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" It's Your Ri^ht To Know - It's Our Duty To Inform"


On Moral Decay^
Moral decay in American society, the breakdown of the family unit, increased use of
drugs, and the nation's economic instability were cited as the four factors most responsible
for the high increase in the U.S. crime rate, according to a recent survey taken in
Milledgeville and Macon by Georgia College students enrolled in a seminar at GC on
aggression and violence.
The survey was taken at random by those in the seminar and the results were later
compiled by the college psychology department.
According to the summary, the decay of moral fiber in the U.S., brought on to a great
extent by a lessening of religious influences, led the list of factors most responsible for the
soaring crime rate.
In other survey findings, the GG seminar students said that of those polled, 93 percent felt
that violent crime occurs primarily in large cities, 99 percent believed that violent crimes
are perpetated by males, and the majority of those interviewed thought that most crimes
are committed by repeat offenders.
Those questioned by the GC students tended to agree with the findings of the National
Commission on the causes and prevention of violence that drinking is a factor in most
violent crimes, and that most murders committed occur among relatives, friends, and
Observing violence on television increases the likelihood of violent behavior said 82 Dr. Claude Miller (right) of the Georgia College psychology department and Roger J.
percent of those polled, and 70 percent agred with the National Commission that those Tremblay, Jr. of Warner Robins goes over a survey of results taken during a seminar at the
between the ages of 15 and 24 commit most of the crimes in the U.S. college on factors responsible for the rapid increase in crime in the U.S.
Seventy-four percent of the Macon and Milledgeville residents questioned felt that
capital punishment is justified for such offenses as murder, rape, terrorism, kidnapping,
and ieven child abuse.
Sixty-one percent felt that longer prison terms should be imposed on convicted offenders,
although many of those polled still viewed the major function of the prison system as
Students Win Scholarship
rehabilitation. Punishment, the protection of society, and incarceration as a deterrent to Eight students at Georgia College in-
further crime were secondary to rehabilitation as a reason for maintaining a prison major.
system. cluding three from Milledgeville and two The scholarships range in value from
from Macon have been approved for $600 to $750.
Most of those polled felt that organized crime is currently operating in their home Regents Scholarships at the college as a
communities but paradoxically noted that police in their home towns seem to be operating
result of action taken by the Board of
Regents on Wednesday in Atlanta.
Shorthand Buff?
Improved training and higher salaries were listed as ways to increase police ef- The Milledgeville students are Maureen
fectiveness. Dr. Alfred Patrick, chairman of the
Ball Hendrix, Debra Ann Norton, and business education department at Eastern
The surveys were undertaken in a seminar conducted by Dr. Claude Miller, assistant Kathy Ulm Smith. The Macon students are
professor of psychology at the college. Kentucky University, will be among two
Robert Lee Porter, Jr. and Julia Comer speakers at a seminar on Century 21
Simpson. Shorthand to be held at Georgia College on
What's Next For Others are Patsy Gail Grey of Ir-
winton. Donna Lynn Herrington of
Covington, and Johnnie Temple of Hart-
Saturday, Jan 25.
The seminar will be sponsored by the
college and South- Western Publishing
well. Company.
Black America? Miss Hendi'ix is a junior at GC majoring
in dietetics.
Miss Norton is a sophomore majoring in
Betty Bauman, the Century 21 Shor-
thand representative from South-Western
Alex Haley, who wrote "The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Publishing Company, will speak on mini-
management and accounting. lessons. She has taught at Broome Com-
Autobiography of Malcolm X" in 1965, will then was made a staff writer for Reader's Mrs. Smith is an elementary education
speak at Georgia College on Monday, Feb. Digest. He next moved to Playboy munity College in New York and at
major and a junior. Eastern New Mexico University- She
10, in Russell Auditorium. Magazine as chief interviewer. Porter, a senior, is majoring in political
The subject of his 7 p.m. lecture will be Haley, who resides in San Francisco, is a took special training in Century 21 Shor-
science. thand at Brigham Young University at
"What Next for Black America?" popular lecturer in national demand, and Miss Simpson is a junior biology major.
Haley, an internationally-known author, he teaches black heritage at The Utah.
Miss Grey is a junior majoring in home The first session will be held im-
world traveler, and lecturer, was born in University of California at Berkeley. economics.
New York but reared in Tennessee. His mediately following registration which
Miss Herrington is a senior majoring in
father taught at several black colleges in
the South and his mother taught in the
How To Plon physical education.
will begin at 9 a.m. Lunch will be in-
cluded in the $6 registration fee. The
Miss Temple is a sophomore business seminar will be held in Chappell Hall.
public schools. As most Kappa Sigma's well know, they
Haley finished high school at 15, then are the proud owners of the Georgia
attended college for two years, and then, in College Spirit Award. This award is
1939, enlisted as a messboy in the Coast
Reading books of adventure always
sponsored by the Recreation and Park
Society of Georgia College,
To be considered for this honor an
• Picasso For Sale
intrigued Haley. On his various ships organization must submit what they do The Georgia College art department will sponsor an exhibit and sale of approximately 600
during his naval career, he tried writing toward increasing school spirit to Pam original prints from the Ferdinand Roten Galleries collection on Wednesday, Jan. 22, in the
stories. After eight years, small Varner, GC P.O. Box 2034. At the end of the Porter Fine Arts Building on the campus.
magazines began accepting some stories. year all the information is compiled and Along with prints by such masters as Picasso, Goya, Renior and Hogarth, will be seen
In 1949, he was given the rating of . the organization contributing the most works by many of today's American artists.
journalist in the Coast Guard. In 1952, he toward school spirit is presented a trophy. Area residents are invited to browse through this outstanding collection of original
advanced to chief journalist, he began To make sure the Society knows of your graphics, Roten representatives will be on hand to answer questions about the prints and
handling U.S. Coast Guard public relations spirit projects, \ve would appreciate it ever the artists and to discuss other prints not in this collection but which may be obtained from
while continuing efforts to improve his so much if you tell us about it as soon as the the gallery in Baltimore,
writing. project has been accomplished. (A project A world-respected authority on graphics of all types, Roten holds exhibitions and sales at
In 1959,,Haley retired from the Coast may be signs, a dance, or just sitting major museums, colleges, art galleries and art centers throughout the United States and
Guard after 20 years of service and en- together and cheering at games while Canada,
tered a new career of full-time writing.~He wearing your jersey), The informal displaying of the collection allows visitors to examine at close range the
wrote as a free-lance for numerous Congratulations Kappa Sigma. Is it variousgraphictechniquesof different artists. The exhibit will take place from 11 a.m. to S
yours for another year? p^m. • , ^
magazines, including Harper's, The

Reigning Queen To
Give Up Crown THE ARTS Dance Atlanta
Dance Atlanta has announced that the
Alvin Ailey City Center Dance Theater will
teach master classes in jazz and modern
The dances of Ailey';s multi-racial
company reflect the American heritage,
both black and white. The music ranges
dance during the company's engagement from symphonic to Jazz, blues and
Saturday Song Writers Contest herre in February. The Alley Company is
scheduled for two performances at the
Civic Center on February 20-21. Dates for
spirituals. In addition to works by Ailey,
the company repertory includes works by
noted choreographers Talley Beatty,
S. Griggs Because of the big demand for music lyric sheet accompanying all songs. the master classes are still under Joyce Trisler, Pearl Primus, Donald
with the "Nashville Sound", it has become Manuscripts and poems should be neat and negotiation, but it is expected that the McKayle, and John Butler.
The current Miss Georgia College, Jan in it. You could ask any girl here and they necessary to seek writers of rock, soul, legible-typed if possible. All songs not company will be in residence at Georgia
Foskey, will give up her crown this would probably tell you that this has country and western music, etc., outside demonstrated on tape should be sent in the State University for several days Following its season at the John F.
Saturday, Jan. 18 to one of thirteen, during helped their self confidence. I know it the Nashville area. The thought occurred form of a lyric sheet with chords in ap- preceding the performances. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. later
the 1975 Miss Georgia College Pageant. helped mine!" to us that the most expeditious way to have propriate places. Also send a brief per- Tickets for the performances are this month, the Ailey Company will em-
When asked what the crown had meant Finally, I asked the age old question as new and interesting material submitted to sonal biography, including approximate available at the Memorial Arts Center box bark on a nationwide tour, which will in-
to her, Jan replied, "It was different from to the departing queen as her time draws us would be in the form of a songwriter's songs in your catalog and a recent photo offlee,892-2414. Different programs will be clude Atlanta on February 20-21.
what I thought it was going to be. It made near to a close, "What last words do you contest, covering the campuses of selected along with a Ten Dollar ($10.00) entry fee. offered each evening, but Alley's signature
me feel it's more of my school". want to say as Miss Georgia College to the colleges and universities throughout the WINNERS piece, "Revelations", will be danced at Dance Atlanta, which is sponsoring the
"Just what did you do as Miss GC?" I new contestants before their big night?" country. Material submitted during the 1st Place both performances. Ailey appearances here, is a joing
Jan thought a minute. "Well, I was at the
"Everybody always says I hope you
have a great as year as I did. You can't say
Miss Georgia College, Jan Foskey, smiles as she talks with contestants during the nightly
rehersals for the pageant held this Sat. night. I contest period will be promptly reviewed
by a panel of studio engineers, musicians,
1st Place Winner will receive a $500.00
Scholarship plus a Ist-Class Round-Trip
Alvin Ailey began his study of dance
with Lester Horton in Los Angeles and
program of the Atlanta Arts Alliance and
Georgia State University. The program
tea welcoming new freshmen. In the Miss I hope you do because you can't help but and publishing executives and given to the Airline Ticket to Nashville, Tennessee, for became a full member of Horton's com- has received funding from the National
pany after only one year of training. He Endowment for the Arts and the Georgia
Georgia Pageant, and the Christmas
parade. I had the most fun in that. I'm also
enjoy it. You meet girls you'll never forget
at the Miss Georgia Pageant. You'll regret Editorial- I appropriate Nashville producers and
(1) one person for one (1) weekend (2
nights and 3 days, preferably Friday, established his own company in 1958., Council for the Arts.
in charge of this year's pageant. I never giving it up but you won't be greedy. I'll In a recent music source study compiled Saturday, and Sunday). This trip may be
knew so much went into it. It's so much say I know you'll have a great time and over a two-year period, we were greatly taken within a three-month period
fun to do though, because you've been
there before.
Miss Foskey continued her conversation
hope you'll have as much fun as me.
The pageant will be held this Sat. at 8:00
p.m., in Russell Auditorium. Tickets for
the event will be $1.00. This is to cover
D a n n y L e a v e s This surprised to learn that of the material
received by varioius producers and ar-
tists, 12 percent was submitted by colleges
following the contest at a time mutually
agreeable between BLUESTONE and the
winner. Lodging and meals will be
provided at ROGER MILLER'S "King of
Presenting JFK
I thought I might try one last time to get any land animal~an et e uses et to be da and universities. Although only a small
by stating, "I hope I've helped the faculty pageant expenses and program books percentage of that 12 percent was recor- the Road" Motor Hotel in Nashville. You
this year by impressing upon them that it a response from you people before I leave mose rudthless and destructive form of "JFK", a dramatic portrayal of skin.
which will be handed out at the door. The for parts unknown to reach other peoples live to eva live. An ye know mate-wen e ded, we feel that the colleges and will also be given a complete tour of the President John F. Kennedy and his "JFK" is not drama. Nor is it a show.
(the pageant) is not just a thing . . . that it pageant staff and. reignmg queen all hope universities are an excellent source of new World Famous Music Row and Nashville
really mean's so much." hearts. You know-trying to g^t a thought ain't killin off everything else, e's off killin presidential years, as performed by actor But to see and hear it, with tightening
to see a full house this Sat. night. I haven't through to people is like me trying to swim emself. With this he left and I was alone material. Incidentally, it was further Recording Studios, a photo session with Jeremiah Collins, will be presented in throat, is to face what we had, what we
"Exactly what do you mean by that last seen the whole show, but what little I did through a sandbar. again. I really wanted to help him with his noted that non-music majors ranked BLUESTONE MUSIC executives and Russell Auditorium on the Georgia College lost, and perhaps what we were."
statement?'' I asked, curious to know what see while interviewing Miss Foskey, in- This is an appeal for my brothers who problems but he took the same attitude favorably with music majors in the sub- recording artists,(-h) a three-month trial campus on Saturday, Jan 25, at 8 p.m. Other reviewers were equally im-
a pageant means to a queen. dicated to me that it should be a good are being sought by man's "intelligence" many of you have. "Who's going to listen mission of new material. Songwriter's Contract with BLUESTONE pressed, including a Washington critic,
"I don't think it would hurt any girl to be show. and "ability" to make things extinct. This to a dolphin?" I have taken the liberty of attaching a MUSIC, and newspaper coverage in your The stage production about Kennedy who asserted that "Jeremiah Collins'
brings to mind a story. As I swam off, I began to wonder just list of contest rules. We do hope that by local college and hometown paper. took almost two years of concentrated inflection, accent, gestures, and
While swimming in the misty corradors what it is that makes man want to destroy reproducing this letter either in whole or Cadillac limousine service to and from study by Collins and has been called an movements were absolutely identical with
of time, I remember an ol' salt who was and waste. Never yet have I seen a human in part, along with the contest rules, you Nashville Airport and during your stay in outstanding portrayal. John F. Kennedy's."
Prayer For Texas standing in the water up to his knees in my
territory. I floated next to him with my
eye out of the water and.listened to his
willing to love just what he has. All I see is
many people running here and there after
will permit your student body to take part
in this contest which could prove to be the
start of a very exciting and rewarding
Nashville will be provided by
BLUESTONE MUSIC. When the stage production was first
performed in New York in 1971, the New
The touring production of "JFK" will
come to GC complete with appropriate
tlie root of all evil-money. I see thiefs, 2nd Place York Times noted: The real beauty of props, costumes, sound, and projection
By Suellen Griggs thoughts. Inside, I knew he was crying and rapists, child beaters, and military career. 2nd place Winner will receive a $250.00 "JFK" is that this one-man "show" shares equipment. Visual aids will provide a
yet outside he looked much like a wise pacifists. Amazing isn't it? Scholarship plus a three-month trial even more than it projects the image of pictorial background to the Kennedy
weather beaten old man who was about to I leave you now with one thought. How HOW TO SUBMIT MATERIAL contract and coverage in local newspaper, John F. Kennedy. Reading the years. Tickets at $2 are available at GC's
What do you do for a week during in their own words. return from hence he came~the sea. long willit be or rather how long has it All songs that you have demonstrated on and school newspaper. predominantly on-the-record utterances of Maxwell College Union on the GO campus
Christmas Break with 4 other students? Don . . ."a lot more faith, and the loving He said to himself, ."Man and da whale, been since man has created anything that tape should be submitted on a cassette 3rd Place President Kennedy for the 90-minute or available by amil from the president of
Interesting question? Read on. This of people. / dey both smart and from wat I seen, I tink hasn't destroyed our world or future? tape cartridge or regular quarter-inch 3rd Place Winner will receive a $100.00 program, a young actor named Jeremiah the GC Government Association in the
particular group of five went on a trip to Marilyn F. _ . ., "kinship.. Everyone me fish friend smarter." He smiled down recording tape-preferably IVi speed-with a Scholarship plsu a three-month trial Collins has also visually slipped into his union building.
Texas. But it wasn't just to see the sights, greeted us with open arm hospitality. at me and then said aloud, "now man~e contract and coverage in local newspaper
there was much greater meaning in the Danny Dolphin
There was a testimony given"af the church come ott mebe width de smartest brane of and school newspaper.
experience for all of them.
Marilyn Dean, Carol Adler, Marilyn
in New Orleans, by a one-time drug addict
wino. It was like a 'solid rock'. Phi Mu iAusic This contest is void where prhoibited by
law and is subject to all applicable
Foster, David Tanner, and Don Marilyn D. .• ."I found "out- that if you Federal, State and Local Regulations. The
Thrasher decided back in October to try want to do something bad enough and are A lexture-recital on 20th Century music Sponsor reserves the right to amend these
to visit several seminaries in the Texas determined there is nothing that can stop for the voice will be presented :at: Georgia rules if necessitated by circumstances
area. Only one problem, no one had any you. We were so discouraged in the College on Tuesday, Jan. 21,-by Clyde beyond their control.
money. beginning, but' everything \yorked out so Tipton, choral director at GC, and David
Writing letters to surrounding churches perfectly, it was like a dream." Watkins, an instructor in piano, at the (+) Subject to artist availability.
and community services they received the David.. ."The whole trip was based on college. :-
support needed. prayer . . . and kinship" During the recital, Ravel's "Don
The group started on their journey Dec.
11 in "Charly the Golden Chariett", a
Carrol. . ."the fellowship was great, it
brought all of us closer together. And just
Quixote a Dulcinee' composed in 1925 will
be performed. Also scheduled on the Yougart
station wagon with no heat, broken gas getting to see everything." program are compositions by Webern,
meter, and no liability insurance. Marilyn These five students proved to those who Schoenberg, Stravinsky, and Ives in-
Dean, speaking thoughtfully, stated "we
had to be traveling with God".
thought it couldn't be done that indeed it
could be done. More and more today
cluding the difficult setting for the Vachel
Lindsay poem "General William Booth Pays Off
Doing church programs along the way, college students attempt and succeed Enters Heaven".
the group stopped in Mobile, Dallas, Fort where all thought failure was enivitable. Ti-ton will also present four of his own Art students at colleges and universities
Worth, Free Port, and the highlight of the These five invite all to find faith such as compositions during the recital. throughout the Eastern United States have
trip, Bourbin St., New Orleans. I asked theirs in weekly gatherings at BSU The program scheduled for Porter been invited to take part in a unique poster
each to share what they got out of the trip Tuesday at 5:45. Auditorium on campus and sponsored by design competition for cash prizes. The
Phi Mu Alpha, is free and open to the Second Annual Poster Design Com-
public. petition, is sponsored by the makers of
The recital will begin at 6 p.m. Dannon Yogurt, and the challenge is to
design a poster that reflects the "natural

Sllf^ Qlobttttaiie Poets Corner

and fresh" qualities of Dannon.
Top prize in this year's contest is $1,000,
and there will be nine other cash awards,
including $750 for second place, $500 for
Marion Montgomery, a southern poet, third, $200 for fourth, and six honorable
novelist, and critic will read and discuss mentions of $50 each. Last year, students
Suellen Griggs his works on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 11 from over 100 colleges and universities
Editor and Chief a.m. in Chappell Hall at Georgia College. entered the competition.
Associate Editor FredMoblcy
Montgomery is a member of the English In all cases the Dannon container must
Sports Editor departmentat the University of Georgia. appear in the poster, and the poster must
Photographers Mel Harris
His works include commentaries on such reflect the theme of "natural and fresh".
Lee Dasher, Glenn Grossman diverse writers as Wordsworth, Additional details on the contest and in-
Hemingway, Eliot, and Flannery formation regarding yogurt, are available
KathyShcppard, Patty Stien, O'Connor. at the colleges' Art Department offlces;
The reading is free and open to the Deadline for this years entries is February
Staff Kathy Thommas, Cathy Griggs, public. - 10, 1975.
flick Manvillc Montgomery's fourth novel. Fugitive, Top prize last year went to James
was published by Harper and Row in May, Broderick of the University of Bridgeport
1074. . , ,^ . ,, , ,, , ,. .in ; Connectiojt^
VfNVl* 'r
'"':'': 1-1 :^ ••:•',' SM. • ^VJt<:i,^-::;: "Ui''.HUc,:K5:'.M::«-
• •"•''-•'• • ' ? ' ' ' - ^ " > ^ ' \ .^•::'*:.'^'^;,,iCK; A ! f > ' 0 a 7 ^ ' : : . ; • « ( • ; : I'W''^' .!-;•.-.,,.;

European Hills Of Gold

Communal Bubbles Credit The time we spent together
Hung on the side of the moon
Published by permission:
You know I love, always will
I can't help it babe if I can't stand still
If there is to be a fad to replace The next time it allows us
Question: What do France, Germany, We'll sleep together soon The demin in by bluejeans
"streaking" as the national campus 0 Q Spain, Greece and Italy have in commpn? Cause a man upon the open road Are wearin' kinda thin
pastime for 1975, it just might be com- Answer: You could be studying in one of
munal bathing. Already, group baths are Needs a woman by his side The leaves are turning golden
these countries next summer! ' Through the hills of gold I ramble The trees are gettin slim
becoming an integral part of after-class The University System oif Georgia has a
life for some students at the University of Still I long for you each night I hear the seasons speaking
California at Berkeley. o ^.^;?^r<^ Studies Abroad Prograrh in each of these
countries. Whether at the University of As the sky begins to weep
Following a hard day of classes, student Dijon in France, at the University of The sound of the wind on the open road When nature stops for slumber
Takes me to the places that I wanna go I'll pause some day for sleep
neighbors here now take to big back-yard
tubs to sip wine, exchange talkes of the
Erlangen in Germany, or at the University
of Valencia in Spain, the student will find
Winter You know I love you, always will
day's woes, read poetry, and soak their himself stimulated by contact with new Winter is a time of purification I can't help it babe if I can't stand still But the sound of the wind on the open road
troubles away. ideas and a new culture. Through Washing everything white, Takes me to the places that I wanna go
"I'm sure there's going to be a big hot- academic courses and through daily life in With endless shapes of wonderous beauty. I've seen this side of heaven You know I love you, always will
baths phenomenon pretty soon," says new surroundings, the participant will The howeling wind blowing at me-trys to enter my mind. The streets of cobblestone I can't help it babe if I can't stand still
Clive Scullion, a self-described leader of learn the language, the literature and the And Jack Frost Knips at my heart Through the fields of conversation
what's becoming known as the "com- civilization of the country in a direct face- The summer of my life is over. Where the midwest farmers home A compass in my left hand
munity tub" movement. But, says to-face way. The snow, as it covers the grass, covers my pain. The road that I am following And a chart to plot the way
Scullion, group bathing is a far healthier Moves on from day to day Even though the sky surrounds me
Allfourprograms include eight weeks of And the cold makes my feelings numb. Cause the pages of tomorrow
form of tension-release than simply acadernic study and one to two weeks of The sleep of trees gives me strength to face reality. I'll head for home one day
running across campus nude. Were written yesterday While the sun beats down upon my back
related travel. There are extensive tours And friends are like a warm fire on a cold night.
"Whatever your troubles may be ~ if as well as weekend excursions for the Now with this understanding of winter, Knowing soon I'll hang up my pack
school is getting you down or your old lady students. Some weekends are planned for I know spring can not be far behind. Still the sound of the wind on the open road The life upon the open road
is giving you a hard time ~ popping into a group sightseeing while others are left free Takes me to the places that I wanna go One of these days, is gonna get old
hot bath with your friends will make you for individual trips. anonymous
feel better," he says.
Scullion, a major in conservation and
Students in the Classics program divide
time between Athens, Greece and Rome, Love We Party
natural resources at the University of Italy, with a week each in Paris and Love is alot like good health
California, became a "hot bath fanatic" Florence. Classics enthusiasts soak up,
after trying a dip in a friend's backyard Most of the time you really don't notice it's presence 'We party' kess
along with the Mediterranean sun, ancient Only it's absence. because we're not the best.
tub. He decided immediately that he art and architecture, classical literature
wanted a tub of his own. But, after some DD We walk with our heads in the air.
and Greek-Roma philosophy. When in realty, it's the other fraternities we fear.
research, he discovered that he couldn't There is no language requirement for
afford one. Most commercial models, built the Classics program as English is the
of redwood for Japanese hot bath en-
thusiasts, cost at least $1,600.
language of instruction. However, for the Is It Too Much? We think we're cool
While behind our backs we're called fools
programs in France, Germany and Spain, Weusheredaconcertandthinkwe'regreat
Then, a few months back. Scullion where the courses are taught in the Is it too much to want a man-
stumbled onto a proverbial gold mine --13 Someone kind to hold my hand When in real life we're only second rate.
language of the country, four college
huge industrial containers made of con- quarters, or the equivalent, of the ap- When it gets cold and there's no glove
crete and wasting away in a vacant lot. He When everyone's gone and there's no love? When we win a sports game we're okay
propriate language is required. But when we lose we show our decay
purchased the unwanted tubs from the Students applying to any of the
land's owner and went to work. Is it too much to want a man- I wish we're like the other fraternities today
programs should also have a B average So being the 3rd fraternity on camp we wouldn't have to say.
By smoothing and painting the concrete the weather is at its winter ugliest, as most Another participant, Jennifer Bayless, and be willing to study and learn while Someone to hold me when I'm cold
and drilling holes for water pipes, Scullion have small gas heaters to maintain a adds, "It's not really sexual. It's a mental overseas. While the travel is considered a Someone to want me when I'm old?
built his first tub which is capable of water temperature slightly beneath and physical bond experience, a social Each day we face is a little bit gloomier
vital element in the programs, the em- And our inevitable end comes a little bit sooner.
seating up to eight people comfortably. scalding. activity. I've taken baths alone and with phasis is on academics. Is it too much to want a man "
Now, he's in the process of turning out other people, and I definitely prefer Who'll always want to hold me tight Tomorrow we may be past history
For many of the participants, communal So, if you would really like to parler, And I doubt if anybody at G.C. will miss me.
additional tubs for other Berkeleyites at a bathing with others." sprechen or hablar a foreign language, or And be there in the. darkest of night?
total cost of only $250. bathing has become a vital part of their
social schedule. Ogden Williams of The Scullion himselkf adds that the com- delve into antiquity, write for information
and an application to: USG Studies Abroad Is it too much to want a man --
Scullion is also planning to "make Daily Caiifornian, student newspaper at munity-tub is a great way to get to know Who'll love me whether I'm fat or thin
forms" from his original containers so that the University of California at Berkeley, your neighbors. "I've had some of the best Program; Dept. of Foreign Languages, It is said that man is superior and his word goes
Georgia. State University, University And be on my side whether I lose or win? And that woman was created to help her man
he can continue to produce inexpensive recently interviewed a group of communal conversations sitting in the bath, naked
tubs after his originar supply is sold-out. bathers. with my neighbors," he says. "It's a Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. pick himself up and comfort him when lie fails.
P.S. If you are interested in an academic If it's too much to want such a man, And yet, the woman will never realize how insuperior
"Your body just sort of melts away," totally honest, totally relaxed experience . Then I guess I'll not find happiness
Although Scullion isn't sure just how . . People just start to say exactly what year program, or a program different the man is without her, and likewise also.
many, quite a few outdoor tubs are reports one bather who believes that group from those described above, the USG Because I'll never stettle for second best. Can you see how insuperior they both are?
baths "release harmful toxins" from the they feel." DD
springing up in the Berkeley area these Studies Abroad Office at Georgia State
days. And they are put to use even when body. -R.H.
(Note: Students desiring information as University provides information and
to how to build or buy a hot-tub can contact guides on other programs as well as on
Clive Scullion at 22221/2 Parker Street, independent travel and work op-
Sometimes I Wonder
Corbin For Counsel Berkeley, Calif. 94704.) portunities available to U.S. students.

Contemplating my existence.
Is it without subsistence
J. Stalin Essay Contest
Career development is a lifelong process adapt and adjust to what may be a way of
in the opinion of Nancy Corbin, the new life different from that they have known in Because I do not have a lover?
counselor in the dean of students office at the past. Does it make me worth your spite PRIZES Manuscripts should be sent to:
Georgia College. "Students today seem to be taking a Because in the loneliness of the night First Prize f 100.00 World Research, Inc.
Particularly is this so in this day of rapid more practical and a more career-oriented In my bed there is no other? Second Prize 50.00 Campus Studies Institute
technological change and at a time when approach to an education than ever Is it my fault? Sometimes I wonder. Third Prize 25.00 11722 Sorrento Valley Road
career patterns of the future are hard to before," she says. "They know that having For the best essay proving or disproving San Diego, California 92121
predict. a 'collegiate experience' is no longer a Contemplating my lonely life. the following statement:
valid reason for going to college." Is it 'cause I'm not a wife Manuscripts will be judged by an im-
The conditions illustrated in The Gulag partial
Miss Corbin feels that college students Or because I am so hard and cold? panel of scholars and will be
must be taught now more than ever to Pointing out that a college education Archipelago are directly related to the loss evaluated on the basis of grammasr and
today no longer guarantees anyone as good Does it make me half a woman?
determine goals for the future, to examine Is single at my age an ill omen? of economic freedom. general use of language, writing style,
their own values and those of society in job. Miss Corbin says that her job as a
career counselor involves much more now Or is it because I'm not so bold? flow of ideas, and logic of presentation.
general, and to develop decision-making Manuscripts must not exceed 2,000 The decision of the judges will be final.
than helping a^tudent choose a major, get Is it my fault? Sometimes I wonder. words in length. They must be typewritten, They may, by unanimous agreement,
skills that will help them to be, flexible and
adaptable in an era of uncertaintv. along in college, and finally find a job, double-spaced, and on one side of the page award duplicate prizes in the case of ties
"Career patterns of the future are likely Contemplating my happy past. only. Name, address, and telephone or may cancel any award if no adequate
A student may in years to come change to be much more unpredictable than they Could it be he was the last.
areas of work and occupations several number must appear in the upper left hand entry is presented. All essays become the
are now," she adds, making it entirely Who will know the splendour of my charms? corner of the first page.
times during his working years, according possible that "what a student might study Does it make me worth your pity property of Campus Studies Institute
to the new GC counselor, because of a All manuscripts must have a title, Division of World Research, Inc., and will
for now may not be available ten years Because he was everything to me? AH entires must be received in CSI of- not be returned,
number of factors, not the least of which is from now." I can't forget the warmth of his arms.
the current (and perhaps the future) state fices no later than February 31, 1975, to be
A counselor today has the responsibility Is it my fault? Sometimes I wonder. considered eligible for consideration in Winners will be notified by telegram on
of the economy. April 15, 1975,
to educate a student to adapt his or her this contest.
As planning for a career becomes Contemplating what's to be.
somewehat of a gamble, as the economy plans to the future, and "we can do this
best by giving the student the opportunity Could it be there's a man for me?
becomes more erratic, and as society Rick Cottle, of LaGrange. a sophomore majoring in recreation at Georgia College, chats Someone who likes sadness in my face.
changes, she feels that students must be to take a good, hard look at himself and his
abilities and then prepare for a variety of with Nancy Corbin, a new counselor in the dean of students office at GC. Does it make me so full of hope;
prepared for the unforeseeable future. With him will I be able to cope?
possibilities," she notes.
Miss Corbin, whose job involves devising University of Georgia. She also attended student personnel work at Georgia, she Can another man ever take his place?
proerams for GC residence halls as well as Miss Corbin, a native of Clewiston, Fla, Florida Atlantic University and Edison taught for a year in Clewiston. Her parents Is it his fault? Sometimes I wonder.
personal counseling, is quick to note that earned her A.B. degree at. Wesleyan Junior College in Fort Myers, Fla. are Mr. and Mrs. John G. Corbin of 119
the students themselves are beginning to College and her M.Ed, degree at the Before receiving her graduate degree in Esperance Ave., Clewiston. , -R.H,
T H E C 0 L 0 N N A 0 E . 6 E 0 R G I A C 0 L L E G E , JANUARY 17,1975, PAGE 7
P A G E 6 , T H E COLONNADE , GEORGIA C O L L E G E / J A N U A R Y 17, 1975

Basketball Statistics
Robert Williams
Virgil Smith
Reb. Per G. Avg.
. . . . Coach Peterson has announced that
varsity baseball practice will begin on
Feb, 1 in the H.P.E.R. Building Gym.
Bill Lavery 10
33.6 65.2 9.5 2
Alvin Richardson 20.,0 57.2 1.6 4 ~1
Larry Anderson
Terry Finney
Ralph Waller
14 10
DON'T New Head Coach]
David Pardon 3L3 88.9 1.0 0 John S. Aldridge, until recently head Aldridge is a member of the National
Bill Dobbs 5
40.0 75.0 0.0 0 This Sat. 8:00 baseball and basketball coach at Gordon and Georgia Associations for Health,
Bill Casey 28.6 66.7 4 3
0.7 Junior College, is the new head basketball Physuical Education, and Recreation, the
Lee Studstill 66.7 100 0 3 Miss Georgia
0.0 coach at Georgia College, according to an National Education Association, and the
Doug White 28.7 80 4 7 College Pageant
4.0 announcement made by Dr. J. Whitney Georgia Association of Coaches.
36.5 Pet. 69.4 Pet 37.4 5.1 Bunting, GC president.
Russell Aud. Commenting on the new coach, Floyd V.
11.00 Aldridge, whose appointment was ap- Anderson, chairman of the HPER
proved by the University System of department at GC and interim coach for
Georgia's Board of Regents on Wed- the past two months, stated, "We are very
nesday, has already taken over the reins of delighted to have been able to secure the
the Colonials and coached them in their services for Mr. Aldridge because of the
first game of the new year at LaGrange contributions that we feel he will be able to
Monday night. LaGrange defeated GC in make to our program. His past per-
that game, 77-70. formance and experience indicate that our
Aldridge, who served as a coach, program will reach new heights.
Smokey Says: athletic director, and chairman of the
health, physical education, and recreation "I realize that this is a most difficult
department at Gordon from 1972 until his time of the season for coach Aldridge to
appointment to the GC coaching staff, has join us but the team has already shown
a B.S. degree from Berry College, the M.S. improvement, the men now have a solid
degree from the University of Tennessee, leader, and the college has gained a
and a specialist in education degree from vaulable addition. COLONIAL PROFILE
the University of Georgia—all in the field Anderson added that Aldridge is not only ALVIN RICHARDSON-6'0"-165 lb. Junior guard from Rutledge, Georgia. Alvin is a
of physical education. busy coaching the basketball team and graduate of Morgan County High and Is a major in his second year at Georgia College.
He is currently working on his doctoral teaching classes, but that he has already
degree at Georgia. started an extensive search for basketball
Before going to Gordon in 1972, he served talent throughout the state.
as an assistant coach at Middle Georgia
College for four years and as a coach ast
Dougherty High School in Albany.
Colonials Round
In addition to his coaching and teaching
experience, he has been an accountant and
Two Piedmont 110-81
a part-time instructor, at the Knoxville
Don't burn on dry, windy days!
(Tenn:) YMCA. V.. . . ,-•
At GC he will be an assistant professor of
physical education.
Newcomers For Stan Aldridge, the new coach of the
Georgia College Colonials, the first home
on 10 out of 14 shots from the floor. An-
derson tallied 25 points during the game.
game with his new charges as was an Terry Finney led GC with 11 rebounds to
ine Georgia College Basketball team auspicious one. help the Colonials begin on the right foot.
has two new performers. Transferring to And a record-setter to boot, GC never trailed in the contrest and
GC this quarter are Bill Casey and Lee GC walloped visiting Piedmont College everyone inserted into the line-up
Coach Golden Studsill. Casey is a 6' guard from N. Cobb
in Marietta who comes from Gordon Jr.
110-81 to set a new school scoring record Saturday night scored.
GEORGIA COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS Mens Schedule College. Coach Aldridge describes Casey
and even its GIAC conference record at 1-
1. ' ' . . ' ; • • '
Commenting on the victory, the new
coach stated. We play exactly the way we
front: Lynn Frederick, Janet Chambless, Back:. Cathy Watkins> Fran Moore,
Alfreda Monday, Lorraine Lee, Nancy Kilgore, Gwen Hambrick, Deborah Bilbo, January
Released' as an excellent passer and defensive
player. However, he feels he needs more
Robert Williams, the team's leading
scorer, poured in 31 points during the
wanted to offensively while the defense is
improving constantly.
floor confidence and his shooting will game and probably would have set a GC
"Anresa Stevens. * 6 Lagrange College Lagrange, Georgia improve. Studstill is a 6'2" forward from individual record had he not been taken "I'm really very proud of the way the
• • 11 Peidmont College 1 Milledgeville, Georgia Coach Goden, head basketball coach for team played Saturday night."
»• 15 Oglethorpe University 'Milledgeville, Georgia the Lady Colonials, seems very pleased Macon. He is described by Aldridge as a out of the fray with more than eight
• 17 Berry College ' Rome, Georgia good shooter, but needs work on defense. minutes left to play in the second half. GC is now 2-7 for the season. Berry and
t 18 Shorter College Rome, Georgia about her girls this year. After walloping Shorter will be faced in Rome on Friday
• • 20 Georgia Southwestern Milledgeville, Georgia Tift Area 87-57, the Lady Colonials are now Studstill comes from ABAC Jr. College. Larry Anderson put on an awesome
• 22 North Georgia . Dahlonega, Georgia Good Luck Fellows!! shootingh display in the first half, hitting and Saturday.
4-3 overall.
• 25 Fort Valley State Milledgeville, Georgia
••27 Berry College Milledgeville, Georgia Coach Golden cites her excessive height
• 30 Peidmont College Demorest, Georgia as one of the keys to her success. Emily
Lagrange College
Shorter College
Milledgeville, Georgia
Milledgeville, Georgia
Schaides 5'11", Corinne Irby 5'10", Peggy
McAfee 510", Katherian Horton 5'9",
Sharon Jones 5*9", Marcia McMarius 5'8"
Basketball Roster
Womens Basketball 10
Georgia Southwestern
Florida Southern
Ecl<erd College
Americus, Georgia
Lakeland, Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida
and Carolyn Reid 5'8" round out the front
liners for the tall Lady Colonials. Coach NAME AGE HT. WT.
17 North Georqia Milledgeville, Georala Golden Cites the girls tremendous spirit as Larr-y Anderson 21 6'2" 185 Recreation Jeffersonville Senior 2
20 Oglethorpe University Atlanta, Georgia another great asset of the team. However, Bill Casey 19 6'0" 165 Undecided Atlanta Frosh 0
25 GIAC Tournament
Schedule 26
GIAC Tournament
GIAC Tournament
she states that they are a young team, 6
freshmen, 4 sophomores, 4 juniors and
only two girls have ever played college
Calvin Finney
Terry Jones
Bill Lavery
Warner Robins
'• Conference Gamej
January ** All home games will be played at Georgia Military ball. She stated that their low field goal David Pardon 20 6'1" 170 Business Administration Jonesboro Junior 0
17 Berry College College beginning at 7:30 p.m. percentage was beginning to get steadily Alvin Richardson 20 6'0" 165 Political Science Rutledge Junior 1
Rome, Ga. 5:45 19 Augusta
Shorter College better each game and that several floor Virgil Smith S'lO" 160 Business Frosh 0
18 Rome, Ga. 5:30 19 Milledgeville Ma
Ga. Southern leaders were in the process of improving. Lee Studstill 6'3" 190 HPER Frosh 0
20 Milledgeville 5:30 Ralph Waller 20 6'2" 190 Macon Junior 0
North Georgia College Management
22 Dahlonega, Ga. 5:30 Doug White •18 6'2" 145 Special Education Covington Frosh 0
Augusta The Lady Colonials are playing 500 ball
25 Milledgeville 5:30 Robert William 18 6'2" 180 Undecided St. Petersburg, Fla. Soph 1
Berry College on the road and have taken the majority of
27 Milledgeville 5:30 the home games. Golden states that
Away •
Corrine Irby, Peggy McAffee, Emily
Shaudres, Ginger Renn are leading the
Coach: Stan Aldridge
Savannah State
8 Dekalb
Milledgeville 5:30
00 scoringV while Marsha McManei's and Carrie Benjamim 5'5" Art Eatonton Frosh
Milledgeville HPER Fort Valley Fresh
11 Georgia Southern 6:00
McAfee ' are the leading rebouhders. Cheryl Bridges • 5'5"
Statesboro, Ga. Recreation Forsyth
14 West Georgia Car ronton, Ga. 7:00 WprmSfCk Defensively, Red Floyd is doing a fine job
Sandra Floyd
Kathryn Horton
Corinne Irby
Fort Valley
' Fresh
17 North Georgia Milledgeville 5:30
&JL!>^^M0^M£MMWf too.'; • ',•.
Undecided Macon Soph

Sharon Jones 5'9"
21-22 GAIAW State Tournament Statesboro, Ga. In Qonclusion, Coach Golden feels that Connie Massey 5'3" Undecided East Point Soph
HPER Macon Junior
March the good rebounding and defense are Peggy McAfee 5'10"
Marcia McManus 5'8" HPER Macon
pulling the young team through in their
7-8 AIAW Regional Tournament Athens, Ala.
Aiim/mmafsr, ^ victories, and feels also that they can play
ball with any team if her Lady Colonials
Ginger Pehn
Carolyn Reid
Emily Schaudios
Political Science
East Point
JoAnn Tuft 5'5" Special Education Gray
can consistently put 2 good halves of Coach: Laura L. Golden
every ball game together.
I'S'.V^'i'v^i^v* mB^B^^i^ifi'^:i^B'& i^K^:?is-ii«sisnnf:f>ifrs:f:s:*js:j
''"— •*' —^<««.tu^f,ii»rtrf->-*JJ««i*£Ji*fiLA)W.rt»WW.«iiB


Gymnasts Roll Intramural

Over Crimson Tide

The Georgia College varsity Women's Gymnastics team traveled to the University of RED LEAGUE
Alabama, "Home of the Crimson Tide", on January 10,1975 for their first dual meet of the Team W L Team W L
season. Knicks 1 0 Big Orange 1 0
The Lady Colonials won the meet with 83.75 points while the University of Alabama, Second Hand Sigs 1 • 0 Phi Delt No. 1 1 0
scored 65.80 points. Dirty V2 Dozen 1 0 Pikes No. 1 1 0
In the All-Around event, Jill Thayer finished first, second place went to Susan Jones, O.S.G. 0 0 Hustlers 0 0
while Lynn McDermott finished third, all girls being members of the Georgia College Pikes No. 2 0 1 I.Q.'s 0 1
team. Phi Delt No. 2 0 1 Jay's No. 1 0 1
Next the Lady Colonials will meet the University of Georgia, University of Alabama at Jays No. 2 0 1 Eappa Sigma 0 1
Birmingham on January 18,1975at 1:00p.m. Home, HPERBuilding.



^-^ ^-^ X-^ ^ V J L ^ K J


Deaths of 355,000 veterans during fiscal indemnity compensation (DIG) No. 1 Cassell-4 Sigma
•year 1974---206,000 with World War H remarried, VA payments were discon-
PIKES No. 1 Massey-18 38-34 Wild
service-has, prompted the Veterans Ad- tinued. But the 1970 law provides for
Harris-9 Bunch
ministration to encourage 29 million living restoration of benefits of widows whose
subsequent marriages are dissolved by Traylor-8
veterans to make certain their dependents
are aware of the death benefits to which divorce or death.
BIG ORANGE Stallings-19 I.Q.'s
- \ they may be entitled. VA officials noted there are no statistics Brooks-18
The FY 1974 death total was 30,000 more on widows whose benefits were restored Seymour-12
than the previous year and 58,000 higher because compensation and pension rolls Bruner-12
than the 297,000 veterans' deaths recorded change constantly, and count is kept only
in FY 1970. The World War I veteran by number of cases.
population was decreased by almost 10 per VA pays monthly pensions to needy SECOND HAND
SIGS Finley-15 39-29 Phi Delta
cent with the deaths of 106,000 veterans. widows of eligible veterans who die of
causes not related to military service. The ,Theta No. 2
Veterans families should be informed of Knox-24 90-25
survivor's benefits, such as dependence amount varies with income and number of KNICKS Pikes No. 2
and indemnity compensation for service- dependents, it was explained.
connected death or nonservice-connected Compensation or DIG is paid to widows Grizarla-12
death pensions for widows. The latter may of veterans killed i service, or who died of Burney-10
apply only to surviving children if the service-connected causes, it was pointed
widow's income makes her ineligible for out.
VA pension benefits. Widows interested in regaining benefits DIRTY '/2 BY •

Burial benefits for wartime and certain under the 1970 law were urged to contact DOZEN FORFEIT Jay's No. 2
peacetime veterans include a maximum their nearest VA regional office or
$250 burial or cremation allowance, plus a representatives of local veterans service
plot allowance not exceediong $150 for organizations.
veterans buried outside national
cemeteries. In lieu of these benefits, there
is an $800 burial allowance for veterans
Summer Jobs Found
who die of service-connected disabilities. • Job opportunities in Eurpoe this sum- Switzerland, France, Italy, and-Spain. The interested in the student and want to make
Cremated remains presently are in- mer ... Work this summer in the forests of jobs consist of forestry work, child care the work as interesting as possible.
terred in reduced-size gravesites at Germany on construction in Austria, on work (females only), farm work, hotel
national cemeteries. New cemeteries farms in Germany/Sweden and Denmark, work (limited number available), con- They are all informed of the intent of the
planned by VA's National Cemetery in Industries in France and Germany, in struction work, and some other more prograni, and will help the student all they
System include columbaria for these hotels in Switzerland. qualified jobs requiring more specialized can in deriving the most from his trip to
remains. Well there are these jobs available as training. Europe.'
Burial flags and headstone or grave well as jobs in Ireland, England, France, Please write for further information and
markers also are available for many Italy, and Holland are open by the consent The purpose of this program is to afford application forms to: American-European
deceased veterans upon application to the of the governments of these countries to the student an opportunity to get into real Student-Service, Box 34733, FL 9490 Vaduz,
VA. American university students Coming to living contact with the people and customs Liechtenstein (Europe).
Veterans service organizations or local Eurpoe the next summer. of Europe. In this way, a concrete effort
VA offices should be contacted for in- For several years students made their can be made to learn something of the
formation and assistance in applying for
benefits. Such documents as military
way across the Atlantic through A.E.S.-
Service to take part in the actual life of the
people of these countries. The success of
culture of Europe. In return for his or her
word, the t student will receive his or her
room and board, plus a wage. However,
Lady Colonials
separation papers, divorce decrees,
guardianship or child custody evidence, this project has caused a great deal of student should keep in mind that thwy will
birth, marriage and death certificates
should be accessible to validate claims.
enthusiastic interest and support both in
America and Eurpoe. Every year, the
be working on the European economy and
wages will naturally be scaled ac-
Crush Tift
Widows of veterans who remarried and program has been expanded to include cordingly. The working conditions (hours, The Georgia College Lady Colonials
were widowed a second time were many more students and jobs. Already, safety, regulations, legal protection, work scored their fourth win in seven games and
reminded by the Veterans Administration many students have made application for permits) will be strictly controlled by the their second triumph this season over Tift
that pension and compensation benefits next summer jobs. American-European labor ministries of the countries involved. College Saturday as they outplayed the
may be restored under a 1970 law. Student Service (on a non-profitable basis) In most cases, the employers have visitors from Forsyth 87-57 on the GMC
Before enactment of PL 91-376, if a is offering these jobs to students for requested especially for American Floor.
widow drawing pension or dependency and Germany, Scandinavia, England, Austria, students. Hence, they are particularly Corine Irby was high scorer for the
Colonials with 30 points and had U
• • r I ' *• rebounds and two steals during the game.
Peggy McAfee grabbed 14 rebounds,
blocked ten shots taken by Tift, and scored
eight points.
Gale Baker, who seems to inspire her
team maters with her speed and
aggressiveness, came off the bench to
score 15 points during the contest and had
five steals.
The Lady Colonials never trailed in the
game.'' • :.• •••v.'';-:
GC next meets.Berry and Shorter on
Friday and Saturday in Rome. The next
home game will be with Georgia Southern
on Monday.
Tift College (57)-Dean 21, Jackson 17,
Thomas 6, Skinner 6, Hangham 2,
McElreath 1, Kelly 4, Gadson, Knowles.
Georgia College (87)-Irby 30, McNair
15, Bridges 9. McManus 9, McAfee 8, Penn
8, Jones 4, Herrington 2, Masseyi Tuft 2,
Floyd, Benjamin, Henderson, Farley.