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Lesson 1: The Rich Don’t Work for Money

This chapter the author talks about the perspective of the poor, middle and rich people
about money on which the poor and middle class work to get money while rich people have
money to work for them. Most of the people are applying fear and greed in their lives. Fear
having lack of money so they work more and greed which leads to spending of the money they
have earned. Also it tackles about how to use emotions to your advantage and not thinking your
emotion in decision making. Author wants to state that rich people create systems or an asset
that generates money for them.

Lesson 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy

Author wants to explain that in able to be a financial literate, we must know what are the
assets and liabilities we have and how we will gain more assets than liabilities. It also tackles
about the ignorance of most of the people in the world about how to invest money in a right way
because they are satisfied on being an employee who works almost their whole lives.

Lesson 3: Mind Your own business

In this chapter another perspective about the rich and the poor in terms of business on
which the rich people build their own business while the poor people works for the business they
don’t own. Author wants to teach that we must build a strong foundation of assets that we have
to cover the liabilities we have today and in the future.

Lesson 4: History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

The author wants to teach the power of a corporation especially in asset safety because
asset in a corporation have a different identity from your own asset only up to the extent of what
you have shared can be prone to repossession. Owners of corporation know how taxes are payed
while employees have limited information about taxes which basically gives the owners the
advantages about taxes. Also the people must know accounting, investing, understanding
markets, and law to be more financial literate.
Lesson 5: The Rich Invent Money

In this chapter it tackles about the opportunities we have and how to take advantage of it.
Financial genius must gain a technical knowledge and courage to be successful in inventing your
own business. We must be a risk taker and must know how to manage the risk in order to gain
power and intelligence.

Lesson 6: Work to Learn- Don’t work for Money

Author wants to express to the readers that we must learn while we are working to earn
skill that will be used in order to have a successful business not just working to earn money. It is
also not an excuse for us to not learn when we don’t have money.