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Nombre: _______________________________________________ Hora: 2a / 3a / 4a

1. Go to and type in the code appropriate code, according to your class period. Watch my example video.

2nd Period Code: 4d2965

3rd Period Code: 53803e

4th Period Code: 2b0e59

El día escolar
2. Click the button that looks like this:

3. Record a video in which you talk about your school day. Tell what class you have 1st period _____ and give a detail,
tell what class you have 2nd period _____ and give a detail, tell what class you have 3rd period _____ and give a
detail, and tell what class you have 4th period _____ and give a detail. For the details you must include: who your
teacher is _____, what time you have the class _____, what materials you need _____, what the class is like _____. Just
use one detail per period but do not repeat details; use each one once. Refer to the rubric as well. During your video,
you may look at what content you need to include IN ENGLISH, but DO NOT READ YOUR ANSWERS IN SPANISH WHEN
YOU RECORD! You may record as many times as you want and delete the videos you don’t like.

4. When you like the recording, click “next” and take your picture. Type your (Spanish) first and last names and submit
your video 

5. Next, watch one of your classmates’ videos and leave a video reply in which you react to something the person said in
the video _____, such as “I like that class too,” “I have that class this semester too,” and ask one follow up question
_____ such as “who is the teacher?” “what is the teacher like?” “what is the class like?” “what do you do in the class?”
“what’s your favorite class?” etc.

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Content Excellent content: Strong content: Student Weak content: Student Poor content: Student
Student has included all has included all but 1 has included all but 2 has included all but 3
items from the prompt. item from the prompt. items from the prompt. items from the prompt.

Pronunciation Excellent pronunciation: Strong pronunciation: Weak pronunciation: Poor pronunciation:

Student makes few to no Errors do not impede Errors sometimes impede Errors impede
errors and errors do not comprehension by comprehension by comprehension by
impede comprehension listener. listener. listener.
by listener.

Vocabulary Excellent use of Strong use of vocabulary: Weak use of vocabulary: Poor use of vocabulary:
vocabulary: Uses Uses appropriate Uses some vocabulary Vocabulary is often not
complex, rich vocabulary vocabulary appropriate that is not appropriate for appropriate for the
appropriate for the for the situation / the situation / response / situation / response /
situation / response / response / topic. Used topic. Used some topic. Used English
topic. Used no English. little or no English. English. frequently.

Grammatical Excellent grammar skills: Strong grammar skills: Weak grammar skills: Poor grammar skills:
content always demonstrates often demonstrates occasionally rarely demonstrates
correct verb usage correct verb usage and demonstrates correct correct verb usage and
and uses complete uses complete verb usage or seldomly complete sentences
sentences. sentences. uses complete seldomly.
*A zero can be given on any section if student does not complete the assignment or completes it completely in English.

Comprehension/ Student responds to video and Student responds to Student responds to Student responds to
Responses asks a follow up question. Both video and asks a video OR asks a video OR asks a
are comprehensible. follow up question but follow up question. It follow up question but
one is not is comprehensible. it is not
comprehensible. comprehensible.