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Samreen khan Ghauri

Cell: +92302-3014100, +923332793478

Skype: Samreen.ghauri2


Samreen Khan Ghauri is a social development professional, Human Rights activist, dedicated multimedia
journalist, and Researcher from heart of Indus civilization, at Hyderabad, Pakistan. Through her ground breaking
work over a decade, she is bridging gap amid social development (NGOs) & Media by enhancing engagement with
advocacy, storytelling and communitarian and strategic media partnership with both component. She is founder
and CEO of Community organization SPO, provides strategic direction and develop programs and leading
organization to sustainable development and social change . Samreen brings sound track record of working in
Multi Media spear in Pakistan & abroad. She holds master degree in Mass communication from University of Sindh
in 2001. She is rare combination of working knowledge and strong back ground in social development
sector & media landscape. She serves as a trainer and visiting faculty in Media & Communication and
Gender studies Departments University of Sindh , she also serve as development
consultant on research, advocacy, M& E and Project/ Programs reviews and execution with NGO/INGOs.
She possesses strong communication, interpersonal, leadership and analytical skill. Through her ground
breaking work over a decade, she is bridging gap amid legislature & electorate; by enhancing strategies
engagement while advocacy with lawmakers, legislative aides, politicians & civil society. She is founder of
right-based community organization SPO, provides strategic direction, execution programs, leading
movements on Human Rights & Gender equality. Samreen’s diversity sets her apart as associated with
multimedia journalism & interfaces media on awareness of rural based community specially existing laws
& implementation. Her accomplishments in the role included improved working conditions & wages,
which made life easier for thousands of labor working in glass bangle industry. Samreen who's referred
to herself as a born-again feminist, strives for her life-time goal to help forge a better working, rule of law,
more inclusive and gender equal world. She is a rare combination of social development professional and
multimedia person with common aim to bring social change.

Samreen’s diversity sets her apart from other development professionals; as well she has been associated
with broadcasting journalism since 2005, producing and reporting special features for PBC (Pakistan) &
KUT (USA). She interfaces media with social development issues especially awareness of multidiscipline
communities and cadre. She achieved Fulbright scholarship in the year of 2012 on state department
fellowship under the U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism run by International Centre for
Journalists ICFJ; she worked with ICFJ media house Washington D.C. & KUT FM 90.5 Austin, Taxes USA.

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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She is recipient of LDM (Leadership Development Mechanism) by IIE (International Institution education-
USA), on behalf, she conducted a research on “Women in Pakistan: Their leadership Role and contribution
in health sector”.

Samreen has attended a three- week course in Manila, Philippine organized by ISIS Feminist Leadership
school in 2010 on re-examining advocacy tools using ICT (Information Communication

She attended South Asia Sub-Regional Feminist Legal Theory and Practice TOT in Colombo, (10-
15)December 2016 supported by APWLD(Asia Pacific forum on women, law & development) that
culminate with a fore and dialogue with Asia Pacific and global south Women’s Human Rights Advocates.

She is also attended “Women Leading, Women Organizing” Training on Migrant Workers issues 24th-
29th July 2017 Chiang Mai, Thailand. This participatory training seeks to
Strengthening feminist theory and practices. The training has focus on migrant workers' rights, union
leadership, organizing, decent work and advancing feminist development justice among others.

Recently, she has invited to attend Asia – Europe Foundation

11th ASEF Journalists’ Seminar (17–22 November 2017, Nay pyi daw, Myanmar) in conjunction with
the 13th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM FMM13) she invited to take part as a social activisit
of the international forum. Participating as a panelist in the opening discussion: Can constructive
journalism reinforce the SDG agenda?

Currently Working:

Shelter Participatory Organization (SPO), Hyderabad

Founder & Executive Director

Shelter Participatory Organization (SPO) Shelter Participatory Organization (SPO) is an NGO , established
in 2004 & registered under the society’s registration Act .1860 of Government of Pakistan. SPO endeavor
to be a key player providing replicable models for integrated social and economic development in
humanitarian ground Pakistan.

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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 Providing strategic direction and ensuring quality in SPO’s programme focusing on Gender & women
rights , capacity building of community and public interest institutions and strengthening civil society
 Supervise projects in thematic areas of Good Governance, Gender Equality, pro – women legislation
and research to provide input on women empowerment project designing
 To prepare programme proposals and donor reporting
 Establishing and maintaining links, lobbying with government departments, ministries and institution
 Representing SPO in particular and the civil society movement
 Ensuring committed programme targets are met annually and reported to the SPO Board of Directors,
Advisory Council and other stakeholders through presentations and publications

IRC (Indus Resource Centre), Jamshoro, Pakistan

Programe Manager Mar 2010 – March 2013

Advocate for children's right to education, in the perspective of Article 25A of the Constitution and Sindh
Children's Right to Education Bill 2013, through engaging Children, parents, teachers, CSOs and Media
Development of IEC material for the creating awareness about the Right to Education

The project is being implemented in the 8 districts of Sindh; therefore the major responsibility is to
achieve the objective in all districts at maximum level.


• Project management and maintain programmatic and administrative coordination between focal
points and right holders
• Project planning, designing activities and implementation.

• Provide support and guideline to eight district focal points to accomplish advocacy with all & tier
of stakeholders

• Performance management & operate project activities in eight district across Sindh

• To measure performance against indicators & monitor roadmap for achieving project objectives
and outcomes

• Capacity building exercise with district focal persons and key stake holders including Government
functionaries (EDOs)
• Review progress against indicators set in the monitoring framework & synthesizing lessons learnt

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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• Documenting successful case studies & supporting in providing feedback & input to technical

• Facilitate knowledge Providing technical input and support in project management and during
baseline survey/ gap assessment studies for monitoring and evaluation.

• To supervises 8-10 project staff (focal person) across sindh to ensure proper execution of

Program Officer M & E (Gander Program) Shirkat Gah (Women Resource Centre) Aug, 2007-Sep 2010
 Project coordination and implantation activities
 Prepare advocacy plan & provide technical support.
 Develop weekly monitoring analysis report which clearly highlights projects
progress & gaps and share with the relevant desks
 Conduct quarterly /end of project MEL and SWOT analysis and adopt the findings as
improvement tools.
 Ensure Coordination & Linkages with Concerned Departments
 Regular Reporting & Documentation Of Project Activities
 Implement program intervention in community.
 Coordinator in research work, conducting surveys, collect & compile relevant

Work Experience for broadcast & multimedia

 Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) Radio 2005- to date

 Radio Awaz January 2017 to date
 Freelancer (Documentary producer, Radio host blogger)
April 2014-todate
 KUT news Austin USA (English)
 Daily Times (English) May 2012-March 2014
 Ek Rozen online magazine (Urdu)
 Daily Jeejal (Sindhi)
 IBC online news website (English) January 2016 to date

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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Media Consultant with
Produced radio program & features on issues of Women rights, Gender, SRHR, Nikkha Nama and

 ARTS Foundation (NGO)

Documentary production, Produced a serious of radio program on constitutional history, 18
amendment & devolution.

 Indus Resource Centre (NGO)

Designing Advocacy campaign, develop ICE material and media strategy.

Documentary & TVC production

Blogs/Article: (Published on national & international platforms)

Radio Programs & Sound blogs on social and sustainable development issues, Right- based health such as
Reproductive Health & Rights) RH, Sexual reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) and Early marriages.

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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Production Glimpses:

International and national Public awareness projects accomplishment as am individual capacity

The Rise of Community Journalism Project


The Rise of community journalism supported by USEFPA to address emerging need of community/citizen
journalism in Hyderabad 130 community journalists are enable to produce documentary, radio program,
blogs and news reports on their own community’s social, civic, environment & educational issues.

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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To address Gender Inequality Through Media & Performing Art


The project aim to address gender inequality issue through performing art ( Theater) and Contemporary
Media (Radio, video, Print). Young media students become advocate of social change while performing
community theater in Hyderabad special focus on awareness rising among youth about Gender

Research Work

Works as research scholar while achieved of acceptance of abstract of research paper Title: “ACHIEVING
held on November 2017 at University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The research
paper has been presented in the conference.
Link to research Paper:

Research fellow of IIE (International Institution education-USA) recipient of LDM
(Leadership Development Mechanism) research grant in 2007, on behalf of she conducted a research on
“Women in Pakistan: Their leadership Role and contribution in health sector”.

CIET Management Consultants 2004-2005
Designing, review reference material and Conducted research study for Women Development
Department (Govt of Pak) under the title of SAAAW (social audit abuse against migrant women). This
research study leads to provide a momentum & strong base to initiative pro-women legislation in the

Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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Oxfam GB
Worked as Researcher in Mid-term evaluation of Aurath Foundation women empowerment project:
Rising Her Voice, conduct FGDs, Interviews, assessment at higher to mid-level stack holders &
documentation evaluation report.

Manual development, Translation

• Translated and reviewed the manuals, articles and documents for various purposes. Gender based
violence GBV draft recommendation on women protection bill 2011.

• Assist to draft Gender policy, Laws and regulation in Pakistan with government department.


Master M.A (Mass Communication) 2001 University of Sindh, Jamshoro

Applied M.Phile in Gender Studies 2017 University of Sindh Jamshoro

Personal Information
Father Name: Mansoor Ahmed khan
Date of Birth: September 12, 1978
Marital Status: Single CNIC Card#: 4l304-1422132-0
Passport: Passport # AV5221321 (Valid: July -2020)


Profile: Samreen K. Ghauri – CEO – Shelter Participatory Org – Pakistan

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