CITY OF TORRINGTON TITLE: DEPARTMENT: Reports to: Emergency Management Director Emergency Management Mayor

OBJECTIVES: The Emergency Management Director develops, organizes, directs and coordinates the City’s Emergency Management Program. The Emergency Management Director advises the Mayor on all emergency matters and related laws, rules, regulations and requirements of state and federal statutes relating to emergency management and preparedness. The Director is responsible for the functions of (1) Emergency Organization, Planning and Management, (2) Direction, control and Warning, (3) Population Protection, (4) Training and Exercising. Emergency responsibilities assigned to Department Chiefs by charter or standard procedures remain the responsibilities of Department Chiefs. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Identifies and assesses vulnerabilities, hazards and threats to the municipality. Analyzes and formulates emergency management policies and procedures related to the functioning of emergency services during emergencies. Develops and maintains the Emergency Operations Plan. Conforms the municipality’s emergency operations plan to state and federal criteria. Plans, organizes, and coordinates the Emergency Management activities of those operating departments, agencies and offices of local government which are responsible for carrying out response operations in an emergency. Coordinates planning and organization for the use of all public and private resources available to local government to provide capacity of dealing with the effects of disasters. Maintains a continuous review and testing of the warning system and warning procedures. Serves as the communications planning coordinator for all local emergency direction and control, insuring proper design, coordination, maintenance and suitability for emergency operations. This shall include the emergency operations center. Develops and maintains training and exercise programs to prepare the emergency management organization for emergency operations. Provides 24 hour support to all City Departments. Prepares requests for state and federal assistance for emergency management programs.

During emergencies, the Director assumes the overall responsibility for the operation of the Emergency Operations Center, subject to the direction of the Mayor or his designee. During the activation of the operations center, the Emergency Management Director advises the Mayor on local government emergency operations, including the execution of (1) appropriate increased readiness measure, (2) such emergency and supporting plans and procedures as are appropriate for the emergency, (3) necessary coordination among the operating departments. Coordinates, prepares and executes local government programs which involve the training and education of individual citizens and businesses, industry and private organizations in individual and collective survival in an emergency. Prepares and submits Emergency Management reports to appropriate state, local and federal agencies as required. Serves as liaison between local, state and federal agencies on Emergency management matters. Maintains a reference file of general emergency preparedness, emergency response, attack preparedness and similar emergency management publications as guidance documents. Develops and administers a yearly budget. Researches the availability of grants and processes all paperwork to obtain the maximum amount of grant money. NONESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Various clerical duties. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Thorough knowledge of the current principles and practices of emergency dispatch communication. Up to date knowledge of Civil preparedness including completion of training as prescribed by OEM and FEMA and the City of Torrington. Knowledge of state of the art telecommunications applications. Skill in the design and the presentation of training programs. Working knowledge of personal computers. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with public officials at all levels of government, volunteer organizations, private sector organizations and the public. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT OPERATION Drive an automobile, operate office equipment and telecommunications and dispatching equipment including a personal computer for data entry and retrieval of information, operate a telephone and an electronic calculator. REQUIRED PHYSICAL EFFORT Required to be able to see, speak and hear, in person, and when using various telecommunication devices. Required to frequently stand, walk, sit, use hands, lift up to 25 pounds. Ability to visit all town departments and locations.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Minimum) Requires an Associate’s degree in Law Enforcement, Fire Science, Public Safety, Emergency Communications or related field and six years of work experience that includes management of programs and staff in emergency operations. Must be a citizen of the United States. Must possess a valid driver's license. Must be able to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Must complete recommended training programs as listed by the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency management or s designated by the City of Torrington..

January 5, 2006

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