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Bus network analysis underway

A massive overhaul of AC Transit's
At an adjourned regular meeting entire system was launched this month
as management moved into the initial
April 4, the Board of Directors: IransiHimes work stages of reshaping its extensive
• Authorized advertising for bids to Published monthly by the
supply uniform trousers, on motion of ALAMEDA·CONTRA COSTA TRANSIT DISTRICT
network of bus service.
Director Coburn. (See Story, Pg. 6). Latham Square Building· 508 Sixteenth Street The program, which has the designa-
Oakland, California 94612 • Telephone 654-7878
• Authorized termination of special tion of "Project 68," will lay the ground-
service to Coliseum complex should JOHN McDONNELL . " . , President work for meeting present and future
buses be prevented from using direct Ward III transit needs, including coordination
WI LLiAM E. BERK . . . . . Vice President
route into grounds and be required to Ward II
with future operations of the Bay Area
use loop road, on motion of Director' ROBERT M. COPELAND . . Director at. Large
RAY H. RINEHART . • • . . Director at Large
Rapid Transit District.
Rinehart. WILLIAM H, COBURN, JR . . . . . . Ward I An aim of the project will be to deter- equally top job of providing service for
WM. J. BETTENCOURT. . . . . . . Ward IV
• Recommended extension of Line E. GUY WARREN . . . . . . . . . Ward V . mine how individual East Bay nei6hbor- residents who can best be served, trans-
51M to Berkeley fishing pier and re- ADMINISTRAT IVE OFFICERS hoods can best be served by public bay and locally, exclusively by AC Tran-
ALAN L. BINGHAM , • . . General Manager
routing of Line 12 to new West Grand ROBERT E, NISBET . . . . . . . . Attorney transit. sit's network of buses."
JOHN F. LARSON . . . . Treasurer-Controller
Overpass, on motion of Director Bet- GEORGE M. TAYLOR. . . . . . . Secretary Extensive survey
Project tasks include:
tencourt. (See story, Pg. 5).
• Adopted as policy view that func-
DENNIS J. O'CONNOR . Public Information Mgr .
~~ 9------------~ Among initial projects will be a look at
all AC Transit routes and services. The
• Determination of vehicle, plant and
manpower requirements.
tions of District are not responsibility At a regular meeting April 10, the • An "acceptable" fare structure for
study is expected to be the most exten-
of a regional government and District Board of Directors: present and future operations, including
sive survey in the history of East Bay
should remain a separate, independent, • Authorized directors and four staff inter-system rides; revenue estimates and
transportation - and one of the most
autonomous public agency, directly res- members to participate in western possible arrangements for sharing joint
ponsible to voters, on motion of Director regional conference of American Tran- "Project 68" includes six different fare discounts.
Rinehart. (See story, Pg. 2). sit Assn. , on motion of Director Rine- tasks, beginning with the analysis of • An estimate of future operating fi-
• Approved legislative committee rec- hart. routes and services. The total project is nancial results.
ommendations, including letter of com- • Authorized selling 12 obsolete to be completed by Nov. 1, Alan L. • Development of a convenient and
mendation to Sen. Nicholas ' C. Petris for District cars to highest bidder, on mo- Bingham, general manager, told the efficient fare collection system.
measure to support transit. tion of Director Coburn. Board of Directors at a special meeting. • A plan for future joint administra-
"What we're doing is pulling the sys- tion of basic informational service.
tem to pieces and putting it back to-
Transit advertising shows top gain gether again. We will be analyzing what
BART Cooperation
Under the project program, the Dis-
improvements we need to make today- trict will cooperate with BART in analyz-
Advertising on AC Transit buses in- Measurement Bureau reported. and what we need to do when BART irig feeder service needs in areas outside
creased 20.3 percent in 1967, compared Transit advertising is carried by more goes into service. of AC Transit boundaries, Bingham said.
to 1966, putting it ahead of the exper- than 70,000 vehicles, including buses,
"We will be studying modifications in He also reported that in determining
throughout North America.
ience tallied nationally. - routing-what lines we should continue future equipment needs, the District is
Transit advertising usage nation-wide to operate and what we should phase giving .careful consideration to what bus
Riding in winner's circle out. manufacturers "have on the drawing
registered a 13 percen,t rise last year,
"Our objective is to coordinate our boards"-of vital concern in estimating
growing more than twice as fast as any Transbav revenue records were top- service with train service to avoid un- useful life of present equipment.
other major advertising medium. Among pled twic~ in a row, pushed to new
necessary delay. We are planning an In the program, the District will utilize
highs by fans . making use of special effi£ient, direct, streamlined operation-
other media, only network television and information developed by a recent engi-
service to Golden Gate Fields in Albany.
outdoor advertising registered gains. geared to local, individual neighborhood neering report of the Northern California
The last high of $23,008.57 was reached needs.
Both advanced six percent. Other media Transit Demonstration Project, and also
on Monday, March 18, surpassing a
"We expect to do a top job of carrying a 1965 system-wide origin and destina-
logged decreases, the Transit Advertising record of $22,648.45 set March 4.
people to rapid transit stations-and an tion study.
District role of autonomy upheld
As operators of neighborhood bus AC Transit and the regional agency,"
service designed to meet specific - and Bingham said.
sometimes unique - transit needs in the
two-county area it serves, AC Transit
He pointed out AC Transit, Bay Area
Rapid Transit and San Francisco Muni-
New projects ahead
cipal Railway are now working on
believes its present functions are not
the responsibility of a regional govern-
ultimate arrangements for coordination,
The general manager said it was in-
For operators with
ment. cumbent upon AC Transit to provide the
The District made this policy clear
this month in appearing, with other
best service dictated by local circum- Long District record
stances and the District must turn to the
agencies, before the legislature's Joint citizens of its area for guidelines to the
Committee on Bay Area Regional future.
Organization in San Francisco. "It is for this reason the board favors
Alan L. Bingham, general manager, a directly elected governing body as
said the District's Board of Directors being the most responsive to needs."
took the view AC Transit should remain Bingham ' said directors also felt any AMONG THE FIRST - Mrs. Laura Lee
regional organization established in the Rikli ends driving career after 25 years on
a separate, independent and autonom- bridge runs.
ous public agency, directly responsible Bay Area should be a limited govern-
only to the voters within its boundaries ment, having sufficient authority to Mrs. Laura Lee Rikli, one of AC was so scared on my test I couldn't turn
and to the transit needs of the people develop and carry out solutions to Transit's first women drivers, has made the wheel. But I finally beat it and got
it serves. regional government. her last transbay run, shifting from 25 so I really liked driving the bus," Mrs.
District Promise To be effective, it should be financed years behind the wheel to quieter pro- Rikli recalled.
He said the District was created by adequately to perform each function as- jects like "cleaning house." She had a top safety record, with a
voters on a promise to do one job - serve signed to it, directors believe. One of the most frequently commend- row of gold pins proclaiming 16 years
its residents better, "with faster, more ed of the District's drivers, Mrs. Rikli without a chargeable accident. Her re-
frequent and greatly expanded service; turned in her brass after making her tirement leaves the District with 39
with newly designed and styled equip- Student bus service last run on Alameda's Line O. Her re- women drivers.
ment; with friendliness, comfort, con- tirement is effective May. 1. Albert E. Corn, 56, of 734 23rd St.,
venience and at reasonable fares.
To Hayward studied After visiting two sisters, Mrs. Rikli retiring effective June 1, will return to
"Eight and one-half years have passed Studies \Vere underway this month plans to "take apart" her home at 347 his home town of Morris, Okla., to
since the voters approved the bond issue between California State College at Moraga Ave., Piedmont, and clean it "raise pigs." My brother has so many
which made it possible for AC Transit Hayward and the District to determine "from top to bottom." he can't count them, and he's doing all
to become an operating entity, and inso- if changes in bus service would make Mrs. Rikli applied for a job with Key right."
far as our Board of Directors and man- the college more accessible to minority System in 1942 with the idea of "driv- Corn left farming to go to work as a
agement are concerned, the theme has race students in the Berkeley and Oak- ing a street car, but I was told I was mechanic for the Key System in 1941.
not changed," Bingham told the legis- land areas. going to be a bus driver, instead." He switched to bus driving in 1958,
lators. The college is completing a survey to "I had a rugged time breaking in. I working out of Emeryville Division.
Although AC Transit believes it is determine home locations of present
more subregional than regional in its students and methods of travel to classes, Rerouting to provide direct service
characteristics, it realizes operations The District, in turn, is evaluating its {
would be affected by and have an ef- bus service from Berkeley and Oakland Visitors will be able to ride to the W. 14th St. was rerouted to provide
fect upon any governmental organization
having regional transportation among
to the college to see if elapsed travel
and transfer time offers acceptable com-
I entrance to the Berkeley fishing pier,
starting Sunday, June 2, with extension
more direct service to the Oakland Army
Base and U.S. Naval Supply Center.
its field of responsibility. mute schedules. of Line 51-M to serve the facility. Buses Under the new routing, Line 12 oper-
"The Board of Directors therefore The District also is checking into will continue another four tenths of a ates from 14th St. over Peralta St. and
believes any legislation creating a possibilities of special service fr;m the mile to loop past the pier and the West Grand Ave. to the overpass. Serv-
regional government should contain ap- two East Bay cities to the college. Marina Administration Building. ice was eliminated on 14th St. west of
propriate provisions for financial and Funding of such a service is being With opening of the new West Grand Peralta, and on Wood St., between 17th
operational inter-relationship between studied by the college. Overpass April 16, Line 12 Grand Ave. St. and Grand Ave.
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• ••
IVI810B B@W8



1,240,000 j~
1,220,000 ~ j~ I \
A contract for supplying new uniform
trousers for approximately 1,000 bus
drivers was put out to bid this month
after the District was unable to negoti-
Frederick C. Osborne, 78, of 861 54th
St., Oakland, pensioned June 1, 1958,
from Division 1 as a towerman, died
March 25. He entered service as a





I' ,, , ,
r\\' ~ I 1\
\ I

, ,,
I l.
V f\ '
~ IlL.
~" ~
ate acceptable terms with present sup- motorman in 1925.
pliers. Under terms of the labor contract

Arthur J. Hogan, 69, of 1609 Curtis
ratified last year, the District is to re- St., Berkeley, who started as a conductor 1,100,000 \ ~ rT
place one pair of trousers on a replace-
ment basis for operators with two or
on the trains in 1941 and moved over
to buses in 1958, died March 26. Mr.

' ~I 1968

more years of service, effective June 1. Hogan, who retired Nov. 1, 1965, from 1967
'" '" '" Emeryville Division, spent most of his 1,040,000

Joseph A. Peters, 82, of 311 Lester driving years on Line 88. 1,020,000
Ave., Oakland, member of a well-known '" '" '" 1,000,000
transit family, died on March 5. New District workers are: Z cO LU >-
..J U
..: Z
He went to work for the Key Route ..., LU
u.. ...,
::l ...,
in 1904 as inspector of electrical equip-
General Office
Accounting: Joseph P. Priolo, South
ment and spent 26 years at the pier
San Francisco, accounting supervisor;
terminal before leaving to take another
Sandra Lee CavelIo, Oakland, and
job in 1930. He counted among his most
memorable experiences his role in pick-
Naomi Jean Romero, Oakland, junior Riding continues to show increase
typist clerks.
ing up the first package of airmail from Fare box revenue and the number of riders carried continued to show
an Oakland and Antioch train and hand- Emeryville Division
Information/PBX: Vonna L. Moore, healthy growth during February on both East Bay and trans bay lines.
ing it to a ferry boat employee for
Oakland, information clerk. Passenger revenue for the month totaled $1,118,939, an increase of
delivery to the post office in San Fran-
cisco. The plane carrying the mail had Purchases and stores: Rebecca L. $41,507 or 3.85 percent over rider revenue of $1,077,432 collected in the
been forced by fog to land at Concord, Obregon, Oakland, typist clerk. same month a year ago. Revenue on East Bay lines showed a gain of 2.75
putting a train-ferry ending to the cross- Mintenance: Claude D. Parker, Hay- percent, while revenue on transbay lines was up 5.39 percent. Commute
country flight. ward, mechanic A-carpenter. book sales totaled $188,614, an increase of 6.1 percent over year-ago sales
Mr. Peters was the son of the late Bus Operators: D. R. Reynolds, San of $177,883.
Frank A. Peters, Key Route flagman Pablo; C. M. Williams, Berkeley; E. E. The number of passengers carried during the month reached 4,225,516,
and the brother of the late Frank A. Blasier, Alameda. up 3.72 percent compared to February, 1967. East Bay riding showed an
Peters Jr., who as a hostler, consolidated Richmond Division increase of 2.90 percent, while transbay riding continued its growth pat·
trains at the 32nd and Louise Sts. sta- Bus Operators: J. W. Murchison, San tern with an increase of 6.02 percent.
tion. His survivors include Vernon A. Francisco; J. A. Sellers, Pacheco; J. D. Operation costs during the month totaled $1,331,284, up $107,365 or
Sappers, railway historian. Chan, Concord. 8.77 percent over costs of $1,223,919 for February, 1967. The District op-
Leroy Williams, 45, of 1075-B 24th Seminary Division erated 1,902,208 miles of service, an increase of 119,917 miles or 6.73
St., Oakland, operator at Emeryville Maintenance: William M. McCombe, percent over the same month in 1967.
Division, died unexpectedly March 27 San Pablo, service employee. Total income of $1,533,104 was sufficient to cover operational costs, de-
in an Oakland hospital. A driver for the Bus Operators: W. H. Waldenmaier, preciation and bond debt requirements.
past 15 years, Mr. Williams succumbed Hayward; Eddie Levy, Jr., and C. M.
after returning from Texas, where he
The transit industry nationally indicated a riding increase for Febru-
Lozada, Oakland; W. A. Demerson, San
had been injured in a car accident. Francisco.
ary of 2.42 percent.
Veteran head of maintenance announces
Retirement; new manager appointed .'
Everett A. Towers, who worked his
way up from machinist apprentice to
general superintendent of maintenance
for AC Transit, announced his retire-
ment this month after 50 years in East
Bay transportation.
A. R. "Tony" Lucchesi, assistant to
Towers since 1963, was appointed new
manager of maintenance by Alan L.
Bingham, general manager.
Towers, of 324 51st St., Apt. 2., Oak-
land, will work his last day May 10. His
retirement is effective July 1, the day
before his 68th birthday.
One of the "old time mechanics" who
knew the insides of every piece of mov-
ing equipment - and how to fix it- Lucchesi, left, will take over as manager of
Towers went to work for the San Fran- maintenance with retirement of Everett A.
cisco, Oakland Terminal Railway in Towers, veteran superintendent.
1918, but broke his seniority for 57 days
in 1920. "Tony" played memorable baseball
In the 1930's, Towers was in charge and basketball at Castlemont High
of converting the two-man street cars to School and continued in the "Casey
one-man operation and later, trans- Stengel" fashion, coaching the Little
formed skeleton frames into the articu- League in Hayward and managing the
lated train units which carried com- Southern Pacific Stores, semi-pro team
muters across the bridge until 1958. which won Northern California champ-
Member of a pioneer Amador County ionships in 1956, 1958 and 1960. "Tony"
family, Towers was born in Sutter Creek, goes to bat now at bowling and golf.
but lived in Berkeley from 1908 until
1957. He is married to the former
Mildred Gabrielson, whom he met while Richmond does it again
both were working at Emeryville shops. For the second month in a row, drivers
Lucchesi, 52, of 8609 G St., Oakland, at Richmond Division beat the safety
has 35 years on the property, going to goal and won free coffee and dough-
work for Key System in 1933 after turn- nuts. Their March record of 13,796 miles
ing down a chance to play for a pro per accident, compared to the goal of
baseball team. 12,900 miles per accident.

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Latham Square Building
Oakland, California 94612

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