered Warlock College Antalya,
he wouldn’t even be able to join any kind of Warlock’s force.
Yang Feng was checking the bandit leader Gria’s relevant memories, suddenly his eyebrows
creased: “The treasure-trove of the ancient god! To actually have a connection with Snow
White Tower, that Gria really wasn’t simple! This spells trouble!”
Gria, formerly known as Chinea, was a Sky Knight with battle prowess comparable to a level-1
Warlock’s. Such an expert, no matter where one went one would receive an offer of
recruitment as well as will have endless glory, splendor, wealth and rank to enjoy. But he still
chose to seek refuge in Hunting Fangs Wilderness and became a bandit leader, that was
because he provoked Snow White Tower by procuring a secret regarding the treasure-trove of
the ancient god from within Snow White Tower .
Snow White Tower was a peak force within Turandot Subcontinent, only second to the six great
forces. Snow White Tower’s current Tower Mistress, Snow White Madam, was a Great Warlock
rank expert.
Chinea provoked Snow White Tower and flight was his only choice – he sought refuge in
Hunting Fangs Wilderness, where dragons and snakes mingle, to conceal his identity, becoming
Gria and founding a sizable base.
Chinea concealed himself from Snow White Tower‘s spies via a secret treasure with the power
to withstand Divination. Now that the secret treasure was cut into pieces by Yang Feng’s
mechanical Bladed-troop, there was no power to once again withstand Snow
White Tower’s Divination. Thus Yang Feng doesn’t know when he becomes target of Snow
White Tower’s Divination.
A god’s life span surpasses by far that of other life forms. The lowest rank god with the weakest
divine power also had a minimum life span of 1,000,000 years. Thus, there were lot of experts
in this world that choose to become gods in order to live longer.
It was very dangerous to turn into a god in this world controlled by Warlocks. Basically, one
would be captured and reduced to an alchemic material by the peak Warlocks of the main
continent once one became a god.
Those who chose to become gods in order to revive, would hide some treasure-troves outside
their god states, then wait after their own revival to access the treasure-troves and quickly
restore their strength.
Chinea knew the whereabouts of the treasure-trove of the ancient god, who was a god during
Seventh Warlock Dynasty and who concealed it outside his divine state.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 42
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Chapter N
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42 – St. Kaulin City

Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly as he slowly thought: “Gria was separated by a layer, it
shouldn’t be that easy to find me, right?
Divination was mysterious and strange, it basically wasn’t something that mortals like Yang
Feng could ward off. The only way to ward off Divination was by means of a secret treasure or
promote to a level-1 Warlock, only then might Yang Feng be able to ward off the power of
For the current Yang Feng, the ancient god’s treasure-trove wasn’t too important. His current
top priority lied in cultivating until level-1 Warlock.
Every god rank expert possessed a terrifying power that by far surpassed that of a Great
Warlock, a treasure-trove left by such an expert would be extremely dangerous. The reason
why Yang Feng didn’t want to enter the ancient god’s treasure-trove was because he could get
cursed and then die.
“Two secret treasures, pretty good!” Yang Feng looked at the two secret treasures beside him,
and within his eyes flashed a trace of content.
Secret treasure was a generic term for items, with extraordinary power, refined by Alchemists.
In the definition of Warlock Dynasties, even if it was an artifact used by a god, it still would be a
secret treasure, albeit a high-level one.
Secret treasures were extremely rare, most of them were in the hands of official Warlocks.
After Yang Feng took down Black Cottage, he also only obtained 2 level-1 secret treasures and 5
level-0 secret treasures. After he disposed of those 2 level-2 Warlocks, he only obtained 1 level-
2 secret treasure.
<Blood Blade, level-1 secret treasure.>
<Attributes: hardness 1, armor damage 1, magic damage 1, sharpness 1.>
Yang Feng picked up Gria’s blade and soon after a series of notifications appeared on his
<Black Magic Staff, level-1 secret treasure.>
<Annexed with the level-1 spell Dark Fog 0/1. Needs to be recharged.>
Yang Feng touched the magic staff of the Warlock dressed in a black robe and a series of
notifications appeared once again.
Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly: “The secret treasure needs to be charged, with my
current strength, I’m basically unable to use it.”
Those secret treasures that need to be charged, could only be used after being charged – in
order to charge them, one had to comprehend and master their spells. Level-1 spells were still
too difficult for Yang Feng.
Among secret treasures, in addition to the secret treasures that needed to be charged, there
were still secret treasures with a permanent automatic recovery. Those secret treasures that
could automatically recover a set amount of magic every they, didn’t need to be charged and
anyone could use them. Such secret treasures were more precious and rarer than the
chargeable secret treasures.
“Even though this Blood Blade is good, but compared to a pistol, the attack range is too limited!
For the current me, a pistol is more suitable than this Blood Blade.” Yang Feng picked up the
Blood Blade and brandished it several times as he thought with some regret.
No matter how high your martial prowess were, one gunshot would take you out. Even if was a
Knight rank or a Great Knight rank expert, as long as Yang Feng had a 9mm silver pistol in his
hand, when shot, if they didn’t die then they would be disabled. If Yang Feng used the Blood
Blade to fight with people, then even a low-level Warrior could take care of him.
After the majority of the formidable bandits of Hunting Fangs Wilderness were taken care of by
Yang Feng in that battle, the entire Hunting Fangs Wilderness’ bandits didn’t dare to provoke
this tyrannical huge caravan once again.
After the caravan smoothly crossed the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, there hadn’t been any major
incidents from the time when they passed through a few cities and then finally arrived at
Warlock College Antalya’s St. Kaulin City.
“This is St. Kaulin City? So majestic!” Yang Feng was beneath St. Kaulin City, raised his head and
looked at that majestic and extremely large city with eyes brimming with shock.
St. Kaulin City’s wall soared up to 100m, it was completely cast of steel rock. The wall surround
the whole St. Kaulin City.
Above the wall of St. Kaulin City, there was a Warlock Tower every few kilometers. Those one
after another Warlock Towers formed St. Kaulin City’s impregnable line of defense.
Majestic large cities such as St. Kaulin City, even if it were to be in the modern day earth, there
also wouldn’t be a lot of countries capable of build them.
Gars said proudly: “It’s only natural, this St. Kaulin City is indeed one of the six miracle cities of
our Turandot Subcontinent. The six miracle cities are said to be an inheritance from the Seventh
Dynasty. Even if they are to be placed on the main continent, the six miracle cities would not
fall to far behind.”
A radiance flashed past Yang Feng’s eyes as he thought in his heart: “In other words, cities such
as St. Kaulin City aren’t anything special in the main continent! This world’s Warlocks are truly
“Hang on, please show me your passage certificate!” A warrior guarding the gate stopped Yang
Feng, he glanced at the 6m tall mechanical Bladed-troop standing beside Yang Feng, his
complexion had a slight change and his voice also became slightly respectful.
With a 6m tall mechanical golem guarding him, the warrior absolutely couldn’t provoke such a
Sir. But after he saw the long caravan behind Yang Feng, he only could summon his courage,
step forward and stop Yang Feng.
Yang Feng waved his hand, Jim his temporary manager stepped forward and handed the
passage certificate to the warrior.
“Please come in!” The passage certificate was issued by the level-2 Warlock Eudorax. After the
warrior inspected the passage certificate, his complexion had once more a slight change and he
let them through.
Once they entered St. Kaulin City, Yang Feng then saw vast and flat passages emerge before his
eyes. On the roads, comparable to those of modern day earth, drove luxurious carriages
completely cast in steel and modern vehicles that were 90% similar to sports cars.
Yang Feng looked at those vehicles that were just like earth’s sports cars and within his eyes
flashed a trace of astonishment as he cried out involuntarily: “Those vehicles, how are they so
different from the carriages?”
Gars gave an introduction while somewhat envious: “Those are magic sports cars! They are one
of Sixth Warlock Dynasty alchemic products. These puppies are faster and safer than carriages.
Not even talking about their high purchasing cost, just their consumption of magic stones for
propulsion, every 200Km would require 1 magic stone – only official Warlocks or the peak
aristocrats can afford those magic sports cars.”
An inferior magic stone was equivalent to 100 gold coins. The consumption for every every
200Km of driving consumed 1 magic stone – such a high consumption, basically wan’t
something that ordinary aristocrats could afford.
Yang Feng stared at a magic sports car as he was thinking: “Magic sports cars! Magic carpets!
This World of Warlocks is truly high-end!”
Trees were planted on either side of the vast and flat road, they were up to 5m tall and had a
glass-like transparent cover – waves of fragrance were emitted from those trees.
Gars pointed at the trees on either side of the road and introduced them to Yang Feng and
those lesser aristocratic youngsters: “These trees are Sun Light Trees! Seventh Warlock Dynasty
transplanted them from a plane with countless rare and strange species of trees. After these
Sun Light Trees absorb enough sunshine during the day, during the night their fruits will then
bloom with beautiful radiance, brightly lighting St. Kaulin City – making the city appear as if it
had no night!”

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 43
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Chapter N
ext Chapter
43 – Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree
Bella and the other aristocratic youngsters listened to Gars introduction, revealing a trace of
longing. Ordinary states couldn’t be as extravagant as St. Kaulin City, they couldn’t casually
plant such precious plants like Sun Light Trees on both sides of the road.
Excluding St. Kaulin City, the other six miracle cities as well as some top-notch Warlock forces,
most of the land within Turandot Subcontinent was at the level of medieval europe. Bella and
the rest of the aristocratic youngsters were much more experienced than commoners, but they
were still country bumpkins when compared to second generation Warlocks like Gars.
The inside of St. Kaulin City was tidy and orderly, the roads were smooth, everyone was dressed
in gorgeous clothing and had rosy complexions. Every building within the city had a unique
style. Many large buildings were brimming with an artistic beauty. The city was lacking the
scenes or ordinary cities, such as mud everywhere, with animal feces being common as well as
flows of sewage. It was even more beautiful, clean, lively and flourishing than the cities of
earth’s modern europe.
Yang Feng, as someone who had an enormous convoy of 2,000, after he entered St. Kaulin City,
he attracted the attentions of countless onlookers. Especially that up to 6m tall mechanical
Bladed-troop as well as other similar battle robots, they attracted the gazes of countless
Mechanical golems were not rare in Turandot Subcontinent, but the majority of those
mechanical golems were in the hands of official Warlocks, ordinary people seldom could see
such large battle golems like the Bladed-troop.
Although the real estate prices in St. Kaulin City were ridiculously high, but after negotiating
with Warlock College Antalya, at a price of 10,000 magic stones, Yang Feng bought a small
manor within St. Kaulin City via the name of Steel Lord Yang Ye.
After Yang Feng and his entourage entered the small manor in the evening for a rest – under
the Gars guidance, they then went towards the direction of Warlock College Antalya.
Warlock College Antalya was located in the center of St. Kaulin City, it was a city within a city
with a diameter of up to 30Km. The area within 1,000m of Warlock College Antalya’s entrance
had lush trees surrounded by grass, without any signs of human habitations to be seen. Yet
outside that 1,000m area, it was bustling with activity, with countless shops everywhere.
This was the day that Warlock College Antalya recruited new students, resulting in the road
leading towards Warlock College Antalya being crowded.
“Mechanical golems!”
“Those mechanical golems are so big!”
“Who is that person? To actually have such terrifying mechanical golems acting as his guards!”
Suddenly, bursts of discussions were heard among the crowd as it parted.
Under the guard of 8 level-7 primary battle robots, Yang Feng and his entourage arrived outside
the entrance of Warlock College Antalya. The nearby crowd watched those primary battle
robots beside Yang Feng as a trace of reverence flashed in their eyes.
Every one of those mechanical Bladed-troops was 6m tall and equipped with a lot of tyrannical
weapons. At a glance it would make people realize that unless one possessed Warlock rank
battle prowess, otherwise, one couldn’t defeat those big guys. The person guarded by those
steel freaks, was a Sir that absolutely couldn’t be offended.
In the crowd, a blonde and blue-eyed, fiery figure, with extremely alluring features,
approximately 16 year old young lady fiercely stared at Yang Feng and murmured full of
resentment: “He’s Steel Lord’s sole kin!”
A middle-aged man standing beside the beautiful young lady whispered: “Princess, Your Royal
Highness, I beg You to not act blindly without thinking! The Steel Lord is a lunatic! If you gave
him a pretext, then our Fernandro Family would be in danger.”
That beautiful princess’ eyes flashed with a trace of confidence and she said coldly: “I know! I
won’t act rashly without thinking, but I also absolutely won’t let him have it easy!”
Yang Feng and his entourage, under the guard of the 8 primary battle robots arrived at the
place 1,000m from the entrance of Warlock College Antalya and only then stopped.
Warlock College Antalya’s rules were very strict, the 1,000m path can only be journeyed by
those youngsters that were going to participate in Warlock College Antalya’s entrance
examination, all the servants and guards, once they step onto that path at best they would get
severely punished, at worst they would be directly killed or forced to act as alchemic materials.
Under Gars guidance, Yang Feng followed the close to 10,000 youngsters from the Southern
States Coalition towards Warlock College Antalya in great strides.
“Such a big tree!”
Yang Feng arrived at Warlock College Antalya’s gate and looked towards its depth, there was a
giant tree above a high mountain, the giant tree was towering, with countless branches and
emitted traces of rainbow-like radiance.
Gars said proudly: “This is an Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree, its a special extremely ancient
tree from the same plane as the Sun Light Trees! It can absorb the drifting energies from the
space and condense them into the magic crystal pool, even on the main continent, it would also
be considered a rare treasure. If the Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree hadn’t been already
merged with Warlock College Antalya, then perhaps it would have already been taken by the
experts from the main continent.”
magic stones were ores with extraordinary energy, they were divided into four grades: inferior
magic stones, intermediate magic stones, superior magic stones and top-notch magic stones.
The exchange rate for each successive grade was at 100: 1. Above the top-notch magic stones,
there were still treasures such as magic crystals. The Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree could
absorb the drifting energies from the space and condense them into the magic crystal pool, its
value could be imagined.
In Turandot Subcontinent, there were many forces with Great Warlock rank experts, but those
forces were by far inferior to Warlock College Antalya and the other six great forces. That was
because those forces’ roots were much more shallow then those of the six great forces. This
Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree was one of Warlock College Antalya’s roots.
At the gate of Warlock College Antalya, there were ten tables, behind every table sat a level-1
Warlock emitting formidable fluctuation of life force.
A crystal used to examine those youngsters’, that were thirsty for admission, soul aptitude was
placed above each table.
An elderly man dressed in a black robe looked indifferently at the surroundings as his voice
sounded: “15 years old, inferior level-3 soul aptitude. Not qualified!”
A youngster dressed in a gorgeous attire had his complexion change slightly, he clenched his
teeth and left with an unwilling expression.
Warlock College Antalya’s enrollment was very strict, the soul aptitude must have reached
inferior level-4, only then can one join it. Some small Warlock forces let one join them as long
one had a soul aptitude of intermediate level-2.
“14 years old, inferior level-4 soul aptitude, qualified!”
“16 years old, superior level-4 soul aptitude, qualified!”
“15 years old, inferior level-5 soul aptitude, qualified!”
“15 years old, superior level-3 soul aptitude, not qualified!”
The voices sounded time and again, pronouncing the fates of those youngsters from Southern
States Coalition. Those that had been declared as qualified looked very hapy, those that had
been declared as not qualified, their faces were deathly pale as if they just lost a parent.

44 – Malicious Ridicule
“14 years old, superior level-6 soul aptitude, qualified!”
The soul aptitude of most of the youngsters was basically between level-4 and level-5,
suddenly, a somewhat excited voice sounded and the gazes focused on a blond and blue-eyed
beautiful young lady with a fiery figure.
The level-1 Warlock in front of that blond and blue-eyed beautiful young lady was very excited,
he looked at the beautiful young lady as if looking at a treasure.
That level-1 Warlock seemed to be 35 or 36 years old, his gaze soft, handed the beautiful young
lady a slip of paper as he gently said: “I’m Nice, an official level-1 Warlock of Warlock College
Antalya. If you want to become my personal disciple, please contact me. Here my means of
The students that looked at the beautiful young lady, their eyes were brimming with envy.
Nice previously gave the other students the cold shoulder, yet he handed an olive branch to
that beautiful young lady. This showed that he was extremely optimistic about the future of the
beautiful young lady.
With superior level-6 soul aptitude, if there were no accidents and there was an abundance of
resources, promoting to a level-1 Warlock was basically a sure deal. Only, when breaking
through to level-2 Warlock would a bottle neck and a the possibility of failure arise. Naturally,
such a student made Nice very tempted.
With regards to even an Apprentice Warlock that wasn’t an ordinary student, receiving pointers
from an official level-1 Warlock was definitely an opportunity for which one even yearned in
one’s dreams. It could spare one a lot of detours as well as gain large amounts of resources.
That beautiful young lady bowed slightly towards Nice in salute and tactfully declined: “Many
thank for Your care Sir Nice, I’ll consider it!”
Nice somewhat regretfully swept that young lady with a glance, then his gaze fell on the rest of
the youngsters and he regained his indifference: “Next!”
The youngsters continued to step forward and examine their aptitudes.
Yang Feng has been observing and discovered that the majority of the youngsters had level-4
soul aptitudes and only a few of them had level-5 soul aptitudes, as for level-6 soul aptitudes,
there was only that beautiful young lady.
After approximately more than 1,000 youngsters went through the examination, suddenly
there was a slight uproar. A 14 year old lesser aristocratic youngster, his examination showed a
reading of lesser level-6 soul aptitude. This time, the lesser aristocratic youngster directly chose
to become a personal disciple of the official Warlock.
The majority of the youngsters that chose to join Warlock College Antalya were eager to
become personal disciples of those official Warlocks. Only those who possessed a formidable
background and already had selected a talented teacher in advance, only then would they
choose to tactfully decline an official Warlocks recruitment.
After yet another several hundred youngsters went through their examinations, only then was
it finally Yang Feng’s turn.
In front of Yang Feng was a male Warlock, he was approximately 36 or 37 years old – he gave
Yang Feng a glance, his eyebrows creased slightly and said: “Our Warlock College Antalya, the
enrollment this time is for students under the age of 16, your age is to high and doesn’t meet
our requirements, leave!
“I’m Yang Feng, the nephew of the Steel Lord! This is my special enrollment certificate!” Yang
Feng, in a calm and unhurried manner, took out a badge that emitted faint magic fluctuations
and handed it to the Warlock.
That Warlock took the badge, then after carefully looking at it for a while, creased his eyebrows
slightly and said coldly: “Place your hand on the crystal.”
Yang Feng at once placed his hand of the crystal.
After a few moments, that crystal released traces of weak murky grey radiance.
“25 years old, inferior level-1 soul aptitude, qualified!” That Warlock looked at the crystal, his
complexion marvelous, and said while almost gnashing his teeth.
Inferior level-1 soul aptitude, that was the worst possible talent, even a lot of peasants couldn’t
compare with. Only some premature infants, useless people that destroy their bodies with
women and alcohol, or those injured while inside the womb, only then would one have such a
terrible soul aptitude.
“Inferior level-1 soul aptitude! How can such a person be qualified?”
“How can one qualify with such an aptitude?”
“Inferior level 1 soul aptitude, this is the worst soul aptitude that I have ever seen! My family’s
groom (a person that grooms horses) might have a much higher soul aptitude than him!”
One after another, discussions sounded, they all questioned the legitimacy of Yang Feng’s
admission qualifications.
Warlock College Antalya was one of the six peak Warlock forces in Turandot Subcontinent.
Those who wish to enter Warlock College Antalya to study were like a school of silver carp (aka,
numerous) – every year, less than a 1,000 people could enter Warlock College Antalya to
cultivate on their Warlock Path.
The examination of the soul aptitude was only the first one, there was still a second screening.
Those students with a level-5 or higher soul aptitude could basically stay and cultivate in
Warlock College Antalya, and students with a level-4 soul aptitude still need to be screened and
weeded out.
A place to cultivate in Warlock College Antalya, if sold on the black market, then even if it would
cost 1,000 gold coins there would be a lot of greater aristocrats willing to pay for it.
Yang Feng’s soul aptitude was only at inferior level-1, him entering Warlock College Antalya,
naturally attracted jealousy and dissatisfaction of countless people.
A large number of youngsters condemned Yang Feng. Yang Feng thickened his face and acted as
if he didn’t hear anything.
However, it was evident that those official Warlock teachers also didn’t had a favorable
impression of Yang Feng, they looked coldly from the sidelines and allowed those youngsters
condemn Yang Feng.
A blond and blue-eyed, handsome and brawny youngster ridiculed maliciously: “These oriental
yellow monkeys don’t know shame! Inferior level-1 soul aptitude, to even dare and come to
Warlock College Antalya. I suggest that we arrest them all, stuff them into cages, feed them
bananas and then throw them out!”
Yang Feng listened to those malicious words, creased his eyebrows slightly, turned and looked
at the youngster.
He observed that blond and blue-eyed youngster that stood with several extraordinary
youngsters beside the young lady with a superior level-6 soul aptitude, forming a small group.
The entire small group of youngsters had looks of ridicule, they dismissively looked at Yang
Feng with eyes full of undisguised contempt and malice.
A lot of people’s memories were stored in Nr.3796’s database. By reading those people’s
memories, Yang Feng had some understanding of Turandot Subcontinent’s local conditions,
customs and social order.
The society in Turandot Subcontinent was predominantly composed of caucasian. In addition to
caucasians, there were also some orientals from the main continent wandering about.
In Turandot Subcontinent, there were a lot of caucasians and they discriminated greatly against
orientals, they believed that when those orientals arrived they would steal their jobs,
achievements, land and the opportunities of becoming a Warlock.
Originally, Zhao Jiang’s ancestor, under Fernandro Principality, had enough merits to be
conferred the title of Viscount, but under the suppression of the other aristocrats he could only
reluctantly receive the title of Baron – furthermore he was banished to the remote Autumn-
Leaf Village. That all happened because of discrimination and suppression.
It was very difficult for orientals to integrate in the mainstream society, it may require several,
perhaps maybe even more that a dozen generations of great effort, only then might they be
fully integrated in Turandot Subcontinent’s mainstream society.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 45
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Chapter N
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45 – We’ll Fight To The Death

Yang Feng with his inferior level-1 soul aptitude could actually join Warlock College Antalya, it
made so that all the youngsters here were full of grievances. Even though they also felt that the
youngsters words were extremely malicious, yet the majority kept silent and observed the
scene coldly from the sidelines.
Yang Feng swept that youngster with a glance, a trace of killing intent flashing in his eyes and
he said coldly: “Who are you?”
That young man swept Yang Feng with a glance and smiled in ridicule as he spoke: ” I’m
Bantania, the third successor to Tutania Principality’s Sanger Family! Why, you want to duel
with me, yellow monkey?”
Yang Feng smiled faintly and then said: “I’m Yang Feng, the only kin of Steel City’s master and
I’m Steel City’s only successor! Due to you humiliating our Steel City! On behalf of our Steel
City, I’m issuing a formal declaration of war against your Tutania Principality! Our Steel City’s
100,000 mechanical golem legion is going to flatten your Tutania Principality, we won’t
withdraw until your Sanger Family is uprooted!”
“What?! Steel City actually wants to go to war against Tutania Principality?”
“Steel City, in the end what is this force?”
“Is Steel City that Warlock group that just a short time ago defeated Fernandro Principality and
killed an official level-2 Warlock of Fernandro Principality?
“No! Reportedly, it was the three great forces Demonic Snake’s Eye, White Elephant Ivory and
Fernandro Family that attacked Steel City and were defeated by it. Supposedly, nearly half of
Fernandro Family’s Blood Bat Knights were killed!”
The majority of the youngsters gathered at the Warlock College Antalya were from greater
aristocratic families from the many states of the Southern States Coalition. Many even came
from some formidable Warlock Families, their sources of knowledge and information have by
far surpassed that of ordinary people. The news of Steel City defeating Fernando Principality
shocked the entire Southern States Coalition, the majority of them knew about this news. Only
some ordinary students that had a commoners’ background didn’t had this information.
When Bantania heard those words, his complexion at once became incomparably pale and his
whole body trembled somewhat from fear. He originally thought to enrage Yang Feng into a
duel with him, if it where that way, by relying o his strength as a high-level Warrior, he was
certain of defeating and even heavily injuring Yang Feng, ruthlessly humiliating him once again.
He didn’t thought that because of this one sentence, his family would sink into a war with Steel
Bantania considered it, then regained a bit of his calm and with a paled complexion forcibly said
in a loud voice: “Impossible! You’re merely the Steel Lord’s nephew – even if you are his only
kin, you still can’t represent the entire Steel City to declare war against our Tutania
The rest of the aristocratic youngsters’ eyes also flashed with a trace of suspicion as they looked
at Yang Feng.
Neglecting war begets danger, courting war begets death. Every formidable force was very
cautious when it comes to starting a new war. Those militant forces that continuously start new
wars, they would quickly decline because of those same wars. No successor of a Warlock group,
not even the first successor, could represent a force and randomly declare war against another
Warlock group.
Under the suspicious gazes of the various people – Yang Feng took out a square palm-sized
steel box in a calm and unhurried manner and lightly pressed on it.
That steel box flickered with a radiance that condensed in the air into the image of an up to 2m
tall middle-aged man, he was dressed in a silver-white Warlock’s robe with a silver thread on
the cuffs.
Yang Feng bowed slightly to the image of the middle-aged man in the air and said: “This is
Bantania, the third successor to Tutania Principality’s Sanger Family! He made a malicious
statement and discriminated against our ethnicity. On behalf of Steel City, I had formally
declared war against Tutania Principality, without withdrawing until the Sanger Family is
Countless gazes were concentrated on Yang Feng’s fabrication that was Steel Lord Yang Ye. A
100,000 mechanical golem legion, with each golem being comparable to a Knight rank, in
Turandot Subcontinent, only those forces with level-3 Warlocks or higher might be able to
contend against one or two mechanical golem legions, only those peak Warlock forces that
have a Great Warlock as their backer may be able to grasp victory.
In the Southern States Coalition, only Warlock College Antalya had Great Warlock rank experts.
The other forces only had a level-3 Warlock as their strongest backer. Steel City was among the
key great forces in the Southern States Coalition and its every move was eye-catching.
Bantania looked at Yang Ye’s image in the air, he had a pale complexion and was trembling, as if
awaiting trial.
The beautiful young lady with superior level-6 soul aptitude also stared at Yang Ye’s image in
the air and a trace of hostility flashed in her beautiful eyes.
Yang Ye’s image in the air nodded slightly and said gently with a trace of indulgence: “You’re
right! I will issue a declaration of war to Tutania Principality. Moreover, I’ll immediately send
troop to attack Tutania Principality and uproot the Sanger Family! All forces that ally
themselves with Tutania Principality, my mechanical golem legion will mercilessly destroy
them! Until there’s nothing left of them!”
Yang Ye’s image pointed at Bantania’s small group, and said with a voice full of cruelty and
killing intent: “As for you, who stay together with this Sangers Family’s waste, is it to assume
that your families are going to join forces with him and have an endless war against our Steel
An aristocratic youngster standing beside Bantania bowed politely in salute towards Yang Ye
and said: “Respected Steel City’s Sir City Master, I’m Mankis of Lex Principality and Botani
Family’s eighth successor. I’ve just met Bantania, and there isn’t any deep friendship between
us. Our family also doesn’t wished to be enemies with You!”
Finished speaking, Mankis immediately left the small group and coldly observed from the
“Respected Steel City’s Sir City Master …”
Members of the small group, one after another, respectfully bowed in salute towards Yang Ye’s
image and them immediately separated themselves from Bantania.
The members of the small group were all elites from their respective families, although in their
hearts they were also full of scorn and discrimination towards the oriental Yang Feng, yet they
wouldn’t rashly reveal it. Especially in the face of a formidable Warlock capable of killing level-2
Warlocks, they would be humble.
In front of a Warlock, mortals must be humble! This was the first rule of all the states in
Turandot Subcontinent. Those that violate this rule, even if the one killed by an official Warlock
was an aristocrat, legal means still couldn’t be used to sanction that official Warlock.
This is a world of Warlocks!

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 46
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Chapter N
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46 – Begging For Mercy

That extremely beautiful lady with the superior level-6 soul aptitude also bowed slightly
towards Yang Ye’s image in salute and said dimly: “Respected Steel City’s Sir City Master, I’m
Jessica of Fernandro Principality and Fernandro Family’s third successor. Our family also doesn’t
wishes to be enemies with You!”
It doesn’t matter how much Jessica hated Yang Ye, with regards to a formidable official
Warlock, she still must be humble – otherwise, it would give Steel City a pretext to once again
start a war.
Fernandro Family was already injured because of the war with Steel City. Jessica was also
distinctly clear about the strength Steel City. A 100,000 Knight rank mechanical golem legion,
even if the two great families joined together, Fernandro Family and Sanger Family, they also
wouldn’t be necessarily Steel City’s match.
Finished speaking, Jessica also left Bantania under his somewhat desperate gaze.
That small group at once collapsed and fell apart. Bantania, who merely just a moment ago was
still high-spirited and wanting to show of in front the beauties, now stood there all alone by
A teacher responsible for the aptitude examination stood up, gloomily faced Yang Ye’s image
and asked: “Yang Ye, I’m Yuriy, a teacher at Warlock College Antalya and a level-1 Warlock!
Tutania Principality is an important member of our Southern States Coalition. Southern States
Coalition prohibits the starting of wars without a cause nor reason! Do you really want to
violate the laws drafted by our Warlock College Antalya?”
Southern States Coalition was Warlock College Antalya’s foundation. Warlock College Antalya
basically won’t permit internal conflict and mutual consumption of power within Southern
States Coalition.
Yang Ye’s image swept Yuriy with a glance and then said coldly: “Yuriy, I don’t have the desire
to violate the laws drafted by Warlock College Antalya! However, this mortal ant insulted me! A
Warlock’s dignity is inviolable, in order to uphold the dignity of a Warlock, I have the right to
retaliate against him and his family! I’ve decided to uproot him and his family, only like this can
I quell my rage! Anything or anyone obstructing my vengeance is an enemy of mine!”
Yuriy didn’t know how to respond and therefore fell into silence.
Turandot Subcontinent was a place ruled by Warlocks. A Warlock’s dignity was inviolable. Once
any mortal insulted the dignity of a Warlock, he or she would receive the terrifying retaliation
of the Warlock – this was a Warlock’s right.
Bantania’s soul attribute reached up to intermediate level-5 and he had the strength of a high-
level Warrior. He was regarded as a genius among mortal youngsters. But a mortal genius was
still a mortal, he wasn’t a Warlock – once he insulted a Warlock, Yang Feng wishing to uproot
his family was also reasonable and proper.
Bantania’s eyes were filled with a trace of despair and he shouted at the top of his lungs:
“Mighty Sir Steel Lord, I didn’t insult You, ah! I swear on my life that I hadn’t insulted You!”
Yang Feng took the initiative to step forward and deliberately misrepresented the facts: “Uncle!
He said that we orientals were yellow monkeys, that we should be staffed into cages and be fed
bananas, that we don’t have any qualifications to become Warlocks and don’t have the
qualifications to join Warlock College Antalya.”
Yang Ye looked down coldly at Bantania and said very grimly: “This is the Warlock College
Antalya and no one is allowed to harm others in here! I also won’t deal with you here. However,
as long as you leave Warlock College Antalya, our Steel City’s mechanical golem legion of
100,000 will deal with you and erase you from this world!
Bantania at once knelt on the ground and shouted at the top of his lungs while crying and
pleading: “Mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye, I implore You, let me off! I really didn’t meant it! I
apologize! Yang Feng, I apologize! I beg you to spare me, let me off!”1
Yang Feng didn’t even spare Bantania a glance.
Within Turandot Subcontinent, caucasians were the main ethnic group, for orientals to
integrate in this society was extremely difficult. As long as Yang Feng shows any weakness, then
he would be bullied. He doesn’t want to be bullied. And if he could seize this opportunity and
annex Tutania Principality, then his forces would receive a huge boost once again.
Yang Feng’s territory currently borders on Savage Claw’s Denixia Empire and on Rose Garden’s
Rosa Empire – Savage Claw and Rose Garden were two of the six great Warlock groups. In order
to expand his territory, the only option would be to invade Denixia Empire or Rosa Empire.
If Savage Claw doesn’t dispatch Great Warlock rank experts, then Yang Feng was sure to seize
Denixia Empire in a war. However, once Savage Claw dispatches Great Warlock rank experts,
then his odds at victory would be reduced to the lowest. It was very difficult for Yang Feng to
expand under such circumstances. To now get the opportunity to expand, he naturally won’t
easily let it slip past him.
At this moment, a terrifying pressure gushed out from within Warlock College Antalya and
enveloped this patch of land.
Under the terrifying pressure, all those present were oppressed, their complexions pale and
bodies trembling.
Yang Feng was also under that terrifying pressure, his complexion changed greatly, his entire
body was brimming with fear and he almost couldn’t help but kneel.
At this moment, the level-1 secret treasure Green Heart, it looked like a green leaf, it bloomed
with traces of green radiance on Yang Feng’s chest, weakening that terrifying pressure by more
than 50% – only then could he barely bear that terrifying pressure without kneeling nor loosing
A gate manifested itself out of thin air, it opened and a foul wind spewed out from within the it,
then a large scarlet hand extended from within the gate and grabbed Yang Feng and pulled him
inside the gate.
Yang Feng entered the gate, then the gate immediately closed and faded.
Yang Feng’s eyes blurred and then he saw himself appear in a lounge.
A middle-aged man with silver hair was sitting in the center of the lounge, he was like the sun
and his body bloomed with extremely terrifying fluctuations of power.
Yang Feng glanced at the middle-aged man with silver hair, his eyes in pain, just like looking
directly at the sun, he was suddenly unable to see.
“I’m Scarlet Hand Blitz!”
A formidable and refreshing power suddenly merged with Yang Feng, poured into his eyes and
alleviated the pain, while a flat voice sounded inside the lounge.
Tears flowed from Yang Feng’s eyes and his heart shook: “Scarlet Hand Blitz, the most
formidable level-3 Warlock of Warlock College Antalya, known as the man closest to a Great
Warlock! Truly formidable!”
Yang Ye’s image bowed slightly towards Blitz in salute and said respectfully: “I’m Steel City’s
City Master Yang Ye, welcome Sir Blitz!”
Blitz declared flatly and very overbearingly: “I’m aware of what happened! Steel City is not
allowed to wage war with Tutania Principality.”

47 – Conditions
Yang Ye’s image was silent for a moment and then said respectfully: “I’ll sincerely comply with
Your orders! However, I ask You to permit my Steel City start a war against the Sanger Family!”
Blitz said coldly: “No!”
Anger welled up in Yang Feng’s heart, under his orders, Yang Ye’s image fell into perpetual
silence, loosing that appearance of the frank and straightforward reply of just a moment ago.
Blitz said lightly: “I can let the Sanger Family provide you with a compensation! 10,000 magic
stones, I will let them pay you 10,000 magic stones for their own foolishness.”
10,000 magic stones was equivalent to 1,000,000 gold coins. Fernandro Principality lost to Yang
Feng and had to pay him however 300,000 magic stones in war reparations. Those 300,000
magic stones, that huge amount of war reparations, already added some pressure to Fernandro
Family. 10,000 magic stones, regarding Sanger Family, a Warlock group that wasn’t in charge of
any state, definitely was a huge sum of money.
Yang Ye’s image said respectfully: “I have no need for magic stones! I only ask that you agree to
my four requests. First, let my nephew enter Warlock College Antalya’s Secret Arts Tower and
choose a secret art that can be advanced util Great Warlock. Second, please give my nephew a
bottle of Mermaid Tears Elixir. Third, Bantania’s severed head. Fourth, I ask that my niece can
be exempt from the admission testing.”
Warlock College Antalya’s Secret Arts Tower had countless secret arts, there was no lack of
secret arts that could advanced until Great Warlock. The reason why Warlock College Antalya
could become one of the six great overlord-ranked forces in Turandot Subcontinent was
because of their several thousands of years of continued tradition of Great Warlocks, it had yet
to be severed. Even when they were at their weakest, they still had two Great Warlock backers.
One of the principal reasons was the Secret Arts Tower with its countless secret arts. They could
let those geniuses choose, according to their circumstances, to practice different secret arts.
Mermaid Tears Elixir was a kind of elixir capable of changing the practitioner’s soul aptitude. It
was of higher rank than Blue Mirage Elixir and was more difficult to be refined. Each bottle’s
worth was at 8000 gold coins or higher – furthermore, it was also in short supply
Although Blue Mirage Elixir was rare yet it still could be bought from time to time in the market.
But Mermaid Tears Elixir would only occasionally appear in an auction or in some black
markets. In Warlock College Antalya, basically all of Mermaid Tears Elixir was bought by great
official Warlocks, with only a miserable amount of it flowing outside. Although Yang Feng
acquired a huge amount of magic stones, yet there was no way for him to purchase such a rare
elixir as Mermaid Tears Elixir.
Blitz’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and he said in a deep voice: “If your nephew Yang Feng signs
a soul contract, one that prohibits him from transmitting the secret arts, in any shape or form,
to anyone, including any of your own people. Then i can agree to your request.”
Yang Feng’s soul aptitude was only at inferior level-1. In Blitz’s view, even if Yang Ye stakes it all
on collecting elixirs that raise one’s soul aptitude, at most, he would only be able to promote
Yang Feng’s soul aptitude until around level-3. Level-3 soul attribute, even if one possesses a
Great Warlock rank secret art, one would at most become a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, then
promoting to an official Warlock would be extremely difficult.
Yang Ye’s image said respectfully: “Good! I’ll let him sign the soul contract and he definitely
won’t transmit the secret art to anyone.”
Yang Feng stood respectfully at the side, his lips bent slightly and in his eyes was a trace of a
“Sign this soul contract!” Blitz took out the hide from an unknown formidable mythical beast,
drew a soul contract on top of it and then handed it to Yang Feng.
Yang Feng carefully checked that soul contract for a moment, after making sure that there were
no issues, only then did he signed it.
After Yang Feng signed the contract, then the hide immediately combusted and turned into a
lump of dark blue flames without any heat.
That lump of dark blue fire suddenly flew out and merged with the place between his Yang
Feng’s eyebrows and disappeared.
Blitz took out a silver emblem, threw it at Yang Feng and said faintly: “Once you officially
promote to an Apprentice Warlock, hold this badge and you can enter the Secret Arts Tower!
With your current physical constitution, you’ll die as long as you enter Secret Arts Tower, you
don’t even have the qualifications to accept the secret arts.
Every type of Warlocks’ secret treasures had outrageously formidable powers. Mortals basically
couldn’t come into contact with the Warlocks’ secret treasures nor their domains. That Secret
Arts Tower was one of the core places of Warlock College Antalya, it had the defensive force of
numerous secret treasures, just the traces of power fluctuation dispersed by those secret
treasures could easily kill such a mortal as Yang Feng.
Yang Feng saluted respectfully towards Blitz and said: “Many thanks Sir Blitz!”
Blitz swept Yang Feng with a cold glance and waved his hand, the gate once again emerged, a
large scarlet hand appeared out of thin air, clutched Yang Feng and threw him into that gate.
Yang Feng only felt a burst of dizziness, his eyes went bright and he once again appeared on
Warlock College Antalya’s examination site.
At Warlock College Antalya’s examination site, youngsters from Southern States Coalition
looked at Yang Feng’s figure and their eyes flashed with a trace of dread, no one daring to
comment on him once more.
Yang Feng swept the surroundings with a glance, found that Bantania was already missing –
Jessica from Fernandro Family was actually staring hatefully at him.
Without a pretext, even if Steel City’s strength was far more tyrannical than that of Fernandro
Family, it currently still couldn’t strike at Fernandro Family. Or else, if they defy the laws drafted
by Warlock College Antalya, at that time, in order of uphold its dignity, Warlock College Antalya
would definitely send countless experts to deal with Yang Feng’s Steel City.
Yang Feng didn’t pay attention to Jessica, a lone person standing at the site of the qualified
At the site of qualified examinees, a lot of aristocratic youngsters from Southern States
Coalition had already formed small circles. There haven’t been any small circles taking the
initiative to approach Yang Feng.
Yang Feng’s strong performance just a moment ago, it made it so that a conflict arose within a
lot of those aristocratic youngsters from the Southern States Coalition. Although they didn’t
dared to openly contend with Yang Feng, yet they acted by silently rejecting him.
Facing those youngsters’ joint rejection, Yang Feng simply didn’t care about it. He braved the
huge risk of coming to Warlock College Antalya in order to practice cultivation on his Warlock
Path. Once he was able to promote to a Great Warlock rank expert, then even if he was an
oriental, there would be countless people currying favors with him.
There was still Shi Xue, who didn’t had to have her soul aptitude examined in order to be
admitted, standing by Yang Feng’s side.
The gazes of those youngsters were focused on Shi Xue, who stood beside Yang Feng – a lot of
the aristocratic youngsters birthed favorable impressions of her. The only thing restraining
them from daring to bother her was Yang Feng standing by her side.

48 – Betty
After the first round of screening concluded, a total of more than 5,000 students reached the
standard of qualification for soul aptitude. The majority of the students’ soul aptitudes were at
level-4 soul aptitude.
The second round of screening was soon after the first round, then the list was immediately
announced – of the more than 5,000 students, 4,000 of them were weeded out, merely a 1,000
people were left.
The students with a level-5 soul aptitude or higher, no one was eliminated. The students with a
level-4 soul aptitude needed to combine their backgrounds with their connections, only then
might they receive the qualification to join Warlock College Antalya to study.
For ordinary students, without any background, only when they possess a level-5 soul aptitude
or higher, otherwise there was no way for them to join Warlock College Antalya to study. Yang
Feng, in the event that he had to follow the general trend, basically didn’t had any qualifications
to join Warlock College Antalya to study.
“Congratulations to you that passed the second round of screening, you obtained the
qualifications to join our Warlock College Antaly and can begin study here. You have three years
to study all kinds of knowledge. After three years, there will be another screening! Those who
don’t manage to promote until level-1 Apprentice Warlock, all of them will be eliminated.
Increase your efforts!”
The following day after the screening, all the students convened at Warlock College Antalya and
gathered in a large square – an official Warlock dressed in a black robe, expressionlessly, gave a
After that Warlock dressed in a black robe was finished with his speech, then shortly after, Yang
Feng and the other students were approached by their one year seniors.
“Hello, I’m Betty, your one year senior fellow student!” May I ask if you are the Steel Lord’s
nephew Yang Feng and niece Shi Xue?” A beautiful woman with a head full of blond hair, a fiery
figure, some small freckles on her face and white skin, walked up to Yang Feng’s duo and asked
with a smile.
When Betty approached them, she carefully looked at Shi Xue’s peerless appearance, a trace of
jealousy flashed through her beautiful eyes, and then a very sweet smile appeared on her face.
Yang Feng smiled slightly and then said: “That’s right, I’m Yang Feng, this is Shi Xue, my little
Betty said with a smile: “The college arranged for me to your guide as well as inform you about
some matters in order for you to have a basic understanding of our Warlock College Antalya.
Please follow with me!”
Yang Feng nodded, then he and Shi Xue followed Betty inside Warlock College Antalya.
“Our Warlock College Antalya is split into outer and inner court! The outer court is where
students like us stay, students who have yet to become Apprentice Warlocks. The inner court is
where the elite students reside and study, students that have already promoted to Apprentice
Warlocks. We are not allowed to lightly enter the inner court without having received a prior
summon, otherwise, we’ll be punished.”
Betty took Yang Feng’s group of two for a walk, while informing them about Warlock College
Antalya’s dos and don’ts.
Warlock College Antalya’s ranking was strict, official Warlocks as well as Apprentice Warlocks,
all of them resided near the Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree, within the inner court.
Warlock College Antalya’s inner court was perpetually shrouded by a powerful energy field.
That energy field divided Warlock College Antalya’s inner and outer courts. The inner court was
enveloped by a formidable elemental force, the benefits of practicing cultivation there were by
far greater than in the outer court. The inner court was the core of Warlock College Antalya.
As Betty was speaking, she handed Yang Feng a price list: “Studying at Warlock College Antalya
isn’t free. This is a price list and a schedule for various kinds of courses.”
Continent’s common language: 20 gold coins per lesson. Basic god language: 100 gold coins per
lesson. Basic dragon language: 100 gold coins per lesson. Basic fiend language: 100 gold coins
per lesson. Basic elf language: 100 gold coins per lesson. Basic study of planes: 200 gold coins
per lesson. Basic mathematics: 20 gold coins per lesson. Basic geometry: 20 gold coins per
lesson. Basic anthropology: 20 gold coins per lesson. Basic melee-arts: 20 gold coins per lesson.
Basic politology: 20 gold coins per lesson. Basic tactics: 20 gold coins per lesson …
That price list was tightly packed with a variety of courses, large amounts of gold coins were
required in order to learn any given knowledge, ordinary people basically couldn’t afford to
study them. Even for aristocrats, once they saw the requirements in gold coins in order to
attend those courses, they would also have a headache.
Lesser aristocrats such as Zhao Jiang, the revenue of several of their generations would at most
permit them to attend 4 lessons of basic fiend language, this was the costly aspect of the world
of knowledge.
In Turandot Subcontinent, knowledge was firmly controlled by greater aristocrats with Warlock
lineages. For ordinary people, only if their soul aptitude was incredible and their lucky enough
to receive a Warlock’s inheritance, otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to achieve any
remarkable fits.
Body-Tempering Warlock’s intermediate secret art: 10,000 gold coins or 90 inferior magic
stones (can be cultivated until level-3 Apprentice Warlock rank).
Finally Yang Feng’s gaze fell onto the last line, his brows creased slightly as he spoke: “The price
of the Body-Tempering Warlock’s secret art is so high. How could ordinary people have so much
money to learn this secret art?
Betty said with a slight smile: “Warlock College Antalya provides loan services. Each student
may acquire a Body-Tempering Warlock’s secret art in exchange for a three-year interest-free
loan. Other knowledge can be freely taught to others – but for Body-Tempering Warlock’s
secret arts, once it is discovered that they were transmitted to others, then as punishment, that
person will automatically be reduced to a slave of Warlock College Antalya.
Yang Feng eyes flashed a trace of praise and he silently contemplated: “Such a brilliant method!
Thus, just in tuition fees, Warlock College Antalya can easily receive 90,000 magic stones every
year. Knowledge is wealth as well as power and Turandot Subcontinent is a true embodiment of
this description.”
After Yang Feng looked at those densely packed courses, he made sure to remember their
prices, his heart was brimming with joy: “Fortunately, I have Steel City’s wealth as my support!
Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be able to afford to study here!”
Betty warned them: “Those ordinary students who lack money can go to the mission hall to
accept missions. However, those missions in regards to students like us, who hadn’t yet become
Apprentice Warlocks, are very dangerous. You should not accept them.”
Yang Feng nodded slightly. Steel City’s sphere of influence was practically equivalent to half of
Fernandro Principality’s, with everyday bringing him in enormous wealth. He naturally wouldn’t
go and accept those dangerous missions. Before promoting to an official Warlock, he wasn’t
interested in adventuring.
Betty still kindly reminded: “Among these courses, apart form Body-Tempering Warlock’s secret
arts, for each course’s assessment that one gets a qualifying mark, one will obtain 1 point and
for each excellent mark, one will obtain 5 points. 100 points can be used to exchange for a
level-0 spell model. Of course, if one wants to buy it instead, then a level-0 spell model requires
20 inferior magic stones to be spent. Basic god language, basic fiend language, basic dragon
language and basic elf language, these are the prerequisite courses in order to learn a lot of
powerful arts. Mathematics and geometry are the key to constructing spell models. Basic
biology is the prerequisite course for the study of variation and the study of blood-meridian
variation. If you wish to be an official Warlock, then you should start thinking about the
direction in which you want to develop as well as study the corresponding prerequisite

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 49
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Chapter N
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49 – Blue Mirage Elixir

Yang Feng slightly smiled and said: “Thank you for your reminder!”
“It’s alright! It was just a tip!” Betty slightly smiled, then extended her small hand towards Yang
Feng: “Human resources within Warlock College Antalya are quite pricey. In accordance with
the established practice, as I acted as your guide, you should pay me the corresponding tip. The
established practice is at 2 gold coins, but as you both are pleasing to the eye, just give me 1
gold coin and lets be friends.”
“Alright!” Yang Feng gave her a bright smile, he picked out a magic stone and put it on Betty’s
“This is a magic stone!!” When Betty saw that small inferior magic stone on her hand, she
became somewhat excited as well as somewhat unsettled, her voice trembled, a touch of a
struggle flashed on her pretty face and then solemnly returned that magic stone to Yang Feng:
“That’s a magic stone, it’s too expensive! My service isn’t worth a magic stone.”
Apprentice Warlock rank experts could slowly absorb the magic energy effused from a magic
stone and thus promote their physical constitution. Additionally, magic stones could also serve
as the energy core of a variety of golems, a variety of pharmaceutical materials, a feed to raise
a variety of gremlins, an energy source for a variety of magic arrays.
That magic stone had a wide range of use, but it’s still a consumable, thus, even though magic
stone veins were constantly being discovered, yet the price of magic stones still rose slowly.
That magic stone’s price was at 100 gold coins, that was the price of acquiring gold coins. In
fact, if one were to use gold coins to acquire a magic stone, then one would require at the least
140 gold coins. In some remote places, where magic stones were rare, one magic stone could
even be sold for a price of 200 gold coins.
Magic stones were an abundant resource in Warlock College Antalya, but if one wanted to buy
them in a store, then one still needed to pay 135 gold coins for a magic stone.
Betty wasn’t even an Apprentice Warlock, for her, that magic stone was still very valuable.
Yang Feng smiled and handed Betty that magic stone: “I think your service is worth this price.”
Betty’s pretty face blushed slightly, her pretty eyes flashed with a trace of a peculiar glint, she
smiled sweetly at Yang Feng and gave him a small slip of paper with the address of her room:
“Thank you! If you have any questions, you can come find for me at this room.”
Finished speaking, Betty turned and left in large strides.
Shi Xue’s gem-like beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a depraved charm and she said
towards Yang Feng with a chuckle: “Big brother, this gold digger Betty was obviously tempted
by you! As long as you once again smack her with some magic stones, then she’ll quite easily
spread her thighs and become Your bitch.”
“What are you thinking about in that little mush head of yours? I came to Warlock College
Antalya in order to study on my Warlock Path.” Yang Feng flicked Shi Xue’s forehead and said
while feeling some headache.
By interacting with Shi Xue, Yang Feng discovered that this loli born from a Taboo Stone, not
only was extremely gifted but also weird and with a trace of evil influence, causing him some
“You’re not allowed to flick my forehead, I’m not a small child! If you flick my forehead again,
then I won’t pay you any more attention!” Shi Xue slapped Yang Feng’s hand and stared
fumingly at at him. But she was so adorable that her stare basically didn’t had any power, it
merely made Yang Feng feel humorous.
Yang Feng smiled lightly: “Lets go back!”
Shi Xue nodded and followed Yang Feng towards his room, like a small tale.
Warlock College Antalya occupied an extremely wide area, student dormitories were extremely
plentiful in the college, basically every person had a dormitory. Of course the accommodation
wasn’t cheap, just in accommodations, they would collect 500 gold coins every year.
Of course those ordinary students could choose a big dormitory, where a dozen people were
crammed in a room, that sort of accommodation only required 10 gold coins every year.
Yang Feng had Steel City’s wealth, therefore he and Shi Xue rented a large private dormitory
with a bathroom, a washroom and a kitchen.
Soon after Yang Feng returned to the dormitory, the door was knocked and from outside the
door came a voice: “HELLO, excuse me, are You Yang Feng? I’m here to deliver You the goods
from Warlock College Antalya.”
Yang Feng opened the door and then saw a youngster, dressed in ordinary student clothes,
standing outside while holding a box with both hands.
“These are 10 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir – this is a black crystal card, You can use this crystal
card in Warlock College Antalya’s major banks to withdraw the corresponding number of magic
stones. However, I would like to remind You, if You ever need to withdraw a large amount that
exceeds 50,000 magic stones, please make an appointment in advance, otherwise, small-time
bank branches might not have enough magic stones for You to make a withdrawal. The best
would be to make an appointment 5 days in advance.”
As the youngster was speaking, he simultaneously opened that box, revealing the 10 extremely
beautiful bottles of elexir blooming with a resplendent blue radiance as well as a black crystal
When the youngster saw those 10 bottles of elixir as well as that crystal card, his eyes flashed
with a trace of greed and then quickly regained their tranquility. Inside Warlock College
Antalya, as long as he showed the slightest sign of tempering, then he would be beyond
salvation, and reduced to a Warlock’s human test subject, that would spell utter misery.
Yang Feng took those 10 bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir and directly opened one of them.
From within that bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir, traces of blue radiance wafted out and condensed
into the image of a touchingly beautiful young lady, that image of a young lady lovely and
pitifully looked at Yang Feng and that youngster, its cherry small mouth was constantly opening
and closing, as if saying something.
Yang Feng looked at the blue image of a young lady and his eyes flashed with praise: “This is
Blue Mirage Elixir! The means of Warlocks are truly profound!”
After Yang Feng inspected the 10 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir as well as the crystal card, only
then did he accepted them and casually gave the courier a tip of 2 gold coins.
“This is for your trouble!” Yang Feng went back to the room, then handed Shi Xue 3 bottles of
Blue Mirage Elixir.
Shi Xue swept those 3 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir with a glance then laughed happily and
returned them back to Yang Feng: “Big brother, I don’t need it! My soul aptitude is at superior
level-8, in order to promote my soul aptitude, it would require treasures that aren’t of such a
low-level as Blue Mirage Elixir. Big brother, you need this Blu Mirage Elixir more than I do.”
Yang Feng gave her a smile and the 3 bottles of Blue Mirage Elixir were once again handed to
Shi Xue: “It doesn’t mater, you can use Blue Mirage Elixir until you develop a resistance to it.
Anyway, there’s not going to be a shortage of this elixir!”
“Nr.3796, analyze this Blue Mirage Elixir!” Yang Feng then threw another bottle of Blue
Mirage Elixir to the human-shaped robot at a corner and ordered.
Mechanical tentacles extended from that human-shaped robot and entered into that bottle of
Blue Mirage Elixir.
<Initiating the analysis of the elixir! Analyzing the feasibility.>
<The elixir can be analyzed and synthesized!>
<Initiating the analysis model!>
<Analysis rate at 0.01!>
<With the current computing power, it is estimated that the elixir will be completely analyzed
after 5 days!>
Nr.3796 then quickly send back a series of messages.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 50
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Chapter N
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50 – Eunice
Yang Feng asked: “You are still analyzing Dragon Blood Elixir! Won’t a simultaneous analysis of
two types of medicine influence the analysis rate?”
Nr.3796 said: <Not at all! I’ve made another super computing chip. The simultaneous analysis of
two types of medicine won’t affect the analysis rate. The other super computing chip was
installed with a self-destructing device, as long a it leaves my control for even a second, then I
have the confidence in destroying it.>
“Now lets promote my soul aptitude!”
Yang Feng took out a bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir and unplugged the cork, then gulped it down.
When Blue Mirage Elixir entered Yang Feng’s mouth it begun to squirm, giving one the
impression of swallowing a huge bug.
The groans of a beautiful woman sounded from Yang Feng.
“It hurts so much!!”
Waves of pain spread within Yang Feng’s body, so much that he felt like his head was bursting,
he tumbled to the ground, struggled in pain for a while and then finally passed out from it.
<A mysterious life energy field initiated the strengthening of Host’s physical constitution!>
<The probability of the pain threatening the Host’s life is at 9%, not severing Host’s sense of
pain. Proceeding with the strengthening!>
Strings of information flashed on Yang Feng’s eyeglasses.
Without knowing how long after, Yang Feng finally woke up.
“What is this stench?!” Yang Feng woke up and then inquired about the stench coming from his
body. He gave it a careful look and saw that every inch of his body was effusing a black oily and
smelly refuse.
From the side came Shi Xue’s sweet voice: “Big brother, the bathing water is ready!”
“Alright!” Yang Feng immediately stood up and entered the bathroom in large strides.
After his body was cleaned from that layer of black oily and smelly refuse, Yang Feng then
entered the bathtub filled with hot water, he soaked in the comfortable hot water and then
immediately ordered: “Scan my body!”
<Yang Feng, basic properties, strength 1.1, agility 1.2, physique 1, spirit 1.>
<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-1.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-1 life form. Evolution potential, small!>
Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a trace of excitement and he sincerely praised: “It’s an elixir
worthy of the price of 5,000 magic stones! The effect is so great!”
Yang Feng practiced Magic Note’s Titan for 10 days and except for his spirit force, all of his
properties rose by 0.1. However, during those 10 days of practice, he also drank a lot of
Repairing Water Elixir in order to be able to practice cultivation at such a fast rate.
Furthermore, the further one advances in one’s practice of cultivation then the more difficult it
would be to continue increasing one’s properties – that bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir allowed his
physical constitution to promote by a wide margin, it was simply unreasonable.
If this Blue Mirage Elixir appeared on earth, then casually selling a bottle would garner a sky
high price.
Yang Feng said: “Analyze my body and formulate the best way of practicing cultivation!”
<Initiating the analysis! Initiating the model!>
<The complete analysis requires 30 seconds! Initiating countdown, 30!>
<With Host’s current physical constitution, Host can currently use 1 bottle of Blue
Mirage Elixir every day, the medicinal effects can be enhanced by simultaneously practicing
Magic Note’s Titan. It is estimated that Host’s soul aptitude will promote to superior level-2
after 100 days and that Host’s body constitution will break through the mortal boundary and
Host will be promoted to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock.
Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a trace of delight: “Warlock’s means are truly mystical! Without
Blue Mirage Elixir, my physical constitution wouldn’t be able to break trough to the Knight rank
in a lifetime. However, as long as there’s enough Blue Mirage Elixir, then I can easily break
through and become an Apprentice Warlock. Having enough resources is such a pleasing
Originally, Nr.3796 came to the conclusion that if Yang Feng practiced a Knight rank secret
method such as Thunder-ox, then through his whole life, he would be unable to promote to a
Knight rank expert. But now, as long as there was a large amount of Blue Mirage Elixir, then he
could promote to level-1 Apprentice Warlock within 100 days, this was precisely one of the
means of a Warlock.
The admitted students were divided into 20 classes, every class had 50 students or so, Yang
Feng and Shi Xue were both assigned to class 10.
Yang Feng and Shi Xue entered the classroom together – gazes brimming with complicated
feelings were shot within the classroom, focusing on the two people that just came in.
Even though Yang Feng’s appearance was ordinary, yet he was the mighty Steel City’s only
successor. Just a sentence from him spelled Bantanya’s death, making so that the students from
class 10 were all extremely afraid of him. And Shi Xue had a peerless appearance and her
natural charm easily attracted all of the gazes in class 10.
Gars took the initiative to come over and said with a smile: “Yang Feng, what a coincidence,
we’re in the same class.”
“Such a coincidence!” The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth curved slightly, his eyes flashed with
a trace of a smile.
Yang Feng’s gaze fell on the four youngsters behind Gars. Among the four youngsters, there
were the two young lady’s Bella and Iryna. The two youngsters were Luka and Leal. Gars, Luka
and Leal had inferior level-4 soul aptitudes, Balla had an intermediate level-4 soul aptitude and
Iryna had a superior level-4 soul aptitude.
Bella was a petite girl with an ordinary appearance and short blue hair. Iryna was a tall and
beautiful young lady with a rather lovely appearance as well as some dangerous curves.
Including Gars, the five youngsters were rescued by Yang Feng in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness.
After some polite banter, the relationship between both parties quickly became much closer.
Gars tried to build some mystery while saying meaningfully: “Yang Feng, we actually entered
class 10, we’re so lucky, ah!”
Yang Feng asked curiously: “So lucky?”
Gars had a somewhat vulgar and mysterious smile and looked towards the entrance of the
classroom: “Heh heh, you’ll soon know!”
Yang Feng followed Gars’ gaze and looked at the same direction.
With a height of 1.76m, dressed in a silver low-cut Warlock’s robe that revealed the legs, with a
pair of peeks nearly bursting out, resplendent and smooth sun-like blond hair, exquisite smooth
and tender silk-like skin, fiery and peerless facial features, the whole body exuding a fiery
charm, appearing to be 23 or 24 years old, a stunningly beautiful woman with a formidable aura
gracefully walked into the classroom.
“So beautiful! Such a beautiful woman is capable of causing the downfall of entire states!” Yang
Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air as his eyes flashed with a trace of incandescence.
The skin of caucasians was relatively rough. Ms. Sissy, known as Giant-Stone City’s number one
beauty, her skin was also awful. She could only rely on make-up in order to conceal her many
flaws. Yet that stunningly beautiful woman that entered the classroom didn’t had any such
flaws, she didn’t even use any make-up, it was evident that she was a formidable official
The students of class 10, no matter male or female, they all were deeply attracted to that
stunningly beautiful woman, all of them revealing scorching gazes.
Eunice exposed a trace of a deadly-sweet smile: “I’m Eunice, the teacher of your class 10. Lets
talk a bit about the rules when studying here.”

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 51
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51 – Sanger Family’s Gift

“First of all, when I speak, you all must keep quiet or else you get directly expelled.”
Eunice gave a faint smile as an extremely formidable life force effused from her body,
enveloping the entire classroom.
“So strong! A level-1 Warlock is really formidable!!” Yang Feng was pressured by that terrifying
life force, as if he was suddenly looking at a terrifying and savage giant beast, a trace of shiver
mixed with terror welled up from within his body.
The mechanical legion could kill an official level-1 Warlock, that was because the mechanical
legion was strong enough. But Yang Feng himself was very weak, its the first time he truly felt
the strength of a level-1 Warlock. It was an existence completely different from mortal-level life
At this time, the level-1 secret treasure Green Heart, hanging from Yang Feng’s neck, suddenly
bloomed with traces of green radiance, freeing him from the pressure.
In the entire classroom, in addition to Yang Feng, only Shi Xue could withstand the pressure
from Eunice’s life force.
Eunice swept Yang Feng’s duo with a glance, her gaze stayed on Shi Xue for a moment,
a trace of a fleeting extraordinary splendor flashed through her beautiful eyes
Eunice retracted her formidable life force, then all of the students gave sighs of relief, they had
perspired from all over their bodies.
Some male students that originally had bad intentions had cold sweat flowing along their backs,
they now didn’t dare so much as give Eunice a glimpse.
“I won’t speak more rubbish! You have to remember that only a strong body is able to handle a
strong spirit. Warlocks not only require large amounts of knowledge, but also a strong body.
Conversely, in addition to a strong body, you also require an abundance of knowledge. The
following courses, you must get excellent marks in them, otherwise, you won’t enter the inner
“Continent’s common language. Basic god language. Basic dragon language. Basic fiend
language. Basic elf language. Basic study of planes. Basic mathematics. Basic geometry. Basic
biology. Basic botany. Basic elementology. Turandot Subcontinent’s modern history.”
“My time is very precious, except for when in class, don’t ask me any questions. Only when
you’re willing to pay the magic stone. With 10 magic stones, you can ask me a question related
to a basic course. The schedule of the courses had already been distributed to you, go study the
previously mentioned courses! Alright, you can disperse!”
Eunice very quickly finished speaking, then turned around like a queen and immediately left the
“It’s even more irresponsible than a university! All depending on one’s own hard work and self-
restraint!” Yang Feng looked at the back of Eunice as he silently contemplated.
The following days verified Yang Feng’s train of thought – Warlock College Antalya’s teachers,
basically all of them were extremely strong official Warlocks, they were all coming and going in
haste, without allowing anyone to ask questions, they basically left after expounding on their
subject, without paying the students even the slightest attention.
But unlike earth’s universities, all the students in Warlock College Antalya thirsted for
knowledge – they studied hard, without anyone daring to be negligent in the slightest.
The chance of one entering Warlock College Antalya to study was extremely hard to come by –
once those students miss this chance, then they’ll be incessantly remorseful through their lives.
Yang Feng felt like he returned to his high school days – everyday he attended classes,
afterwards, he directly proceeded to the public library – to take advantage of his microchip and
record all the books in the library into his database.
Warlock College Antalya’s public library had an exceedingly large collection of books, in addition
to books pertaining to cultivation of Warlocks, there were also books pertaining any other
possible field – such as politics, economics, the military, literature, human geography etc.
Although Yang Feng checked for a long time, yet the information about the Eight Great Warlock
Dynasties as well as the main continent was still very scarce. Evidently, the knowledge
pertaining to the main continent was classified as an exceedingly valuable resource and was not
placed in the public library.
Five days later.
Al off a sudden, knocking sounds came from the entrance door to Yang Feng’s dormitory.
A mechanical Bladed-troop went forward and opened the door.
Standing outside the door – dressed in a gray robe, with a head full of blue hair and a rather
handsome appearance, was a 18 or 17 year old man – with a height of 1.73m, with double
peaks the size of small cantaloupes, blue hair tied up in a single horsetail, a stunning
appearance, brimming with vigor, was a beautiful young lady of 14 or 15 years of age. 1
Yang Feng swept the two people with a glance, creased his eyebrows slightly and said: “Who
are you?”
“I’m Felix, the first successor of Tutania Principality’s Sanger Family. We came to sincerely
apologize to You, Yang Feng, the only successor of the Steel Lord. This is a token of sincerity
from our Sanger Family!”
The man with a head full of blue hair smiled slightly, took out a box and opened it. A severed
head was revealed inside the box, it was the head of the previously extremely aggressive
Bantania. Bantania’s severed head had an expression full of fear, dismay and despair.
Felix smiled and took out a slave contract and handed it to Yang Feng: “This is Bantania, the
idiot that offended Your dignity, our Sanger Family had already executed him and we hope to
have quelled Your wrath. This is Judy, Bantania’s younger sister, she is our gift to You, she shall
be Your slave as of today.”
Judy, the young lady with large milk-jugs, her complexion paled, both of her fists were clenched
tight, her beautiful eyes flashed with a trace of despair, yet she didn’t speak a word.
“Sure enough, strength is justice as well as the truth!” Yang Feng looked at Judy, the beautiful
young lady with a stunning appearance and a fiery figure, and his eyes flashed with a trace of a
peculiar glint.
These past few days, Yang Feng had scouted out the Sanger Family and was clear on its
situation. Sanger Family was a few centuries old Warlock Family. Currently, the only Warlock
within the family was merely a mediocre level-1 Warlock. Sanger Family didn’t even had a
Warlock Pagoda, its was no match for Black Cottage. Such a tiny family with a level-1 Warlock,
as long as the mechanical legion was mobilized, Yang Feng would wipe them out as easily as
turning his hand.
Obviously, the Sanger Family was also extremely clear about this point – they not only took the
initiative to offer Yang Feng Bantanya’s severed head, but also offered his younger sister as a
gift – all to avoid the calamity of extermination of the family.
Although the Southern States Coalition was controlled by Warlock College Antalya, there were
countless dirty internal disputes because of interests. From time to time, some small and weak
Warlock Families would be mysteriously killed of. Obviously, the Sanger Family doesn’t wants to
be taken care of by somebody, without any cause or reason.
Although there were a lot of elites in a Warlock Family, but there were also a lot of morons. The
moron Bantania believed that within Warlock College Antalya, Yang Feng wouldn’t be able to
touch him, but never had he imagined that Yang Feng would directly compel his own family to
come forward and offer Yang Feng his severed head.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 52
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52 – Mermaid Tears Elixir

Yang Feng carefully sized Judy up, his eyes flashing with a trace of appreciation.
Judi, this young lady from Sanger Family, was young in age, with a fiery figure, stunning
appearance and brimming with vigor, she was a rare beauty. In terms of appearance and
temperament, she was of equal footing as Fernandro Family’s third successor Jessica. The
entire class 10 didn’t had a lass that would compete with her in terms of beauty.
<Judy, basic properties, strength 1.3, agility 1.4, physique 1.1, spirit 1.2.>
<Blood-meridians: human’s.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-4.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-1 life form.>
<Felix, basic properties, strength 6.3, agility 6.2, physique 6.8, spirit 7.2.>
<Blood-meridians: human’s.>
<Soul aptitude: inferior level-5.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-5 life form.>
Yang Feng acted within, his eyeglasses secretly launched its scanning waves, scanning the
properties of Judy and Felix
Regarding official Warlocks, Yang Feng didn’t dare to launch his eyeglasses scanning ability and
scan the opposite party. Otherwise, once the opposite party gets enraged and slaps him to
death, he won’t even get an opportunity to regret it.
A Warlock’s dignity was inviolable. Such a mortal as Yang Feng, even if he was Steel City’s only
successor, as long as he crosses the line and encroaches on a Warlock’s interests, then the
opposite party would quite possible squish him like a bug. Without being completely certain,
Yang Feng wouldn’t dare to risk his life and scan a Warlock.
“This gift is pretty good.” Yang Feng took Judy’s slave contract, kept it and said with a smile.
Felix saw the slave contract being accepted, only then did he relaxed slightly. He once again
took out a box and opened it, revealing a bottle of a transparent and colorless elixir and 5
intermediate magic stones: “These are a bottle of Mermaid Tears Elixir and 500 magic stones.
The 500 magic stones is small an expression of our good will, please accept it.”1
Yang Feng took the bottle of Mermaid Tears Elixir, pulled open the cork and gave it a glance.
Once the cork was pulled open, a strange force field full of grievances effused from the elixir.
Yang Feng seemed to see a beautiful and charming mermaid princess weep pitifully. That fairy
tail-like mermaid princes was extremely beautiful and charming, his gaze was deeply attracted
by her and was unable to extricate himself. Sorrow gushed out from his heart and tears
streamed down and fell
“Cough! At this point, Felix gave a soft cough beside him, suddenly a weak spirit ripple stabbed
at Yang Feng, and he at once recovered from that hallucination and became clearheaded.
“Such a powerful elixir!” Yang Feng felt alarmed, then immediately used the cork to cover the
bottle of Mermaid Tears Elixir.
A lot of elixirs refined by Warlocks possessed mysterious and strong powers. Some peak
Warlock-Pharmacist could even use a variety of elixirs to imitate the effects of formidable
spells. However, Warlock-Pharmacists that employed elixirs in battles were very rare, because
any kind of elixir capable of imitating a formidable spell would have a very high cost related to
it, using elixirs to do battle was equivalent to burn large quantities of magic stones to do battle.
Except for those wealthiest top Warlock-Pharmacists, no one else would do that.
The elixirs refined by Warlocks, in many cases, if the conditions for intake of those elixirs
weren’t met, then it would instead be a poison. Just like Yang Feng with Dragon Blood Elixir,
with his mortal body, as long as he had a sip of it, then he’d have his blood dryout and he’d die.
Yang Feng contemplated a bit: “With this Mermaid Tears Elixir, the minimum requirement
would be to promote to level-1 Apprentice Warlock, only than would I have the strength to use
Felix handed Yang Feng a palm-sized crystal box and said enthusiastically: “Yang Feng, I’m
currently a level-2 Apprentice Warlock, if there is anything during your studies that you don’t
understand, you can always ask me. This is a Sound Box, just select my name and press it, then
you’ll be able to enter in contact with me through it. This Sound Box is powered by magic
stones, one magic stone is enough to support 10,000 hours of communication. However, this
Sound Box is only a level-0 secret treasure and its range is only at 30,000 Km, there won’t be
any signal if the 30,000 Km are exceeded.”
“Is this not a magic version of the cell phone? With the distinction that this magic version of the
cell phone has only the communication function!” Yang Feng took the Sound Box and played
with it for a while, as he silently contemplated.
Felix chatted enthusiastically with Yang Feng for a while, then after a proper amount of time, he
left while satisfied.
Shi Xue was like a kitten and threw herself into Yang Feng’s embrace, she embraced his neck
with her jade-like arms and gave him a flirtatious look as she said coquettishly: “Big brother, I
still lack a toy, no, a maid! Let her become my maid for a while, is that alright? I want to teach
her properly how to be qualified as big brother’s maid.”
“Alright! Alright! Then she’ll temporarily be your maid!” In the face of Shi Xue’s coquettish
offensive, the mortal Yang Feng was somewhat unable to withstand her natural charm, he
could only reluctantly push her away and agree to her request.
Yang Feng currently only wanted to upgrade his strength, as soon as possible, to the standard
of a level-1 Apprentice Warlock.
“Thank you big brother!” Shi Xue cheered, hugged Yang Feng and gave him a kiss, the she puled
the somewhat confused Judy and directly left his room.
Once Yang Feng was spared Shi Xue’s powerful suppression, he threw the bottle of Mermaid
Tears Elixir to the robot beside him and said in a heavy voice: “Immediately analyze this bottle
of elixir.”
That robot unplugged the bottle and extended countless mechanical tentacles into it.
<Initiating the analysis of the elixir! Analyzing the feasibility.>
<The elixir can be analyzed and synthesized!>
<Initiating the analysis model!>
<Analysis rate at 0.01!>
<With the current computing power, it is estimated that the elixir will be completely analyzed
after 45 days!>
Nr.3796 quickly gave a feedback of a series of messages.
Yang Feng became a little relieved: “Fortunately, I got another elixir capable of improving soul
Xi Clan’s evolutionary system was completely different from that of the Warlocks. With
Nr.3796’s current analytic ability there were elixirs that it couldn’t analyze, but with its
continuously improving database, its analytic ability would also continuously enhance. Elixirs
that currently were unable to be analyzed, with its continuously evolving database, could also
be slowly analyzed.
After it became evident that Mermaid Tears Elixir could be analyzed, it signified that Yang
Feng’s soul aptitude could be upgraded until level-3 or level-4. Thus, he would have the
possibility of promoting to an official Warlock.
In the following days, Yang Feng was immersed in his studies, every day he’d eagerly learn
various types of knowledge. With the constant use of Blue Mirage Elixir, he was able to clearly
perceive the enhancement of his physical constitution everyday – simultaneously, his learning
ability was also continuously enhanced and his spirit also improved.

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 53
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53 – Promoting To A level-1 Apprentice Warlock

Time passed, a hundred days passed in a blink.
Yang Feng was sitting within the practice room of his dormitory, he slowly opened his eyes,
formidable life force fluctuations slowly seeped out of his body.
Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a trace of joy and his mind moved: “I’ve finally promoted to a
level-1 Apprentice Warlock! Scan my body!”
<Yang Feng, basic properties, strength 3.7, agility 3.5, physique 3.6, spirit 4.2.>
<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>
<Soul aptitude: superior level-2.>
<General evaluation, classified as a level-4 life form.>
Yang Feng thought with some regret: “Promoting to a level-1 Warlock after a 100 days, this
result is considered to be excellent! Although, it still fell a bit short when compared to those
An Apprentice Warlock’s physical constitution was equivalent to that of a Knight rank expert,
however, spirit force was by far higher than that of a Knight rank expert – it wasn’t so simple to
be promote to an Apprentice Warlock. Among the students that joined Warlock College Antalya
at the same time as Yang Feng, there were also only 20 plus students with superior level-5 soul
aptitudes or higher that promoted to level-1 Apprentice Warlocks within those 100 days.
Jessica, the genius of Fernandro Family, only spent 15 days before she promoted to an
Apprentice Warlock. When she joined Warlock College Antalya, she already had the physical
constitution of a high-level Warrior, that was also why she could be promoted to a level-1
Apprentice Warlock within 15 days.
Yang Feng pointed and a sphere of radiance abruptly lit up in front of him, illuminating the
entire room with a matchless brightness.
Light was the simplest level-0 spell and the easiest way to test if one had been promoted to a
level-1 Apprentice Warlock. As long as one can cast the level-0 spell Light, that meant that the
caster possessed the lowest-level of casting ability, that one promoted to a level-1 Apprentice
Warlock and took the first step towards exceeding the strength of a mortal as well as on one’s
Warlock Path.
Yang Feng curved slightly the corners of his mouth, feeling very content. After being promoted
to an Apprentice Warlock, he felt his body brimming with power – when compared to his
body’s subhealth form before, it shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.
Yang Feng assessed his battle prowess: “With my current strength, even without guns, I can
easily get rid of a low-level Warrior! However, once I meet a Knight rank expert, I won’t be his
Yang Feng used the unorthodox way of continuously ingesting elixirs to rise to an Apprentice
Warlock. He didn’t went through rigorous battle drills nor life and death battles, his battle
prowess were very lacking. Princeling Apprentice Warlocks also rose to their rank by ingesting
large quantities of elixirs, their and his strengths were similar.
Although Yang Feng also trained in basic sword-arts, basic blade-arts and basic melee-arts, and
even with the microchip’s assistance, within this short period, his battle prowess definitely
couldn’t compare with that of those Knight rank experts that promoted through bitter training.
“Now I can pass the test and join the inner court! It was the promised land for Warlocks.
Yang Feng got up and left the room.
Warlock College Antalya’s appraisal room for Apprentice Warlocks, behind the reception sat
two attractive and beautiful young ladies.
On one side there was a beautiful young lady with short blue hair, about 16 or 17 years old,
with wheat colored skin and full of vigor – on the other side was a beautiful young lady with ling
brown hair, about 18 or 19 years old, appearing to be more quiet – the first one complained:
“Anya, it’s really boring here, we haven’t seen here anyone for half a day! If it were not for the
salary being 1 magic stone per month, then I really wouldn’t want to come here. Can’t you put
down the spell book in your hands and properly chat with me?”
Anya put down the spell book in her hands, her eyes flashed with a trace of anxiety, she sighed
faintly and said: “Inna, we don’t have much time. After entering the inner court, if we can’t
promote to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock within 6 years, then we’ll be force to leave the
college. I don’t want to go back and have to comply with the family’s arrangements and
become a tool used to forge alliances, and being married of with somebody from a random
Warlock Family.”
The competition within Warlock College Antalya was extremely fierce, once one entered the
inner court, if one doesn’t promote to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock within 6 years then one
would be immediately forced to leave. Those excellent seedlings that could promote to a level-
3 Warlock within 6 years, only then would one be paid attention to and could continue study at
Warlock College Antalya – at that point, the college would put in even more resources into their
It had been almost 4 years since Anya entered the inner court, she only just recently promoted
to a level-2 Apprentice Warlock and promoting to a level-3 Warlock within 2 years was almost
impossible. The great pressure forced her to use any opportunity to study.
When Inna heard that, her pretty face became pale and she said in a somewhat weak and bitter
tone: “To promote to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock within 6 years, how could it be simple? Only
Fernandro Family’s Jessica, Bond Family’s Cohns and Mexid Family’s Ryan, only those geniuses
who soul aptitudes reached up to level-6 could seize the 6 year period and promote to level-3
Apprentice Warlocks. It honestly is too difficult to students like us, who only have a level-4 soul
aptitude, to promote to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock within 6 years.”
Anya listened and then slight sighed once again.
At this moment, Yang Feng entered the appraisal room.
On Inna’s face surged a touch of a professional smile: “Hello, here is the Warlock College
Antalya’s appraisal room for Apprentice Warlocks, did you came to be appraised as an
Apprentice Warlock?”
Yang Feng gave a slight smile: “That’s right! I’m Yang Feng.”
“What? You’re Yang Feng? Steel City’s only successor Yang Feng?” Inna suddenly became
shocked, her eyes flashing with a trace of surprise.
Anya also had a professional smile, while her beautiful eyes flashed with a trace of
Yang Feng, Steel City’s only successor, only had an inferior level-1 soul aptitude – practically the
whole Warlock College Antalya was aware of it. According to common sense, people with this
kind of soul aptitude, even a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to promote to an Apprentice
Warlock. Since Yang Feng came here to be appraised as an Apprentice Warlock, that’s simply
Yang Feng said faintly: “That’s right!
Inna said apologetically to Yang Feng: “I’m really sorry for forgetting myself! Please cast a 0-
level spell.”
Yang Feng reached out with his hand and a sphere of radiance shined in front of him.
Inna nodded and said: “Indeed, a level-0 spell! Please display the transcript for continent’s
common language, basic god language, basic dragon language, basic fiend language, basic elf
language, basic study of planes, basic mathematics, basic geometry, basic biology, basic
botany, basic elementology and Turandot Subcontinent’s modern history!”
Those basic courses focused mainly on memory – Yang Feng had the the intelligent eyeglasses,
a major cheating device and he easily obtained excellent marks in all of the courses.
Inna carefully checked the transcript displayed by Yang Feng, then said with a slight smile:
“Please wait a moment!”
Before long, Inna handed Yang Feng a set of gray robe with a copper thread: “This Apprentice
Warlock’s robe is set with a level-0 Decontamination, it’s costs more than 300 gold coins
outside the college, it will be given for free after one promotes to a level-1 Apprentice.”

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor – 54
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54 – Soul Aptitudes and Warlock Path’s Choices

Any items related to Warlocks were unreasonably expensive, the Apprentice Warlock’s
robe without any defensive ability nor appearing to be particularly magnificent was worth
around 300 gold coins, ordinary people were simply unable to afford it.
Anya suddenly said: “Yang Feng, if you really desire to tread farther on the Warlock Path. I
recommend you look for the book {Soul Attributes and Warlock Path’s Choices}.”
Yang Feng said with a faint smile: “Then give me a copy of {Soul Attributes and Warlock Path’s
Choices} as well as all the spell books with level-0 spells.
Black Cottage also had a lot of spell books with level-0 spells. However, Black Cottage’s spell
books definitely couldn’t compare to those of Warlock College Antalya. Currently Yang Feng
had the airs of a wealthy person, as he basically didn’t worry about magic stones.
A trace of a blush welled up on Inna’s pretty face and her voice became a lot more gentle:
“{Soul Attributes and Warlock Path’s Choices} is 500 magic stones per copy, spell books with
level-0 spells are 20 magic stones per copy, currently there are 752 different level-0 spell books,
that would be a total of 11,940 magic stones.
Ordinary Apprentice Warlocks were generally very stingy, they basically bought spell books one
at a time. Furthermore, they specially chose those spell books that were useful to them, they
simply wouldn’t buy any unnecessary spell books. Those Apprentice Warlocks that were being
supported by Warlock Families even dismissed level-0 spells.
Inna was here for so long, yet it was the first time that she encountered such a big deal. She
could get a commission equivalent to one thousandth of the deal. With this deal, she and Anya
could get 12 magic stones. Naturally it made her very excited.
Yang Feng took out a crystal card and inserted it into a box engraved with bizarre runes, he
entered the value to be exchanged and 11,940 magic stones were deducted at once.
Inna’s voice become more and more sweet as she said: “Do You want to pick the items now or
should we send You them by tonight?”
Yang Feng said: “Send them to my room by tonight!”
Aina said gently: “Yes!”
Yang Feng turned around and left the appraisal room for Apprentice Warlocks.
Inna looked at Yang Feng’s back, her eyes brimmed with jealousy and envy, she gave a faint
sigh: “With an inferior level-1 soul aptitude, a 100 days, to promote to an Apprentice Warlock in
merely a 100 days. The Steel Lord backing him is really wealthy! His life is so good.”
Anya’s beautiful eyes also flashed with a trace of unwillingness as she whispered: “Yes, ah! If
only I had one hundredth of his resources, then promoting to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock
wouldn’t be an issue.”
One of the most important reasons for restricting the rapid growth of Apprentice Warlocks was
magic stones. To purchase a magic stone required 135 gold coins, 3 magic stones were priced
up to 405 gold coins. This huge sum of money was equivalent to the accumulated wealth of
various generations of such a country-side lesser aristocrat like Zhao Jiang. Inna and Anya, they
came from a Warlock Family’s background, but their families support them every year with only
10 magic stones. 1 level-0 spell book required 20 magic stone. They working hard for a year
might allow them to exchange for only 2 level-0 spell books. Moreover, once one was promoted
to an Apprentice Warlock, in order to buy a variety of knowledge from the teachers, it would
require large amounts of magic stones. It was extremely difficult to get by in the World of
Warlocks without any magic stones.
Inna and Anya, they came from small Warlock Families , spell books with level-0 spells were
basically their families inheritances, they wouldn’t buy them from Warlock College Antalya. But
even if they carefully planned, the cost of buying a variety of knowledge was still oppressing
enough that they were unable to breath.
Every year, one tenth of the student in the outer court of Warlock College Antalya would be
eliminated, the main reason was because they were short on money and were unable to study
all kinds of knowledge. In the inner court, in the same fashion, a lot a Apprentice Warlocks were
eliminated because of a lack of magic stones.
There was a proverb in the World of Warlocks, magic stones weren’t everything, but without
magic stones one would have nothing.
Yang Feng attracted countless gazes when he entered Warlock College Antalya’s outer court
while dressed in an Apprentice Warlock’s robe.
An Apprentice Warlock appearing in the outer court was a very rare occurrence. Apprentice
Warlocks, as inner court elites, were basically very busy, busy studying all kinds of knowledge
and earning magic stones, very few would pay the outer court a visit.
“That’s Steel City’s Yang Feng! He was actually promoted to an Apprentice Warlock!!”
“How could that be? Wasn’t his soul attribute only at inferior level-1? How could he practice
cultivation so quickly?”
“How could one practice cultivation so quickly with an inferior level-1 soul aptitude?”
“He joined Warlock College Antalya less than four months ago, in order to promote to an
Apprentice Warlock, how many precious elixirs did he had to drink? The Steel Lord is so fond of
him. His uncle really cares for him!”
Yang Feng was already a celebrity, Warlock College Antalya’s outer court hardly had any people
that didn’t recognize him. Now even seeing him having promoted an Apprentice Warlock, those
outer court students were brimming with jealousy and envy. As long as one wasn’t a fool, then
it was obvious that the reason why Yang Feng could be promoted to an Apprentice Warlock in
this short period and with an inferior level-1 soul aptitude, was because the ingestion of
countless amounts of precious elixirs.
In fact, a bottle of Blue Mirage Elixir was priced at around 5,000 magic stones, moreover, there
was demand but no supply. If he hadn’t ingested large amounts of Blue Mirage Elixir, Yang Feng
basically wouldn’t be able to promote to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock in such a short time. The
other students were still struggling for a few magic stones, while Yang Feng had already
swallowed more than 250,000 magic stones worth of elixirs. 250,000 magic stones were
enough to allow an Apprentice Warlock with superior level-5 soul aptitude to easily promote all
the way until a level-1 Warlock, it was only natural for him to promote to an Apprentice
Warlock after consuming such a large amount of resources.
Under those gazes filled with envy and jealousy, Yang Feng returned to his dormitory.
Gars, Bella, Iryna and Luka, after those four people got this information, they immediately
hurried towards Yang Feng’s dormitory.
Gars was staring at Yang Feng with a complicated gaze, he had all kinds of mixed feelings in his
heart as he congratulated: “Yang Feng, congratulations for promoting to an Apprentice Warlock
and becoming an inner court elite!
Bella and the rest also stared at Yang Feng with complicated feelings in their gazes. Such a
waste as inferior level-1 soul aptitude was more than a hundred times worse then theirs. For
such a waste’s cultivation rate to pull so far ahead of them, the only possibility was that he
ingested top-notch elixirs.
Yang Feng asked: “What about Leal?”
Gars said lightly: “He’s dead! During an adventure, he died under the curse of ghasts.”
Bella and the others, their eyes flashed with a touch of gloom.
Warlock College Antalya’s tuition fee was high, all kinds of knowledge required large amounts
of gold coins to be paid. A lot of lesser aristocrats simply couldn’t afford such high tuition fees,
they could only participate in some dangerous adventures to earn gold coins. That high tuition
fee was like a natural barrier, it stopped a lot of ordinary people as well as a lot of lesser
aristocrats from treading on the Warlock Path. If Yang Feng had holed himself up at Autumn-
Leaf Village, then throughout his life, he wouldn’t be able to set foot on the Warlock Path.

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