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Nirma University of Science and Technology

Institute of Law
Supplementary Examination, February - 2008
B.A LL.B. (Hans), Semester-I

Rolli Supervisor's initial I

Exam No. with date
Time: 3 Hours
Instructions: 1. Attempt all questions.
2. Figures to right indicate full marks.
3. Section wise separate answer book to be used.

1. Write the descriptive note on Any One of the followingquestions. 20

[i] Write an essay on Law and Social change in India.
[ii] Discuss the constitutional, legislative and other welfare measures
under taken for SC in India.

2 A. Define / Explain the followingterms. ( Any Five)

[i] Social Stratification
[ii] Matrilineal Family
[iii] Caste Panchayat
[iv] Kinship
[v] Virilocal Family
[vi] Social Classification

B. Write the answers of the following questions in 5 -6 sentences 10

(Any Five ).
[i] How the social process and Legal development is interlinked?
[il] Briefly explain prohibited degrees of relationship.
[ill] What are the basic features of caste system in India?
[iv] Discuss the types of marriages on the basis of its legal positions.
[v] Point out legislations which have influenced the concept of
[vi] What are the common grounds for divorce under all personal laws.

Write the short notes on Any Three of the following.

[i] Explain the concept of minority and discuss their problems.
[il] Discuss the problems faced by OBCs in India.
[ill] Concept and provisions of Restitution of Conjugal rights under
various personal laws.
[iv] Explain the concept and main features of Jajmani system.

Explain the concept of Coastal regulation Zone and classify it.

Discuss the concept of Lok-Adalat and explain the procedure,
advantages and disadvantages of it.
5 A. Explain the followingterms.
[i] Patent
[il] Sustainable development
[ill] Cyber law
{iv] Public Interest Litigation
[v] Sociology.

B. Write Short notes (Any Three) 15

[i] Problems of Minority
[il] Problems of Scheduled Tribes
[ill] Major Conventions and Declaration relating to sustainable
[iv] National Policy on Resettlement and Rehabilitation.

Write an essay on Any One of the following.

[i] Law as a Profession
[il] Public Interest Litigation.