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1 Nouns & Articles
Grammar Quiz
A Choose the correct answers.
1. There are 12 in my class.
boy boys boies

2. Most adults have 32 .

tooths toothes teeth

3. They visited five in a month.

country countries countrys

4. The shoes are too small for my .

feet foot foots

5. She has two pretty .

dress dresses dreses

6. I see eight in the field.

sheep sheeps sheepes

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.

1. They will see an opera this weekend.
There are many stars in the sky.
Joe is playing the basketball with his friends. → basketball
I need a battery for my camera.

2. He usually doesn’t have the breakfast. → breakfast

I bought some cupcakes. The cupcakes are for my sisters.
My aunt speaks Japanese very well.
There is a rabbit on the grass. The rabbit is white.

3. Some children are playing in the yard.

Blueberries are very good for your eyes.
The man sells potatos at the market. → potatoes
Two deer are standing in front of our car.
Unit 1 • Nouns & Articles 3
Grammar Practice
2 Count & Noncount Nouns
Grammar Quiz
A Write a , an , or the . Write X if an article is not needed.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. I will buy a winter jacket today.
1. Rachel gave me .
2. My favorite subject is X music. a money an advice a gift

3. She told me an interesting story. 2. Mr. Bailey has today. We can meet him.
X friend time book
4. My brother is learning Chinese at school.

5. Is there a bookstore in the building? 3. Please put a of cheese on my sandwich.

can glass slice
6. I got a letter. The letter was from Ken.
4. There are some in the sink.
rices dishes milks

5. She usually buys bread at the bakery.

B Write the correct plural forms. loaf of two loaf of two loaves of
1. watch I have two old watches . 6. I don’t have any .
2. thief The thieves are in prison now. cookies salts informations

3. mouse Clara is very afraid of mice .

4. woman Some women are very tall.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. fish My dad caught two big fish .
1. Mark eats a bowl of soup at every meal.
6. family Many families have picnics in the park. I need some time to think about it.
She drinks two glasses of juice every morning.
Please bring me a roll of toilet papers. → a roll of toilet paper

Writing Practice 2. We need many boxes for the books.
Correct the underlined words and rewrite the sentences. I drink some sodas after jogging. → soda

He put tomatoes in the boxes. They have two computers in their house.
1. He put tomatos in the boxes.
My grandmother puts honey in her tea.
2. Martin is not a actor. Martin is not an actor.

3. He has a sports car. A car is blue. He has a sports car. The car is blue. 3. She has any pretty dolls. → some
4. All the bus leave from here. All the buses leave from here. Does he have any brothers?

5. The sharp knifes cut very well. The sharp knives cut very well. Can I have some tissues?
I have some pencils in my pencil case.
6. Peoples are sitting by the river. People are sitting by the river.

4 Unit 2 • Count & Noncount Nouns 5

Grammar Practice
3 Pronouns
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with some or any .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. We had some cake after dinner.
1. He is a good singer. I really like voice.
2. There isn’t any milk in the fridge. he him his

3. I put some lotion on my face every morning. 2. I like my sneakers. are very comfortable.
any It They You
4. He doesn’t have coins in his pocket.

5. I have some questions for you. 3. I know . She is a famous actress.

she her hers
6. Don’t add any salt to the soup.
4. My pen was one dollar. How much was ?
you your yours

5. Jason and Joan are my cousins. mom is my aunt.

B Complete the sentences. Their His Her
1. cup / coffee Ray drinks two cups of coffee in the morning. 6. Sam and I often go to concerts together. love music.
2. teaspoon / sugar He puts a teaspoon of sugar in his tea. We Us Our

3. jar / jam Ms. Bell gave me some jars of jam yesterday.

4. slice / toast Tom eats two slices of toast for breakfast.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. piece / paper There are only four pieces of paper in the printer.
1. Brian is very friendly. I like him.
6. bottle / water He drank two bottles of water after the game. Sue and I are friends. We go to the same school.
My uncle lives in Chicago. I will visit her next month. → him
Can I borrow your notebook?

Writing Practice 2. They are my older brothers.

Complete the positive or negative sentences. That is Kevin’s new bike.
Her name is Kate Johnson.
1. The boy wants some chocolate. The boy doesn’t want any chocolate .
Those bags are my friends’s. → friends’
2. There are some birds in the tree. There aren’t any birds in the tree.

3. I found some letters in the box. I didn’t find any letters in the box. 3. This is my coat. It is not her. → hers
4. You didn’t eat any food. You ate some food . My computer was broken, but my dad fixed it.

5. Mike doesn’t have any toys. Mike has some toys . Our dog’s name is Choco.
Emily invited us to her birthday party.
6. I don’t read any magazines. I read some magazines .
6 Unit 3 • Pronouns 7
Grammar Practice
4 Parts of a Sentence
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with pronouns or possessive adjectives.
A Read the underlined words and choose.
1. Mrs. Green is 80 years old. But she is very healthy.
1. My brother is playing the violin.
2. Ben lives close to our school. I often go to his house. subject verb object

3. My brother doesn’t have a cell phone. This cell phone isn’t his . 2. James and Mike have many friends.
them subject verb object
4. I have two dogs. I like to play with .

5. Lisa, your skirt is very pretty. Where did you buy it? 3. It is a very nice present.
object complement adverb
6. Andy and Jennifer are my friends. I know their phone numbers.
4. The students are talking quietly.
object complement adverb

5. Let’s meet in front of the restaurant.

B Correct the underlined words.
complement adverb prepositional phrase
1. She is John sister. John’s
6. All my cousins are elementary school students.
2. Hers parents are teachers. Her complement predicate object
3. We house has four rooms. Our

4. The students are looking for theirs teacher. their

B Choose the wrong sentences.
5. It is not my. It is George’s. mine
1. My family went hiking yesterday.
6. It’s shape is round. Its
Rachel a very smart girl. e.g.) Rachel is a very smart girl.
The kids are playing soccer now.
My school is behind the library.

Writing Practice 2. We are having lunch together.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. I left your dinner on the table.
e.g.) Kevin takes the bus to school
I meet him every weekend. Kevin takes to school every morning.
1. him / I / every weekend / meet every morning.
The math teacher is kind to her students.
2. music teacher / She / our / is She is our music teacher.

3. Brian / brothers / are / and I Brian and I are brothers. 3. I can make a sandwich.
4. fur / soft / is / Its Its fur is soft. They want for the party. e.g.) They want pizza for the party.

5. is / That / yours / basketball That basketball is yours. My mom often hugs me.
We were five minutes late.
6. my / is / car / It / parents’ It is my parents’ car.

8 Unit 4 • Parts of a Sentence 9

Grammar Practice
5 Present Simple & Past Simple: The Verb Be
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
my cousin an interesting movie in the morning 1. Are you excited about your trip?
very well best friends played Yes, you are. Yes, I am. Yes, they are.

1. Henry and I are best friends . 2. Is Mr. Coles your English teacher?
played Yes, you are. No, she isn’t. No, he isn’t.
2. We computer games together.

3. I watched an interesting movie . 3. Are you and Ella sisters?

Yes, I am. Yes, we are. Yes, she is.
4. He goes swimming in the morning .
4. Was your brother at home on Saturday?
5. My cousin is studying in Canada.
Yes, he was. Yes, I was. No, he isn’t.
6. The girl is dancing very well .
5. Were you and Sophia late for school?
No, I wasn’t. Yes, she was. Yes, we were.

B Underline the subjects and circle the verbs. 6. Were Daniel and Harry at the swimming pool?
No, he wasn’t. No, we weren’t. No, they weren’t.
1. People in my neighborhood are very nice.

2. My uncle and aunt live in the U.S.

3. My friends like to watch baseball games. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. The store on the corner sells old stamps. 1. They were happy about the news.

5. All the students have lunch in the cafeteria. I am not afraid of cats.
Jack and Toby is friends. → are
6. Lucy and Alice look very happy.
She wasn’t sick yesterday.

Writing Practice 2. I was tired after soccer practice.

Find the correct places for the words and rewrite the sentences. Is Sam popular at school?

I have three meals a day. It is cloudy yesterday. → was

1. I have a day. (three meals)
Were you at the shopping mall?
2. He at the museum. (was) He was at the museum.

3. Sam watches every day. (the show) Sam watches the show every day. 3. He isn’t a police officer.
4. My father tennis with me. (plays) My father plays tennis with me. Was she in bed all day?

5. go to the library. (the students) The students go to the library. We aren’t interested in that game.
Were the movie exciting? → Was
6. She is at her brother. (angry) She is angry at her brother.

10 Unit 5 • Present Simple & Past Simple: The Verb Be 11

Grammar Practice
6 Present Simple
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
is isn’t aren’t wasn’t were weren’t 1. Emma sometimes English class.
1. It is sunny now. Let’s go out and play. miss misses missies

2. We were disappointed by the movie. It was boring. 2. Mia and Lily swimming every Sunday.
go gos goes
3. Ruby isn’t at home now. She usually comes home late.
weren’t 3. John playing baseball with his friends.
4. They in Japan last year. They were in Canada.
enjoy enjoies enjoys
5. Mom wasn’t happy yesterday because we didn’t clean up the mess.
4. She like computer games.
6. The shirts aren’t expensive. They are on sale. isn’t don’t doesn’t

5. you and your sister go to school together?

Do Does Is
B Complete the dialogues.
6. Does Grace ballet every day?
1. A Are you Emily’s sister? B Yes, I am. practice practices practics
2. A Are they in the library? B No, they aren’t.

3. A Is she the class president? B Yes, she is.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. A Were you at the theater last night? B No, I wasn’t.
1. My dad does the dishes after dinner.
5. A Was he very sad at the farewell party? B Yes, he was.
Lucy says hello to everyone.
6. A Were you late for the movie yesterday? B No, we weren’t.
The airplane flys over the ocean. → flies
David replies to my emails quickly.

Writing Practice 2. I don’t use that program.

Write the sentences in the past simple. My family doesn’t go camping in winter.

She was a high school student. They don’t know my name.

1. She is a high school student.
He doesn’t has a brother. → doesn’t have
2. We aren’t in the same class. We weren’t in the same class.

3. He is my math teacher. He was my math teacher. 3. Do you have any questions?

4. My aunt isn’t a nurse. My aunt wasn’t a nurse. Do your sister play the violin? → Does

5. They are kind to the guests. They were kind to the guests. Does the party start at six?
Does Brian always finish his homework?
6. You are excited about the party. You were excited about the party.

12 Unit 6 • Present Simple 13

Grammar Practice
7 Present Continuous
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences in the present simple.
A Choose the correct answers.
do watch prepare go try pass 1. They are a party this Friday evening.
1. My mom prepares breakfast very early in the morning. throw throwed throwing

2. Molly does her homework before dinner. 2. Kate is the bill at the restaurant.
pay paying paing
3. My dad often goes fishing on Saturdays.
watches 3. We are not planes on the way to Seattle.
4. He TV for an hour every day.
change changeing changing
5. The bus passes by our school at 8:30 every morning.
4. the guests complaining about the room?
6. Dave tries different sports every year. Do Is Are

5. Is Brian coming soon? – Yes, .

he is it is he does
B Correct the underlined words.
6. Are you studying abroad? – No, .
1. She get up at seven in the morning. gets up
I don’t I’m not you aren’t
2. My brother catch worms easily. catches

3. Does you have a bike? – Yes, I do. Do you

he doesn’t B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. Does Peter like math? – No, he don’t.

5. My grandparents doesn’t live in Toronto. don’t live 1. The class is begining in 10 minutes. → is beginning
She is listening to rock music.
6. Ryan doesn’t speaks English well. doesn’t speak
My dad is running five kilometers every day.
Unfortunately, Ted is not taking my advice.

Writing Practice 2. We are moving to a small town.

Write the negative sentences. My dad is baking cookies for us.

He doesn’t drink milk every day. Chris and Bob is not fighting any more. → are not fighting
1. He drinks milk every day.
My friend is visiting New York.
2. My sister and I share the room. My sister and I don’t share the room.

3. Laura stays at home on Saturday. Laura doesn’t stay at home on Saturday. 3. Is Jeremy siting in the front row? → Is Jeremy sitting
4. The truck carries cows. The truck doesn’t carry cows. Are they leaving tomorrow?

5. Mark and Sam work together. Mark and Sam don’t work together. Are you and Mandy meeting at the subway station?
Is Lisa writing an email in her room?
6. My grandmother likes green tea. My grandmother doesn’t like green tea.

14 Unit 7 • Present Continuous 15

Grammar Practice
8 Modal Verbs
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences in the present continuous.
A Choose the correct answers.
ride not try arrive not tell take plant 1. You eat in the library.
1. David isn’t telling the truth. must must not have to

2. She is taking swimming lessons these days. 2. Harry must the exam.
pass passes passed
3. The Olympic athletes are arriving at the airport today.
aren’t trying 3. We respect older people.
4. They their best.
have to has to must not
5. Jason is planting a tree with his dad.
4. Rachel wear glasses. She has good eyesight.
6. The children are riding a roller coaster. don’t have to doesn’t have to has not to

5. She is sick. She go to the doctor.

have to doesn’t have to has to
B Correct the underlined words.
6. It’s a free lunch. You pay.
1. Laura is puting on her clothes. is putting
must don’t have to have not to
2. The helicopter not carrying many people. isn’t carrying

3. Does he drawing a map now? Is he drawing

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. Roy is makeing a big mistake. is making

are getting 1. He must not eats salty foods. → must not eat
5. My clothes are geting wet in the rain.
You have to pack your suitcase tonight.
6. People isn’t laughing at his joke. aren’t laughing
We must help people in need.
Cindy has to take care of her brother.

Writing Practice 2. I don’t have to go to school tomorrow.

Write the sentences in the present continuous. Sally have to finish her project today. → has to finish

He is exercising at the gym. Students don’t have to wear school uniforms at our school.
1. He exercises at the gym.
You have to wait for your turn.
2. They buy some bread. They are buying some bread.

3. The teacher gives out handouts. The teacher is giving out handouts. 3. We must keep quiet in the library.
4. We have a lot of fun. We are having a lot of fun. You must not take photos in the museum.

5. She cuts the onions in half. She is cutting the onions in half. I have to get to the airport by three o’clock.
My brother don’t have to study. He’s only four years old. → doesn’t have to study
6. The puppies sleep on the carpet. The puppies are sleeping on the carpet.

16 Unit 8 • Modal Verbs 17

Grammar Practice
9 Past Simple
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with must or mustn’t .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. We must turn off our cell phones during the ceremony.
1. He a pair of jeans yesterday.
2. Students must go to school on weekdays. buys buyed bought

3. You mustn’t use bad words when you talk. 2. Kimberly the washing machine two minutes ago.
mustn’t stops stoped stopped
4. Ms. Clark walk for a few weeks. She hurt her knee.

5. You must see that movie. It’s great. 3. The police the thief last week.
catches caught catched
6. Tommy mustn’t play outside. He has a bad cold.
4. He join the photo club because he lost his camera.
isn’t didn’t don’t

B Choose and complete the sentences. 5. they take the subway last night?
Did Do Does
have to (x2) has to don’t have to doesn’t have to (x2)
6. Did you see Julie in the library? – No, .
1. You have to do the dishes. It’s your turn today.
she didn’t I don’t I didn’t
2. Karen doesn’t have to take the medicine any more. She is fine now.

3. Mike has to stay with his uncle this week. His parents are on a trip.

4. He looks very sick. We have to call an ambulance. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.

5. You don’t have to clean your room. Mom cleaned it yesterday. 1. We took many pictures on our trip.
He sayed goodbye to his friends. → said
6. She doesn’t have to study so hard. The exam will be easy.
I got an autograph from an actor.
They did their best in the game.

Writing Practice 2. She paid for my clothes.

Write the sentences using don’t /doesn’t have to . The store closed early today.
Clara writed a card for her grandmother. → wrote
1. I have to finish my essay tonight. I don’t have to finish my essay tonight.
My aunt taught French 20 years ago.
2. They have to wear suits. They don’t have to wear suits.

3. Alan has to feed his cat. Alan doesn’t have to feed his cat. 3. He didn’t take an umbrella to school.
4. I have to go grocery shopping. I don’t have to go grocery shopping. I didn’t broke your window. → didn’t break

5. She has to buy gloves. She doesn’t have to buy gloves. Did John give you my phone number?
Did they complain about the rules?
6. Leslie and Joe have to work out. Leslie and Joe don’t have to work out.

18 Unit 9 • Past Simple 19

Grammar Practice
10 Past Continuous
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences in the past simple.
A Choose the correct answers.
go watch meet travel get read 1. I was a conversation with Mr. Jones.
1. We met Toby in front of the theater and had dinner together. have having haveing

2. I got a great present from my parents for my birthday. 2. Somebody was my name.
call calling called
3. Jack went to summer camp last year.
watched 3. The firefighters were out the fire.
4. We a documentary about sharks in class.
put puting putting
5. Lucy’s family traveled to Egypt in 2012.
4. Ben cooking when you came back?
6. Henry read an interesting story in the newspaper. Is Was Were

5. the students going home at two?

Is Was Were
B Complete the dialogues.
6. Were you making sandwiches? – .
1. A Did she tell you about her trip? B Yes, she did.
Yes, I were. No, I weren’t. No, I wasn’t.
2. A Did you make a reservation? B No, we didn’t.

3. A Did they arrive on time? B No, they didn’t .

B Yes, he did
B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. A Did your dad play tennis with you? .

5. A Did Sarah study until late? B No, she didn’t . 1. She was catching a taxi.
He was turnning down the volume. → was turning
6 A Did Sam and Amy buy the same T-shirt? B Yes, they did .
We were leaving for the station.
Many people were waiting in line at the bank.

Writing Practice 2. They were yelling at each other.

Write the negative sentences. The cats were scratching the wall.

It didn’t rain last weekend. Was he talking on the phone?

1. It rained last weekend.
Was the photographers taking pictures of the president? → Were, taking
2. He ran up the stairs. He didn’t run up the stairs.

3. I told Mom about Jason. I didn’t tell Mom about Jason. 3. I wasn’t cutting my fingernails.
4. My uncle lived in Argentina. My uncle didn’t live in Argentina. They weren’t shoping for their son. → weren’t shopping

5. We watched an action movie. We didn’t watch an action movie. Was Mia dancing in front of people?
Were the kids playing in the backyard?
6. Alice ate too much at dinner. Alice didn’t eat too much at dinner.

20 Unit 10 • Past Continuous 21

Grammar Practice
11 Information uestions
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences in the past continuous.
A Choose the correct answers.
count wash carry set speak take 1. was she jogging this morning? – She was jogging in the park.
1. Michael was washing his car outside. What Where Who

2. I was taking pictures of animals at the zoo. 2. were they making? – They were making a cake.
What Where Who
3. The bank teller was counting money at the bank.
was speaking 3. did you travel during your vacation? – I traveled to Hong Kong.
4. The professor to the students.
What Where Who
5. They were carrying heavy boxes to the elevator.
4. did Sam buy for his mother? – He bought flowers.
6. I was setting my alarm clock for seven. What Where Who

5. What Emily ? – She was cooking beef stew.

did, cooked were, cooking was, cooking
B Complete the questions in the past continuous.
6. Where you at 6:30? – I at home.
1. bark Were the dogs barking at that time?
was, were were, was did, was
2. wear Was the man wearing a leather jacket?

3. follow Were the tourists following the tour guide?

4. work Was she working at the store at night?

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. paint Were they painting the chairs?
1. Where did they live? – They lived in Boston.
6. hide Was John hiding behind the door? Where did he lose? – He lost his backpack. → What
Where were you going last night? – We were going to the movies.
Where was she after school? – She was at the playground.

Writing Practice
2. What did you give him for Christmas? – I gave him a scarf.
Write the sentences in the past continuous.
What did Ethan get on the math test? – He got a B.
1. They didn’t sit on the floor. They weren’t sitting on the floor. What was she wearing at the party? – She was wearing a blue dress.
2. Eddie’s mom cut his hair. Eddie’s mom was cutting his hair. What were they working out? – They were working out at the gym. → Where

3. It snowed heavily in the morning. It was snowing heavily in the morning.

3. Where did you meet him? – I met him at Union Station.
4. I didn’t look for Lucy. I wasn’t looking for Lucy.
Where was your sandwich? – It was in my lunch box.
5. Nicole spoke with the principal. Nicole was speaking with the principal.
What did Ms. Grin study? – She studied at Michigan State University. → e.g.) art history
6. We hoped to meet the actress. We were hoping to meet the actress. What was he talking about? – He was talking about his trip.
22 Unit 11 • Information Questions 23
Grammar Practice
12 Future
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the dialogues.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. A What was Kate buying at the mall yesterday?
1. I’m late. I take a taxi.
B She was buying a jacket. will will be won’t
2. A What did the children draw in art class? 2. She vote for him. She doesn’t like his plan.
B They drew their favorite animals. will won’t won’t be
3. A Where were you studying after school? 3. Will he Janet to his party?
B I was studying at my friend’s house. invite invites invited

4. A Where did your aunt move last year? 4. We going to win the contest.
B She moved to Hawaii. will is are

5. Derek take swimming lessons. He’s already a good swimmer.

B Complete the dialogues. am going to is going to isn’t going to

1. A Where did he leave his wallet? 6. your brother going to come to your graduation?
left Will Are Is
B He his wallet on the bus.

2. A Where did the students go?

B They went to a history museum in the city.
B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
3. A What was your sister reading?
1. He will not lend me his laptop.
B She was reading a magazine.
She won’t fail the exam.
4. A What were they writing? Will you meet me at four o’clock?
B They were writing letters to their parents. Will Amelia gets a new computer? → Will, get

Writing Practice 2. Is George going to buy new shoes?

Look at the underlined words and write the information questions. My parents isn’t going to watch a movie tonight. → aren’t going to watch

What did you give to Amy? Are you going to put up a Christmas tree?
1. I gave my old camera to Amy.
Is she going to wait for you after school?
2. Mark was taking a nap. What was Mark doing?

3. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Where did you have dinner? 3. Will Ms. Baker teach us next year? – Yes, she will.
4. Kevin and Julie were at my house. Where were Kevin and Julie? Will you visit your cousins in Tokyo? – No, I won’t.

5. Sarah was eating an apple. What was Sarah eating? Are you going to play the game? – Yes, you are. → Yes, I am[we are].
Is Chris going to go fishing with us? – No, he isn’t.
6. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries. What did you order?

24 Unit 12 • Future 25
Grammar Practice
13 Prepositions of Time
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with will or won’t .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. My brother likes animals. He will become a vet.
1. My family often goes shopping weekends.
2. Today is my dad’s birthday. So, we will have a party. in on at

3. They all passed the test. They will be very happy. 2. I heard some strange noises midnight.
won’t in on at
4. Rachel has a toothache. She eat chocolate cookies.

5. You studied really hard. You will get good grades. 3. We met many people our visit here.
during for in
6. Leslie looks very tired. She won’t stay much longer.
4. I felt very relaxed the test.
at after for

5. It is summer January in Australia.

B Complete the sentences using be (not) going to . in on at
1. The traffic is heavy now. So, we are going to take the subway. 6. We stayed at my grandparents’ house a week.
2. He isn’t going to play soccer for several months. He broke his leg. during for on

3. It is going to be very cold this winter. We need to get another heater.

4. I had a late lunch. I am not going to eat dinner today.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. Our TV isn’t working. We are going to buy a new TV.
1. Tom works out at the gym in the evening.
6. Ms. Patterson is going to donate some money. She wants to help others. We ordered a birthday cake on noon. → at
I was very nervous before the interview.
Please have some tea during the break.

Writing Practice 2. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

Write the questions. We took a walk after breakfast.

Will it rain tomorrow? They traveled in Europe during a month. → for

1. It will rain tomorrow.
You should sleep well before the big exam.
2. He will pay for our tickets. Will he pay for our tickets?

3. Marie will go on a field trip. Will Marie go on a field trip? 3. They had a meeting at lunchtime.
4. They are going to learn Japanese. Are they going to learn Japanese? It rained a lot during the night.

5. Owen is going to join our club. Is Owen going to join our club? The sun rises before 7 a.m. these days.
I take Japanese lessons in Tuesday and Thursday. → on
6. She is going to cancel her trip. Is she going to cancel her trip?

26 Unit 13 • Prepositions of Time 27

Grammar Practice
14 Prepositions of Place & Movement
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
at on in after during for 1. He hid the present the bed.
1. All my relatives get together on New Year’s Day. at under to

2. They prepared for the festival for a year. 2. The shoe store is the supermarket and the bookstore.
from in between
3. I am going to leave at eight o’clock in the morning.
in 3. We had fun the amusement park.
4. My sister was born 2009.
on at to
5. I helped Jason clean up after the party.
4. Seagulls were flying the sea.
6. Molly fell asleep during class. above under in

5. The singer arrived in London San Francisco this morning.

on to from
B Correct the underlined words.
6. They were running the track together.
1. No one saw Paul for summer vacation. during
around into between
2. The magic show ends in 11 p.m. at

3. Susan lived in Spain during a long time. for

on B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.

4. We usually eat turkey in Thanksgiving Day.

5. It was very cold at February last year. in 1. There were all kinds of books in the library.
The bus stop is across for the station. → from
6. We first met each other at March 2nd. on
I put the plate on the table.
They walked down the street.

Writing Practice 2. The man was standing next to a tree.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. I met Kimberly at the subway station.

My dogs are quiet at night. She took a picture in front of the church.
1. quiet / are / night / My dogs / at
Brenda went out of the stairs slowly. → up / down
2. baseball / after / We / played / class We played baseball after class.

3. practiced / for / I / an hour / the cello I practiced the cello for an hour. 3. The cat was sitting behind the couch.
4. fishing / fall / goes / Tim / in Tim goes fishing in fall. My neighbor moved to Chicago last month.

5. before / Ian / sunrise / got up Ian got up before sunrise. The girl dropped her spoon above the table. → under
We climbed up the mountain.
6. sang along / during / He / the concert He sang along during the concert.

28 Unit 14 • Prepositions of Place & Movement 29

Grammar Practice
15 Comparison 1
Grammar Quiz
A Choose and complete the sentences.
A Choose the correct answers.
under in front of in over on between
1. Betty is than Sarah.
1. A man parked his car in front of my house. cuter more cute most cute

2. He was sitting on a bench under a tree. 2. Children are sometimes than adults.
on wise more wise wiser
3. Jessica put a pretty vase the table.

4. There were thousands of people in the stadium. 3. Big cities are usually than small towns.
more dangerous the more dangerous the most dangerous
5. A helicopter passed over the mountain.
4. She is girl in her class.
6. My room is between my parents’ room and my brother’s room.
taller tallest the tallest

5. It is cake in the bakery.

B Choose and complete the sentences. most delicious the most delicious more delicious
to up behind into across next to 6. It is dish on the menu.
across healthier the healthiest the more healthy
1. The drugstore is from the post office.

2. I went to the bank this afternoon.

3. My seat is next to the window. B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. They walked slowly up the hill. 1. Geography is harder than math.
5. Please put the plates into the dishwasher. My foot is biger than my sister’s foot. → bigger than
6. We are following the bus. Our car is behind the bus. Laura is prettier than Molly.
Your bag is dirtier than mine.

Writing Practice 2. This sweater is softer than that one.

Unscramble the words and write the sentences. The midterm exam was easier than the final exam.

Ben walked out of the room. My right arm is more strong than my left arm. → stronger than
1. walked / Ben / the room / out of
The red jacket is more expensive than the brown one.
2. me / Joe / from / called / New York Joe called me from New York.

3. ran / He / the park / around He ran around the park. 3. Monday is the busyest day of the week. → the busiest day
4. rolled / The ball / the road / down The ball rolled down the road. It is the cleanest city in the country.

5. He / the market / at / cheese / sells He sells cheese at the market. This is the saddest part of the movie.
January is the coldest month of the year.
6. my head / raised my hand / I / above I raised my hand above my head.

30 Unit 15 • Comparison 1 31
Grammar Practice
16 Comparison 2
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the adjectives.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. She is a friendly lady. The lady is friendly .
1. She sang a song .
2. It was a fantastic show. The show was fantastic . quiet quietly more quiet

3. They are kind waiters. The waiters are kind . 2. He finished the job .
handsome man quick quickly quicklly
4. He is a . The man is handsome.

5. It is a rich company . The company is rich. 3. They came back from school .
late lately more late
6. They are large rooms . The rooms are large.
4. Please look at the painting .
careful more careful more carefully
B Complete the sentences using the comparatives. 5. Kyle spoke to me .
1. My sister is 12 years old. Your sister is 10 years old. gentle gently gentlely

My sister is older than your sister. (old) 6. My parents were sitting on the sofa .
2. Emily often helps me. Linda never helps me. comfortable comfortablely comfortably

Emily is nicer than Linda. (nice)

3. Brad weighs 40 kilograms. Mark weighs 45 kilograms.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
Mark is heavier than Brad. (heavy)
1. He talked to older people politely.
4. The pasta is very good. The soup is too salty.
She said no to me angrily.
The pasta is more delicious than the soup. (delicious)
I speak French more fluently than John.
My dad cooks more well than my mom. → better than

Writing Practice 2. I finished my homework earlier than my sister.

Complete the sentences using the comparatives or superlatives. Fiona works more hard than Clara. → harder than

the smartest She paints better than other students.

1. smart Jason is boy in my class.
They performed worse than the last time.
2. hot August is the hottest month of the year.

3. expensive The gloves are more expensive than the hat. 3. Jack jumped more highly than Brad. → higher than
4. beautiful The roses are more beautiful than the sunflowers. Mr. Coles explained it more simply than Mr. Taylor.
5. difficult Math is the most difficult subject of all. Ben runs the fastest in his class.
Mia eats lunch the most slowly of all the girls.
6. noisy The mall is noisier than the library.

32 Unit 16 • Comparison 2 33
Grammar Practice
17 Conjunctions
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the comparatives.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. I cook worse than my sister. (bad)
1. My uncle my cousins came to my house yesterday.
2. He arrived at the hospital more quickly than his brother. (quickly) and but or

3. They are living more happily than last year. (happily) 2. Tony wrote a letter, he didn’t send it.
harder so but or
4. Olivia studies than other students. (hard)

5. We came home earlier than our parents. (early) 3. The baby cries loudly he is hungry.
so or when
6. Cindy listened more carefully than other people. (carefully)
4. You will be scared you are alone on a dark street.
if and but

5. I am very happy I got many presents.

B Complete the sentences using the superlatives.
and if because
1. Sarah memorizes difficult words the fastest in her class. (fast)
6. She was really thirsty, she drank two glasses of water.
2. She speaks English the best in her school. (well) or so but
3. Josh speaks the most politely in the group. (politely)

4. Mr. Miller worked the longest of all the workers. (long)

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. I solved the last question the most easily . (easily)
1. Is it Tuesday or Wednesday today?
6. My team finished the project the earliest in our company. (early)
You can go to the library and borrow some books.
I was not hungry, but I didn’t eat anything. → so
Natalie is friendly, so we like her.

Writing Practice 2. He is very healthy because he works out every day.

Correct the underlined words. Andy doesn’t like cooking, and he cooked dinner for me. → but

more heavily You can return it to the store if you don’t like it.
1. It is raining heavily than yesterday.
I will read a book or watch a movie at home tonight.
2. The boys cheered loudlier than the girls. more loudly

3. Emma sings best than her sister. better 3. Oliver takes piano and skating lessons.
4. Sam typed fastly than his friends. faster When I have a problem at school, I talk with my teacher.

5. The eagle flew most highly of all the birds. the highest If you’re sleepy, you can go to bed.
We usually eat out, so we are busy. → when
6. My team played bad of all the teams. the worst

34 Unit 17 • Conjunctions 35
Grammar Practice
18 erunds
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences with and , but , or , or so .
A Choose the correct answers.
1. Do you want to watch a horror movie or a comedy?
1. Andy started the piano.
2. He washed his face and brushed his teeth in five minutes. learn learned learning

3. I was very hungry, so I made some fried rice. 2. Please the guitar quietly.
but play playing to play
4. She called Bob many times, he didn’t answer the phone.

5. Melissa failed the test, so she was upset. 3. water is good for a cold.
Drink Drank Drinking
6. I am tired, but I want to go to the movies.
4. We finished the car in 30 minutes.
wash washing to wash

B Complete the sentences with when , because , or if . 5. on icy roads can be dangerous.
Drive Drives Driving
1. I was playing computer games when the phone rang.
6. Does Sam a bus to school?
2. If you buy it now, you can save money. taking take takes
3. Roy couldn’t go to school because he was sick.

4. When I was little, I liked to play with dolls.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
5. If you leave now, you won’t be late.
1. My hobby is collecting autographs from famous people.
6. We stayed home because it was too cold outside.
The store began selling magazines.
Eat too much can make you sick. → Eating
Writing Practice Study hard, and you will get good grades.

Join the sentences using the conjunctions.

2. I don’t like watching horror movies.
1. I have a stomachache. I won’t eat dinner. (so)
Does he exercising every day? → exercise
I have a stomachache, so I won’t eat dinner.
Helping other people makes me happy.
2. Linda moved to another city. She often visits me. (but) Chloe is excited about moving to a big city.
Linda moved to another city, but she often visits me.

3. You don’t like pasta. You can eat steak. (if) 3. I don’t getting up early on weekends. → get
If you don’t like past, you can eat steak. Their job is serving food.
Having a snowball fight is a lot of fun.
4. The kids are excited. They will go on a picnic tomorrow. (because)
Lily loves baking cookies.
The kids are excited because they will go on a picnic tomorrow.

36 Unit 18 • Gerunds 37
Grammar Practice
19 Infinitives 1
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the gerunds.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. eat Eating snacks late at night is not good for your health.
1. I want to his concert.
2. cook I love cooking for my family. go going to go
3. get Getting a perfect score on an English test is not easy. 2. They began the problem.
4. win We are not interested in winning the game. discuss discussing to discussing

5. make Making friends at a new school is important. 3. the subway is the fastest way to get there.
Take To taking Taking
6. bite One of my bad habits is biting my nails.
4. We need our plan.
change changing to change

B Choose and complete the sentences using the gerunds. 5. Molly promised her room.
clean to clean to cleaning
do drive rain wait talk walk
6. the newspaper is boring.
1. It stopped raining outside. Reading Read To reading
2. He finished doing the laundry an hour ago.

3. Chris likes walking his dog every day.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. My father avoids driving on rainy days.
1. I started learning how to swim.
5. I hate waiting in line for a long time.
They chose going to Taiwan for vacation. → to go
6. We enjoyed talking to each other on the phone.
I didn’t mean to upset you.
He loves to teach science to children.

Writing Practice 2. Playing computer games is exciting.

Correct thethe
dialogues.words and rewrite the sentences. We decided to go shopping this weekend.

He is worried about failing the test. My dog likes to catch balls.

1. He
is worriedI about
the pen?
test. Yes, _____________________.
I hope seeing a shooting star someday. → to see
2. ___________
2. he dance
Lose weight can well? No, _____________________.
be dangerous. Losing weight can be dangerous.
5. ___________ you type fast? Yes, _____________________.
3. Do you mind to turn off the fan? Do you mind turning off the fan? 3. He didn’t expect failing the test. → to fail
3. ___________ they win the game? Yes, _____________________.
She stopped use
4. ___________ her
I call computer.
him She stopped using her computer.
later? No, _____________________. I agreed to take the train.
5. ___________
I am good at you
ride climb trees?
a skateboard. I am good at riding a No, _____________________.
skateboard. Riding a horse is scary to me.
Her plan is to finish the project by tomorrow.
6. We quickly finished to eat lunch. We quickly finished eating lunch.

38 Unit 19 • Infinitives 1 39
Grammar Practice
20 Infinitives 2
Grammar Quiz
A Complete the sentences using the infinitives.
A Choose the correct answers.
1. listen Carl needs to listen to other people.
1. is hard to find a yellow shirt.
2. get We hope to get first prize. It That To find
3. order Another option for dinner is to order Chinese food. 2. She took medicine better.
4. take She wants to take a taxi. get getting to get

5. study Laura plans to study Italian. 3. He bought some tomatoes tomato sauce.
make to make making
6. buy We decided to buy tickets in advance.
4. It is helpful movies in English.
watch watching to watch

B Choose and complete the sentences using the infinitives. 5. It will be good every day.
exercising to exercise to exercising
learn get watch clean wake write
6. I drink milk every day taller.
1. We need to clean the house for the party. growing grow to grow
2. He decided to learn Japanese for his trip.

3. She agreed to watch an action movie.

B Look at the underlined words and choose the wrong sentences.
4. Kelly promised to write to me often.
1. Daniel went out to meet his friend.
5. I didn’t expect to get an A on my English test.
We bought plane tickets to go to China.
6. Rachel started to wake up early in the morning.
Jerry saved money to buy a new guitar.
It is bad for your health to eating too much. → to eat too much

Writing Practice 2. They took a bus to went downtown. → to go downtown

Rewrite the sentences using the infinitives. I called my mom to tell her the news.

I like to eat steak very much. It is convenient to drive a car.

1. I like steak very much. (eat)
I went to the teachers’ room to talk to my teacher.
2. Sally wants this book. (read) Sally wants to read this book.

3. We’re planning a party. (have) We’re planning to have a party. 3. It is exciting to have a party.
4. She loves hats. (wear) She loves to wear hats. Cooking spaghetti is easy.

5. We need some information. (get) We need to get some information. Students take the exam going to university. → to go to university
It is not safe to travel there alone.
6. Michael wants milk. (drink) Michael wants to drink milk.

40 Unit 20 • Infinitives 2 41
Grammar Practice
A Complete the sentences using it and the infinitives.
1. To learn Korean is difficult. It is difficult to learn Korean.

2. To protect nature is important. It is important to protect nature.

3. To go on a trip is fun. It is fun to go on a trip.

4. Meeting the president is not easy. It is not easy to meet the president.

5. Watching the show is interesting. It is interesting to watch the show.

6. Living on Mars is impossible. It is impossible to live on Mars.

B Choose and complete the sentences.

to pass the exam to get healthy to see the full moon

to go to Boston to make a reservation to watch a movie

1. I took a train to go to Boston .

2. Kevin is studying hard to pass the exam .

3. They went outside to see the full moon .

4. We went to the theater to watch a movie .

5. I will work out to get healthy .

6. She called the restaurant to make a reservation .

Writing Practice
Write the sentences using it and the infinitives.
1. easy / find that building It is easy to find that building.

2. important / arrive on time It is important to arrive on time.

3. tiring / drive a long way It is tiring to drive a long way.

4. boring / listen to his lectures It is boring to listen to his lectures.

5. helpful / follow her advice It is helpful to follow her advice.

6. necessary / recycle paper It is necessary to recycle paper.