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North Star

The Flexible, Green and Safe Sounding Rocket Service

North Star 1 North Star 2

Hotel Payload Hotel Payload

”Nucleus” ”Aurora”
Single unitary motor Four unitary

”Aurora” ”Borealis”
Four unitary Seven unitary
motors motors

Sounding Rockets for the Future vectoring and attitude control system when needed.

The North Star family is a new family of sounding The payload section is based on the Hotel Payload
rockets based on hybrid rocket motors designed to standard, which is a scalable and reliable design.
be a flexible and safe alternative to today’s solid
fueled sounding rocket motors. North Star includes launch services from either
Andøya or Svalbard, and the launch can be timed to
North Star is based on a modular, hybrid motor a geophysical event for in-situ measurements and
design and incorporates features such as thrust instrument exposure.
North Star Launch Service
The Versatile, Green and Safe Launch Service

10 kg to 350 km
polar LEO 6

Single unitary
motor 2
1 Graph provided by

1: 1st stage flight 4: Ballistic phase, without fairing

2: 2nd stage flight 5: Upper stage flight
3: Ballistic phase, with fairing 6: First 50 sec of orbital flight

The Nano Satellite Launcher

”Aurora” The largest member of the North Star family is the
Four unitary NSLV: North Star Launch Vehicle - a carrier rocket
motors capable of lifting 10 kg to polar Low Earth Orbit.

Nano satellites are relatively cheap to make, but
launch costs are high, and the waiting list to
piggy-back on larger missions is several months or

The non-hazardous hybrid rocket motors can be

stored on site and readied for launch within hours.
The launch can also be timed to a specific
geophysical event to maximize the scientific output
from the Nano satellite.
Seven unitary
motors First Launch
The technology behind NSLV is currently under
development and will be demonstrated through
sounding rocket flight demonstrations.

The first flight of NSLV is expected to take place in

2020 from Andøya Rocket Range.

Sounds interesting?
For more information on the North Star family, please contact:
Mr Kolbjørn Blix Dahle, Dr C.J. Verberne,
Marketing, Andøya Rocket Range Technology, Nammo Raufoss AS

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