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Personal Action Plan 1

Tajuk Apakah yang telah saya pelajari? Apakah yang akan saya Bagaimanakah ianya telah Apakah impaknya
Modul lakukan hasil daripada mengubah amalan saya? terhadap murid saya?
modul ini?

- Cooperative Learning is a - I will use this - Before attending - They love the
small group learning with the cooperative this CPD according subject . You know
help and guidence of each learning to lead to my why?Because all of
Cooperative other. my lesson to understandings them are given
Learning - According to David Johnson achieve the cooperative equal oppurtunity
and Roger Johnson (1999), learning objective learning is just a throught the
there are five basic elements and success group work . I did lesson to give and
that allow successful small- criteria. aware of the best receive knowledge.
group learning: - I will use this part of this - Other than that
- Positive interdependence: Cooperative cooperative the biggest
Students feel responsible for Learning to give learning. surprise was the
their own and the group's oppurturnity to - I was conducting last benchers in
effort. all the students my lessons in group my class all in
- Face-to-face interaction: to learn and to not as cooperative first row and also i
Students encourage and participate in the groups.So when the can proudly say
support one another; the learning process. students dont have that i make the
environment encourages ‘ROPE” the tend to most quite and
discussion and eye contact. lose thier focus very reserved
and my learning student to talk
- Individual and group objective was not and share idea in
accountability: Each student 100%. More over i my classs.
is responsible for doing their was facing some - CL stucture also
part; the group is accountable problem in help me make
for meeting its goal. managing the class history class
- Group behaviors: Group control and intresting and help
members gain direct students attention the pupils to
instruction in the towards the lesson. understand the
interpersonal, social, and This makes me concepts.
collaborative skills needed to stress at the end
work with others occurs. of the lesson.
- Group processing: Group - After the CPD i
members analyze their own decided to use this
and the group's ability to method and i gave a
work together. clear instruction to
- (Adapted from each group member and then i saw the
m/pro-dev/cooperative- “MAGIC “in my
learning/48531.html) class.
- Cooperative learning change - Then i realise that
the way of teaching by using the problem is not
the ROPE principles ; with my students it
(Respect, Ownership, Equal is with me and my
Participation, and Positive teaching.
Examples of CL structure :