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We Theme/To Level Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Activities Educational
ek pic Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
1 Listen to dialogue. Read a newspaper a) Introduction to Grammar 1. Express one’s ICT Skills:
1– People Give important article Poetry Subject – feelings and dedicate a
2 details verb experiences poem
Chapter 1 b) Elements of agreement 2. Ask for and give
Special Ties 2 Take part in discussions by Scan for details poetry/ Literary Adjectives advice Preparation
making suggestions, agreeing Spelling devices to describe 3. Answer MCQ for the Real
and showing preference Identify main ideas qualities 4. Match words World:
Identify supporting Poem: Poison Talk with meanings show
Reply an e-mail on a school details Vocabulary 5. Circle the appreciation
project a) About the poet Antonyms adjectives to friends
Literature: 6. Complete a text and
We Didn't b) Synopsis of the Sound 7. Identify main ideas 8. Write family
Mean To 3 Make predictions poem System a summary
Go To The Consonants 9. Write an informal
Sea c) Literal & Figurative /k/,/r/ letter
meaning of the

d) Different elements
of the poem :
plot/ themes/
moral values,
literary devices
Listen to a biography Grammar 1. Match expressions Learning How
3 People 1 Respond to questions Give important details NOVEL: Conjunction with pictures to Learn
appropriately by stating, Read an article. We Didn't Mean To Go To The Sea s 2. Answer MCQ Skills:
Chapter 2 refuting and giving details Scan for details Adverbs 3. Role-playing find
Political Spelling a) Introduction to 4. Look for meaning information
Figures 2 Follow sequence of novel Vocabulary in dictionary on Malaysian
ideas Contextual 6. Draw conclusion leaders
Identify main ideas. clues 7. Identify main ideas
Identify supporting a) About the author – 8. Write a summary Values and
details 9. Write an article Citizenship:
Sound 10. Dictation learn more
3 Write an article by b) Review of System 11. Novel -Complete about the
expanding notes and chapters 1-7 Consonants a diagram /table national
Literature: outlines /d/ symbols of
We Didn't Write down key ideas c) Vocabulary Malaysia
Mean To Make simple predictions building
Go To The and give reasons
We Theme/To Level Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Activities Educational
ek pic Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
Listen to a documentary Grammar 1. Match expressions ICT Skills:
4,5 People 1 Respond to statements and Give important details NOVEL: Wh- with pictures Internet
opinions by agreeing and We Didn't Mean To Go To The Sea questions 2. True / false search
Chapter 3 disagreeing politely Punctuation statements
Famous a)Chapter 1-2 : 3. Role-playing Learning How
Personaliti Read an article synopsis capital 4. Answer MCQ to Learn
es Scan for details letters, 5. Match and expand Skills:
2 Identify important details b) Discussion of commas sentence parts find
Identify main ideas setting/ characters/ and full 6. Fill in the blanks information
Identify supporting details plot/ themes/ moral stops 7. Identify main ideas on important
values, literary and supporting personalities
Summarize main ideas in devices Vocabulary details
articles read Prefixes 8. Write a summary
Identify cause and effect ‘inter’- and 9. Write an article
Write a description of a ‘pre-‘ 10. Complete a chart
famous personality Thesaurus 11.Novel- Quiz
3 skills:

Long and
vowels /æ/
and /e/, /
υ;/ and /Λ/

6- Social Request assistance and Listen to a talk. Grammar 1. Express personal Preparation
7 Issues 1 express support for others Give important details. NOVEL: Prepositions of place and ideas and opinions for the Real
Read an article from the We Didn't Mean To Go To The position 2. Complete a World:
Chapter 4 internet. Sea Prepositions of time diagram handle
Challenges Spelling Prepositions of direction 3. Listen and conflicts
Faced by a) Chapter 3-4 complete a chart in friendships
Young Identify important details. Vocabulary 4. Express ideas on
People 2 Respond to comment and b) Discussion of One word for a group of rights and
questions orally. setting/ characters/ words. responsibilities
Identify main ideas. plot/ themes/ moral 5. Answer MCQ
Identify supporting details. values, literary Sound System 6. Match words with
devices Consonant clusters /str/, meaning
Write a speech /sm/ 7. Identify main ideas
c) Consolidation 8. Write a summary
Practices for 9. Write a speech
3 formative test 10.Novel- Describe
Literature: characters
We Didn't d) Literature review-
Mean To poem and the
Go To The novel

Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Educational

Week Theme/Topic Level Activities
Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
Social Issues 1 Listen to a conversation. Read an article. Grammar 1. Complete a table ICT Skills:
8- 9 Give important Scan for details The simple present tense 2. Present personal Internet
Chapter 5 details Dictation NOVEL: for instructions. views search
Time We Didn't Mean To Go To The Positive and negative 3. True/False
Management 2 Identify important details. Sea statements statements
Take part in discussions by Identify main ideas. 4. Identify main ideas
agreeing, disagreeing, giving Identify supporting details a) Chapter 5-7 Vocabulary 5. Write a summary
opinions and defending synopsis Synonyms 6. Identify the point of
one’s point of view view
b) Discussion: Sound System 7. Construct
Write a letter with guidance Setting/characters/plot/ Long and short vowels / sentences
3 themes/moral values/ literary u;/ and /Ʊ/ 8. Answer MCQ
devices 9. Write a letter
Literature: 10. Novel- Describe
xxxxxxxxxxxxx characters


11 -12 Social Issues 1 Listen to a conversation. Read an article on job 1. Group discussion ICT Skills:
Give important descriptions Poem: The Day the Bulldozer 2. Write a dialogue Internet
Chapter 6 details Scan for details Came using persuasive search
Teenagers Spelling language
and Careers Give important a) About the poet 3. Identify main ideas Preparation
2 details Identify main ideas. 4. Write a summary for the Real
Respond to comments and Identify supporting details b) Synopsis of the 5. Write a formal World:
questions orally poem letter: job career
application options
Literature: Participate in discussion by c) Literal & Figurative meaning of 6. Complete a text
Around The agreeing, disagreeing politely Write a formal letters by the poem 7. Construct
World in 80 3 and giving opinions expanding notes and outlines sentences
Days Draw conclusions d) Different elements of the 8. Novel- Describe
poem : setting/ characters/ plot/ characters
themes/ moral values, literary


Week Theme/Topic Level Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Activities Educational
Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
13- 14 Health 1 Participate in Listen to a talk Grammar 1. Match speech Knowledge
conversation by giving Give important details NOVEL: Personal pronouns bubbles to pictures Acquisition:
Chapter 7 support and Read an article We Didn't Mean To Go To The Sea Possessive pronouns 2. List names of take a food quiz
Mirror, Mirror expressing Scan for details diseases
appreciation Dictation Essay questions on EVENTS/ Vocabulary 3. Answer MCQ Thinking Skills:
THEMES/ MORAL VALUES Base words 4. Identify main ideas dentifying
Identify important ideas. Dictionary skills: 5. Write a summary causes
2 Respond to comment and a) Events that occur in identify base words 6. Cloze passage
questions orally. a main character’s 7. Complete
Identify main ideas. life Sound System sentences
Literature: Identify supporting details Long and short vowels 8. Write a speech
We Didn't Mean b) the significance of / Ə,/ з: / 9. Sequence
To Go To The Sea Write a speech by an event events
Poem- 3 expanding on notes and 10. Reciting poem
outlines c) Events in which
themes are present
1. Express own
1 Listen to a talk. NOVEL: Grammar experiences
Health Give important details. We Didn't Mean To Go To The Sea The simple past tense. 2. True/False
Participate in a Read an story. Thinking Skills:
Preposition ‘of’ statements
Chapter 8 conversation by Dictation creative
a)The messages and values 3. Answer MCQ
Take a Break expressing concern for thinking
in the novel Vocabulary 4. State meaning of
others Identify important ideas.
b) universal values Prefixes ‘un-’, ‘dis- words
Respond to comment and
15- 16 and instances in ’,’im-‘,’non-‘ 5. Write a talk based
Literature: 2 questions orally.
which these values on notes given
Around The World Participate in a Identify main ideas.
are illustrated Sound System 6. Complete a text
in 80 Days conversation Identify supporting details.
Consanant clusters 7. Identify main ideas
Consolidation Practices for formative /gr/,/gl/ 8. Write a summary
Poem- Write a speech by
test 9. Talk about value and
3 expanding on notes and
message from the
Week Theme/Topic Level Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Activities Educational
Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
1. Express one’s
Social Issues 1
Grammar 2. Plan an outing Preparation for the
Listen to a sport news. Literature review- poems
Countable and 3. Listen to and Real World:
Chapter 9 Give important details. and novel
Express support for others uncountable nouns. take notes gather
Be Fit, Be Healthy Read a magazine article
Modal verbs ‘can’ 4. Draw a chart information on
Scan for details
‘must’ ‘may’, ‘might’ or graph sport and
17 Write a letter to a pen-pal 5. Answer MCQ exercise
2 Identify important ideas.
overseas on sport and Vocabulary 6. Identify main
Identify main ideas.
exercise Suffixes ideas ICT Skills:
Identify supporting details.
-ness’,’-ly’ 7. Write a summary e- journal
8. Write a report
We Didn't Mean Draw conclusions.
9. Novel- Sequence the
To Go To The Sea 3

1. Complete a text
Environment 2. Answer MCQ
1 Listen to a radio programme
3. Match words
Give important details. Multiple
Chapter 10 with meaning
Read an article Intelligences:
Keep Malaysia Grammar 4. Identify and
Scan for details REVISION ON Demonstrative sequence main
make a craft
Identify important ideas.
FORM 1 POEMS pronouns events
Compound sentences 5. Find evidence to
2 Respond to comment and items
18 Ask for assistance and support statements
questions orally. Sads I am
respond politely Vocabulary 6. Write an article
Identify main ideas.
Similes 7. Construct
Identify supporting details. Newsbreak Thinking Skills:
8. Distinguish
Write an article by applying True/False
Literature: between simple,
process writing skills statements
We Didn't Mean compound
To Go To The Sea and complex


Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Education
Week Theme/Topic Level Informational Use Aesthetic Use Activities al
Interpersonal Use Content
1. Match answer to
1 Listen to a dialogue.
Health Give important details.
2. True/False
Read an speech. Grammar ICT Skills:
Chapter 11 Scan for details The Future Tense Internet
3. Answer MCQ
For a Better Spelling *using the present search
4. State meaning of
Tomorrow REVISIONS ON FORM 2 POEMS continuous tense
2 Participate in conversation by Identify important ideas * using ‘going to’ Learning
5. Identify point of
20 seeking clarification and Respond to comment and My Dad, My Hero * using ‘will’ How to
responding appropriately questions orally. Learn
6. Identify cause
Identify main ideas What is Red Vocabulary Skills:
and effect
Identify supporting details Suffix: ‘~less’ create a
7.Identify main ideas
Literature: fact file
8. Write a summary
We Didn't Mean Draw conclusions
9. Write a speech
To Go To The Sea Write a simple report based on
10. Construct
3 itinerary given
26. Express one’s
Ask for assistance and feeling, opinions
express gratitude and thoughts
Exercises on Novel & Poem about world
Listen to a radio programme
Questions peace ICT Skills:
Give important details Grammar
2. Complete Internet
Read a newspaper report Simple present:
sentences search
Scan for details tense for facts and
Spelling universal truths 3. Answer MCQ
4. Identify key Preparatio
Environment Articles:
words n for the
Identify important ideas ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’
21 5. Write a public Real
Chapter 12 2 Respond to comment and
message World:
Natural Disasters questions orally Vocabulary
6. Find meaning of find
Identify main ideas Consonants clusters
words in dictionary informatio
Identify supporting details (pronouns)
7. Identify main n
ideas and supporting on natural
Draw conclusions
details disasters
Write a recount
3 7. Write a summary
8. Construct
9. Write a recount
Learning Outcomes / Curriculum Specifications Language Educational
Week Theme/Topic Level Activities
Interpersonal Use Informational Use Aesthetic Use Content Emphases
Science and 1 Enquire about the service Listen to a talk 1. Group discussion
Technology offered Give important details 2. Complete
Read an extract from an Exercises on Novel & Poem Grammar sentences
Chapter 13 encyclopedia Questions Comparison of 3. Answer MCQ
Transportation Scan for details adjectives: 4. Find evidence to
Spelling regular and support statements
design a poster
irregular 5. Match words with
22 2 Make enquiries on an Identify important ideas forms meaning
Thinking Skills:
advertisement Identify main ideas 6. Identify main points
Identify supporting details Vocabulary using headings
Phrasal verbs 7. Identify supporting
3 Make simple predictions details
Literature: Draw conclusions 8. Write a summary
We Didn't Mean To Write a recount by expanding 9. Fill in blanks
Go To The Sea on the notes given 10. Write a recount


Listen to a talk.
Give important details.
1 1. Group discussion
Science and Read a article from the Grammar
2. Suggest ways to
Technology Internet. Sequence Futures Studies:
solve the problem
Scan for details connectors project work
3. Listen and arrange
Chapter 14 Give important details Punctuation:
ideas in sequence
Jewels of the Seas Identify main ideas *exclamation Multiple
2 Exercises on Novel & Poem 4. Answer MCQ
Identify supporting details mark Intelligences:
23 Questions 5. Match words with
Identify key ideas *apostrophe design a town
Participate in discussion by meaning
suggesting, agreeing, 6. Identify relevant
Vocabulary Thinking Skills:
disagreeing and defending one’s point
Literature: Quantifiers comparing and
point of view 7. Complete a text
We Didn't Mean To Draw conclusions contrasting
8. Novel- Open-ended
Go To The Sea Summarize main ideas in a
3 questions
Write a book review