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representatives, Gail Stanford selected by the junior and senior are presently compiling in-

G.C. What?
Upon realizing the fact that College. The College Government
and Juan Ravelo, attended a
workshop with the ad-
ministration and the department
heads from G.C. at Rock Eagle
classes and from these sxiteen
were chosen by the faculty. These
people were: Gail Stanford, Juan
Ravelo, Crystal Fountain, Becky
formation on alcoholic beverages
policies at schools within the
university System, Georgia
College hosted the last meeting of
September 7. The purpose of the Knighton, Cal Wray, BillFerrell, S,A,C. in Milledgeville January 5
many Georgia College Students Association of Georgia College is Virginia Belson, Tom Walker, and 6.
a very active body of elected and workshop was to provide a better
do not know what C.G.A. is or working understanding between Carol Payne, Jim Smith, Cindy Also in October G.C. was
what it does we have embarked appointed students led by Bramblit, Julia Pead, Bert represented at the Southern
President Gail Stanford con- the different departments at
on the task of informing the Georgia College. Brown, Susan Rogers, Sue Universities Student Government
students and friends of Georgia cerned with the representation of Smallwood and Beth Thompson. Association (S.U.S.G.A.) En-
the students and the college. The C.G.A. the initiated the first
steps in a long campaign for a The Student Senate of G.C. tertainment Showcase in Atlanta.
following is a report of the ac-
Stewart Udall tivities and services rendered by alcoholic beverages proposal for
passed three bills fall quarter,
these were bills recognizing the
This conference was attended by
Randy Whitfield Bert Brown, and
C.G.A. during the fall quarter of Ross Free. These delegates from
In late September C.G.A. Chess Gub and a new social
"Agenda For 1972.
The year started early for the
conducted the balloting for Who's
Who In American Colleges And
fraternity on campus. Phi Sigma
Delta. The other bill was a
Georgia College also attended a
second N.E.C. meeting in
C.G.A. staff when two Universities. Thirty seniors were alcoholic beverages proposal Charleston, South Carolina.
Tomorrow" which is now waiting for action
by President J. Wliitney Bunting. Work began on the 972
Guidelines for attacking our
most critical problems and for
Colonnade Cutie Of The Week Five representatives from
G.G.A. attended the meetings of
production of "Golden Slipper"
November 6. Two successful
establishing a fairer and more the Campus Action Team at the performances were held
humane, society by our 200th Mansion. These representatives November 17 and 18.
anniversary as a country. Mr. were Gail Stanford, Bertha West, Plans for a President's Ad-
Udall was appointed Secretary of Cathy Jordon, Mark Rowe, and visory Board are now pending
the Interior by President Ken- Cal Wray. action by the Student Senate. The
nedy in 1961 and served in that
post for eight years in both the
Kennedy and the Johnson Ad-
ministrations. His appointment
October 13 and 14 four
representatives from C.G.A.
attended the Student Advisory
purpose of this board is to
facilitate communication bet-
ween people and organizations on
Council meeting in Valdosta, the Georgia College campus.
to the Cabinet came shortly after Georgia. Representatives from The first issue of the "Colonial
his reelection to a fourth term as 27colleges and Universities in the Crier" was published at the end
United States Representative University System attended the of last quarter. This is a calendar
from Arizona. He has recently conference. Gail Stanford, Keith and bulletin published by C.G.A.
formed and become the Chair- Jones, Carol Payne, and Martha to inform the students and friends
man of the Board of the Overview Laird represent G.C. as a of Georgia College of the ac-
Group, a pioneering international member of the Student Legal tivities available to them on the
consulting firm which works with Rights Committee of S.A.C, They campus.
governments and industries to
create a better environment for
man. Mr. Udall is dedicated to
continue the work of the "new
conservatism" which he initiated Miss Deborah Campbell Freshman-English Major From:
Details On Homecoming
as the Secretary of the Interior. Cartersville, Ga.
The program will be open to the DISPLAYS FOR Homecoming Week-contact
public with no admission charge. HOMECOMING Sharon Ledbetter, CPO 1015, by
Seminar On Environment To Be Plans are underway for the
1973 Homecoming Week
January 19, 1973,

Slipper Bill Held At Ga. College In Spring

(January 22-January 27). Any
organization, club, or depart-
Any person interested in
participating in the Motorcade,
ment affiliated with Georgia please contact Sharon Ledbetter,
To Come Representatives of the Georgia
Conservancy, the U.S. Forest
of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife.
The May 3 meeting of the
College may enter a display.
Displays will be judged on
CPO 1015 or Tim Walker, CPO
Service, and the commercial seminar will cover the future of Saturday the 27th at 12:00 Noon.
Before Senate forest industry will appear in
panel on April 12 to talk about the
surface land use in the region. Any group interested in doing a
display, please turn in an ap-
Charles P. Daniel, associate Senior Class: Susan Chur-
President Juan Ravelio has future of forests in Central professor of biology at the plication (if you think you should
appointed a temporary Golden Georgia with Dr. Frank B. have gotten one and were chwell, Linda Strickland; Junior
college, will serve as moderator Oass: Annetta McLeod Paula
Slipper Committee. This bill will Vinson, assistant professor of of a panel that will include perhaps overlooked in the rush of
be voted on Monday night, history at GC, serving as panel getting them out, check at the Rhodes; Sophomore Class:
representatives of the U.S. Soil Kathy Daniels, Ann Adkerson;
January 15, 1973, at the. first moderator. Conservation Service, the information desk in the College
senate meeting of Winter Dr. Ralph W. Hemphill, Jr., Union Building) form to Walter Freshman Class: Susan Queen,
Georgia Forestry Commission, Terri Bennett.
Quarter. associate professor of political and the solid waste disposal in- Young, CPO 852 by Friday,
Ravelio admitted at a meeting science at the college, will dustry. January 19, 5:00 p.m. The
the previous quarter, that after moderate a panel on "The Future National Guard Armory will be HOMECOMING
viewing the Slipper Pagent he felt of Sub-Soil Resources in Central The final meeting in the series available the week of COMMITTEE
he and other CGA officers had will beheld on May lOon the topic Homecoming (22-26) for the Any persons having questions
Georgia "on April 19. Panelists will of outdoor recreation in the
condemned the tradition un- include representatives of the construction of displays. concerning Homecoming, please
justly. The purpose of the com- middle part of the state. contact any of the following
kaolin industry and the Georgia Panelists will include
mittee is to see that when and if Mines, Mining, and Geology THINK ABOUT... people:
Slipper is abolished, it will be by representatives of the U.S. Rock Concert-January 26 Chairman: Sheila White;
Department, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Display Judging-January 27,
the will of a majority of the On April 26, Dr. David J. Display: Walter Young,
students, not jiist a few. the Georgia Parks Department, High Noon Tommie Walker;
Cotter, chairman of the GC and the Sierra Club, Floyd V, Motorcade-January 27, 3:15
Senators are elected to department of biology, will serve Publicity: Sharon Ledbetter,
Anderson, chairman of the p.m. Jane Edmunds, Susan Chur-
represent the students in their as moderator of a panel taking a department. of health, physical Basketball Game-January 27, chweli;
districts. All students are urged look at the future of fish and education, and recreation at GC, 4:00 p,m,;
to keep this in mind. Find out who wildlife in the state. Panelists Motorcade: Sharon Ledbetter,
will be the panel moderator. Dance-January 27, 8:00 p,m. Tim Walker;
your Senator is and let him or her will include representatives of
know your attitudes about any the Georgia Game and Fish Each seminar session will last Contestants: Sheila White,
upcoming legislation. Commission and the U.S. Bureau two hours, . , . Any other special events for the Karen Edwards, Cheryl Selph
then he is acting outside of the It is a new policy of the paper concerning the operation of
that no article from any student Georgia College then address JANUARY IS. 1973 THE COLONNADE PAGE 3

Action Line guidelines set down by the

Constitution. can be printed unless it is ac- them to: Mike Williams Box 2110.
companied by a full signature.
However, if you only wish your NEWCOLONNADE
News Working Together Rising Biology
Dear Action Line,
Why did the Colonnade cut out
to let it happen again. Unless you know of any reason
Mike that he is doing this your next
initials to appear in the paper
then sign your name and indicate
All editorials, letters to the
In some way, each of us are proudly to the organist, "Ain't we
Jr. Test Dept. Grant
half of the information on the step is to see the Attorney at the bottom that you prefer editors, and other material dependent upon another. We do great?". The organist asked, The Rising Junior Test will be The Biology Department
Who's Who Candidates. T per-
sonally know the original plans
were for a two page spread that
Dear Action Line, General of the Senate and i^sue
I would like to know how Senate your complaint to him per-
President Juan Ravelo can sonally.
your initials. This is only for written by a student, must be
Action Line and does not apply to signed fully before it will be
any other part of the paper. printed.
Time Is not often think of this. We feel
that we can live a life of our own,
without the help of anyone,
"What do you mean. We?" When
the organist returned to resume
playing he struck the keyboard
given Tuesday, January 16 in
Russell Auditorium at 8:30 a.m.
received a grant of $1,000 from
the Union Foundation to be used
for ecological research by the
All eligible students are required
somehow did not come through. possibly hold a Senate meeting ii you have any questions But this is not true. We could
Who's Who is one of the most
outstanding honors that a student
and conduct business without a
quorum present. And please don't
Money not survive totally alone. Man
just wasn't made to do so. Truly,
and nothing happened. He tried
again and still no sound. Then is
to take the test in order to
graduate. Roll will be called.
Students should bring to the
Institute of Natural Resources.
The Biology department also
received an Institutional Grant
can obtain here at Georgia
College and yet there is barely
any publicity about it. Can you
let him tell you that 14 but of 46
Senators constitutes a quorum.
Miss Georgia - USA - For 1973 The Georgia College Library
will once again charge 50 cents a
we all need each other-much
more than we think or are willing
to admit.
was that the lad poked his head
out and exclaimed, "Now, who is
We?" several sharpened soft-lead
from the National Science
test an ink or ballpoint pen and
Foundation of $5,450. These funds
are not restricted in any way and
pencils v/ith erasers, and their
The search is on to find Miss beauty of face and figure, poise, day on all over due books. There And the art of working together So often this is the case in
help matters? personality, grooming and in- Miss Georgia Universe will be no "grace". Fine on sports. The player getting the social security number. will be used to improve the
A.S. Dear A.L., Georgia-USA for 1973, the young can be one of our greatest assets- science research-teaching
lady who will represent Georgia telligence. There is no talent P.O. Box 676 overdue reserve books will be 50 praise,.could not do such great
I was never able to talk with -which reminds me of a little program.
Dear A.S.,
There are two answers I can
Juan Ravelo but after checking in the Miss USA Beauty Pag-eant
the student handbook and the next May in San Juan, Puerto
The Miss Georgia-USA
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
Pleade send your name, ad-
cents for every hour overdue. It is
easy to see that in no time at all
story I heard some time ago! In
the days of the pump organ an
feats, without the help of the
other less spectacular players. New Club Beta Beta Beta, which is the
Pageant will take place in March dress, age and telephone number one late book can cost a large And so it is with our school A Pre-professional Club is National Biological Honor
give you. Number one, we printed Constitution I found it makes an Rico, televised live and in color in Atlanta under the direction of (please print). sum. Failure to pay fines will
organist was presenting a con-
paper and other activities on being formed for pre-med, pre- Society with Mary ^ n Smith as
all the information that we interesting statement in Article nationally on CBS-TV. cert and time came for a short
IV Section 8 Page 15. It says, "A For the winner, instant fame Miss Georgia Universe. Remember, you do not hate to result in the student's inability to intermission. The young boy campus. It takes a lot of dental, pre-pharmacy, and president held a meeting recently
deceived. I don't know who's fault All contestants will be selected be a reigning winner to compete. receive a transcript from this "Working Together." medical technology students. and will have initiations later this
this is but I think it is a shame majority of the members of the and fortune, plus many exciting pumping the organ remarked
on an At-large basis. Those The contest is open to all girls college. month.
too. Number two, we have a new Student Senate being visably prizes and awards. who apply and who meet the
editor this quarter and it was not present shall constitute a quorum To be eligible: Applicants must selected will automatically ad-
vance to the state finals. There simple qualifications outlined
For their own final safety
students are urged to return Prof. Haymond
his responsibility to get it
together. We are not trying to
to do business." It seems to me
that unless the Student Senate
be single and never mairied,
between the ages of 18 and 25 as
has passed a resolution declaring of June 1,1973, and must live, or
will be no preliminary com-
Only 35 girls from all over
library materials on time.
GC Speaker
Books Unlimited News From
make excuses and we apologize Georgia will be chosen to com- 143 W. Hancock St. Milledgeville, Ga
that part of the Constitution null work or attend school anyvQiere Tlie current Miss Georgia is Science Digest
for this error and we will try not
in Georgia. Applicants must also
be U.S. Citizens.
Kaye Ayers of Atlanta.
Free entry information is
pete. You may be one of them if
you act now. Who knows, you Beard-Ed. The Georgia
Mathematics Lecture Series
•Cameras •Films •Gift Items
Mars has just been put into jars

Mud Hole News Judging will be basei on available by writing to: might even be the next Miss USA.

Plan. Comm.
presents Professor Robert
Haymond of the Computer
Science Department of Clemson •Magazines •Books
and studied closely. The result,
says the January SCIENCE
DIGEST, is that scientists
On Saturday Jan. 6 two>
students were seen throwing mud
balls at each other in the "Napier
the red mud ball had hit dead
center in the gal's long hair. It
seemed like fun. . .if you don't
Maxwell Charles E. Beard, .director of
libraries at Georgia College, has
University. He will speak on
Exhausting Methods in Ligital
Modules on Monday, January 15,
Charles Pennington, Prop.
believe life could very well exist
on that planet. The article
describes research proving
Mud Hole". About this time of mind cleaning off Georgia Red The Maxwell College Union the lounge or recreation areas quarter and it is hoped they will been named to the Georgia at 1:00 p.m. in Lanier, room 201. forms of life can survive at -f 170
year its snow ball throwing in Qay. opened (exceptions are food and drinks
it's doors Tuesday, Jan. 2, continue to be used for butts and Department of Education's Prof. Haymond will consult with Mack Hudson, to -400 degree temperatures, in
some of the northern colleges and for the 1973 Winter Quarter at containers made of paper), card trash. No body wants to relax in a media education planning students about graduate school at atmospheres devoid of oxygen
universities, but then why not! Well when will it be paved? It Georgia College. Miss Harriet players are welcome to play messy area-remember the old committee. Clemson University from 11:00 to GC Student and filled with lethal radiation.
We don't have snow in Georgia, seems the funds are herebut so is Donahoo's student assistants are cards in room 136or 129 8 a.m. to SU? The MCU desk is your in- The committee of eight meets 12:00 and after his lecture. By duplicating in bell jars these
eventhough its cold enough for it. the cold, wet mud and until both back this quarter with the ad- 5 p.m. (after 5 p.m. card playing formation center for all college regularly to discuss ways of conditions and other factors
The two students must have been improve it may be Spring dition of three new assistaaits. can be done in the lounge area), activities. . .when you want to improving the media education known to be peculiar to the
in love because the guy throwing Quarter or later. Keith Jones, KeithDeenand Dave and pool rules are posted in the know what is going and where programs in Georgia institutions Martian environment, scientists
Thompson joined the staff which
already include Anneta McLeod,
pool room. Some improvements
made for this quarter are the
ask the student assistants. . .if
they do not know they will find
of higher learning offering
degrees in teacher education and
H.ere have concluded that the chances
of finding life on the red planet
Maureen Hendrix, Rick Laseter, purchase of bridge cards with out for you. Information library media. are better than fair.
Tommie Walker, and Wajne
Maxwell College Union imprinted
on them, new improved quality
regarding such indoor sports as
the college swimming pool were
Beard, who earned degrees at Lies ihe fa^fker of
The guidelines set up last
que tips, and misic (which we all
quarter remain the same such more).
will be improved even
not yet available however as soon
as dates and times are decided
upon the information will be
the University of Alabama and
Florida State University, was
director of library services and Ty^^ntf^n^ne CGA
as: no meals from the dining The ash trays and trash con-
room are to be brought down dnto tainers are getting more use this
posted on the bulletin board in-
side the lounge.
assistant professor of library
science at Judson College in
Alabama and head of the
reference and acquisitions
Vacancies in the Georgia
Six Traits That Spell Success For Science Graduates departments at the university of
Alabama library before coming
College Student Senate will be
filled during an election on
The fortunes of industry and and productivity, there is no person develop the interest and to GC in 1971. January 24th. Petitions an-
education are closely entwined. question we place great emphasis ability to work with and un- He is also an associate nouncing the candidancy may be
While industry needs a "Con- upon academic excellence derstand one's contemporaries professor of library science at obtained by inquiring at the
tinuing supply of scientific tatent,
schools require an outlet for Qieir
providing other essential
characteristics are also evident.
regardless of their fields.
Therefore, the ability to develop
U^^. (College Union Desk and must be
filled out and returned by 6:00
product"the well-trained, In industry we look for persons interdisciplinary interests is a p.m. on January 17th. Voting for
capable, student. Everyone with self-reliance and the ability valuable trait. Many recent GC Faculty resident senators will be con-
ducted in each respective dorm

History Dept.
benefits from students who can to identify and achieve important scientific advancements, such as V

compete effectively in the job goals. This means the individual the transistor, have been made while voting for non-resident
What skills should students
should be result-rather than
activity-oriented. Apparently this
by those who have applied with
equal skill the tools of physics,
Receives Ph.D. senators will be conducted in the
hallway of the College Union
perfect in order to enhance tiheir
employment opportunities? At
characteristic is learned in the
home as well as in the classroom.
chemistry and engineering.
In addition to the usual in-
Two more faculty members at
Georgia College have completed
Dr. Orville W. Taylor's son
Michael read a paper before the
Skouru (Mound ot tne Dark Man)
dating from the Late Bronze Age
EDITORIALS Building. The positions vacant
are: 1 from Beeson, 2 from
Kodak we have found several For example, recent studies tellectual and interdisciplinary the requirements necessary for Archaeological Institute of (between 1600and 2400 B.C.) The Napier, 1 from Bell, 9 from Day
characteristics that help spell designed to identify and talents, we constantly seek those the doctor of philosophy degree. America on a dig in which he was diggers were fortunate to Students.
success for science graduates. characterize the successful in- who have a high "tiger quotient," Newest on the GC faculty to field archaeologist. The dig took discover several untouched The College Government
At the top of the list is a iper- novator show that in the majority or enthusiasm for work and the earn the coveted degree are place this summer on the tombs which yielded evidence Association Elections will be held
on February 7th. More in-
son's ability to think as
distinguished from mere
of cases the innovator came from
a family or educational
energy to carry it vigorously to
completion. Because so much of
Roswell M. Piper, assistant
professor of business ad-
Mediterranean island of Cyprus
and was sponsored by Harvard
that the civilization in that area
had had contact with Egypt and How About formation will follow as to.the
petitions for candidancy to be
acquisition of facts 4ind background where initiative and science involves interaction with ministration and economics, and University where Mr. Taylor is a other Mediterranean areas.
knowledge in a specified field.
Several years ago, Dr. Henry
hard work were ingrained by
parents, teachers, or the en-
others, individuals who are able*
to convey their enthusiasm have
Donald R. Bailey, assistant
professor of sociology.
second year Ph.D. student in
Classical Archaeology.
Plans are being made for a
History Society. Those interested
Your New Years filled out and returned by
January 31st.
Eyring. former President of the vironment. a decided advantage. Piper completed the
American Chemical Society,-was
asked, "What preparation do you
Another desirable charac-
teristic is the ability to com-
Finally, the student should
develop a proper attitude and
requirements for the degree at
the university of Alabama and
The site was a mound on the
western end of Cyprus by the
in joining please write your name
on a card and send it to G.C. Box Resolution This Months
Colonnade Staff recommend for those who wis^ to
become outstanding scientist:s?"
municate well in both verbal and
written form. The classical
understanding of industrial
research. Since a student's ex-
will be awarded his Ph.D. on May
12. He received his B.A. degree
Treek name of Toumba Tou 1968.
As the old year closes out and Events
The Real Hero
the new year comes in, people
His answer was simple, but in- picture of the quiet and quaint posure to research is almost from Emory University and his start thinking about their January IS-Organ Recital,
Editor in Chief Gregg Duckworth cisive: "Select your parents scientist working along in his own exclusively of an academic M.A. from Alabama. He taught resolutions for the new year. Russell Auditorium, 8:00 p.m,;
News Features (Asso.) Jacquelyn Jones wisely (in other words, one must laboratory, isolated intellectually nature, it is not surprising that previously at the University of These resolutions could be January 17, Lyceum, Russell
start with a reasonable degree of and physically from those around many favor this type of activity. Tennessee itt Martin and at People seek heroes. Heroes are stop such habits. Auditorium, Stewart Udall, 10:00
Business Manager Mark Roe But along with these heroes, anything from shaking off a bad
Jane Edmunds intelligence) and work hard,"" him, does not hold up in the In many cases, however, Alabama. acclaimed in various fields, and habit to changing a complete a.m.
Layout Editor people are inclined to "look up however, there is a still larger
Art Editor Tommy Beacham One indicator of a person's modern world. It has been students do not approach in- Bailey completed the personality. The interesting fact January 22, Phi Mu Alpha,
ability to think, although cer- determined that in industry less dustrial research with an open requirements for his degree at to" or try to emulate these group that is more diserving the Silent Movies, Russell
Literary Editor Kitty McGarity title of HERO. These are the about a resolution is that many
Sports ISditor .Al Messcr tainly not an infallible onc^ is than 10 percent of the scientists mind and, in fact, many have Emory and will receive his Ph.D. people. Sometimes these persons many people do not keep them Auditorium, 8:00 p.m.
academic excellence. I make (this are responsible for nearly all of been prejudiced against it by the at the end of the fall quarter this honored are worthy of such ac- people that have never picked up January 26, Concert (Rock),
Photography Mel vin Moses these vices. They, too, liave been very long. After a period of time,
Circulation Brett Heite point recognizing that many of the communication and that very teachers responsible for month. He received his P S . claims, but most are falsely people continue old styles of life. Buddy Miles and Phaedra,
industry's most creative people these so-called "technological preparing them for productive degree at Troy State University admired. under the same social pressure, Russell Auditorium, 8:00 p.m.
but were strong enough to say This is perfectly true of any in-
Wayne Wilson, Ann McCaskili, Kenny Franks. Darrell Smith," might have failed to gain en- gatekeepers" form the major and satisfying careers. Students and his M.A. from Emory. Before In recent years, society has dividual. In order for you to January 27, Homecoming
Ellen Layfield, Eddie Highsmith, Andy Proctor, Dianne trance mto the industrial com- part of successful innovator should recognize that while coming to GC he taught at praised the person that has "been "no". They are somewhat Dance, Liberation, Maxwell
overlooked in society. change your old ways of life, you
Driggers, Walter Young, Eve Warren, Jeff Colett, Stan Malone, munity if judged on academic groups. relevance helps to set research Wofford College and for the there", and has discontinued must have something called Union, 8-12:00 p.m.
Mickey Yarbrough.Partricia Estill. excellence alone. While it is true Because of the complexities of objectives, it is the ability of the Baker (Fla.) school system. their bad habits. This is all well Society will continue to make "willpower." The "will to do January 29, Piano Recital,
we frequently waive t;his many industrial problems and researcher that determines the Bailey also.holds the master of and good, and they should be heroes. Some deserving and something that will be hard to David Watkins, Russell
Advisors: Of; John Salstrom and Mrs. Dorrie NcUigan criterion in the face of other the need to take-a systems or quality and, frequently, the divinity degree from Emory. praised for their efforts. Perhaps others undeserving. In the list of do." This is something that many Auditorium, 8:00 p.m.
compelling evidence of creativity team approach i it is vital that a importance of the work. Piper is a native of Augusta: even greater attention should be real heroes, however, let us not of us do not have. Do you have the January 31, Community
Bailey is a native of Frisco City, allowed these people who have lose sight of the names of those willpower to keep your New Concert, Bailey Brio, Russell
..Ala.';.. shown the courage necessary to who never gave in the first time Year's Resolution? Auditorium, 8:00 p.m.
to evil.


mediocore script in "Bullit" and
a musical with excellent music, that this picture is not rated R for 1973 Season
made it into an excellent movie.
Movie Reviews songs, story, dancing and, most
important, acting. Filmed in
Yugoslovia, and starring- the
nothing as it contains excessive
strong language, plenty of
violence, and a brutal sodemy
scene. It is not that the squemish,
And Ali MacGraw is one of the
most attractive actresses
around, although she would do Outlook For BY AL MESSER
Thousand Days" from which it Israeli actor Topol, "Fiddler" better if she kept all of her clothes
This week, the Campus Theater or easily embarassed audience,
offers a first rate horror drama
and a mediocre semi-historical
was modeled. It is filled with
historical inaccuracies from one
won eight Academy Award
nominations and was one of the and not a very wise choice to take on. On the subject of acting,
something should be said for
Georgia College
best pictures of 1972. ^ a first date to. "Deleverence" is
account of the life of Mary, Queen
of Scots.
"Frenzy" is a typical Alfred
Hitchcock movie. It takes place
to the other. Among the most
outlandish of these are the love
affairs of Elizabeth, the
marriage of Mary to her (believe
it or not) part-time homosexual
"1776", a Christmas release is
also a musical and deals with the
signing of the Declaration of
Independence. It also has ex-
playing at the Westgate.
Also playing at the Westgate is
"The Getaway." It stars Steve
McQueen and Ali MacGraw and
Sally Struthers, better known as
Archie Bunkers Daughter. When
she first appears, most of the
audience tends to laugh, or at
least snicker. However, excellent
Ga. College's Basketball team
is indeed promising and
definitely a team of the future.
Consider the near future!
Georgia College To Operate
in modern-day London and deals cellent songs and acting. It shows that fact alone should make it Inexperience is the major cause
performance, and the people

Baseball Clinic In February

with a series of gruesome husband, and, the most ridiculous worthwhile seeing. It does, but
of all, the two meetings of Mary the wisdom of signing little have stopped laughing of the of the team's inconsistent
murders in which the victims, all known Broadway actors to just barely. This picture suffers ballplaying, but I feel by the end
women, were found strangled and Elizabeth when they never from just a so so story and poor faults I have mentioned. I
actually met at all. recreate their stage roles rather thought "Getaway" was a good of the season this problem will no
with a man's necktie. The story than big name stars who are direction. The story is little more longer be in existence. There is a
centers around one of the victims In short, you might do better to bank robery and escape show and well worth seeing. After Bob Shaw, new pitching coach Angeles Dodgers and a manager campus for a banquet in the Physical Education and
stay home and study that to see unfamilar with the parts just to all whats more fun than watching considerable amount of im-
husband who, due to an un- melodrama with a few car chases provement following each game. for the Milwaukee Brewers, will at Daytona Beach in the Dodger College Union and a wrap-up Recreation members and $10 for
this picture, especially students draw in crowds. For example, Steve McQueen drive through non-members has been
believeable amount of cir- William Daniels, who gives a and shootouts throvra in to liven Improved statistics include field be among the instructors to teach farm system. session by McNamee and Shaw.
cumstantial evidence, is con- of English history lest they come things up. Gasoline fires, across lawns, and at a baseball clinic to be held at Other instructors for the one- Topics to be discussed at the established for the clinic. The fee
to believe some of the ficticious superb performance in the lead into the front porches of a goal percentage, turnovers, free will include a luncheon and the
victed of these murders; the real role of John Adams has appeared The direction is worse, and has throw and most important team Georgia College on Feb. 3. day school will include Billy clinic will include managerial
killer, who is unfortunately events portrayed in this film. peaceful street. The clinic, under the direction Henderson, baseball coach at strategy, sliding, officiating, banquet and refreshments to be
in only one previous movie role, three recurring flaws. The first of unity. Coach Robinson is mostly
revealed well before the half-way The Martin Theater at Hatcher these is that with the exception of Another Macon show worth of Coach Allen McNamee of the Mount De Sales High School in signals, batting, aggressive base served furing breaks in the in-
Square offers only one film this that of Dustin Hoffmans Father taking in is called the Posiedon responsible for this improvement struction.
point of the film, and a police one scene there are few places and he and the assistant coach college, will feature seven other Macon and former coach at running, defensive positions,
week. This one "A Separate in the "Graduate." "1776" has Adventure, and is playing at the catching techniques, pitching
inspector who suspects that he been criticized by critics as where more than two or three McNamee deserve full credit for instructors in addition to Shaw. Athens High School; Julian R. Registration can be made by
might have sent the wrong man Peace" is based on the book of lines are spoken before the scene Weis Twin Cinima. It is the story Shaw, who was the winningest Mock, principal at North Clayton delivery and infield play. mail to McNamee at Georgia
the same name. It deals with the mocking the founding fathers, of an ocean liner which is cap- the teams success. Credit also
to prison and sets out to find the changes. Therefore, unless you must be given to certain players pitcher in the American League High School in College Park and a Deadline for enrollment in the College who can also provide
day-by-day life in an English however, when a nation gets to sized by a tital wave, and what clinic is Dec. 20. A fee of $8 for
real killer. This is an excellent the point that it can't laugh at are really on your toes, the lines who have improved considerably in 1959 and the winner over Sandy former baseball coach at Murphy further information about the
show for 0 people who like boys' school, and is probably are said and the scene changed happens to the people on board. Koufax in the fifth game of the High School and Southwest High (Jeorgia Association of Health, clinic.
worth seeing so long as you don't itself, it's in big trouble. This picture is reminisint of throughout the season, included
mystery, murder, or police As I mentioned before, neither before you realized that the are: guard, James Edwards, and 1959 World Series between the School in Atlanta; Charles
stories or all three. expect an epic blockbuster. actors have started to speak. "Airport" in that although it is hicago White Sox and the Los Ragsdale, baseball coach at
"Mary, Queen of Scots" is an
overblown, inaccurate, dressed- IN MACON
of these shows are playing at the
moment, but when they return to The second flaw is the in- not a masterpiece, it is well
made, well written, well acted
forwards, Larry Anderson and
Charles Strum. Angeles Dodgers, is the author of
a neww book on pitching."
Columbus College; N.A. Padgett
of Augusta, a scout for the
Women's Volleyball Team Also
some of the smaller theatres, credibily short scenes. The
up account of the life of the Queen Unfortunately, the two best picture jumps from place to place and entertaining. A total of 15 G.C. DEFEATS PIEDMONT The new Milwaukee coach Kansas City Royals; Parnell
they would be more than wor-
of Scotland during the time of
Elizabeth I of England. It is an
films in Macon, barring a
change, have already left. These thwhile for you to go to see.
As for the current Macon
so quickly that the audience is
kept so busy trying to keep up
Academy Award winners worked
on this film including Gene Hack-
BUT FALLS TO WEST GA. played 11 years in the majors and
On the 29th of November, G.C. since his retirement as a player
Ruark, head baseball coach at
Baldwin High School in
Gymnastic Team And Schedule
embarassingly inferior product were "Fiddler on the Roof", and with whats going on that it man, last years "Voyage to the faced Piedmont College and has been a pitching coach for the Milledgeville and minor league gymnastic schedule. The com-
shows, there are a few which are- Bottom of the Sea" Produced The G.C. women's volleyball
to the superb "Anne of the "1776". "Fiddler on the Roof" is seldom has a chance to sit back defeated them quite im- Oakland Athletics and the Los coach of Willie McCovey of the team will participate in a 16-team petition starts on the 19th of
worth seeing. The best of these, "Posiedon Adventure,"
"Deliverence," was written by and enjoy the show. pressively. An excellant press San Francisco Giants; Ed tournament at Auburn University January against the university of

Rap On!
Georfian James Dickey, stars
Burt Reynolds, John Volight, and
The last of these flaws is a
ridiculous number of slow motion
For any of these Macon films, if
you go on Friday or Saturday
night, you had better go early to
and a combination of agressive
defense and hot shooting enabled
G.C. to take easily a 20 point lead.
Soccer Whitsett, supervisor of the
Atlanta Public School's physical
education program and part-time
on the 13th and 14th of Jan. G.C.
will be competing against squads
from Alabama, (Georgia, Florida
Gymnastic team members
include Ck)nnie Butler of Griffin,
James Dickey, and was filmed in shots especially in the shootouts.

Rapping is one of the society's act.

Canton, Ga. It deals with a
weekend canoe trip by four
It seems that everytime the
action begins to speed up the
make sure you get a seat. During the second half though the
momentum quickly ceased, held Season scout for the Baltimore Orioles;
and P.R. Viviani of Macon,
secretary of the Middle Gieorgia
and Mississippi,
The Women's Volleyball Team
Cathy (jober of Carnesville, Susan
Jones of Atlanta, Kay Terry of
Hapeville, Nancy Dines of
largest hangovers. The biggest Some parents let their children Atlanta Businessmen down a
North Ga. River and what hap-
picture suddenly switches to slow
motion, usually just as someone
Wayne Wilson To by poor defense, and the final Soccer Season is over-
score ended. . .G.C. 94 and The fun is finished and done. Umpires Association.
earned a play-off spot in the
Auburn tourney after taking Milledgeville and Kathy Barlow,
hangover lies directly between be what they are supposed to be- Sandy McMillan, and Crystal
adults and teens. The teen's normal children, the parents pens to them on the way. This gets shot, in time to all the blood Piedmont 89. Key players of the There's no more daily practice. second place in the recent
Registration for the clinic will
terms of language, which we call recognize the gap is there, but picture too is highlighted by slowy pouring out. Aid Colonnade win included, James Edwards, 18 And no more miles to run.
points, Charles Strum, 17 points, be held in the new Maxwell
Georgia State
Volleyball Tournament at
Women's Fountain all of Macon.
"lingo", and the elder's causes only as a temporary action. Once excellent acting, casting, plenty These faults can be College Union at 8 a.m. Qasses
of action, and beautiful scenery. Anderson, 12 points and now Soccer Season is over- DeKalb Junior College. At SCHEDULE
conflict in speech. Even when we their children have grown up and overlooked due to the stars. Alter
touch, observe, hear or eat, we have children, there will be It should be warned, howeever. all Steve McQueen took a With Advertising departed Buck Waters, 21 points. I hated to see it end. will be held at the GC athletic
complex west of Milledgeville on
DeKalb, Ga. College cefeated Tift January 19, University of Ga.,
Home; January 20, Memphis
are performing communication another gap. "rhese parents let On the 2nd of December G.C. Because you see in practice. College, Columbus College, and
Wayne Wilson, one of the faced West Ga. and were well Every teammate is your friend. Rt. 49. At the end of the day, a bus DeKalb Junior College before State University, Home; January
of some form. their children do what their peers will return participants to the 27, Chattanooga Y., Away;
What we have is commonly do. Most of these children will do GETTING A CHARGE Maybe it's time you came eidtors of the Campus Ad- outclassed by the Wildcats, losing losing to West Georgia College in
vertiser, which ceased 117 to 72. An unbelieveable height Soccer Season is over- the finals. February 3, University of
called a generation gap. In the well in life because they will OUT OF THE OLD down and looked over our
earliest centuries, things went by
the same as now between old and
know what this old workd is
really like. They can face reality.
MUSIC BOX? wide selection of stereo
publication at the end of Fall
quarter, will assist Mark Roe in
difference and a great amount of The pain and sweat are gone.
talent and experience enabled Practice starts next August, It's That Georgia College Gymnastic
Florida, Home; February 9,
Appalachian State, Away.
components. We have securing advertisers for the West Ga. to easily defeat G.C. But that my friend, is too long. February 10, University of
young. It will go on forever. Our Some parents shelter their T
generation is far more advanced children from all the evils in the
world. They keep their chileren
1. amplifiers, tuners, matched Colonnade. In an interview
Wayne stated, "The Campus
Both Anderson and co-captain
Merrill Morris were impressive Soccer Season is over-
North Carolina, Away; February
12, Furman University, Away,
than the last. We learn more from speakers, tape decks, recorders, February 17, Florida State and
Advertiser" had much success in in the defeat. Many teammates again we'll COMPETES AGAINST
our mistakes and parents than
the generation before.
under protection, as if they were
still in the womb, hen the children
and the broadest selection of setting up a natural business never see. Year Again TOUHH COMPETITION University of S.C, Home;
It is like making a car.
Societies grow, just as safety
conditions are improved in cars.
are of age to go out into the world,
they are slapped in the face with
reality. The facts of life in this
y*^v records and tapes in town.
We're located at Hatcher
repore that I felt should be
carried over to the Colonnade,
after we closed down. The
Poor defense, inefficient
The season is now finished.
And just a pleasant memory.
A dual meet in February with
When the thermometer fred- Florida State University and the
zes, and the water pipes burst, university of South Carolina
February 23, Athens College,
Away; February 24, George
Peabody College, Away; March
Square and Downtown. merchangs in Milledgeville want shooting and lack of team unity Soccer Season is over- you know it is January, we all highlights the Ga. College 2, University of Ga., Away.
The elders are having trouble world could be a shock to them. know what happens in January,
seeing the changing times. The generation gap here lies to be known to GC students and enabled LaGrange to im- And though we never won.
Parents watch their children.
They try to guard them from the
things they went through while
between the parents and reality.
They're not wanting their
children to grow up.'
^ H a Ill IflllvlU vUi
faculty, so I am pleased to help
both the merchants and the
pressively defeat G.C. twice. We had the coach and spirit.
Bright spots on the team included And this made us No. 1.
newly acquired Wayne Jordan 13
pts., Edwards 15 pts., Strum and DaveLangston
don't we? It's Homecoming time
again. This year Ga. College
expects an exciting weekend of
Homecoming spirit and fun. Do
growing up. These elders are con Parents should hold con- not feel bad if you can not make it
ferences with their children. With a impressive job off the bench by v'Monday thru Saturday
to anything that they believe is guard Willie Gr is wold. Lack of to the Motorcade, because there 8 a.m. - 6 : 3 0 p.n,
harmful, from dress to music.
Yet, some parents leave the field
open, but will provide strong
the help of their children, they
can bridge the gap and shorten
all quarrels, hassels and lead
Maxwell Union Cafeteria Menu team unity was the major factor
causing the two defeats.
Sports is plenty more in store for you. Be
sure to go see our exciting "Large enough to serve you, yet small .!:'\^
homecoming basketball game, enough to give you • v. . ^ ^ ^
advice. They are pro to their
children, but want to be in on the
happy lives.

Jan. 15 Monday
Frankfurters w-Beans
Fried Chicken Livers
Schedule where they elect that gorgeous
Queen. If you do not get enough
excitement at the ballgame, go to
individual atten tion " ^ ' ^ ' ^ ' m^i^

Grilled Ham January 16-Karate, Beeson

G.C/s Education Jan. 16 Tuesday

Boneless Pork Loin
Tomale Casserole
Spaghetti w-Meat Balls
Scalloped Ham w-Potatoes
Brunswick Stew
Impressive and improved
Hall, 6:30 p.m.
January 17-Basketball Game,
Shorter College, BCHS Gym
that rip-snorting dance and have
a heck of a good time. If you can
not dance, go to the concert and
Jan. 17 victories over Ga. Southwestern (Home), 8:00 p.m. blast your mind with some great
Roast Beef Ham Loaf music. Yes, Homecoming will be MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA
Wallace McDade, prop.

Department Dept. Jan. 18 Thursday French Fiied Shrimp

Swedish Meat Balls
Italian Beef Sandwich
Chop Suey
andFtValley State boosted G.C.'s
record to an overall 3-5. G.C.'s
record in the Ga. Intercollegiate
January 18-Karate, Beeson
Hall, 6:30 p.m.
January 19-Gymnaslics, UGA,
something else this year. Be
there and have the time of your
life. I'll see you there.
Conference now stands at 2-3. HPER Bldg. 7:30 p.m,
Whether the students at G.C. G.C.'s education professors do
realizes it or not we have one of
the best Education Departments
off-campus teaching which helps
to promote G.C. and its fine BSU FRANK B.HINESJNC.
The most exciting and perhaps
most promising game of the
January 20-Basketball Game,
Fort Valley, (Away) Michael Spencer Transit Books Unlimited
season, so far, came on Monday Gymnastics Memphis, HPER
to be found. Education Efept. night against Berry College. Bldg. 1:30 p.m. 143 W. Hancock St. Milledgeville, Ga.
Some of the students in the Students and non-students also
find a Master of Education
(Baptist Student Union) THE SPORTMAN'S HEADQUARTERS Down by 20 points at the half, the January 22-Basketball Game, KIRKPATRICK'S
Education courses will be ven- Colonials came roaring back in Paine CX)llege, (Away).
turing out Wednesday on a TAPS degree offered in nine cer- the second half by clutch shooting January 23"Karate, Beeson PARTY SHOP •Cameras •Films •Gift Items
program in courses of which they tification areas: elementary llOS. Wayne St.
are taking this quarter. The education, business education, EVERY and rebounding by Edwards, Hall, 6:30 p.m. Finest In
Party Accessories
•Magazines •Books
TAPS program allows the biology, English, health, HPER, Milledgeville, Ga. Strum and Jordan, But with 3
minutes left in the game, score
January 24-Basketball Game,
North Ga. College, (Away). and
student to go into the classroom
and aid teachers from grading
home economics, math, Spanish,
and social science.
TUEADAY tied 75 all, the momentum January 25"Karate, Beeson Gourmet Foods Charles Pennington, Prop.
papers to teaching small reading Be sure to read your Colonnade Welcome Back quickly ceased and Berry College'
pulled out a 82-72 victory. Credit
Hall, 6:30 p.m.
January 26"Basketball Game, 452-2644
and spelling classes. This about your education department COME ONE!! COME ALU! Mack Hudson,
program is very beneficial to the to learn more about what's For though, must be given to the G.C. Berry College, (Away).
January 27-Basketball Game,
110 W. Greene St.
fans and supporters who in my GC Student
student to help him realize what
being behind the teachers desk is
happening and about what this Winter Quarter opinion had much to do with the Palm Beach Atlantic, BCHS Gym Milledgeville, Ga.
really like.
great Education Department is
doing for you. BSU HOUSE incredible comeback. (Home) 8:00 p.m.



Art Department Teams Up Two Georgia C A L M A i T 1 0 . V ^^f\^t\A:)au SX^B^(^I^< \

This quarter the art depart-
ment is trying a new method of
Hokanson will teach the section
over sculpture and design and
College students
teaching the. Art Appreciation Mr. George Gaines will cover
course. T 103 .<section 2) course crafts. Designed to make the To Exhibit Work
will" have four teachers. Each class more> interesting, the ex-
instructor wdll be teaching their perimental class may prove to be Two senior art education
special field of interest for a total the best method yet. When asked, ma.iors at Georgia College will
of 11 days each. Miss Janice several students in the class exhibit their work in the Ina
Hardy began with the in- seem to think the course will be Russell Dillard Library at GC
troduction and a section on ar- much more interesting with four beginning on Saturday, Jan. 13.
chitecture. Miss Jo Anne Nix will instructors. A good thing is going Mary Haney of Macon will
cover the section over painting for us. display drawings and crafts with
and graphics. Mr. Dean a special emphasis on acrylic
James Fountain of
Open Letter To Art Editor Milledgeville will exhibit work
over the past three years done at
GC and Macon Junior College.
Dear Art Editor, was once ignorant enough to The exhibit, free and open to
I have heard of the new method think that a history major could the public, will close on Feb. 2.
now being used to teach Art 103, d-without it. For ins't the history Hours of the opening reception
"The Soldier" "Hard To Say" and I am delighted. Sometimes I of man found in art? In some
cases, man's art is the only real
on Saturday will be from 7 to 9
p.m. Hours of exhibit on the other
"A Mirror Of Reality" As I walked through the muddy rice paddies,
believe that many students have
the same feelings toward Art 103 traces of history left to us. Isn't
art a part of all of the
days vary, depending on the
hours the library is open. The GC
I've hunted in dictionaries and as I had as a freshman. I looked
As I walked through the jungles one day. quotable quotes upon it as five burdensome hours humanities? library is generally open from 8
I spied a young soldier, all bloody and dying, Listened to songs that had to be learned but which This new method of instruction a.m. until 10 p.m. Mondays
You're gone now I felt his young brow, he was hot as the clay. through Thursdays, from 8 a.m.
I must accept read poetry would be of no real value to me. should bring an even greater
watched children at play My attitude changed after I personal importance to students. until 6 p.m. on Fridays, from 9
You're gone now "I see by your outfit you are a young soldier," am. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays,
Scribbled words on napkins and encountered the course under Every instructor has an area in
He said in a daze as I knealt by his side doodled on envelopes Miss Janice Hardy. his or her field that is more and from 2 to 6p.m. on Sundays.
For a while, There was a while "I once.was a soldier, but now I am wounded. Refreshments will be served.
When we walked together But I now feel that no college special than all of the others. By
We laughed
I 'm bleeding so badly that I know I shall die." in searching out graduate is really educated allowing the instructors to teach that the Great I berote "i^^ ^^^ ^
"Please tell my family that I shall miss them." to find unless that student has some the portions that most appeal to
And talked He said as the blood came out from his side. to yet say. . . knowledge of what men through them, the Art Department will, I
And Walked together "I miss them so dearly, Ihave not seen them, There have been the ages have created and are feel put more spirit and un-
Since the day at home, when my father died." derstanding into the classroom.
picnics, football scrambles, continuing to create. When as a
And you're gone now "I feel no pain though I am wounded, Hearty laughter, long rides freshman that this was a So, I send my sincerest ad-
So scared am I as you kneel by my side. quiet lonely talks, necessary course to a history miration to our Art Department.
There was the night we lost our way Oh, how long shall it last ? my moment of vision, an extra cup of coffee, a Coke, major, I was shocked.
And found each other For after it ends, I know I shall die." Sunday dinner out I'm now shocked to think that I Jacquelyn Jones
There was the evening you called to say, "Oh, why do you sit there, and look so sadly? The movies and an unexpected visit,
"I love you." Oh why do you mourn me when you know I shall die. a telephone answered prayer.
It's the first time I've seen you, and likely the last, When you are far
There was the morning you brought me or I am gone away
the last of summer's flowers So please, please, tell me you will not cry."
I won't forget
picked from no where special Who and what and all you are
placed in a vase "Please get me a medic as well as a Bible,
And place God's book so near to my head. All you have been
and in my heart Or ever-easily-what you have meant to me.
you're gone now. Go quickly now, and do not fail me,"
When I returned, the soldier was dead.
I sit at my window Sharon Butterbaugh
watching the seasons pass
Each comes 'Dave Langston
And then, like you.
They go.
Leaving nothing but memory. So the children laughed
and the flutist played That familar sunshine smile
and I felt time slow s gone now
You're gone. and I sit back
-Sharon Butterbaugh down
at least once for me indoubting wonder
to get off at my own harsh words Architecture at G.C. Adams Dorm one of our newest and
and again to get on and light up a lonely cigarette. most efficiently designed dorms at G.C.
It doesn't hurt too much I damn you
not for another go-round. but not in soul.
Perpahs the snow will come
Micky Yarbrough and cover my fears.
Then maybe
Atlanta was the place trapped by frozen cottonballs
The afternoon was almost autumn
He sat near way
Talk was easy
I can find a place
to release a hidden cry.
-Micky Yarbrough Lost and
discussing this City sidewalks
arguing that
Grass in the cracks Found Column. .
solving the problems of the world Pigeons pecking at bubblegum
creating a few of our own
When the talk was over
Telephone pole at the curb .
One way street sign Organ Recital Monday Please
He said goodbye for a while Boys spring cycling
One man caneing his way Send All
and walked home confused
I sat there watching over a break in the cement
Forgotten fall leaves and pine cones
January 15,1973 8:00 ^
and fell in love with his shadow
Yellow no parking paint
Lost And Found 116 Soutti MayM StrMt
-Sharon Butterbaugh Mlll«dgr«lll«; Owrgia 31081
Bits of gravel and clods of dirt
And a young woman walking alone P.M. Russell Auditorium To THAT SPEC!AL PLACE....FOR THAT SPECIAL QtFT'
Serenading the sky.
-Sharon Butterbaugh Be There!! Editor
Box 1079 Special Tape Sale
To Georgia College
Send your Want-Ads to Editor; FOR THE THOROUGHLY MODERN... Georgia College
Box 1079. Please have all ads into Students
the newspaper office on Wed-
nesday of the week you want
them published. Thanks.
Due to circumstances not 3 Tapes For $10.00
under pur control, the COLON-

Please send all contributions to

the . Literary Section to Kitty
i:28':W. Hancock St. Phone 452-3221
NADE will be issued on Monday.
Next week, the COLONNADE
will resume its regular issue date
McGarity, Box 1066, or to Mickey ^ ^ liocated in the rear of KENWIN of Friday. 935 N. Columbia Street
Yarbrough, Box 1909.

I\ 60 Rt 66K»/U 6 a.
9\ftte d
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ee 60 TitR^ 6 c3

To A MEui K(\D^o

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