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This is Aruru the caterpillar. Everyday it eat leaves. One day, Aruru wanted to eat some fruits.

One morning, Aruru went for a walk. It came across a forest with many monkeys.

In that forest, there were a lot of water melons. Aruru took a stick and made a hole into one of the water
melons. It then made its way into the water melon.

The water melon was so sweet that Aruru began to eat until it had a big stomach. Aruru stayed in the
water melon for two days. It was not able to get out because of its fat stomach.

Aruru was now worried. It peeped out of the hole in the water melon and saw an animal. It thought to
itself and then in a loud voice. Aruru said “ Hi! You creature your face looks like an ugly monkey.”

“Who is that?” asked the monkey.

“Are you deaf?, the water melon taking,” exclaimed Aruru from inside the water melon. The monkey
became angry at this.

The monkey took a stick and hit the water melon, which broke into two. Aruru was glad to be out of the
water melon. It hurried home quickly.