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Name of Torrent: BARBERSHOP Movie Series - 1, 2: Back in Business, Beauty Shop, 3:

The Next Cut - 720p x264 Web-DL

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Plot Synopsis:

Barbershop 1 (2002) - "A smart comedy about a day in the life of a barbershop on
the south side of Chicago. Calvin (Ice Cube), who inherited the struggling business
from his deceased father, views the shop as nothing but a burden and a waste of his
time. After selling the shop to a local loan shark, Calvin slowly begins to see his
father's vision and legacy and struggles with the notion that he just sold it out."

Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004) - "This sequel to the 2002 film returns to
the Chicago barbershop owned by Calvin Palmer Jr. (Ice Cube). His employees --
Isaac (Troy Garity), Terri (Eve), Ricky (Michael Ealy), Dinka (Leonard Earl Howze)
and Kenard -- have their own personal and workplace problems, and a new barbershop
called Nappy Cutz has moved in across the street. As Calvin tries to change the
character of his business, Nappy Cutz and gentrification become a threat to the
surrounding community."

Beauty Shop (2005) - "Far from Chicago, hairdresser Gina Norris (Queen Latifah) has
relocated to Atlanta with her daughter (Paige Hurd) and has quickly established
herself as a rare talent in her profession. But after repeatedly butting heads with
her shady, over-the-top boss, Jorge (Kevin Bacon), Norris sets out to create her
own salon -- even snagging a few of Jorge's employees and clients, including Lynn
(Alicia Silverstone) and Terri (Andie MacDowell), respectively. Now, Jorge will do
anything to shut her down."

Barbershop 3: The NEXT Cut (2016) - "To survive harsh economic times, Calvin and
Angie have merged the barbershop and beauty salon into one business. The days of
male bonding are gone as Eddie and the crew must now contend with sassy female co-
workers and spirited clientele. As the battle of the sexes rages on, a different
kind of conflict has taken over Chicago. Crime and gangs are on the rise, leaving
Calvin worried about the fate of his son. Together, the friends come up with a bold
plan to take back their beloved neighborhood."

Name (Title): BARBERSHOP Movie Series - 1, 2: Back in Business, Beauty Shop, 3: The
Next Cut - 720p

Category Type: Movies

Length (Duration): Varies by Film

Year(s): 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2016.

Starring: Ice Cube, Eve (the rapper), Cedric the Entertainer, Queen Latifah, etc...

Genre(s): Comedy, Family, Drama.

Resolution: 720p

Rip Type (Source): Web-DL

Codec Type: x264

Format of File(s): MP4(s).

Audio Format & Language(s): AC3 DD 5.1 (English).

Subtitles: YES (for each film).

Chapters: Yes.

IMDB Link(s):

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