You Were

You were a golden summer day boy. Your skin radiated with heat, your fingers like rays of sunlight, burning my body, the sweetest burn. You touched me, consumed me like an early August forest fire, out of control.

You were a bitter winter night boy. Your eyes black obsidian, sucking light from the stagnant lethargy of November.

You brought to my soul a darkness that could only thrive in the cold depths of night, in the cold depths of my wounded existence.

You were the light and the dark, the wintry cold and the blistering heat, you were every opposite, every contradiction, the love and hate, the hurt and the happiness, you touched me and it simultaneously damaged and healed me, you brought a balance that had previously been missing.

You were

everything and nothing boy, my success and my mistakes, you fell away and were no longer my present or my future, simply a memory of a boy, a past, lost but never forgotten.

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