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Action taken for District to pilot

Study into reduction of bus hold-ups
A study into ways to reduce assaults
and robberies against bus drivers was
set in motion this month with AC Transit
as the pilot.
From the study is expected to come
the most promising methods for reducing
such crimes-of growing individual and
national concern.
Actively participating in the study
with the transit district would be the
U.S. Government and the national head-
quarters of the Amalgamated Transit
Union. Also cooperating would be transit
properties across the nation and experts
in the field of crime detection and pre-
The project, under study since last
July, moved from the planning stage into
detailed proposals with the authorization
by the Board of Directors for an appli-
cation to ·the U.S. Department of Hous-
ing and Urban Development for a dem-
onstration grant to finance two thirds of
project costs, estimated at $300,000.
Union Participation
The HUD grant would be augmented mented with small-scale experiments to
by $100,000 contributed in cash and per- verify practicability of some of the pro-
sonal services by the ATU and partici- posed methods.
pating transit properties. AC Transit's The study is expected to continue over
share was estimated at $30,000. a 12 to 14 month period.
The project will be concerned pri- While AC Transit would be adminis-
marily with gathering and evaluating trator, a council of ATU and transit
data and in determining technical feasi- property representatives would act as
bilities of various proposed solutions. advisors, providing valuable crime data
Results of analytic studies will be supple- based upon local experiences.
Bill to exempt transit from diesel
Tax wins support of administration Act of kindness-between races
As an "American black woman," Mrs. William W. Oliver, 2002 Oregon St., Berke-
Legislation, which would significantly crossing the Bay Bridge. ley, found the prompt return of a lost wallet an "act of kindness" between races that
aid AC Transit in its efforts to find ad- Alan L. Bingham, general manager, should receive public notice. AC Transit. in turn, felt her letter expressed a fine
ditional sources of revenue, was intro- told the Authority the District must meet philosophy that deserved sharing. The letter, addressed to R. M. Detloff, superin-
duced in the State Senate this month rising costs. He ruled out an increase in tendent of Seminary Division, follows:
with the blessing of Governor Ronald taxes in light of the "already over-
Reagan. burdened property taxpayer."
The governor said he would support The Bridge Authority agreed to study
a bill exempting urban transit systems the problem, but set no date for a de- Dear Sir: the German people seemed to feel that
from paying state tax on diesel fuel. The cision. I would like to recommend for driver the United States was a country of vio-
bill, introduced by Sen. James R. Mills, Although generally opposed to any of the month W. S. Lineback, who drives lence and evil men.
D-San Diego, has 35 of the 40 members legislation diverting funds from highway on AC Transit's Line 43. On Jan. 13, 1968, Once a salesman said to me: 'Why are
of the Senate signed as co-authors. construction, Gov. Reagan gave his bless- while changing buses at Shattuck and you here Why is your husband risking
Savings to District ing to the Mills bill after he was assured University Aves. in Berkeley, I lost my his life in the army? You have no country.
The exemption would save the transit the measure would benefit persons who wallet containing $249. Shortly after- How can Americans condemn the Ger-
district some $330,000 next year-equiva- lack jobs as well as property owners who wards, I realized I had lost it. After a mans for their treatment of the Jews?
lent to nearly two cents on the property otherwise might pay more taxes. hysterical minute or two, I called AC In America, the white man bombs the
tax rate. A similar bill, introduced last year, Transit Information. I was assured thev black man's churches and murders his
In its fight to meet expenses without passed the Assembly by a 70-6 vote but would do all they could to help me r~­ children.'
resorting to a fare increase or cut in died in the Senate Transportation Com- cover my wallet. They contacted the I was embarrassed terribly. I said to
service, the District also has asked the mittee. This year the Mills bill was re- driver by radio. In a few minutes I had him:
State Toll Bridge Authority to reduce ferred to the Senate's Governmental received my wallet and went on my way. "In America we do have our problems.
the present 50 cent charge paid by buses Efficiency Committee. This may seem like a normal incident There are both good and evil men of all
in the life of a bus driver. races. It is just that the acts of kindness
However, I feel differently. go unmentioned while the acts of vio-

AC Transit goes to sehool I am an American black woman. My

husband is a serviceman of 22 years. We
lence are telecast all over the world."
I feel that the acts of kindness between
were stationed in Europe during the long the races should also be given publicity.
hot summers of 1963, 64, 65. We were This way people would have a clearer
there during the Watts riot, the bombing picture of what is really going on in
of the churches in Alabama and also the America.
assassination of President Kennedy. All Mrs. E. Oliver, wife of
these tragedies and many others were M/Sgt. William W. Oliver
I shown on European television. Many of S.F. Presidio

Sightseeing tour scheduled for summer

Residents and tourists will have a new Decision to expand the promotion into
bus-eyed view of East Bay attractions a two-and-a-hal£ hour scenic view of
during the summer months with an ex- varied points of interest was based on
panded sightseeing tour operated by the results of last year's experimental tour.
District. Questionnaires, filled out by the 612
The tour, which makes use of buses riders who took the tour, indicated it
during off-peak hours, will follow a rout- was popular and could well be expanded.
ing through four cities - Oakland, Ala- The promotion will be operated in co-
C?LASSES C!N A Bl!S-Training instructor George Silva gives students at Prescott School meda, Piedmont and Berkeley. It will be operation with the Oakland Chamber of
m Oakland mformatwn on the correct-and safe way-to ride a bus. AC Transit "classes" in
bus riding were a feature of a two-day school health and safety fair. offered from May 30 through Labor Day, Commerce Convention and Visitors De-
Sept. 2, and will operate daily. partment.
Increase in transbay riding gives District
Rosier revenue picture for six months
AC Transit checked up a "rosier than
expected" financial picture during the Contract awarded for
first half of the 1967-68 fiscal year, aided Purchase of new buses
by a continuing increase in riding on
transbay lines.
To meet passenger needs
Peak hour equipment needs will be eased
Revenue for the first six months totaled in the next two or three months with the de- HAPPY PEN-Bus
$7,419,600, an increase of $101,184 or 1.4 livery of 15 new buses, ordered by the Dis- driver Lewis Gil-
percent over the same period of the trict to keep pace with increases in commuter more finds time
1966-67 fiscal year, according to John F. traffic and service for special events. behind the wheel
Contract was awarded to General Motors "wonderful" for
Larson, treasurer-controller. CorP. for 10 of the 51-passenger coaches, 40 cartoon ideas.
Buses carried 7,001,700 trans bay pas- feet long and 102 inches wide, and five BART construction
sengers during the six months, an in- smaller, 45-passenger buses, 35 feet long and pre sents constant
crease of 184,200 riders or 2.70 percent 96 inches wide, at a total cost of $466,364. "inspiration" for
over the comparative fiscal period. East Faced with an equipment shortage, the his hobby.
Board of Directors found the ability of Gen-
Bay riding virtually held its own, with eral Motors to deliver the larger buses before
a decrease of 0.53 percent. May 30 and the smaller buses before April
Total passenger count was 25,653,450, 30 an important factor in the contract award. •
up 0.33 percent. Expenses increased by
$494,462 or 6.5 percent to a total of
Total costs, including base price, alternate
seats, sales tax, cost of loading and freight
A bus IS a bundle of ideas
charges, were almost identical between the
$8,132,612. Wages accounted for $6,036,- two bidders, General Motors and Flxible Co. To other drivers they may be pas- transfers. I got to thinking I wish I had
795, up $412,173. A net gain of $138,532 Flxible did not bid on the narrower coach, sengers, but to Lewis E. Gilmore, 35, it's a transfer seven feet
in total revenue was chalked up, due to nor could they promise delivery before Aug. riders- and ideas-that walk through the long to please every-
30, directors found. door at every pick-up he makes while body. So I drew
increased tax proceeds. Total deficit for
The purchase will bring the District's fleet
the period was $1,844,058, up $405,695 of new buses to 417.
driving a District bus. one."
over last year. A talented cartoonist, Gilmore sees his Gilmore's experi-
bus as a "big computer. The people feed ences with BART
through the door, construction on
Public information manager named start turning,
everything rolls, they
Broadway have led
to a series of car- ,i~~~~'::-=
Dennis J. O'Connor, 29, former Los with Mr. Lincoln," seen by 3,000,00 visi- ~r1lrJIiJiW~~ll walk out the door toons which can be
Angeles public relations executive, tors a year at Disneyland. again. appreciated by any-
moved from the field of finance to trans- O'Connor also helped in the founding "Everything that one involved in crane dodging, hump
portation this month as public informa- of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Cen- can possibly happen riding and detours.
tion and advertising manager of the Dis- ter, one of the firm's noted achievements. seems to happen on An operator with the District for over
trict. Along with public relations promotions, a bus. There's a situ- five years, Gilmore has been fighting the
O'Connor, named to the post by Alan he was active in advertising. ation on every trip. "Broadway battle"
L. Bingham, general manager, previously Former University of Southern Cali- Whether it's good or at the wheel of buses
was public relations fornia footballer, O'Connor has a master \ bad, I think it's won- on Line 59-76.
director for Lincoln
Savings and Loan
of business administration degree in mar-
keting from USC. Reared in San Fran-
l derful. It's made to order for a cartoonist
and I get ideas all the time. I can hardly
A "doodler" most
of his life, Gilmore
Association of Los cisco, O'Connor also has an associate of wait to get home to get to the drawing moved to the profes-
Angeles, one of the arts degree from City College of S.F. board ..." sional field with his
nation's largest sav- While in Los Angeles, O'Connor was What might be a "gripe" to another cartoons 10 years
ings firms. He was chairman of the urban development com- operator is a cartoon for Gilmore and he ago. He has been an ~ ~
active in the associ- mittee of the Los Angeles Junior Cham- looks upon ALL riders with happy, animator and altogether successful
ation's sponsorship ber of Commerce and was active in civic creative eyes. enough to pay for the swimming pool at
Dennis O'Connor of "Great Moments affairs in the southern California city. "Like complaints about more time on his home, 1807 Ardith Dr., Pleasant Hill.
4 5
Lewttup fUd 1,260,000
1,240 ,000

Old-timers take their pensions 1,220 ,000

j~ ~ I \
uy' "ll ~ .....\
I~ I \

, ",,/
1,200 ,000
A long-time miner who "powdered
Retirement whistles have blown for a 1,180,000
tunnels" in Colorado, Arizona and Mon-
group of transit veterans, including prob-
tana, Reeves survived a broken back, \ I "-~ LJ'r ~
J ........
, ,,
1,160 ,000
ably the only train motorman who ever
knocked a handcar into the bay.
lung operation and heart attack -= and 1,140,000
~ ~ \ 'I
Karl F. Zang, 61, of 3051 Rollingwood
feels he's in "better shape than ever now
~( j Ij ~ ~X- 7 J~ J~
to enjoy his rock-hunting jaunts.
Dr., San Pablo, added his bit to transpor-
A veteran at Seminary Division, Reeves 1,100,000
1\ ' II '\. ~ '\. 7
, ~"
tation history in 1939 while taking a '(
train from the Key System pier to San
Pablo Station.
"I had the best unit that went out that
expects to "sure miss" the riders on the
64 Line and High Street.
Victor Jacobsen, 65, of 5921 Merrie-
wood Dr., Oakland, is looking forward to
1,080 ,000

1,060 ,000

1,040 ,000
"" --..

" - 1967
day and I was really wheeling. I came
around a bend-and there on the track
some "pretty terrific fishing" and driving
the "Dodge bus I've fixed up for camp-
1.020,000 I' ~r - 1966
was a haJ;ldcar. 1.000,000
"I pulled the whistle and threw it in ing." ~
He was among the first seven drivers - 1965
the big hole-giving the brakes the fu~l 980,000
who "opened up" the San Fran~i~co B~y
air pressure. I really hit the car and It 960 ,000
Bridge in 1937. A Seminary DivISIon PlO-
sailed way out in the bay and sank. Late~, Z
z ti u
neer, he spent over 20 years on the. 80 <C u. :::; <C ::>
..., o C
a dredge tangled with it and brought It
lines before ending up his time behmd
up and everybody wondered where it
the wheel on the 91 line.
came from." C. A. Cramer, 1090 43rd St., Emery- Riding on East Bay and transbay lines showed a decrease during December, al-
Zang, who has been driving out of
ville, has found his driving years "a won- though transbay traffic continued its growth pattern in both passengers and l'evenue.
Richmond Division since it opened, has
derful experience. I've enjoyed the whole Rider revenue totaled $1,142,681 for the month, a decrease of $4,398 or 0.38 per-
seniority dating back to 1937.
For Orville E. Reeves, 66, of 624 Juana thing." cent over passenger revenue of $1,147,079 reached in December a year ago. Revenue
Cramer went to work on the streetcars on East Bay lines was down 1.79 percent for the month, while fares collected on
St., San Leandro, retirement will mea? a
in 1945 and moved over to bus driving in transbay lines was up 1.64 percent. Commute book sales totaled $168,267, a de-
chance to return to Colorado, prospectmg
1947. He plans to do his next traveling crease of 1.5 percent compared to year-ago sales of $170,744.
for mineral-speckled rock sought by col-
this summer, along the Eastern seaboard. The number of passengers carried during the month reached 4,207,782, down 1.59
lectors. Garfield Martinez, 65, opera:or at :he percent over the count of 4,275,618 made for December, 1966. East Bay riding
Emeryville Division, will take hI,~ penslOn showed a decrease of 2.4 percent, while transbay patronage was up .68 percent.
effective April 1 and plans to rest tw?, Operation costs during the month totaled $1,324,077, up $68,097 or 5.42 percent
or three weeks, so I can enjoy loafing. over costs of $1,255,980 for the same month a year ago. The District operated
He went to work as a motorman in 1,929,089 miles of service, a decrease of 7,216 miles or .37 percent compared to the
1945 and pulled the last B train from same month in 1966.
Trestle Glen to the yard when the trains Total income of $1,543,042 was sufficient to cover operational costs, depreciation
went off in 1958. Martinez has "house- and bond debt requirements.
work and yard work" ahead at his home,
624 Mangels Ave., San Francisco. 1
Death takes well-known transit worker
Death came unexpectedly this month Mrs. Dorr, of 299 Mather St., Oakland,
LET'S EAT CAKE-Karl F. Zang, r!ght, gets to Mrs. Rosemary "Mickey" Dorr, senior was well remembered for her witty con-
extra service from Les Minear, asstStant su- clerk in the maintenance department and tributions to Key System publications
perintendent, at surprise retirement party at a veteran of 19 years of service, most of and to "Wheels," newspaper of Division
Richmond Division. it at Richmond Division. 192 of the Carmen's Union.
At an adjourned regular meeting Jan.
24, the Board of Directors : •I_es
• Awarded contract to General Motors
Published monthly by the
Corp. for furnishing 10 large, 51-pas- ALAM EDA·CONTRA COSTA TRANSIT DISTRICT
senger coaches and five smaller 45-pas- Latham Square Building· 508 Sixteenth Street
Oakland. California 94612 • Telephone 654·7878
senger coaches, on motion of Director
Rinehart. (See story, Pg. 4) JOHN McDONNELL . " . . President
• Recommended extension of service Ward III
WILLIAM E. BERK . . . . . Vice President
on Line 87-Maxwell Park, on motion of Ward II
Director Coburn. (See story, Pg. 8) ROBERT M. COPELAND . . Director at Large
RAY H . RINEHART. . . . . Director at Large
• Approved operation of summer sight- WILLIAM H. COBURN, JR . . . . . . Ward I
WM. J . BETTENCOURT. . . . . . . Ward IV
seeing tour, on motion of Director Co- E. GUY WARREN. . . . . . . . . Ward V
burn. (See story, Pg. 3) ADMIN I STRATIVE OFFICERS
ALAN L. BINGHAM . . . . General Manager
• Authorized application to U.S. De- ROBERT E. NIS8ET . . . . . . . . Attorney
JOHN F. LARSON . . . . Treasurer-Controller
partment of Housing and Urban Devel- GEORGE M. TAYLOR. _ . . . . . Secretary
DENNIS J. O'CONNOR . Public Information Mgr.
opment for grant to help finance study ~ ____________ ~~ 9 _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ ~

into ways to reduce assaults and rob-

beries on buses, on motion of Director • Reappointed Director Bettencourt as
Coburn. (See story, Pg. 1) member and Director Copeland as alter-
'" '" '" nate member of Bay Area Transportation
At a regular meeting Feb. 14, the Study Commission, on motion of Director
Board of Directors: Warren.
• Approved allocation of $1,289 as Dis- • Authorized Assistant General Super-
trict share of expenses to complete final intendent of Maintenance to receive
report of Northern California Transit Fleet Owner Maintenance Efficiency
Demonstration Project, on motion of Award and inspect bus cleaning equip-
Director Bettencourt. ment, on motion of Director Coburn.

New service improvements scheduled

Service will be extended March 4 on utes during midday hours instead of
Maxwell Park Line 87 from Ruth and every 20 minutes.
55th Aves to MacArthur Blvd., providing With the Maxwell Park extension,
direct transbay, East Bay intercity' ex- riders will be able to transfer to transbay
press and crosstown connections. At the Line N, express Line 34 and crosstown
same time, week-day frequency will be Line 57. By routing the extension along
increased on MacArthur Blvd. Line 57- 55th Ave., the District will be providing
57C, with buses operating every 15 min- the first bus transit for that area.

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Latham Square Building
Oakland, California 94612


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