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April 5, 1974 Georgia College; Milledgeville, Ga. Volume 57 Issue 19

Jan Foskey Captures Crown

In Miss GC Pageant
An aggregation of lovely lasses given in honor of the young ladies Marketing as a major.
was seen Saturday evening as and in order for them to meet the Prior to the announcement of
eight hopefuls walked and per- judges for interviews. The results the finalists. Angle Berry
formed before an admiring of these interviews are tallied delighted the audience with "My
audience for the seventh annual with those of the evening gown Way" as a summation of her past
Miss Georgia College Pageant. competition. (Incidentally, the year's activities as she took the
After grueling weeks of different facets of the com- last walk of her reign as Miss
preparation and rehearsals and petition count as follows: Georgia College 1973.
last minute rush jobs, "On Top of Evening gown-interview — 25 Of course the main event of the
the World," under the super- percent; Swimsuit —• 25 percent; evening was the crowning of Miss
vision of Miss Harriette Donahoo Talent — 50 percent. GC. There seemed to be some
and Miss Angle Berry, was ready Mr. Jim Willoughby and the GC dispute among the judges,
for production March 30. Stage Band provided en- however, as to voting results. The
The eight contestants during tertainment at various spots in three finalists were revealed to Angle Berry, incumbent, begins Foskey awaiting the final an-
the final week's preparation, the program as well as ac- Continued On Page 7 her final walk as Miss GC. nouncement.
although harried, maintained an companying the girls and
air of cooperation and cheer- volunteer members of the GC
fulness. During that time the
girls learned how to walk across
stage, stand, turn, be scrutinized,
and, most important of all, smile.
Mixed Chorus in the pageant's
theme song "On Top of the
Mayer Speaks On Nutrition
In addition to the title of Miss pectancy. In 1970, it ranked 36th.
One contestant stated that the Georgia College, awards are ' 'Twenty-five million Americans who often leave their
learning to smile constantly was Americans do not have, the parents to fend for themselves. The nation ranked 23rd in 1970 in
given for Miss Congeniality, life expectancy for women.
the hardest part of the contest. swimsuit and talent competition resources to feed themselves Another reason, he mentioned,
Saturday afternoon a tea was decently," said Dr. Jean Mayer, was the fact that there are many In the area of nutrition and
winners, and second and first health. Dr. Mayer said that
runners up. a Harvard nutritionist, recently poor pension systems in the U. S.
in a lecture at Georgia College. that force employees to stay with Americans consume three times
Miss Congeniality is chosen by
Prof Included the contestants themselves and is
the girl whom the majority feels
This despite the fact that 17
million in the U.S. now par-
a company or lose all pension
rights only to have companies
as much protein as they need,
that three billion dollars were
ticipate in an improved food sometimes go out of business and spent last year on advertising by
best exemplified friendliness and
In DAS cooperation throughout the
duration of pageant
stamp program.
Appearing as the final speaker
have employees see those rights
perish .with the firm.
the food industry (most of it for
food of little value), and that
in the Georgia College Lyceum Dr. Mayer noted that the today's mothers are "being
preparations. This year's Miss blackmailed by a combination of
Dr. Orville W. Taylor, chair- Congeniality was Susan Jones, a series. Dr. Mayer lectured on the present school lunch program, an
man of the department of history topic "U. S. Nutrition Policies in improved version of an older children exposed to TV" and by
junior Business Education major supermarkets that put foods" of
and political science at Georgia' from Atlanta. the Seventies" and discussed scheme, had now been extended
College, has been selected for during his talk policies affecting to. nine million children (from little nutritional value (sugar- y
Janie Hostetter, a freshman coated cereals with prizes, etc.)
inclusion in the sixty edition of music major from Tucker, nutrition and poverty, nutrition three million) but that another
the Directory of American and health, and nutrition and the million children needed to be fed on lower shelves for offspring to
Georgia, was recipient of the dump into the market basket.
Scholars. talent award. -Her talent con- consumer. • by the program. He also called
The directory contains sisted of a rendition of a parody to Among the 25 million for a greater emphasis on feeding Looking into the future, Dr.
biographical sketches of scholars Handel entitled "Old Mother Americans who do not eat those same youngsters during the Mayer said that the present tight
who have achieved national or Hubbard." Winner of the properly because they lack the months when schools were not in situation in the nation's food
international recognition through swimsuit competition was Joy funds to purchase the proper session and for an increase in the supply could be made worse by
research and publication. Lynn Smith, a Maconite with a foods are many of the elderly and "meals on wheels" or free meal an expected drought in 1975
A specialist in African and leaning toward Fashion most of the poor. Dr. Mayer programs for the elderly who are (droughts have appeared on the
Afro-American history, Dr. noted. not able to afford higher food average of.every 20 years in the
Taylor is the author of a book and prices. U.S.) and that a world-wide
"Until the civil rights
*«*,• • • • • • • • • • • • • • « • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *.*k

The speaker, who directed the

numerous articles and reviews in :*•: '-:' movement of the sixties, the poor drought could have a
journals in Africa and the United •:• The C.G.A. SPECIAL :j: had been fairly invisible in the White House Conference on Food, catastrophic affect on the
States. li: ELECTION scheduled for g: U.S.," said the speaker. "If you Nutrition, and Health in 1968, said world's food supply.
:•: Tuesday, April 9th will be :•:;: didn't want to see them, you that food programs for the
•i: held Friday, April 12th. :|:: didn't have to." elderly were much more humane Food stocks in the U.S. are at
and made much more sense the lowest level since 1950, he
^ : ^ Unless those in the lower in- economically than letting senior explained, while the world's
come brackets became very sick, citizens become malnourished population has doubled since that
they were not apt to receive any and then having them put in a year.
Photos Shown medical attention at all, Dr.
Mayer stated, simply because the
hospital for $100 a day or a
nursing home for $30 a day.
The Harvard professor
predicted that Americans would
poor who became malnourished In that connection, Dr. Mayer be eating more textured foods in
At GC Library could not afford normal medical
care until it was almost man-
said that $94 billion had been
spent on health services (hospital
the future — those with mixtures
or food extenders — and foods
datory that they be hospitalized. expenses, hospitalization, those with lower fat content,
David Payne, a public relations Tl^e civil rights movement, he in the medical profession, and He also stated that the U. S.
specialist and photographer at said again and again, was the medicine and drugs) since 1970 government must take a greater
Central State Hospital, is shown agent responsible for bringing to but that even this expenditure of lead in insisting on standards of
here beside one of his black and the attention of many that there money had not increased the life identity, nutritional labeling, unit
white photographs to be exhibited were many including the poor of expectancy of the average male pricing, and open dating —
in the Ina, Dillard Russell Library all races in the U.S. who were by more than a month over the measures that would help a
at Georgia College from April 7 to malnourished, hungry, and past three years. customer know what he is
April 27. Payne, a 1972 graduate unable to feed themselves. The Harvard educator pointed buying.
of GC, worked for the Joe out that the U. S. had dropped "There is absolutely no point in
DeGrandis Photography Studio Concerning senior citizens in
our society, Dr. Mayer among the nations of the world in teaching nutrition in high schools
and WCWB-TV in Macon before life expectancy for males of 20 in and colleges unless that teaching
joining the CSH information staff remarked, "The U. S. has always
been a hard country for the the past 20 years. In 1950, the U. can be translated into a language
and was editor of the college S. ranked 11th among the nations known to the customer," he
elderly" and cited as one reason
David Payne yearbook, The Spectrum.
the mobile nature of many of the world in male life ex- related.
Troupe Shows
Dear Editor When I Am Alone !2^=r^
Dear Editor,
Recently authorities in-
'cause he needed the money is
still not an acceptable one. The
How To Succeed. When I am alone upon my bed
I wonder if I'll lose my head
The things I love for right or wrong
vestigated a burglary of the Pin- question still lies; Whodoneit? Tickets went on sale Monday, Robert Coleman of the old New made later in Hollywood.
April 1, for the Georgia College York Mirror joted, "How to Will never last, they will all be gone
Ball machines in the Maxwell and why the they did it? The GC presentation of "How
Student Government Association Succeed" looms as a sock suc- I hope my life will be meaningful to someone
Student Union. The Pin-Ball Also, I have seen many in- to Succeed" is under the direction
production of the hilarious cess. It should be one of the all Because it is the only one I have to offer.
machines were placed in the dividuals in the S.U. that have a of Martin Bittick of the music
Maxwell Student Union tendency to Gamble. To my Broadway hit "How to Succeed in time record breakers.. department with full-scale
' sometimes during last quarter knowledge this "gambling" is Business Without Really "How to Succeed" did indeed rehearsals now underway. Ron Purcell
for the we, the students of Ga. strictly against the rules of the Trying," to be staged at the pile up the records including the Tickets priced at $1 for
College for us to pass free time state of Georgia. Gambling is college on April 19-20. Putlizer Prize and the N.Y. students and $2 for the general, Win On
away, whenever we have any going on in the Student Union and Opening night on Broadway on Drama Critics Circle Award. public may be obtained at the The baseball team is on the move
free time. More on with the facts. this is a fact well known to Oct. 14, 1961 produced the raves This was only the fifth time that a Maxwell College Union from 10 Our Colonials are getting on the groove The Starlight Tree
A faithful GC student reported myself. Are these individuals not about the musical play that were musical had won the Pulitzer a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday They're on home plate, ready to run,
the break in of the machines and aware of what the penalty is for to keep "How to Succeed" run- since that prize was established through Friday. Mail orders are One player yells, "Damn it; I want some fun!
immediatly reported it to Miss gambling in the state of Ga.? ning for 1,418 performances. in 1917. being accepted at P. 0. Box 586, If you look real carefully in a midnight summer sky,
Donehoo, the assistant Dean of They should be, is all I can say. About the play, Howard Robert Morse starred in both Georgia College with all seats A falling star of ruby light may chance to catch your eye.
The pitcher says here we go. And if you should decide to follow as the Midnight Zephyrs blow,
Student Activities; then-on Is the administration of Ga. Taubman of the New York Times the New York stage version of being reserved. We're gonna show the Colonials what we know.
proper authorities were brought College aware of all the — - — said, "Let Wall Street and "How to Succeed" and the film The falling star will lead you to the meadow where the Tall Tree grows.
There goes the ball right to the bat
to the scene and investigated the that goes in that sacred, place Madison Avenue tremble as the TWAM! It's a Homer! The Tall Tree has a slender stalk that reaches for the evening sky;
burglary. If you have ever been known as the Maxwell Student rest of us rejoice." The action is going and fans begin Her leaves of lace are whispering, the gentle words float low and high.
into the room where the Pin-Ball Union? They should be...
to yell— She feeds upon the passing breeze and starlight from the crystal sky.
machines were kept for our
Sincerely, People needed to do OK, Colonials give 'em Hell! And when she whispers to the stars, the starlight twinkles in reply.
enjoyment you would have seen
Xerona May Johnson make-up for "How to
posted signs on the walls with the
Dear Ms. May, Succeed in Business" Need Sure enough as you will see The Tall Tree bears a fruit of stars that sparkle on each slender branch.
fact that any damage to the Pin-
You questioned the point as to to attend dress rehearsal Colonials are the winners. And every crystal light thereon will lead you to a soothing trance.
Ball machines or any other
machines in this room will be whether GC facility and ad- April 18 and the two per- And win is what they will do And e'en the cold, damp fog of sorrow cannot mask the joy of light
automatically closed and will not ministration were aware of the formances on April 19 and They are victorious and strong Her lights of love remain to sprakle through the dep-black, satin night.
be in use again. illeagle happenings here on 20. Those interested should They will be victorious all season long.
campus. If they were not, I'm contact Maxine Wells, Spirit A yellow light may flicker by. Hey, little lost star from far-out space,
Obviously some individuals flat Education Bldg. as soon as Little light, no need to cry; the tall tree saved your special place.
don't give a about the sure they are now.
As to the reason why these possible. The Tall Tree loves all little things and keeps them safe within her bark.
pleasures that are provided for us Parties should be able to Wool Her leaves of lace are whispering, a Lullaby floats through the dark.
GC students or they don't believe activities have been occurring, Soldier
only the persons involved know be backstage at least one
that the rules that are posted or hour prior to curtain time. Lights of Love, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle through the clear, black night.
said will be enforced. for sure. However, in my per- Wool is plentiful at Georgia
sonal opinion, these acts are College I am a soldier Hear the Tall Tree sing a song, hew lacen leaves all giving light.
So may be the answer that the Standing all alone Lights of Love, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle through the clear, black night.
reason this stupid individual those of immature delinquents, But I can't get it
broke into the Pin-Ball machines trying to "impress" their peers.
The question is, how far should
Athletics-Which In spite of this knowledge. Fighting for a cause
That I've never known
As it is and always was, her crystal lights grow ever bright.

we go to impress others? Cer- Some is good Remembering times that Sometime, someplace far away, a lonely little flower cries,
Its Still A tainly not to the point of breaking Way From Here Some is bad Have come and gone
Take me Home
and even though it's a long, long way, the Tall Tree hears and she replies:
The Tall Tree sendis one shaft of light, one single, shimmering, golden ray.
the law. The Editor Some feels like
In the past year, Georgia Brillo soap pads. So that one sad and lonely bloom can have a special happy day.
Man's World Dear Student Body; College has attempted to join the Some wool is virgin I am a young boy
Waiting for the trainj And in the icy wintertime when sparkling ice crops coat her leaves,

Despite impressive progress in

recent years, women have a long
My name is Don Thrasher and I
am presently a sophomore at
Georgia College. I am also
ranks of "big time" schools in
athletic competition. Or has it?
Where is Colonial Parade going?
Red Tape Cut But that pretty rare
Some wool smells
And fouls up the air.
Watching the rainbow
Come and go again
In the pouring rain
The ice drops glimmer, dance, and shine with light the Tall Tree Happily weaves.
The joy that makes the tall tree grow, that makes her happy, makes her sing,
The joy that makes the Star Tree grow, is giving joy to other things.
presently the Sophomore class For a school of less than three-
way to go before they achieve I like wool Take me Home Again
male representative to the Honor thousand it would seem to the Habib Abdul Goudarzi, a was a year.
equality of opportunity in em- It's my favorite dish Now, every little particle, from atoms small to largest star,
Council. I need your support and semi-avid reader of the sports graduate student in business Goudarzi's request for his
ployment, education and Except when I get some I am a soldier The Tall Tree cares about them all, no one too near, no one too far.
vote for the office of the Co- page that we are making ill use of administration at Georgia transcript from the University of
training, career advancement At my journey's end And when you see a shaft of light streaming through some far-out place.
Chairman of Honor Council, the miserly public private College from Iraq, the year-long Baghdad, where he completed his that smell like a fish.
and pay. Many miles I've waoked You can be sure the Tall Tree sent it just to brighten one sad face.
I feel that experience is needed donations that G.C. receives. wait for his college transcript is studies for an undergraduate
A recently-published ILO Should we just try to maintain a over. If you like wool To find a friend
for the office of Co-Chairman and degree in 1968, involved con- Oh, give the Tall Tree all you can, let's send one special silver light,
report, "Women Workers in a and want to hear more Many tears I've cried
one needs to be on Honor Council team on all levels of athletics or Ordinarily, a transcript from a siderable complication.
Changing World," says the world Come to Beeson— But once again To make her slender roots grow stronger through the deep-black satin night.
for at least a year to understand should we go the route of many college or university outside the
is still largely a male-dominated To obtain the transcript,"from a Second Floor. Take me Home. The Tall Tree, with her crystal lights, has melted all the fog away
the position. Many people think other small schools and U.S. takes a week or two to reach
society. It notes a marked ten- nation with no diplomatic ties • So with the stars and sky above we'll let her have a better day.
that the Honor council is a farce specialize in a particular area or the college, but because the U.S.
dency everywhere to recruit on Woolhunter Mitch Freeman
because it is the judicial branch areas? Take a look at National and Iraq do not maintain with the U.S., the GC graduate
the basis of sex rather than Lights of love, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle through the clear-black night.
of CGA. I think that you, the Continued On Page 7 diplomatic relations, the wait student began by asking the
qualifications, and that the un- Hear the Tall Tree sing a song, her lacen leaves all giving light.
student body should change your Belgian embassy in Washington
proven myths about women's
ideas about Honor Council and I for help. The Belgian embassy in January 21, 1974 Shine a light. Shine a light, shine it through the clear-black night;
abilities persist. Feed the Tall Tree lots of love, as she has done with crystal light!
am willing to work real hard to the nation's capital then relayed Stormy—
Among the measures called for
in the report is "a more
equal...sharing of the burden of
change your attitudes about the
I honestly love this school
The Goudarzi's request to the Belgian
embassy in Iraq via the
diplomatic corps' home office in
It isn't a melange of crossed feelings
nor an argument I caused.
Henry Z. Zidwell

housework and the care of

despite all the apathy shown by Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Storming—
children between men and
the students. I have been here In Baghdad, the Belgian em- Thunderbolts, sharp lightning and rain Out A Window How sweet the music sounded

women" as a starting point.
Beyond that, the document urges two years now, and I know how / bassy's third secretary drove to Remind me of Love. That night not long ago
equal pay for equal work, as set this school is falling down spirit the office of the university's Stong-Undefinable, yet making its presence known. When you were at my side
wise. I need your support so that I registrar for a copy of an official Infinitely precious. Watchin' the sun pour in
forth in the ILO's Equal To hear it gently flow.
can help Roy, Frank, Sandra, transcript of Goudarzi's un- Seein' the birds going past
Remuneration Convention of 1951 Listenin' to cars go by
and ratified by 78 member states. Cheryl and Beverly change the dergraduate studies for tran- Storms- I noticed your eyes were shining
attitude of the students about this smission to the U.S. Come at a time when the soul needs washing clean, Watchin' my life go past I ran my fingers through your hair
The report also notes that, school. The process of getting the And the drops of God's tears rain down
while women's social and I kissed and made love to you
So please remember: VOTE for transcript from Baghdad to Upon my upturned face. I love storms- Thinkin' of yesterday And had no thought or care.
biological function of And you. When it was pourin' rain
don thrasher, male co- Milledgeville was not quite as
reproduction must be fully Remembering days so bright
CHAIRMAN OF HONOR SUELLEN GRIGGS WALTER YOUNG complicated as the original And gay or said the usic
protected, women should not be Thinkin' of nights of pain
COUNCIL, TUESDAY, APRIL 9, Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor request for the document, ac- Tunder— And regardless of the times it repeats
penalized in the job market
1974. ^, , cording to college officials. God's voice I know but only one thing
because they are mothers. Who would've ever thought
Thanks, JOHN WILLIAMSON RAMON A ALSTON Goudarzi came to GC in the fall Deep Loneliness T'was you that made it sweet.
Although statistics do not Business Manager Hope. That someone, mainly you,
Don Thrasher Literary Editor of 1973 after a stopover in
reflect the situation accurately Could make me be really happy Because I'm sitting where we've sat
Spartanburg, S.C. where he at-
because of differing definitions of Lightning- And even ben glad to be blue
tended Spartanburg Junior And tonight I'll lie where we've lain
"economically active" persons KEITH JONES Passion of both mind and body-
College and Wofford College for It wakes my heart, but thrills it
and a general exclusion of unpaid Sports Editor Angry passion because of simpleminded jealously and Dreamin' what really matters With sad and mysterious pain.
family helpers, it is estimated two years and where he was
employed by a florist. Unjustness....And Hurt. Who says what's wrong or right
that the female workforce par- Jennifer Sherwood Hurt when a cake is uneaten. Who brings to torch in darkness It feels not so joyous
ticipation rate ranges from a low Copy Editor In Spartanburg, Goudarzi's
Jerry Amerson Photographer brother is a consulting You can't have your cake and eat it too. To make all our way seem light As when you were here with me
of 5 per cent in some African Karl Neubaum
Bridals by Harrold's Cartoonist mechanical engineer at Lock- Wrap up in the ecstacy of each other
countries to as high as 50 per cent Watchin' the day go past me
wood-Green, Inc., a national Knowing that you love with We created our own sweet music.
in the USSR and Romania. In Distinctive Wedding Staff Reporters: And thinkin' of yesterday
engineering firm. Lightning penetration and without physical guilt.
Eastern Europe generally, But now I'll put off my dreamin' Because you are there and I am here
Mark Smith, Ginny Boyer, Jan Dillard, Sherry Gray, Lynn According to Dr. Bobby Joe
women make up about 40 per cent Fashions and Formals Johnson, Jeanette Lewis, Patty McCormick, Paul Milton, Ron Dooley, Goudarzi's major You love-now you must trust.. To save for another day. Separated only by miles
of the total workforce, and 30 to 40 Purcell, Ann Strom, Trude Tharpe, Gary Yawn, Mitch
Complete Bridal Service professor, the native of Iraq is Help me trust-Give me reasons. I will think of you through bittersweet tears
per cent in Western ^lurope and Freeman. making excellent progress in the Love. And smile.
North America. 106 W. Hancock
pursuit of his M.B.A. degree. Mary K. Driskell

Beverly Dixon
Kathy Marcum Suellen Griggs

Jan Foskey,
Miss Georgia College 1974

Jan Foskey,
Miss GC 1974


Joy Lynn Smith, Jannie Hosteter,

Susan Jones,
2nd Runner-up, Swimsuit Award Miss Congeniality first runner-up Talent Award
PAGE! APRIL 5, 1974 APRIL S. 1174

Greeks Take
NFL Week Success O'Connor
Independents A full lineup of special events Milledgeville physicians, and Dr.
Thursday March 21, the ^ En c/ief/( were planned at Georgia College
during National Foreign
Bobby Joe Dooley and Dr. Hilda
Gonzalez of the Georgia College
Georgia College Drummers Club
sponsored an All-Star basketball Language Week held from March faculty.
31 through April 6. Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, associate More than 160 have registered
game between the Georgia
College Greeks and the In- National flags of many coun- professor of Spanish at GC, for the Flannery O'Connor
dependents. The purpose of the lerm? fi^iPJ /s c/sffP MOST; tries were displayed on campus helped to coordinate the week's Celebration to be held on the
Georgia College campus on
starting Tuesday, April 2. On that activities with members of the Saturday
Phi Sigma event was to raise funds for the
day, a miniature world con- GC Foreign Language
and Sunday, April 6-7.
Georgia College Drummers Club. Registrations have come from
Recently, 24 new members small gift during the ceremony. The girls (sororities) game was TfRfn ference with different Association.
as far away as Worcester, Mass.,
were initiated in the Phi Sigma
Sophomore Honor Society. The
The initiation was very elegant
even down to the lighting of the
close all the way with the Greeks
winning 18-17. Marty Banks led
Napier Gets stoned nationalities represented took
place as well as panel
Commenting on the coming
event. Dr. Gonzalez said, "The Brooklyn,Tex.,
Austin, Centerport and
By Mark Smith discussions. N.Y., East Lansing,
Qualifications for membership candles. The Society was very all scorers with nine points, purpose of National Foreign Mich., Decorah, Iowa, Afton, Va.,
are a 3.0 average and Dean's List fortunate in having Dean Simp- Martha Lumpkin had four, Susan No, "heads," they didn't hold a and sliding during the tropical A cultural and artistic event, Language Week is to stress the Metairie, La. and Washington,
at least once during the student's son as the spokesman for the convention for the betterment of rain season was getting just a open to the public, was the importance, need and rewards of D.C.
freshman year. The advisors for initiation. The officers for Phi
Hale three, and Gail Ford two. "MOO-FORMeP, the marijuana industry. Also little out of hand. So now we have, "Singorama," staged Thursday, language study and to show how
Pam Varner and Arlinda Registrations are still being
the society are, Mrs. Elisabeth Sigma are Doraine Reynolds, Woodard led the Independents unfounded is the rumor that s instead of the Amazon basin for April 4, at 8 p.m., in Porter the study and appreciation of
Anthony, who is retiring at the Bob Porter, Linda Daily, Mary with six points each, Luann shotgun was given through the scenery, a fantastic view of the Auditorium. There was singing in other cultures is Important in include for
accepted the event which will
lectures on Miss
end of this year, was given a Ann Woodall, and Lynn Wilcox. keyhole of each room containing slopes of the Andes. French, Spanish, German and promoting better relations O'Connor by a number of authors
Durant had two. Donna Greek as well as guitar groups
Harrington two, and Terry a non-turner-oner... Workers finished up on the between peoples." and friends of the famous GC
with sixteen points, Mike Brown The "Stoned" I am referring to repair job Friday afternoon, and and individuals playing foreign Governor Jimmy Carter has alumnae, a reception at The Old
Meadows one.
Organist Speaks
Senate Notebook The mens (fraternities) game
was hard fought all the way with
had twelve, Paul Brooks ten,
John Carrick and Willie Griswald
had eight, Don McCale six, and
is that little piece of the Smoky mountain climbing equipment
Mountains that was rolled down will soon be available for persons
the enbankments outside of who, despite the danger, decide
music. Part of the program in-
cluded native country dances and
a presentation of foreign plays.
proclaimed the week of March 31 Governor's Mansion
through April 6 as Foreign . Milledgeville, a peanl discussion,
Language Week in Georgia, and a a guided tour of historic

by Frank Howell, CGA Vice- President plenty of action. The Greeks won Dr. James Moeser, chairman
77-68. Scoring was led by Sam Steve Bowers, Al Messer, Barry Napier Dorm, starting last to backpack their way down from A reception for foreign similar proclamation has been Milledgeville and of O'Connor
Bruner, and Ben Curtis had two of the University of Kansas organ Thursday, the 28th of March. The the parking lot to the bottom of languages students was held on issued by Mayor Walter B. memorabilia in the GC library,
There are a number of Senate relationship between AGAPE Massey who led all scorers as department, spoke to the organ
well as the Greeks. Massey had points each. reason for this is that the power the hill. For weaker hearts, and Friday, April 5, at the residence Williams, Jr., of Milledgeville. and a visit to Andalusia Farm,
positions open in this election, and the College Government master class at Georgia College that be decided that the slipping those who don't feel like the of Dr. David Cardoso in One final inclusion in the where Miss O'Connor wrote
hopefully there has been a good Association. This legislation was twenty-six points, John Cagle had on Tuesday, April 2, in GC's Milledgeville. The reception was
sixteen, Larry Hunt ten, Tom conquest of Everest just yet, they week's activities vas a menu of many of her books.
sent to the Student Activities
response in petitions. The
Committee operations of the Committee, headed by Steve Boswell nine, Roy Lane, Keith Learning With SGAE Russell Auditorium.
Dr. Moeser lectured on lear-
Continued From Page 2 did leave a good sized path down being sponsored by honorary
members of the Foreign
foreign foods to be served in the Speakers at the event will in-
college cafeteria. Dr. Gonzalez clude Robert Drake of the
Potts. There was also a Jones and Bruce Geidner had Athletics the hill, though. But ad-
Senate are in a state of much ning, memorizing, and prac- ministration, you did fine; now, Language Association including said he submitted seven recipes, University of Tennessee English
improvement and are prepared movement to hopefully eliminate four each, Randy Edwards two It is to our great sorrow that not ticing. Dr. Luis Samper, Dr. Alberto
and Artie Traylor had one. Larry Champion (NAIA) West Georgia the first floor won't have mud on including Egg-Ftto-Yung-Cha- faculty, Frederick Asals of the
to undertake the workload the lack of adequate record- everyone knows what SGAE is. A Texas native, he received his Martinez and Dr. Cardoso, three Cha-Cha.
awaiting them. On March 27th, keeping in the Senate that has Anderson led the Independents Well, let us introduce ourselves B.A. degree and his M.A. degree College in basketball, or the carpet on rainy nights... University of Toronto faculty,
there were two private bills hindered them so much in the properly. perennially nationally ranked Caroline Gordon of the Univer-
from the University of Texas and
passed, qualifying candidates for
the upcoming election of Male Co-
WANTED: Anyone with Video-
tape equipment experience. The
Sunday, April 17; Worship Ser-
SGAE stands for Student his Ph.D. degree from the
Georgia Association of University of Michigan.
Georgia Southern in baseball.
They are not known as strong
schools sports-wise in all areas,
Statewide Cancer Out Begins
sity of Dallas, Marion Mon-
tgomery of the University of
Georgia, and Rosa Lee Walston,
Chairman of Honor Council. vice Educators. Any person in an In 1961, Dr. Moeser received a
These candidates are: Don
Thrasher, and, Philip Lamb.
Senate is considering un-
dertaking a student-services "IS NOW THE TIME TO
education field is eligible and Fulbright grant to study at the
asked to join. There are local, State Academy of Music in
but only in the particular area of
their competition. Intramurals An ambitious campaign to
raise $12,750 to wipe out cancer
The major effort of the Cancer professor emeritus of English at
Crusade this year will be a drive GC and a close friend of the
Both were questioned by the project of video-tape rentals of state, and national levels to Berlin. Before returning to Where does Ga. College fit in? The Georgia Collegiate In- "in our time" began Monday in to raise $4,000 (or about one third author.
programs not usually seen on Led by Don Thrasher Well, . Coach Peterson has tramural Sports Championships Baldwin County. of the overall campaign goal) in a Tickets to the two-day event
Investigative Committee, Special Music by the ACTS SGAE. The association seeks at America, he studied French
chaired by Pat Oliver, as to their T.V. to be shown in Maxwell each level to further the field of improvisatory and interpretative received many letters from South will be held for the first time this The goal is the largest ever residential campaign to begin on are $10 and $5 (for students) and
RETREAT TO EPWORTH-By African soccer players just year at Armstrong State College undertaken in the county by the April 22. There are ap- can be obtained from Charles E.
position on judicial procedure. College Union. Any ideas or help? the Sea—on April 19 thru 21. education by protecting the art in Paris.
There was also a Senate bill, no. Reply to the CGA office in person rights and privileges of each Dr. Moeser has also done ad- begging for some type of on April 19th and 20th. Baldwin unit of the American proximately 8,850 homes in the Beard, director of the GC library.
Money Due to Don Thrasher By assistance to come over to per- All students interested in Cancer Society. county housing a population of
101, submitted that dissolved the or by letter. Monday April 8. The Cost is only SGAE member. vanced reserach on French
Many events have happened Baroque performance practice. form for the Blue-and-White, but participating in this two day Various elements of the 35,400.
this year in Georgia College's His visit to GC was sponsored to no avail. We gave scholarships "sports spectacular" are asked campaign will get underway on During the past four cam- Milledgeville
Job Placements Posture Pays
SGAE. A Valentine Coffee was by the local chapter of the
held for Georgia College faculty American Guild of Organists.
to out-of-state imports who to contact Larry Bosserman or different dates, according to Mrs.
flunked out of school their first LeVonne Taylor, directors of J. R. Uhler, Cancer Crusade
quarter here. We gave intramurals. All Georgia colleges chairman, with a campaign for
paigns, a total of $33,186 was
raised in the county, with $4,872
coming in 1970, $8,709 in 1971,
Our recruiting schedule is for
the Senior or Graduate only as
a.m. thru 3 p.m. Appointment
Schedule posted on Bulletin Applications are now being
members, who showed their
interest by their attendance. Two scholarships to guys who never and universities have been in- special gifts the first to be
started a game. But did we an- vited to participate in the tour- started, this on Wednesday, April
$9,116 in 1972 and $10,489 last
these representatives are seeking Board beside Placement Office, accepted for the 1974 Georgia members, represented Georgia An article entitled
permanent employees. 205 Parks. Miss Queen of Posture Pageant to College at the state SGAE con- Organ Recital swer those of proven ability like naments which will consist of 3.
the African soccer pliayers? How competition in tennis, badminton,
The various segments of the "Milledgeville Mongoloid - A
campaign, their goals, and Rare Karotype of Down's Syn-
April 10, 1974 April 24, 1974 be held May 3, at the Hilton Hotel ference in Macon last quarter. Goal for the special gifts
in Macon, Georgia. This can be a vital organization can we.compete in a sport such as golf, and bowling, and a large segment of the campaign is chairmen are: Special gifts, drome" written by a Georgia
Mr. Harlon Crimm of the Bibb County Schools of Macon, basketball with that type of field is expected from schools $1,800. $1,800, Mrs. Ray Hodges, Jr.; College graduate student will be
Marietta Public School System, Mr. Dewell Pitts, recruiter, on All applicants must be between on our- campus. Programs of An organ recital will be
the ages of 17 and 22 with no active interest in each area of presented by Roger Byrd of scholarship management? throughout the state. A drive to raise $750 from trades and industry, $750, Randal published in the March-April
on campus from 9 a.m. thru 4 campus from 9 a.m. thru 3 Take the case of Susan Jones, Dunn; independent business, issue of the Journal of Heredity.
p.m. - Appointment Schedule Appointment Schedule posted on previous niarital status and in education are being planned for Seneca, S.C. on Monday, April 15, Both graduate and un- representatives of the trades and
good health. the remainder of the year and at 8 p.m. in Russell Auditorium who qualified for the National dergraduate students are industry in the county will be $1,250, Aubrey Simpson;
posted in Education Building. Bulletin Bd. in Education
The contest is an annual event also for next year. Are you in- on the Georgia College campus. Finals in gymnastics (the only eligible, but no student with any started on April 8 while a cam- professions, $500, Dr. John Donnell Jernigan of Hardwick,
April 15. 1974 Building.
sponsored by the Women's terested in preprimary, primary, Byrd, son of Mrs. Nadine Poore one from Ga. to do so). She can't experience on a junior or senior paign to solicit $1,250 in the Ferguson; public employees, a laboratory scientist in the
Mr. W. D. Fincher, Metropolitan April 25, 1974
Auxiliary to the Georgia and secondary education? Do you of Seneca, is a senior music go because of a lack of depart- college athletic team will be business community will follow a $1,200, Mack Simpson; clubs and research department at Central
Insurance Company, on campus Mr. Gordon Gibbs, McGaw mental funds. BUT — the College allowed to participate in that week later, on Monday, April 15. organizations, $150, m chairman S^tate Hospital, co-authored the
from 9 a.m. thru 3 p.m. Ap- Laboratories, on campus from 9 Children's Chiropractic Center. have accurate information on major scheduled to graduate in named; special events, $2,000, paper along with Dr. Clyde
Dr. Mildred K. Lee is co-founder teacher accreditation? With your December. He came to GC in Government Association agreed same sport. In addition, there
pointment schedule posted on a.m. thru 4 p.m. Appointment to fund her and her ,coach, Mr. will be a faculty division in Continued From Page 1 Harriette Donahoo; memorials, Keeler and Nell Curl, also of the
Bulletin Bd. beside Placement Schedule posted on Bulletin Bd. and director of the center and enthusiastic interest in SGAE, January, 1972 from Shorter $750, Mrs. J. R. Uhler; Central CSH research department.
Mrs. Leon F. Silver is president Georgia College can be on top of College. Martiny, on their trip to tennis, golf, and badminton.
Office, 205 Parks Hall. Beside Placement Office, 205 State Hospital, $150, William Miss Jernigan will present a
April 17. 1974 Parks. of the auxiliary. all that is going on in education. Byrd served as student Sacremento, Cal. in an effort to "For years the athletic teams
recruit other gymnasts, some of from Georgia's colleges have
GC Pageant Crittendon; and residential, paper on the same topic at the
Mr. Varee Noel, Allstate In- April 30, 1974 For information and ap- Please join us as an active chairman of the 1973 organ $4,000 Mrs. Merrill Folendore, annual meeting of the Georgia •
plications, call Mrs. Silver at 355- future teacher. For more in- students' mini-convention held whom have already expressed an competed against each other in be Jan Foskey, a junior special
surance Company, on campus Mr. J. L. Lynch, S. S. Kresge interest in Ga. College and its intercollegiate athletics, but up to education major from Swain- Mrs. Frank Himes, Miss Academy of Science at Valdosta
from 9 a.m. thru 3 p.m. Ap- Company (K-MART) on campus 6790 or write to Mrs. Leon F. formation see, Mrs. Catherine last April in Atlanta. Elizabeth Arnold, and Mrs. State College on April 26.
Silver, 575 Spring Valley Road, Thurston, in 125 A of the Byrd is a 1969 graduate of coach. WHAT HAPPENED? now there has been no attempt to sboro, Joy Lynn Smith, and Janie Her thesis research is on
pointment Schedule posted on 9 a.m. thru 4 p.m. Appointment Athletic Director Floyd V. An- organize an intramural tour- Hostetter. Anxious moments William Sibley.
Schedule posted on Bulletin Bd., N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30318. Language building. Seneca High School. human chromosome ab-
Bulletin Board beside Placement derson turned down the money, nament on a statewide basis," passed as the girls awaited the Boyd Butts is president of the normalities utilizing flourescent.
Office, 205 Parks. 205 Parks Hall. apparently because she was a tournament director George final tally. At last Smith was Baldwin County ACS chapter. microscopy.
April 23, 1974 HAVE YOU STARTED YOUR junior, but this point really heeds Bedwell said in announcing the named as second Runner-up,
Mr. Harold Hall, Merit System, PLACEMENT FILE further explanation. Come to event. "NVe hope that the Georgia leaving Foskey and Hostetter
State of Georgia, on campus 9 SENIORS??? THERE IS /^ f^tFT SHOP think of it, so does a lot of other Intramural Sports Cham- with baited breaths as they
things that involve budgets, pionships will help fill a void that listened for the announcement of
Cancer Walk-a-thon
scheduled for May 3rd. LISTEN
Grads Continue ACM IN MILLEDGEVILLE money, etc. Any replies, coach? has been neglected in the past." the pageant's winner.
Sponsored by Student Act.
Students in eight Southern
states including Georgia can now
enroll on a resident tuition basis
agreement provides for the
reciprocal sharing of academic
graduate programs.
111 W. Hancock St.
Between Nash's and
the Diana Shop
"I'm going to announce this
very fast," said emcee Dr. David
Staszak, "for when the First
Runner-up is named everyone
BSU meets at BSU House
at 5:45 each Tues. BSU
Bible Study 9:00 at Coffee
House In Mayfair Building.
in selected graduate programs in Students from participating will know who the new Miss
other states, according to in-
formation recently received in
the graduate studies office at
states will have access to
master's or doctoral degree work
in such fields as African history,
mil 14/ New Cowboy Album $3.99 lAII At Fairl
Georgia College is. First Runner-
up is Janie Hostetter and Miss
Georgia College 1974 is Jan
If you have a
warning signal,
see your doctor.

Georgia College. home economics, radio New Cat Stevens $4.99 Fosiiey!" ^
The arrangement, which will astronomy, water pollution Bf'.CO!! Guitar Strings-Picks- Tearfully, Jan accepted the AmerkaiK
ecology or nuclear engineering— Want to send a friend something- roses and crown and made her
become effective this fall, is
made possible through the to name a few of the program We'll mail it-Come by-We've Candles Etc^^_ triumphal walk down the runway Cancer
Academic Common Market, a entries. nttMthwuviw always got something playing -If to the applause of family, friends,
project of the Southern Regional Thus far, Alabama, Arkansas,
Mtll you can't stop by-You can phone- and well-wishers. She was indeed
Education Board. The interstate 452-5834 ' ' • .' . "On Top of the World."
Continued On Page 8
.»»^«>««/>l. -••"W*»shS>«t*ilM#»4rtV.-j>i_^„^„^_


Nurses r
Cap 70 Th^ C.G.A. Book exchange was
held March 21, 22, and 25 was
project in the coming year.
Lane also commented that a
Mrs. Renee Etheridge, director termed a success by Roy Lane,
of nursing services at Coliseum few students still hadn't picked
C.G.A. President. Lane stated up their money or books. He said
Park Hospital in Macon, was the that around $400 worth of
guest speaker at a recent capping these students can pick up their
students were sold at this C.G.A. money or books Thursday, April
ceremony for students in the service project. He felt that this
Georgia College department of 11th. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in
was a very good start to what he Room 130 of the Maxwell College
nursing education's class of '75. feels will be a very successful
The ceremony was at the First Union (C.G.A. office).
United Methodist Church.
Mrs. Etheridge spoke on "A
Will Dr. Joseph Specht and Dr. Ralph Kickliter ever make it to Nurse's Commitment to the
Hollywood? Who knows? One thing is for sure, they will learn "How Nursing Profession."
to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on April 19 and 20. The invocation was given by
Rev. Norman R. Waldrip, pastor
of the Mosleyville Baptist Church
Tarzan In Milledgeville and greetings were extended by
Dean William Simpson of
Georgia College.
The other day, to my surprise, I firemen were looking on from a Seventy students are members
discovered our firemen of safer level (the ground). "Tar- of the class of '75, with 68 being on
Milledgeville are just as human zan" continued his fun and hand for the capping ceremony.
as the rest of us. They have a games, perching on the edge of Miss Catherine Summerlin,
sense of humor, and the desire to the roof in a position much director of the department of
be "hams." similar to that of a swan diver. nursing education, assisted by
I was leaving GC's Nursery Even at my great distance, I Mrs. Mary N. Cook and Mrs.
School Wednesday morning when could hear the laughter and Wendy Glawspn of the depart-
I heard a blood curdeling cry that edging on from the men below. ment, capped the students.
sounded much like the yell of
Tarzan. Yes!( Turning in the Much to my dismay, my
direction, my eyes focused upon a presence was sighted by the star New Courses
man in blue standing atop the fire of the day. He waved thereby
station on the roof. Once again causing the others to turn and
the manly call was heard. (A wave. I must admit, I felt as
little on the squeaky side, but though I had truly interrupted
Come To GC
thats beside the point). one of their "hard day's ''Shake It Up Baby//
My curiosity was aroused to no projects." Hating to intrude, and Five non-credit courses will be
end. Why was the man on the knowing my class met in 5 offered during the current spring
roof? And why the Tarzan minutes, I hastened on. However, quarter at Georgia College, with
routine! Continuing to "case" the the memory of our firemen's classes beginning the week of
situation, my questions were soon humor will always stay with me. April 15.
answered. It just goes to show that a smile Course fees will run from $15 to
Twist Hits Hall
by John Williamson
The fireman was removing brightens the day for anybody. $25. Classes will meet for two Recently Napier Dormitory of
fallen limbs from the wind storm No matter what it is they have to hours each week on Monday, Georgia College was the scene for the grand prize.
the night before. Several other do. Tuesday, or Wednesday nights. a Sock Hop. The "sock hop" was Refreshments consisting of
Courses scheduled for the eight Larry Duke, President popcorn, various sweet cookies
\ \ \ >^^^'''^^ week period are intermediate of the Hall. Residents of the dorm and crackers, potato chips and
guitar, basic photography, were asked to dress in the style of other delicacies were served.
fundamentals of management, the '50's and '60's. Believe-it-or- John Williamson served as
basic salesmanship, and an office not several of the residents had Master of Ceremonies for the
practices refresher. Hop.
the nerve, gumption, and the Napier Dorm is the sole dor-
The guitar class will be taught sense of humor to dress in this
by Andy and Linda Stanford of popular style. mitory, known to the Colonnade
Milledgeville. John DuBose, a staff, to have social functions or
Things really started hoppin' parties of this nature so far this
Milledgeville photographer, will when a dance contest waslield.
teach the photography course. "At the Hop" was played for the year.
The other three courses will be contest and six couples were A big "Thanks" to Mrs.
taught by GC faculty members. selected by applause to par- Adams, House Director, for
Complete information can be ticipate in the dance-off finals. preparing and assisting with the
obtained from Robert Watkins, Mitch Freeman and Denise refreshments and dance. Thanks
director of adult and community Edwards (pictured above) won again, Mrs. Adams, for a job well
services at the college. done by all!
No educational prerequisites Continued From Page 6 A C M
are required for any of the
courses. Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, its citizenry."
Mississippi, South Carolina and On the other hand, by offering
Front Campus Rolled. Tennessee have joined the highly specialized programs to
Informal Christian Market. The participation of out-of-state students at in-state
Monday morning brought about an unusual change on front Maryland, North Carolina, rates, participating institutions
campus with the "ornate" decorations in the trees. One would almost Science Group
Meetings/ Sunday, Virginia and West Virginia is will increase enrollments in such
think it was Christmas once again. Who and why it was done is tentative but expected in the next "uncommon" programs which,
unknown to the majority of the student body. Obviously, it was one of 11:00 A.M. at 301 West several weeks—pending, in some in many cases, have the capacity
those "one the minute decisions" under inebriated conditions." Montgomery 452-7651 cases, only the almost certain for additional students.
ratification of the agreement by
state legislatures or boards of Dr. Hovenden compares the
trustees. arrangement to that of the
The programs in which airlines industry, which for years
residents of a participating state has offered tickets on a standby
can enroll depend upon their basis at a reduced rate to fill
state's arrangement. Under the flights.
Common Market agreement, As a result of the Common
each member state puts a Market, additional, education
number of its programs in a opportunities vvill be available to
"marketpool" and then arranges many students, and existing
for its residents to have access to programs in the Southern region
out-of-state programs not offered will be more efficiently utilized—
in its own institutions. all at a savings to the students,
As Dr, William Hovenden, who institutions and taxpayers. .
directs the regional ad- Posters, soon to appear on'
ministration of the program, campus, will indicate the names
phrased it, "It is not only im- of state coordinators, who will
practical and expensive, but also provide information about ap-
nearly impossible for any single plication procedures. Additional
state to provide the full array of information is now available
programs required to tneet the from the Office of Graduate
diverse higher education needs of Studies in Parks Hall at GC.