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201. A father willed that his three sons’s inheritance

from him (starting from eldest) be in ratio 1:2:3. If
the middle sons’s inheritance was P27,000, how
much did the third (or youngest) son inherit?
b. P40,500

202. Mercury boils at 6750

F. what is the boiling point
of mercury in 0
b. 357

203. What is the area of the square inscribed in the

quadrant if the radius of the circle is 10 cm?
c. 50 cm2

204. What amount should be paid on February 14,

1991 on a loan of P5,090 made October 7, 1990
5 3/5% simple interest?

b. P5190.56 = 5281.196

205. On a boy’s seventh birthday, his parents

deposited P5,000 in his name in a savings bank
paying 1 3/8% every three months. Find the value
of his savings when he reaches age 21.

206. A truck starts from rest and moves with constant

acceleration of 5 m/s2
. what is its distance
traveled after 4 seconds has elapsed?
c. 40.

207. A marble dropped from a bridge strikes the water

in 5 seconds. What is the height of the bridge?
a. 123m.

208. A plane is traveling eastward at an airspeed of

500 km/hr. but a 90 km/hr wind is blowing
southward. What is the speed of the plane
relative to the ground?
d. 508 km/hr

209. The specific gravity of cast iron is 7.20. find its

weight density in lbs/ft2
of cast iron. Density of
water is 62.4 lbs/ft3?
a. 449.

211. How high would water rise in the pipes of a

building if the water pressure gauge shown the
pressure at the ground floor to be 270 kPa?
c. 27.6 m

212. A lead pipe 50 mm in outside diameter and 1.20m

is melted to form a cube of edge 10 cm. how
thick(mm) was the pipe?
b. 6.05

214. The sum of reciprocal of two consecutive even

whole numbers is 13/84. Find the numbers.
d. 12,14

215. A vertical pole was broken by the wind. The upper

part still attached, reached a point on the level
ground 4m from the base. If the upper part is 2m
longer than the lower part, how tall was the pole?
c. 8m

217. What is the time after 1:00 o’clock will the hands
of the clock forms a straight line?
b. 1:38:11

218. What is the time when the hands after 2:00

o’clock are perpendicular with each other?
a. 2:27:36

219. The age of Dompoy divided by the age of his son

gives a quotient of four remainder two 12 years
hence, the sum of their ages is 66. Find the
present age of the son.
b. 12

220. Atmospheric pressure is about 1 x 105

Pa. how large a force does the air in a room exert on the
inside of a window pane that is 40 cm x 80 cm?
c. 3.2 E4

221. A plumber is to install 20 meters long pipe, the

length of pipe is 3.0 meters per piece. If the
plumber has 4 pcs of pipe available, what is the
total length of pipe he will have to install?
a. 8

222. The age of the father is 3 times that of his son.

The sum of their age is 60. How old is the son?
c. 15

223. The cost of purchasing a set of bathroom fixture is

P15,000.00. if the purchase will be made directly
with the manufacturer, a discount of 30% can be
availed of. What will be the cost of discounted
d. P10,500

224. Two years from now, Pedro will be two times as

old as Juan. If the sum of their age 2 years from
now is 60 years. How old is Pedro and Juan now.
d. 18

225. Car A which is running at the speed of 60 km/hr

leaves station N which is 200 km away from
station S where it is heading. Car B leaves station
S heading to station N at the speed of 40 km/hr.
how long will the two cars meet?
a. 2

226. A plumber covers a journey of 952,000 km in 7

days and 3 hours. Find his average speed in km/s.
b. 1.55 km/s

227. A young plumber deposited P1,000 in the bank at

6% interest compounded annually when he
started plumbing at the age of 21. How much will
he get from the bank when he retires at the age
of 65?
c. P12,980 = 12985.

228. A refrigerators cost P 15,000 when it is new. It

depreciates at the rate of 10% per year. What
would it worth after 10 years?
d. P5,230.18

229. How much work is required to lift a 50 pounds

weight 100 ft vertically from ground level?
b. 5000 ft-lb

230. A swimming pool is 5 m wide, 20 m long and

1.20m deep, is being filled up with a pipe at the
rate of 85 gallons per minutes. How long does it
take to fill the pool?
b. 6.2 hrs

231. The radius of a circle whose area is equal to that

of a rectangle whose side are 20 meters and 30
meters respectively is;
b. 13.83 m

233. A plumber crossed a river 30m wide but current

brought 40m beyond and further to the opposite
bank. What is the total distance travelled?
c. 45 meters.

234. A car 15 ft long overtakes a truck 30 ft. long which

is traveling at a rate 45 mph. how fast must the
car travel to pass the truck in 3 seconds?
d. 75.

235. If the numerator of a fraction is doubled and the

denominator is increased by 7, the valve becomes
2/3. If the denominator is doubled and the
numerator is increased by 2, the value becomes
3/5. Find the original fraction.
a. 4/5

236. 3M/2N =125, what is the value of N in terms of


237. The square of the positive integer y is how much

greater than the square of the integer
immediately preceding it.
b. 2y-1
238. A crate of apples contain one bruised apple for
every 30 apples in a crate if 3 out of every 4
bruised apples are considered unsaleable, there
are 12 unsaleable apples in a crate, how many
apples are there in a crate?
b. 480

239. Two motorists start out from two twons 420 km

apart and travel toward each other at the hourly
rate of 30 and 40 km respectively. In jow many
hours will they meet?
d. 6 hrs

240. Twenty seven coins composed of 5 centavo-coins

and 25 centavo-coins have a total value of P 4.95.
How many 25 centavo-coins are there?
c. 18

241. A boat travels a certain distance downstream in 2

hrs. on its return trip the same distance is covered
in 5 hours. If the speed of the current is 6 mph,
what is the speed of the boat in still water?
a. 14 mph

242. What is the volume of the cylindrical tank with

the flat ends, if the inside diameter is one meter
and height is 2 m?
a. π/2

243. if the lengths of the sides of the triangle sail are

5m, 8m and 11m. find the area of the sail.
a. 18.33

244. Three years ago Juan was 1/5 as old as his father.
Six years from now he will be 1/3 as old as his
father. How old is Juan now?
c. 12 yrs. Old

245. Going against the wind, the plane can travel 5/8
of the distance it can travel in one hour if it is
going with the wind. If the plane can fly 300 mph
in calm wind, what is the velocity of the wind?
a. 69 4/13 mph

246. An office has 60 employees. If 4 out of every 5

employees are married, how many married
employees are there?
b. 48

247. Find the area of a regular hexagonal with

perimeter 12.
b. 10.39

248. In the numeral 4, 7, 3, 8 , the digit 7 means?

a. 700 if 4738
b. 7 if 4, 7, 3, 8

249. The surface area of a cube is 96 sq.m. how many are there in a cube?
c. 64

250. A man riding on a motorcycle runs 40 km/r., is

followed 5 hrs later by a car which runs 60 kph. In
how many hours will the car overtake the
a. 10 hrs

251. Points A and B 1000m apart are plotted on a

straight highway running east and west. From A,
the bearing of a tower C is 320 W of N and from B
the bearing of C is 260
N of E. Approximate the
shortest distance of tower C to the highway.
b. 374 m

252. If cos 65 deg + cos 550

= cos Ɵ, find Ɵ in radians
b. 0.087

253. In how many ways can 6 distinct books be

arranged in a bookshelf?
a. 720

254. Roll a pair of dice. What is the probability that the

sum of two numbers is 11?
c. 1/18

256. Two trains start from the same station and runs in
opposite directions. One runs at a uniform rate 33
kph while the other at 35 kph. In how many hours
will they be 195 km apart?
c. 3 hrs

257. In a class of 40 students, 27 like Calculus and 25

like chemistry. How many like both Calculus and
d. 12