The high-speed catamaran Spirit of Ontario with controls application for waterjet.

The AHTS vessel Seabulk Badamyar with controls application for steerable thrusters. 

The passenger/cargo ship Finnmarken with controls application for controllable pitch propeller.

LIPSTRONIC 7000 PRODUCT FAMILY WÄRTSILÄ® propulsion control is a single source of propulsion control solutions for all needs. These are designed to fully support the proven, world-leading propulsion solutions in use today.

All propulsion solutions need a reliable, easyto-use control system for manoeuvring the vessel. Wärtsilä has years of experience in electric and electronic control systems that meet varying customer requirements. User-focused development ensures that both navigators and engineers will find the Wärtsilä propulsion control system easy to use. The systems are designed in accordance with IMO regulations and the requirements of all leading classification societies. Standardization of components reduces the cost of engineering, installation and maintenance, while allowing customization for individual needs and preferences. A single supplier of propulsion and propulsion control systems ensures easy integration and total service. PROPULSION SYSTEMS Whichever Wärtsilä power and propulsion systems you choose, we provide a single control system. The new generation of Lipstronic 7000 provides more effective load control and secures optimal preformance of the engine

and propulsor. It is a unique combination of knowhow and experience from a supplier of propulsion systems, engines and control systems. With its fully adjustable and easy-to-use set of parameters, Lipstronic 7000 is a single solution for all propulsion systems: • Controllable pitch propellers • Waterjets • Steerable thrusters • Transverse thrusters • Engine safety system • Rudder control system • Joystick system. LIPSTRONIC SERIES The latest technology enables us to build a family of different control functions into a single, intelligent, decentralized and modular system. The result is – one system for all. The modules used are all standardized, fieldproven, off-the-shelf components. The software is made in accordance with European standards and documentation requirements. Plug-in fieldbus technology minimizes cabling and simplifies upgrading the system at a later date.

The tug Thetis with controls application for steerable thrusters.

The platform supply vessel Miss Jane Tide with controls application for steerable thrusters. 

LIPSTRONIC 7000 CPP Lipstronic 7000 CPP controls are designed to optimize control in any vessel with a controllable pitch propeller - whatever the engine power, speed or operating mode. The system controls the propeller pitch position and engine speed in combined or split modes. It includes a propeller and engine load control system that benefits from many years’ research and experience. The supplied system is customized for each vessel using the system’s user-friendly operator panel. The panel also provides optional information about the propulsion plant. The system interfaces with any type of engine and gearbox configurations. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Pitch control Engine RPM control Dynamic load control Power take-in (PTI)/power take-off (PTO) functions Multiple combinatory modes Cruise control Prevention of wind milling Running up (load) programmes Suitable for single and twin screw Electric shaft lever system User-friendly operator panel Integrated back-up control Remote start/stop of engines Type approved by all major classifi cation societies 5 control stations available Interfacing with joystick, dynamic position (DP), VDR, power management systems (PMS), alarm system and other ship automation. bus technology between the cabinets and the remote control stations. The system’s built-in redundancy makes it safe and robust. The system meets all the requirements for vessels that need to comply with high-speed code regulations. Field-bus technology makes it easy to connect coordinating control systems like Lipsstick and Auto Pilot. LIPSTRONIC 7000 STEERABLE THRUSTER 360 degree control of each thruster gives manual motion control. Direction and thrust are easily controlled at the manoeuvring stations. • Modular design • Fixed pitch propellers • Controllable pitch propellers • Retraction control • Interfaces for DP and Auto Pilot LIPSTRONIC 7000 TRANSVERSE THRUSTER Transverse thrusters improve the manoeuvrability of vessels at low ship speeds. The control can be integrated with the Lipstronic 7000 system or stand-alone depending on the ship’s configuration. Field bus communication can be selected between the cabinet and manoeuvring stations. LIPSTRONIC 7000 ENGINE START/STOP AND SAFETY The engine safety system can be a standalone system or integrated with the Lipstronic propulsion control system. The system meets all classification regulations and is type approved in all major societies. The system takes care of starting and stopping and all safety shutdowns. Appropriate alarms are sent to the central alarm system. LIPSTRONIC 7000 RUDDER CONTROL The rudder control is based on the same standard Lipstronic 7000 system. The rudder control can be integrated with the manoeuvring stations to simplify the user interface. Lipstronic 7000 rudder control can also be interfaced with in-ship auto-pilot systems or vessel control systems.
Main bridge panel for Lipstronic 7000 CPP control. 4

Main bridge panel for the Lipstronic 7000 waterjet control system.

LIPSTRONIC 7000 WATERJET High-speed vessels, either mono-hull or catamaran, can be propulsed by up to four waterjets. The Lipstronic 7000 system gives effective, reliable control of all the waterjets and is based on years of experience. The basic system controls and indicates the steering angle, bucket position and impeller speed. The system’s main features are decentralized controllers and the use of field

Wärtsilä transverse thrusters.

Lipstronic 7000 steerable thruster control in Propac execution. 5

JOYSTICK SYSTEM The joystick with brand name Lipsstick offers manoeuvring modes for sailing or manoeuvring at low ship speeds. This system is suitable for controlling up to eight propulsors, such as (unlinked) rudders, controllable pitch propellers, bow and stern thrusters. Auto heading mode is a standard option. Typical applications are working boats such as supply vessels. The joystick solution represents a fully coordinating Lipstronic 7000 system. Optional like the joystick for waterjet applications, the joystick controller sends the users orders to the decentralized control systems for actuation. A real-time data highway ensures that the user is always in control. The data highway can have two separate fields, one for control and one for diagnostics. 

The system is open, allowing full integration with other systems on the vessel such as dunamic position (DP), navigation systems and power management systems (PMS). The diagnostic highway can be used to obtain in-ship monitoring and tracking of propulsion data. PROPULSION MONITORING SYSTEM The latest monitoring system keeps track of your data – wherever you are. The propulsion control monitoring system has an attractive user interface for viewing data and also acts as a ship-to-shore data provider, giving access to propulsion data wherever the user is. Customized monitoring systems are built using standard industrial data mining servers and protocols. The data may be

browsed or analysed from the user’s preferred location, using the global Internet. The same monitoring system can be used to indicate fuel consumption without mechanical flow sensors.

FUEL CONSUMPTION An optimized propulsion control system gives the most effective thrust in any weather or load conditions. DIAGNOSTIC Manually or digitally logged operation data makes it possible to analyse and track performance changes before critical situations arise.

Engine room.

LIPS efficiency rudders.

COMFORT Intelligent load control increases comfort on board with regard to noise and vibration, especially in changeable conditions. RE-ENGINEERING The modular structure ensures easy upgrading for • changing requirements to propulsion plant • additional control functions. WÄRTSILÄ AS PARTNER Wärtsilä is committed to keeping the customer’s installation productive and profitable throughout its lifetime. The direction and level of services are tailored to suit customer specific needs. Shipbuilders and

shipowners both obtain major benefits from having a single supplier for the system and all related services. Wärtsilä’s service concept is offered through a worldwide network of more than 8000 professionals in close to 70 countries, providing customized service support for all marine vessels and offshore applications. WÄRTSILÄ SERVICES • Design and engineering • Project management • Financing • Field, workshop and ship repair services • Spare parts • Technical support • Training • Operation support

SERVICE AGREEMENTS The benefits of life-time support include less down time, low lifecycle costs and proven second-hand value. Wärtsilä service agreements are customized to meet the specific requirements of each installation and cover all aspects of services.


Wärtsilä enhances the business of its customers by providing them with complete lifecycle power solutions. When creating better and environmentally compatible technologies, Wärtsilä focuses on the marine and energy markets with products and solutions as well as services. Through innovative products and services, Wärtsilä sets out to be the most valued business partner of all its customers. This is achieved by the dedication of more than 14,000 professionals manning 130 Wärtsilä locations in close to 70 countries around the world.

WÄRTSILÄ® is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2007 Wärtsilä Corporation.

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