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iLO Amplifier Pack – Turning Up the Volume on Firmware Management  

DougHascall | 04-03-2017 09:23 AM

The iLO Amplifier Pack is a free download for firmware management built on iLO Federation technology scalability, Smart Update Manager technology wisdom, iLO
RESTful API robustness and Agentless Management Service helpfulness. Here's how we're really turning up
the volume on firmware management! ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Firmware. Firmware. Firmware. Everywhere firmware. How do I manage it all?
Doug Hascall is honored to serve as the Senior Manager of the
The firmware on our HPE servers provides amazing and awesome capabilities to our customers. Managing all of the iLO Firmware Development and Test teams. Doug was the
di±erent firmware and drivers and other software on a single server can still be a daunting task. Multiply that daunting task manager when iLO was first developed and introduced back in
for a single server by the large scale of your data centers – and we now have a really big challenge. Keeping servers up to March 2002. He is now busy leading the team’s e±orts on the
date is critical. Security threats are real. Staying current is your best prevention. next generation of awesomeness. In addition to iLO, Doug has
worked on SmartStart, NetWare OS support, the first 1U ProLiant,
New capability helps solve this challenge: the iLO Amplifier Pack Insight Power Manager, and Dynamic Power Capping. Doug has
been with Compaq/HP/HPE since 1994. Outside of work, Doug is
Now available, the iLO Amplifier Pack is a FREE download built on the scalability of iLO Federation technology, the wisdom a Harley-riding, horse-riding, SCUBA-diving, third-degree black
of our Smart Update Manager technology, the robustness of the iLO RESTful API and the helpfulness of the Agentless Management Service (AMS). These technologies all work in harmony to belt husband and father.
help solve firmware management challenges at a large scale.
Regular readers of this fresh, new blog may recall that I recently talked about the awesomeness of iLO Federation and Five Things to Know About iLO Federation. Specifically, recall the fifth
thing I mentioned: The greatest benefit (of iLO Federation) is the enablement of other software.
The iLO Amplifier Pack is a new piece of software that benefits from the technology in iLO Federation. iLO Amplifier Pack is designed to work with iLO Federation. The iLO Federation
management technology unlocked through the iLO Advanced license makes the iLO Amplifier Pack better, faster and more complete.
Cool stu±. Let’s talk about what you can do with iLO Amplifier.

Easily and rapidly inventory servers

iLO Amplifier Pack features a good-looking intuitive dashboard with an at-a-glance view of the status of your server. The iLO Amplifier Pack supports both Gen8 and Gen9 (that’s cool) HPE
servers. It can discover and inventory thousands (yes, really, thousands, ten thousand to be exact) of servers using iLO Federation in about two hours. The competition would takes days, if it
could even support 10,000 systems.
If you haven’t discovered the amazing scalability of iLO Federation, then iLO Amplifier Pack will also work using a range of iLO IP addresses (use Federation, it’s better). All of these
parentheticals feel like a “fourth wall break” (Deadpool movie reference). Of course, iLO Amplifier Pack also has neat things like detailed hardware, firmware inventory and iLO license reports.

Hassle-free server updates at scale

All of the above is the discovery part. Let’s get to the update part. iLO Amplifier Pack supports online update of firmware, drivers and software. O±line mode supports firmware updates. You can
update multiple servers in a single task. iLO Amplifier Pack will manage the batching of these updates sequentially.
You can configure task status and error alerts to appear in the user interface or via email. Our boss is a big fan of “if this then that” (IFTTT) and, not surprisingly, iLO Amplifier Pack supports
IFTTT alerting.

More iLO Amplifier features

iLO Amplifier is delivered as a VMware OVA. It’s freely available for download and is easy to deploy. Other nice touches are included in the iLO Amplifier Pack. You can modify or create new iLO
Federation groups. You can also view the health status of your discovered systems, control power and launch iLO’s Remote Console

Taking software and firmware management to "11"!

iLO Amplifier is designed in concert with our existing tools and takes advantage of their capabilities.
Have you seen the classic 1984 rock music mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap”? Do you remember the scene where lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel describes how their amplifiers
go to 11?Community Home / Servers and Operating Systems / Servers: The Right Compute / iLO Amplifier Pack – Turning Up the Volume on Firm...
That’s what iLO Amplifier Pack is. iLO Amplifier Pack amplifies the existing capabilities of iLO Federation,
Search allSmart Update Manager/Smart UpdateAllTools,
content iLO RESTful API and
the Agentless Management Service. It even has Amplifier in the product name.
Learn more – and get started
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Ready for iLO Amplifier Pack? Head here. Download the OVA. Read the release notes, skim the user guide – and get started to a more manageable future. Send your feedback on iLO Amplifier
Pack to:

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