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ECD 350L Lead Teacher Observation Form

Student Teacher: Amber University Mariah Shumway

Date: June 1,2017
Evaluation Key:
U (0) = Unsatisfactory (A toddler teacher at this level does not understand the concepts underlying these skills or does not
care to apply the knowledge effectively. Consequently, performance at this level is below the licensing stand of “do O
(2.6) = Observing (A toddler teacher at this level is given opportunities to try the use of basic skills they have learned and
observed and can do so with a lot of support in a highly structured environment.)
E (3) = Emerging (A toddler teacher at this level is fragmented with some skills developed further than others. Toddler
teachers learn through trying new skills and by making mistakes and continues to require significant support and D (3.4)
= Developing (A toddler teacher at this level has skills that are beginning to be applied with more confidence, and
fewer mistakes, yet continues to require support and guidance.)
A (4) = Applying (A toddler teacher at this level is beginning to apply with regularity the skills they have acquired over their
experiences well enough to merit confidence from others and minimal support and guidance.)
Formative Observation Focus Rating Comments:
1. Classroom/Playground Procedures: 3.6

a. I practice classroom awareness and position myself to see the classroom 3.4

b. I practice playground awareness and position myself to see the playground 3.4

c. I follow the health procedures outlined in the handbooks (i.e. diapering, accident 4
reports, fire drills, take emergency backpack outside etc.)
d. I keep the routine of the class on schedule 3.4 Look at below comments.

e. I lead the routines of the classroom independently and confidently 4 You are great at taking the lead.
2. Free Play Engagement of Children: 3.8

a. I interact at the toddler's level 4

b. I show respect for the toddlers by showing interest/concern for them 4

c. I promote independence in the toddlers as they play and explore 4

d. I set expectations, and explain and follow through on expectations appropriately 3.4

e. I use a variety of strategies to engage children and support them 3.4 Keep working at implementing those strategies.

3. Large Group Activity Teaching Instructions & Engagement of Children 3.6

a. I introduce my activity appropriately 3.4

b. I set expectations for involvement and model how to participate in the activity 4

c. I hand out and collect props in an organized manner 4

d. I transition appropriately between activities 3.4

e. I manage all children’s behaviors in a large group efficiently 3.4 Continue to work on this.

4. Teacher Presence During Class & Gathering Time: 3.8

a. I am professional in appearance and demeanor 4 Yes

b. I am enthusiastic in attitude 4

c. I use appropriate grammar and syntax 3 You used the phrase "CAN YOU" "YOU GUYS"

d. I use appropriate tone and volume of voice 4

e. I am confident interacting with children one-on-one 4

f. I am confident presenting and interacting with children in large group activities 3.4

g. I make eye contact with children during one-on-one and large group activities 4

5. Professional Commitment & Responsibility 3.9

a. I am punctual arriving to lab on my lead day or other set-up times 4.0

b. I am prepared for my lead day with all my materials and plans for my teachers 4

c. I am courteous in my interactions with parents 4

d. I lead pre and post conference meetings with direction and confidence 3.4 look at below comments.

e. I accept guidance and suggestion from my supervisors and peers 4

f. I communicate with my supervisors and peers in a professional manner 4

6. Lead Teaching Observation Focus


Percentage = 94%

ECD 350L Lead Teacher Observation Form

Score (100 pts) = 94

Lead Teaching Observation Focus: Section 1. Criteria a. I practice classroom awareness and position myself to see the classroom. Overall your
room awareness is getting better everyday. There were a few times where there were children fighting during clean-up time and during free
play near the block area. This can be avoided if we are consistently looking around the room as we are interacting and playing with the children.
You positioned yourself at most of the activities where you could see the whole classroom. That is great. You moved around today as well. Keep
up the great work.

Comments: You were using self talk with K at the puzzles. You were interacting with P in the tent by playing peek-a-boo through the windows. Stay
away from using "Can you's" during free play. "Can you bang on the table?'. You modeled how to use the musical instruments at the cause and
effect activity. Make sure you look up from activities to see other children around the room. You did this once and while you were at the cause and
effect activity. Be careful of using the drill and kill by saying " Say drum" "Say stick". You showed S how to put her hands in the foam. You set
expectations with the smocks at the sensory table by explaining the importance of wearing a smock and why we have to wear them. You started to
clean up for large group at 12:15. You made sure not to start large group to early. You waited until 12:20 to start large group. Great :). Large Group:
You set up great expectations before passing out the parachute. Don't say CAN YOU. "Its time for the popcorn to go to sleep" this is a great closing.
You called children by name. Make sure your teachers spread out more on the parachute so that they can help children hold the parachute. You got
the bins down. Stop using "Can yous during clean up" You were descriptive during clean-up "push the bucket to the wall. During clean up most of
the children were fighting over chairs. We went outside way to early. Lets make sure that we don't go out before 12:40. If you noticed we finished
large group early just have the children go back to play and then turn on the music when it gets closer to the right time on our schedules. Next time
you could even do your large group 3 times. Overall today was a great day.Keep working hard. Your final Lead teaching day will be a great day if you
keep working on all these things. :)
ECD 350L Lead Teacher Observation Form