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Q1: 2018 GENESIS
365 Black History: Melanated Super Heroes
The Black Superhero list includes African
American characters, characters of sub-Saharan
African descent, Australian indigenous people,
dark skinned Latinos or populations
characterized by dark skin color (a definition
that also includes certain populations in
Oceania, Southeast Asia, southern South Asia,
and the southern Middle East).

It's no secret that white male leads have dominated comic books since --- well forever. In the '60s, Marvel and
DC finally started to put a change to that with the addition of super-powered people of color, which led to some
of today's biggest names in comics. But it still wasn't enough. Eventually the lack of diversity led to the onset
of Milestone Media in the '90s, where Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T.
Dingle crafted several intriguing characters. With an increasingly active black nerd, or BLERD, community,
new black characters are being created every day --- primarily through independent publishers, though Marvel
has also kickstarted a focus on one of its most notable black characters --- but more on that later.

Some of our favorite characters are BLACK PANTHER, STORM, SPAWN, PRINCESS ASHE, MISTY
and SISTAH SPOOKY. Find our favorite characters via your preferred search engine or WORLD OF BLACK
HEROS website.
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is the community
organization turned 501(c)3, created by S Cubed
Upcoming Events & Sponsorship
Productions, LLC, to provide a luxury atmosphere to
inner city teens as we groom their minds, hearts and • Jan – March: Annual PPUS Collections
spirits to recognize that they are our future leaders of • April 7th – 28th (SATURDAYS):
the World. We want to impart important social and #PromPOPUPSHOP2018
personal values that will leave room for their • May Spring Fling: #OperationGetARing
individuality. We want to give back not just for a season, • June – Networking & Chill Concert
but #365Days a year.
Contact us via
#WGBWC365 partnered with #BecauseWeCarenyc to for more info!
further extend services to the community via non formal
#Free Pop Ups throughout the NYC Tri-State area to
men, women, and children that are in need. We will MORE:
continue to serve and create a sense of Hope For The monetary donations will benefit youth
Humanity by providing a sense of unity in the enrichment programs in under served metropolitan
community. areas across the USA. Find out more via


Travis Greene – Crossover:
Live From Music City
Le'Andria – Bigger Than Me
Marvin Sapp – Close
Anita Wilson – Sunday Song

CeCe Winans – Let Them Fall
In Love

More via GRAMMY!
MUSIC ON THE MIND: Jesus Peace NYC (@jesuspeacenyc)
In 2013 Ran & Dame came together to form
Jesus Peace- a rap duo, ministry, and now non
profit. Our philosophy is "Live to give"- and
over the past 4 years we've done just that.
We've given hundreds of meals, thousands of
hours, just as many dollars, tons of lyrics,
songs, poems, lessons, apparel, innumerable
laughs, smiles and high fives all for the cause
and calling that Christ has placed on our
hearts- which is to give all that we are, and all
that we have for
• the glory of God,
• the salvation of the lost,
• and the edification of the church.
Many of you have helped us a great deal along
the way and for that we are grateful. We have
a vision to impact our generation and even
• iTunes future generations with the gospel through
• Amazon art. Your donations are the provision for the
ALBUM OUT vision.
NOW • Google Play
• Spotify
We now have a quick and easy way for you to
• Bandcamp donate and support the vision through @pay.
College Junior & Interested in working in PR,
Entertainment Media, or Marketing?

Want to bring innovative event ideas to life? Are
you camera friendly and/or have the gift of writing?

Work as a PAID Intern with SCP. Send resume's
and cover letters to with Subject
Line: Spring Internship. Submission Deadline
February 28th EOB.
#RelationshipGoals: God’s Plan
Trust The Process
My notes from Pastor Michael Todd (Transformation Church) message.

The Godly Relationship Progression:

1. Singleness: When we receive our identity in Christ and our purpose.

2. Intentional Dating: A date is an event, not a commitment. Dating is the
vehicle to engagement. Recreational dating is dangerous ("friends", "hook-ups",
"Netflix & Chill"). Hosea 4v6; Pro 4v23

3. Engagement: Preparing for the next step.

4. Marriage: In covenant with God and spouse.

5. Love: 1 Cor outlines what is the foundation of Love. Our love is intentional
when in covenant.

6. Reproduce Out of Love: Children should be the product of our Godly Love.
Our children will know and reproduce Godly Love as it is represented at home.

7. Repeat: Perfect yourself and add value to the relationship (take a class,
workshop, etc.). Intentionally date your spouse. Have "engagements".

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