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"It's Your Right To Know- It's Our Duty to Inform"


Who Will
Wear The 1
Robin Howard

l! Janet Chambless

Lauren Cecchini

Kathy Barnes
Carolyn Reid

Pam Lee

Nancy Kilgore
Eight semi-finalist have been chosen
Good Luck!
All eight semi-finalist will reign during .Voting will be on Thursday, April 17th in
from the original 23 Miss Homecoming the week of Homecoming-Alumni Week front of Lanier Hall. All students are en-
Contestants for 1975. These eight were and will serve as the hostesses for the couraged to vote for the candidate of their'
chosen by a panel of judges at the tea given many events scheduled during this week. choice.
in their honor,by the Alpha Delta Pi All eight may be identified by the bright Miss Homecoming 1975 will be crowned
Sorority on April 9th at the Bone Alumni yellow tags they will be wearing at the Homecoming Dance on Saturday
House, throughout the whole week. . night, April 19th.

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Jan Foskey
» * * * - # « * ^ * V W i * V V V V v v v \ >
Alumni Week!
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Page 2, The Colonnade, April 17, 1975 •'.•'>*a)'V3M*'> ''•'••'•• • The Cotonnade, April .17, 1975, Page 3

Dr. Brown To
Miss Curl Homecoming Dance Kreskih—-Power Of
To Be Honored Receive Award
Lottie Moring Curl, formerly of
Swainsboro and a member of the GSCW
Annella Brown, formerly of Dublin and a
1938 graduate of Georgia College when it
Saturday, April 1 9 t h /
Positive Thinking
class of 1925, will receive one of the top was known as the Georgia State,College
honors awarded by the Alumni Association 8 P.M. M a x w e l l College :'^What were you doing Tuesday, April 8 at subjects to separate their hands. Until
for Women, will receive the Georgia 8 p.m.? Unless you were studying or Kreskin gave the magic word, the
of Georgia College on Saturday (April 19) College Alumni.Association achievement deathly ill -you should have seen Kreskin. audience watched about thirty donkeys
in the Maxwell College Union at GC. The award on Alumni Day, Saturday April 19. Union Cafeteria He appeared at Georgia College as part of wrestling with themselves. This however,
awards luncheon is held each year on Dr. Brown, a noted surgeon who has
Alumni Day, when returning graduates the lecture series. This appearance was was not the highlight of the show.
congregate to visit the campus, renew
lived and worked in the Boston area for Featuring free and open to the public.
many years, has also had a career in the So what does Kreskin have that you The highlight of the show was when
friendships, and pay honor to outstanding arts, having taught seminars in the French
fellow graduates. "LIBERATION" needed to see? Many people say that he Kreskin - just by walking in front of Keith
decorative arts at Harvard University in has ESP or that he is a magician. Per- Keene - made him crave a cigarette. After
Miss Curl has been an active member of recent years.
the working corps of the association ever sonally, I think that anyone who can pinch a little of this torture, Keith got quite upset
since her graduation 50 years ago, and has
She currently serves as a member of the Miss Homecoming will seventeen people at one time or make and asked Kreskin if he could have a
• visiting committee of the department of Keith Keehe want to quit smoking, cer- cigarette. Kreskin consented and Keith
served several terms as president of the decorative arts of the Boston Museum of
GC Alumni Club in Washington, D.C., be crowned at the dance tainly has something, up his sleeve. took out his smokes and matches. Alas,
Fine Arts and is a member of the over- Kreskin began with a trick using three Kreskin had cast his spell and Keith was
where she has been resident for many seers' committee of the Goff Museum at Annella Brown
years. rings. He placed a pencil through them, unable to light the match. But, Kreskin
Lottie M. Curl Harvard University.
She has been in large measure
responsible for the overwhelming success
of the scholarship program undertaken by
Women, to earn a BS in education.
After graduation, Miss Curl continued to
Dr. Brown was graduated magna cum
laude from the Women's Medical College
listed in the first edition (1958) of Who's
Who In American Women.
Dr. Brown, a woman of diverse
Nitty Gritty Dirt gave them the magic touch of his finger
and PRESTO! - they were interlocked.
Maybe this doesn't impress you but ask
came to the rescue, tapped Keith on the
head and he was able to light the cigarette.
Unfortunately for Keith (but hilarious for
of Pennsylvania in 1944 and interned at scholarly interests, speaks fluent French one of the three who volunteered his ring; everyone else) the cigarette tasted worse
teach in high schools in Georgia for 11
the Washington, club and wrote a feature
story about the project, which was
published in the Fall 1972 issue of Columns.
years, eight of which were spent in
Eastman. While teaching. there she at-
Philadelphia General Hospital. She
became a fellow in surgery in 1945 at the
Cleveland Clinic, the first woman in
and is the proud owner of two homes in
France, although her busy schedule
probably allows for a limited time in
Band in Concert it's still in good condition..The only holes
•that were left in the rings were the ones for
a finger to slide through.
than castor oil. Talking with Keith later,
he said that he was fully conscious, but
that the events were uncontrollable.
the GC alumni magazine. tended a number of summer sessions at surgery to train there. In 1950, she was
Her alumni group raised more than Peabody College in Nashville to study for residence. Long a student of the arts, she is Kreskin's next feat was a little ESP on In an act such as this there are two
certified by the American Board of different people in the audience at ran- forces acting upon the person involved.
$7,000 over several years, largely through her master's degree in history and Surgery, the 12th woman in the U.S. to gain midway through an advanced degree in
the sales of Claxton fruit cakes in the political science. Her degree was con- fine arts at Wellesley. dom. He then switched to card tricks and One force is telling him to trust in Kreskin
this distinction. finally to the big act of the show. He asked and the other force is telling him to defy
nation's capital, to establish a permanent ferred in August, 1931. She will be presented the achievement
Dr. Brown moved to New England in award, one of two awards honoring for volunteers out of the audience to come Kreskin and follow his own mind. It is all a
scholarship at her alma mater. She submitted as her master's thesis 1949 to become an instructor in surgery at
Miss Curl, whose brother and sister-in- "The History of the Georgia State College graduates of the college, at an awards on stage for experiments. matter of which force wins out. When there
Tufts University Medical School. Later, luncheon in the Maxwell College Union at These experiments worked very well on is complete trust in someone it is easy to do
law, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Curl, have been for Women", a copy of which was af- she joined the teaching staff at the Boston
longtime residents of Milledgeville, grew terward presented to the college and noon on Saturday. Dr. Sara Nelson, most people. He started with a hand trick. exactly what the person wants. In this
University School of Medicine. She served professor emerita of mathematics at GC After everyone had interlocked their own reporter's opinion, I believe Kreskin's
up in Swainsboro, where she attended placed in the Ina Dillard Russell Library. as surgeon-in-chief at the New England
public schools. She once was editor-in- She received a fellowship in social work and a former teacher of Dr. Brown, will hands - Kreskin made it impossible for the power is all a matter of positive thinking.
Hospital until 1969, and is currently a
chief of Swainsboro High School's first at Tulane University and returned later member of the active staff of the present the award.
annual. for special study in that field. In January, University Hospital and Milton Hospital, The other award, the alumni service
She entered college in the fall of 1920, 1942, Miss Curl took a position with the and a courtesy staff member of Faulkner award, will be given to Lottie Moring Curl,
when Georgia College was known as the American Red Cross in Washington. She Hospital. She is a fellow of the American a member of the GSCW class of 1925 and a
Georgia Normal and Industrial College. returned to work in public welfare in College of Surgeons and holds membership former resident of Swainsboro. She
She received a teacher's diploma in Nobemver, 1942 and remained with the in many professional societies including currently lives in retirement in
English in 1922, and after teaching in high Bureau of Family Services in the the Massachusetts chapter of the Washington, D.C.
school for two years, she returned to the Department of Health, Education, and American College of Surgeons and the
college, then Georgia State College for Welfare until her retirement in July, 1967. Massachusetts Medical Society. She is Eleven years ago Shirley Ellis, recorded which has become as synonymous with the'
Guests For Parade a song that was to be one of the biggest hits Dirt Band as with its author. At the
USAF Drill Team Bagpipes To Lead Parade Persons invited to be guests of Georgia
of the year. Entitled "The Nitty Gritty,"
the tune was more than a pop hit because it
Forum, the group included bluegrass.
numbers such as "Dixie Hoedown" and
College at the reviewing stand for the "With These Teardrops In My Eyes" along
To Perform became recognized'as a concept unto it-

The official U.S. Air Force Drill Team

One of the most colorful military
musical units in the Southeast — the U.S.
Mobley (Miss America) and for several of
the nation's astronauts.
Parade held in connection with Alumni-
Homecoming on Friday, April 18:
General & Mrs. Eugene Salet, Mayor &
self, meaning "the essence of" something,
or, in today's vernacular the bottorh line.
with their regular set and had the privilege
of introducing Vassar Clements, legen- \^%m- mm
from Boiling AFB in Washington, D.C. will Air Force Reserve Band's bagpipe corps Nobody is exactly sure when The'Nitty dary Nashville fiddle player, to the N.Y.
The band and the corps have also been Mrs. Walter B. Williams, Jr.; Gritty Dirt Band decided to name itself crowd.
perform a drill exhibition at the Georgia from Robins AFB — will, lead the annual featured on many television shows, and Congressman Carl Vinson, Mr. and Mrs.
College Homecoming-Alumni Weekend Georgia CoUegie Homecoming Parade after this most basic idea, but one thing is The response was nothing short of
are in constant demand to appear at Tillman Snead, Judge and Mrs. Joseph B. spectacular and the Dirt Band left the big
Celebration on Friday (Arpil 18). through downtown Milledgeville on celebrations, ceremonies, and parades certain, since the group's inception, it has
Duke, Col. and Mrs. John B. Oliver, Col. lived up to the name very well. In apple with every assurance that their
The drill team, which has for three Friday, April 18. such as the one to be held in Milledgeville and Mrs. John Schuyler, Dr. Sara Nelson,
decades thrilled millions of people with they; • Members of the corps, wearing the kilts becoming one of the forerunners of the forthcoming two record live UA LP will be
on April 18. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Hemphill, Dr. and received in the same way. After ail the
team's gleaming appearance and superior-' with the tartan of the Hunting Maclntyre country-rock scene, Tlie Nitty Gritiy Dirt
The ten-man bagpipe corps' repertoire' Mrs. Alan Jones, „Mr. and Mrs. Louie Band has established a legacy any _group work the group has put into building the
performance, will present the exhibition in Clan, will precede the marching band, at includes authentic Scottish, Irish, and Arrington and General Holland.
connection with the GC Homecoming '" the head of the parade. would be proud of, but the band and its image of country music, The Nitty Gritty
English tunes. The marching band's Dirt Band has at last arrived as a viable
parade through downtown Milledgeville, The marching band, ui)der the baton of repertoire includes everything from Sousa members see a definite need for im-
which will begin at 4 p.m. on Friday. provement of the image of bluegrass musical force on two fronts. Not only do Kreskin on stage as volunteer Keith Keen attempts with vain to light a cigarette.
Major Benny Knudsen, and the bagpipe to soul.
The team, using precision as its corps, under the direction of Sergeant music in this country more so .than in they appeal to rock fans who like their roll
For members of the band, the ap- Europe. '-. buttered on the country side, but also to the This fabulous group, now, with more the Maxwell College Union, but do hurry
password, is made up of 21 men, the elite of Keith Jedele, have traveled extensively pearance in Milledgeville on April 18 will
the U.S. Air Force Presidential Honor throughout the U.S. in behalf of the Air One of the biggest events in the 'band's die hard bluegrass devotees who have talent and experience comes to Georgia because there are only 1164 seats. This will
be their second within eight days. On April career came when they recorded the waited for so long for their heroes to College to the Russell Auditorium, Friday be the only performance in Georgia in
Guard and the'guard at the Tomb of the Force Reserve; 10, as members of the Robins-based
Unknown Soldier. monumental three record set, "Will The emerge. night, April 18. Tickets are now on sale at their history. So, don't you miss it.
The two units have performed for such USAFR concert band; the musicians will
The team's most spectacular event is the dignitaries as foriper president Richard present a program in Russell Auditorium Circle Be Unbroken," which featured a
rifle toss. Without breaking cadence, and
while executing complex formation
Nixon, comedian Bob Hope, and Mary Ann at the college. The 8 p.m. concert will be
free and open to the public.
who's who of country music stars in ad--
dition to the group itself. "It was like a First Song Fest Held All awards were made on a three-point
changes, the team members toss their dream seeing all the stars that you idolized Next came the Baptist Student Union consensus by the judges: excellence of
coming into the studio to sit down and Hundreds of students gathered in
rifles over their heads from front to rear, Russell Auditorium on Wednesday songsters. This lively group got some performance, appearance, and clarity of
often as high as 15 feet in the air and 15 feet play," recalled Ibbotson, "but the biggest evening, April 16, to be part of the first laughs and appreciative claps over a very words. All music had to be memorized.
behind them. trip was realizing they were playing on song festival in Georgia College's histoi-y. convincing version of "Don't Sit Under While the judges evacuated the premises
The team's marching cadence is 80 steps your album." The LP did indeed bring The Under the co-sponsorship of Sigma Alpha The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But to tally their scoresheets, SAI and Phi Mu
per minute. Timing is split-second perfect, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band a great deal of Iota and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the event Me". . .unless, as one soprano put it, you Alpha Sinfonia under the direction of Sara
and routines are accomplished with few critical acclaim as much for their was sufficiently spectacular to stir the want the third degree! Mann and Tim Ehlers entertained the
vocal commands and without a musical organizational and charismatic talents as most stoic of critics. Said C.G.A. An instrumental interlude followed by crowd with beautiful sounds of their own,
cadence count. for their excellent musicianship, but it also president, Cheryl Selph, "Several students the GC Stage Band that alone was worth superior in quality but not in competition,
served as a tremendous bridge for rock who still remember the legend of the ten times the admission price. fortunately. That would have taken the
Field Dqy audiences who up to that point had little Golden Slipper commented on the feeling Back on stage in a few minutes came the sport out of the game.
Cottonwood, a local group, played for the real contact with the substance of country they got when the Delta Zetas assembled Phi Mu's, looking coquettish in black shell It was tough enough, as Dean Gettys
The Homecoming Field Day held entertainment of Georgia College students music. on stage." tops and bouffant red ruffled petticoats. reported the decisions to the judges. ADPi
Thursday, April 17 was one of the most and their dates. It was held April 15,1975, The Dirt Band's style, >vhile relying These girls flipped the audience with their was number one for sororities; Phi Delta
successful events ever held at Georgia heavily on the country and bluegrass feels The DZ's, providing a shiipniering
As the musical ambassadors of the at 9:00 p.m. in front of Lanier Hall. Cot- pageant of pastel finery, mounted the red-hot rendition of "Naughty But Nice," Theta was first for fraternities; BSA was
College. The student participation was a nation's nearly half-million citizen- The commander and conductor of the tonwood played various styles and types of for texture and richness, is also a funky or maybe it was "Ramblin' But Right." first for non-GreeKs. But to the rest of you
well proportioned number from all groups. rock'n'roll approach at times, charac- stage to sing a special song, the lyrics of
airmen, the Air Force Reserve Band, Air Force Reserve Band, Major Benny L. music. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed which they had written for this one oc- The whistles that ricocheted around the nightingales, we say despair not. There is
The Field Day was held at the Athletic Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is one of Knudsen, is a native of Farmington, New the dance. Some even thought that if terized best by excellent versions of Chuck hall made one wonder why they waited so next year's time to sing.
Complex of Georgia College. Some of the Berry's "Tulane" and "Promised Land." casion. It was indeed reminiscent of
the most diversified and entertaining Mexico and a graduate of Brigham Young Homecoming would be as good as Cot- Slipper, and it had a spirit that was good. long to air their talents. Sara Mann, chairman of the festival,
attractions were Softball, Horseshoes, musical organizations in the United States. University. In addition to his present tonwood, why not have homecomings The group's set at WLIR, one which they said at test's end, "The cooperation from
claim is fairly typical of an evening's Next came a musical representation The Alpha Delta Pi's, in long ice-blue
Tug-A-War, Golf, Tennis, and Biatcasting. Pictured here " front of the United Nations position as commander of the Air Force every week. the organizations for this event proves that ^,
These events were all coed activities and work, in part consisted of an Everly Bros.' •from the Phi Delta Thetas under the gowns moved demurely into position on
Building in New York City the Air Force Reserve Band, Robins Air Force Base, The Cottonwood dance was one of the direction of Kurt Wachtel. Looking like a the stage risers. They condensed at least the student body is willing to support
proved to be a successful tie for more coed Reserve Band, commanded by Major Georgia, Major Knudsen has also com- song, "When Will I Be Loved?" Hank activities when the events are planned
Sports. All Students who participated in many activities during homecoming week. Williams' classic "Jambalaya," Johnny straw hat brigade in search of a bandstand two dozen of their number to peal out
Benny L. Knudsen, performs throughout manded Air Force Bands in New Jersey The dance was sponsored by the In- .in a bygone decade, they belted but some "Raindrops Keep Falling." They had that around their talents and their interest."
these events are to be congratulated on the country in support of the Air Force and and Japan and is a veteran of over 12 years Horton's "Battle Of New Orleans," and \Ve are, among other things, interested in
their pierformance and leadership. trafraternity Council, Panelanic, and the Jerry Jeff, .Walkqr.'s '/Mr. Bo, Jangles," lyrics that might have triggered a smile on solid sound that echoes a winner, and so
the Air Force Reserve: • • • « . . . . . . * of military service." . ; /<.<-" ; Black Student Alliance. the face of Vaudevillian Al-Jolson; • they were.,-.'.'/V •.'•.\vr:v.\' ":•,;. .,;v . v v singing,;-,ivvvh..'.» *,!;;.".-..nrA-^,,.-.,. ....;'.;;:"v,,', ..,;

• *'W.'
Page 4, TtK Colonnade, / | ^ i l 17, \m

Beta Rha Elects

New Officers
The Beta Rha Chapter of Sigma Alpha
Iota at Georgia College installed new
Officers on March 25, 1975. They are as
follows: Melissa Phillips of McDonough,
President; Charlotte Henderson of Macon,
Vice President; Marilon Foster of Griffin,
Secretary; Cathy O'Dillon of Macon,
Treasurer; and DeAnne Cheek of Warner
Robins, Chaplain. New committee
chairmen were appointed.
Beta Rha has many activities planned
for the Spring Quarter. One already
completed was the- first annual "Song
Fest" held during Homecoming week.
•Other activities planned include a bake
sale, initiation of pledges, a Spring
Education Non-Credit
musical, along with the presentation of
student recitals in voice and piano by
several of its members.
Dept. Courses Offered!
Evaluated Courses in conversational Spanish and
conversational Portuguese are being of-
fered this quarter at Georgia College on a
Nine educators from the Southeast and
Midwest recently visited the Georgia
College education department to evaluate
non-credit basis by the GC office of con-
tinuing education.
teacher education at GC for the National Other courses in the non-credit ciategory
being offered include macrame, beginning Broadsider, an independent student mouthing obscenities to many; it is, she
Council for the Accreditation of Teacher newspaper, made its first appearance on explained, a legitimate publishing ven-
Education. Front row, from left, are and intermediate violin, the metric
system, intermediate swimming, and the Georgia College campus April 11. ture, an independent newspaper receiving
Ingrid 0. Miller, an education consultant Taking its name from the Colonial term for no monies from student activity fees.
from Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. Lorrene L. fundamentals of management.
The course inconversational Spanish the man whose job it was to tack up public Why another newspaper? As Ms.
Ort, professor of education, educational notices, the weekly paper hopes to keep Stevens sums it up, "We see a very real
curriculum, and instruction at Bowling will be completely audio-lingual, and will
stress the colloquial language and - local college students in touch with ac- need for a literate campus newspaper, one
Green State University in Ohio; Dr. tivities of interest and-or importance both that is not 95 percent releases from the
Norma H. Compton, dean of the school of idiomatic expressions in everyday use.
The course in conversational Portuguese on campus and throughout the middle college Public Relations office. The
home economics at Purdue University in Georgia area. Colonnade, in a recent plea from a former
Indiana; Dr. Janet Wells, professor of will emphasize the language as spoken in
Brazil and will also stress colloquial Conceived on Thursday, April 10 "when editor to faculty for contributions admitted
health and physical education at Florida that it was teetering on the brink of failure
State University; and Mrs. Athena language and idiomatic expressions. the campus 'weekly', the Colonnade,
Although the courses begin during the hadn't appeared for three weeks," the - they lack even a basic knowledge of
Arrington, an elementary school teacher journalism, seemingly refuse to seek
from Huntsville, Ala. Back row, left to week of April 14, enrollments will be ac- publication went to press on a photo-copier
cepted through April 21. on Friday and had moved into its office at advice from faculty and staff who are
right, are Dr. W. Deane Wiley, dean of the knowledgable, and do not even manage to
College of Education at Southern Illinois Course costs range from $15 to $25. 211 South Wilkinson Street in Milledgeville
by Saturday. print every week. The Colonnade refuses
University; Dr. Jerrell E. Lopp of the There are no prerequisites for taking any to deal in opinions which are not its own,
Georgia State Department of Education; of the courses offered. Editor Mike Mc In tyre-Stevens expects
great things from the paper and from its and I have never seen it print a letter to the
Dr. Herbert R. Paschal, chairman of the Complete information on the courses editor that did disagree with Colonnade
department of history at East Carolina may be obtained by calling or writing the staff. In a recent interview, Ms. Stevens
outlined plans to incorporate and sell policy that did not have some sort of an-
University; and Dr. Robert H. Ballantyne, continuing education director's office. The swer from the editor printed with it. The
associate professor of education at Duke telephone number is 453-5277 or 453-5157. stock, begin printing on a regular printing
press, and begin daily, "or at least Mon- paper pushes equal rights for women, but
University. The nine were members of the The address Is P.O. Box 611, Georgia the last issue included a man's tennis
evaluation teani. College, Milledgeville. day-Wednesday-Friday," publication in
the fall. During the summer quarter, the schedule, but none for women's tennis.. .it
Colonnade does not remain active; the covered a Greek-Independent basketball
Broadsider, then, will be the only campus game and listed the men's teams and
outstanding players, all it gave on the
TOE JAM publication Summer Quarter.
Editor Stevens emphasized that women's game was the final score.
Broadsider is not an underground "The Colonnade received $7,000 from
newspaper, a term that often conjures up student activity fees last year, but it
of Athens, Ga. featuring at images of radicals throwing bombs and refuses to serve the student body."

H Homecoming Parade iioute

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N C.
For entertainment that's right
anytime, visit the Cellar. You will
find games, great bands, and
delicious eats. See You at the Cellar,
iustnext to the Family Dollar Store.
The Cellar, Inc.
Open 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM
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