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A£TIONS OF lransiHimes
Pub lis hed month ly by the Bus tour to show scenic East Bay
Latham Sq uare Bui lding • 508 Sixteenth Street
Oak land, California 94612 • Te l ephone 654·7878 A bus-eyed view of woodsy and his- infOlmation center, at 9:45 a.m. on week
At an adjourned regular meeting April BOARD OF DIRECTORS toric Mills College campus will be in- days and 1:45 p.m. on week ends.
JOHN McDONNELL . . ., . . President
24, the Board of Directors : Ward III
cluded for the first time as a scheduled Bus passengers with a valid transfer
• Awarded contract for furnishing uni- WILLIAM E. BERK . . . . . Vice President sightseeing attraction when AC Transit may take the tour for $2.25- $1.10 for
Ward II children under 17. East Bay bus riders
form trousers to lowest responsible bid- ROBERT M. COPELAND Director at Large
begins its summer-long East Bay scenic
der meeting legal specifications, on mo- RAY H. RI NEHART . Director at Large bus tour on May 30. also will receive a tour pass good for one
WILLIAM H. COBUR; . . . Ward I
tion of Director Coburn. (See story, Pg. WM. J. BETTENCO Co . . . Ward IV The tour will be operated daily from token fare on their return trip home .
E. GUY WARREN . . . Ward V
6) ERS
Memorial Day through Labor Day, Cash fare for adults is $2.50 and for
enera l Manager " children under 17, $1.25.
• Approved appearance of assistant gen- Attorney
r-Contro ll er
eral manager for administration at meet- . . Secretary
DENNIS J . O'CONNOR . Pub lic Information Mgr.
ing to expedite federally financed study
into methods of reducing bus holdups, on
,______________ ~ 9--------------,
Sharp-eyed operator
motion of Director Coburn. motion of Director Rinehart.
• Approved personnel procedures in-
Keeps airways busy
volving retirement of claims manager At a regular meeting May 8, the Board Bus drivers constantly are demonstrat-
and appointment of successor, on motion of Directors: ing the importance of the two-way radio
of Director Coburn. (See story, Pg. 8) • Approved curtailment of service on in handling emergency situations - but
• Recommended acquisition of IBM Line 56C (see story, Pg. 5); continuance operator H. R. Voss, 63, of 17068 Via
computer (see story, Pg. 6) and agree- of service on Line 83 A-B; discontinuance Media, San Lorenzo, seems to be "hit-
ment for bank financing on purchase of of morning and evening loop on Line Sept. 2, offering a "trip of discovery" for ting the jackpot."
new buses, at savings in interest rate, on 92, on motion of Director Bettencourt. residents, as well as visitors. He's buzzed the airways to report two
Air-conditioned buses, with a hostess fires; youngsters breaking into a car and
as narrator, will follow a routing through the unexpected arrival of a baby.
Tax {elief bill passes Senate Oakland, Alameda, Piedmont and Berke- When a passenger on Line 92 told
Voss she was about to have a baby, he
Legislation which would provide im- to pay one cent of the tax as their share ley, tying together a package of different
portant financial aid for AC Transit and of maintaining the state highway system, scenic attractions. radioed to central dispatching head-
although most buses run on local streets The project is a joint effort with the quarters, then detoured to a hospital
other urban bus companies in California
has passed the State Senate, with the and county roads. Oakland Chamber of Commerce Conven- emergency entrance- just in time.
blessing of Governor Ronald Reagan. Statewide, the savings to transit prop- tion and Visitors Department to present V oss also radioed a report on smoke
erties is estimated at $2,000,000. the east side of San Francisco Bay as pouring from a home in Palma Ceia.
The measure would exempt urban
"charming, imaginative and different." Previously he used
transit systems from paying six of the The bill carries an emergency pro-
Other specialties on the two-and-a-half the fire extinguisher
seven cents state tax imposed on diesel vision making it effective July 1 of this
hour routing include Alameda's "Gold on his bus to put out
fuel. The saving to AC Transit would year instead of the usual date of 90 days
Coast" and South Shore living; the Oak- flames on a burning
amount to about $280,000 in the coming after close of the session.
land Coliseum complex; a conducted car - a frequent oc-
fiscal year, according to estimates of
John F . Larson, treasurer-controller. Death comes to veterans walk around the Mormon Temple roof currence for other
In transits' past garden; Piedmont estates; University of drivers as well. In
The bill, authored by Sen. James R.
Harvey Staats, 86, of 4135 Emerald St., California and free-thinking Telegraph this case, a radio call
Mills, D -San Diego, was expected to pass
Oakland, pensioned Feb. 1, 1945, as a Ave.; Oakland's Lake Merritt and Jack brought a new fire
the Assembly without delay. A similar
bus driver, died April 14. He entered London Square. extinguisher. Anoth-
bill passed the Assembly last year, but
service in 1920. Tour buses will leave at 9 :30 a.m. on er call notified police
died in the Senate Transportation Com-
Robert Reid, 87, of 5236 Locksley Ave., week days and 1:30 p.m. on week ends of kids trying to break into a car at
Oakland, who entered service in 1908 from Latham Square, 16th and Tele- Southland shopping center.
This year, the bill was approved by the
and retired as a motor coach operator in graph in downtown Oakland. A second V oss, a veteran train motorman, last
Senate by a vote of 32 to O. Under the
1943, died April 17. pickup will b e made at Jack London made the news in 1958, when he took
measure, transit companies will continue
Square, near the Chamber of Commerce the final train across the bridge.
New interest in duo-bus fleet Transportation engineering students
Bus manufacturers in this country- manufacturer also have shown interest Study District's operating practices
as well as in Europe-are studying de- in adapting their designs to meet local
velopment of an articulated bus designed and State requirements. Double buses Operations at Emeryville came in for
specifically for urban transportation, fol- are widely used in Europe. keen observance this month as graduate
lowing AC Transit's successful, pioneer- The manufacturing representatives are students in mass transit engineering used
ing experimentation with the Freeway considering the District's requirements, it as a classroom for studying actual op-
Train. as well as possible use of a duo-bus on erating experience.
Demonstration that a duo-bus can car- other properties. Some 30 students, studying for either
ry more riders in unusual luxury-at less Information on the District's experi- their master's or doctor's degree in mass
cost per passenger than regular buses- ence has been requested by transit rep- transit engineering, made the visit to
also has attracted keen interest in other resentatives in other cities. the division to talk to people with work-
cities. Two years of promising experimenta- ing knowledge in the field and to learn
something of basic characteristics and FUTURE TRANSIT ENGINEERS-H. D.
Visits to the property, to discuss po- tion with the 50-foot Freeway Train has
operating problems. White, assistant general manager for opera-
tentials of new, articulated coaches, have led the District to pursue the acquisition tions, handles questions from graduate stu-
been made by Flxible Co., national motor of additional articulated coaches-which Half of the visitors were United States dents in transit engineering.
coach manufacturer, and by a European could carry passengers in greater luxury citizens while the other half represented
firm, Bus and Car Co., of St. Michaels- and efficiency, while making better use foreign countries, including Iran, Can- Institute of Transportation Engineering,
bij-Brugge, Belgium. The Belgium firm of road space on crowded freeways. ada, the Irish Republic, the United King- University of California, who arranged
assembles Continental Trailways buses, In acquiring any new duo-buses, the dom, Australia, South Africa, Yugoslavia, the trip.
using components built in this country District has indicated its interest in a Germany and Brazil. AC Transit was picked for the only
and shipped to Europe. low-level double unit, with a rear exit The foreign students plan to return to field trip in the program for its achieve-
Four German firms and one Italian and an aisle wide enough for passing. their own countries to practice in the ments in effective operations. H. D .
transit field, according ' to Wolfgang S. White, assistant general manager for
WHAT IS SO FARE?- Homburger, associate research engineer, operations, acted as tour leader.
Bus driver Paul Nielsen
models money hat for
"Lady Bug" workers of
Children's Home Society,
Express buses to link Alameda, Berkeley
from left: Mrs. Robert First direct commute service between schedules leaving Alameda and on six
Weggenman, Mrs. William Alameda and Berkeley will be inaugu- trips returning from Berkeley in the
Freeborn, Mrs. Stephen rated June 3, cutting peak hour traveling afternoon.
Parks, Mrs. Larry Capelli. time in half. The Alameda express has shown con-
At right, Hampton House The Line 35-Alameda Express and tinued growth since inauguration on
sign is posted by decorator Line 33-Berkeley Express will be linked Dec. 4, increasing from 119 riders on in-
Winfield Winsor and Mrs.
Richard Cochran, Oakland to provide the fast, limited-stop service. augural day to a high of 231 on April 24,
Symphony Guild. Travel time from Park St. and Santa almost doubling patronage.
Clara Ave. in Alameda to University and Extension of Line 51-M to serve the
It's Springtime for buses •• Shattuck Aves., Berkeley, is scheduled at
31 minutes. Line 51 buses take 58 min-
fishing pier at Berkeley Marina also was
scheduled for June 2.
May brought posies, pink signs and Coaches on Line 42-and coach stop utes to travel the same distance. Curtailment of service on Line 55-C,
perky activity as District buses played poles-came in for attention when Hamp- Richmond, El Cerrito and Albany also because it failed to produce any notice-
a role in fund-raising activities sponsored ton House, at 401 Hampton Rd., Pied- will be tied into the intercities express able pah'onage during a six-months trial
by two women's organizations. mont, made a public debut as an in- system, with the commuter service now period, was approved by the board of
Bus driver Paul Nielson proved a will- terior decorator's showcase. Buses ob- provided by Line 33. directors. The line provides service for
ing model for members of Lady Bug serving the stop carried pink portable Buses will follow present Line 35 rout- Tassafaronga Village in East Oakland.
Chapter of the Children's Home Society, signs proclaiming: "Hampton House." ing via Nimitz Freeway into downtown Buses will continue to operate from 8
who used him to display a "money hat" Similar signs were posted on poles. The Oakland, continuing on Line 33 routing a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 2 until 4 p.m.,
auctioned as part of a May Day char- public showing benefited the Oakland to Berkeley. The through service will be with special a.m. and p.m. trips for
tered bus junket to Menlo Park. Symphony Guild. provided on the four peak hour morning workers.

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1,240,000 ~
1,220,000 J~ ~~ I \
"\''- /\
Paychecks will look the same - but Contract was awarded to The Hub,

1,180,000 .J~
Jr \ ~ ~ ...\
IJr \ I
, , ,..,.
/ \
V \ ,
their production will be different early present suppliers of uniforms, as the
this fall when the District acquires an lowest bidder who met specifications as 1,160,000 1\ AdIIiII! \ ~

"\ ,r .J ~
\ 1/1 I

IBM computer 360 Model20- and moves to quality, price and local distribution. 1, 140,000 '"'i\
~ ~ ~
into the ned era of electronic information
processing. Coffee and doughnuts were a welcome
The computer will replace unit record

mid-morning snack at all divisions as 1,100,000

equipment in the data processing depart- operators batted out driving records ,~
ment, handling all functions - including which beat the District's safety goal of l
the writing of checks for employees and 12,900 miles per accident. 1967
pensioners . Bus drivers at Richmond Division 1,040,000 \
The new system also will have prime played it safe in both February and 1,020,000
time available for additional applications, March, tallying two treats, but fell be-
including bus mileage data, inventory, hind in April. Emeryville Division got UJ ...: :> ci
Z o UJ
transbay passenger count, scheduling, into the winning circle with 12,982 miles :::J
o z o
and revenue and passenger statistics. per accident, while Seminary collected
Acquisition of the machine, and its most with 13,217 miles per accident.
effective uses, has been been under study
for a year and a half.
RICHMOND TREAT -"Playing it safe" are, Growth tallied in operating experience
from left, director William E. Berk, operator
The contract for supplying new uni- Robert Creer, superintendent N. P. Alevizos. Business activity continued to show an increase during March with pas-
form trousers was buttoned up this senger revenue and the number of riders carried on the upturn.
month, clearing the way for the District Passenger revenue for the month totaled $1,236,570, an increase of
to provide one pair of pants, on a re- $18,748 or 1.54 percent over the March, 1967 revenue of $1,217,822. Rev-
placement basis, for drivers with two or enue on East Bay lines showed a growth of 1.39 percent, compared to the
more years of service. same month a year ago, while revenue on transbay lines was up 1.74 percent.
Under terms of the labor contract, re- Commute book sales held their own, totaling $202,697, down 0.1 percent
placement will start June 1 and will re- over year-ago sales of $202,805.
sult in a "new look" for approximately
The number of passengers carried during the month reached 4,614,683,
1,000 operators during the year. Cost to
up 1.61 percent over the riding count of 4,541,468 made in March of
the District will be $15.40 for each pair
of pants, for a total of about $15,000. 1967. East Bay riding showed an increase of 2.06 percent, while transbay
riding was up .43 percent.
Operation costs during the month totaled $1,420,135, an increase of
$97,954 or 7.41 percent over costs of $1,322,181. The District operated
2,045,935 miles of service, a decrease of 13,947 miles or .68 percent under
the same month in 1967.
Total income of $1,667,867 was sufficient to cover operational costs, de-
preciation and bond debt requirements.
The transit industry nationally indicated a riding decrease for March of
4.33 percent.
New claims manager appointed
Retirement of Mel C. Chapman, vet- months to assure an orderly transition in
eran claims manager, and appointment one of the District's vital activities,
of his successor was announced this Bingham said.
month by Alan L. Bingham, general Chapman was claims manager under
manager. Key System Transit Lines, then with
Chapman, 71, who has been a claims Transit Casualty
manager since 1929, will retire July 31 Company, claims
as head of the department. representative of
His place will be taken by Ozro D. National City Lines.
Gould, 57, whose experience in trans- He continued as de-
portation claims and partment head when
litigation dates back District directors
to 1951. Gould be- canceled the con-
gan work this month tract with Transit
as assistant to the Casualty in 1962 to
general manager for O. D. Gould develop a self-insur-
claims and will as- ance program.
sume full direction Gould, a graduate of Oakland schools,
of the department retired in January as general claims
when Chapman re- agent and assistant secretary of Western
M. C. Chapman tires. Chapman will Greyhound. He was in charge of claims
remain as consultant for a period of six activities in seven western states.

'The Graduate' gets

A District bus
AC Tran~it buses made the scene-but
briefly- in the motion picture "The
Graduate," sharing footage with Tele-
graph Ave. in Berkeley.
Two coaches, with operators C. W. graph near the entrance to the Univer-
McMillan and Lucio Quintana of Emery- sity of California campus.
ville Division, played roles during four Quintana was at the wheel when Hoff-
days of shooting last July- but only a man chased the bus and boarded. An-
flash ended in the finished product. other bus, fitted with cameras, was
Quick-eyed viewers will recognize a driven by McMillan when interior shots
District bus in scenes with stars Dustin were made of the two stars, supposedly
Hoffman and Katharine Ross on Tele- en route to "San Francisco Zoo."

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Latham Square Building
Oakland, California 94612


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