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_ De ppler Evlect a — 7 a a ate cas t Fe ts = Mreguency et source . b, — Freguency at liskner - speed of sound velative ty air(Qyy m/s nomteal)_ 2 Coordinate system at rest relative tothe air“ e+ coordinate direction from Listner to Source _ a velocity of [istner a _¢ ve velocity of source _ oietsestee o Beth ay and vy signed per above epordinae Sys. 2 When sound js reflected is a special ease ___werked én twe parts: _ 2nd step - Retled ug _surtce trext a source with Greg uency. that of | _ determined inthe Yirsh step, 2 Elbe on wavelength 2 Only mation of souree, Us, aMGects wavelength e Treat uw and vs as always positive ngth ahead of moving so Gees 56. # Two tain whisles, A and B, cach have @freqency of 4392 He. Ais Satonary and Bis moving toward the right (aay fiom A) at a speed of 35.0 js. lsteer is between the two —— oe ae whistles and is moving tonard the right with © sped of 1800 m/s (See Figure 1245.) (e) Whacis the frequency fom A 2s beacd by the listener? (6) What is he fequency fom B at heard by the ener? (e) What the Dea fequency detected —— byte istener? = Lp 380 fp — L moving away L SromS =7 hear - vse > lower tresaency — BIS = (Ui2=/Snfs, Uz 26 Re siyio” B42N, = SIEM. Ho ee Coordinate direction — coe Le BEY: Uz Ft3Sm/s_ $e ee ey Sys W-R f= [ez a2s] =bul= 9H 0.878m_, any diveation What is hb duets 8? a a 2 _ rey BYERS mls Intron of B, = ES = SEs Butt BSS 0, 967m : I, — : Ti es Aeacd bye Bek eh feeyuemy 2 0 oll. To ewan sound plus the seund reflected ese Ts _freguency cf sound reaching the | the hat Clying toward the wall 2 This is ¢ two step prob ne. First and then the soun bacle to th wal( vellects the sound so ouree_ and the 7 és the | S52 25.0 kis, the Vragucney semt out by bal 1 — | Se Lrepeens thet bat hears coming back _ ae es ee Connon denouinater (v+Va)hs —(V-Va) bs = (V-Vs)$ pet s ae Thus 2Vafs= (V-Up) Spent i Ve (2% + fects) = V Peat f V+ Ve = Barts 54 Fpcats V3m[gs 225 Ay + 25; pF Hs A Vez lS¥m(s