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Dohsa (Negative Yoga) covered by Divya Dristi


 General:
1. Rikta Tithi
2. Paksha-Randhra Tithi
3. Tithi Gandanta
4. Parva Tithi
5. Sankranti: Punya-Kala
6. Nakshatra Gandanta
7. Nakshatra Visha Ghati
8. Yoga Gandanta
9. Bhadra (Vishti Karna)
10. Rahu Kala
11. Gulika Kala
12. Yama Ganta Kala
13. Mrityu Yoga
14. Kakracha Yoga
15. Samvartaka Yoga
16. Dagdha Yoga (Day and Tithi)
17. Visha Yoga
18. Hutashana Yoga
19. Dagdha Yoga (Day and Nakshatra)
20. Yamaghanta Yoga
21. Madhu Sarpisha Yoga
22. Masa Soonya Tithi
23. Masa Soonya Nakshatra
24. Tithi Soonya Nakshatra
25. Tithi Soonya Lagna
26. Kaaldanda (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
27. Dhumra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
28. Dhwansha (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
29. Vajra (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
30. Mudgara (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
31. Padma (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
32. Lumba (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
33. Utpaata (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
34. Mrityu (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
35. Kaana (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
36. Mushala (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
37. Gada (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
38. Matanga (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
39. Raksha (Based on Day and Nakshatra)
40. Masa Soonya Rashis
41. Adal Yoga
42. Vidal Yoga
43. Solar Eclipse
44. Lunar Eclipse
45. Eclipse Nakshatra
46. Eclipse Three Days
47. Adhika Masa
48. Sun Jupiter Combustion
49. Sun Venus Combustion
50. Sunday
51. Tuesday
52. Saturday
53. Sun in Debilitation
54. Moon in Debilitation
55. Mars in Debilitation
56. Mercury in Debilitation
57. Jupiter in Debilitation
58. Venus in Debilitation
59. Saturn in Debilitation
60. Bad Chandra Masa
61. Bad Tithi
 Based on Lagna:
1. Highly Negative Planets
2. Negative Planets
 Based on Moon at Birth Time:
1. Negative Chandra Bala
2. Negative Tara Bala
 For Marriage:
1. Hari Shayana
2. Latta Dosha

How Latta dosha is formed

Astrologers and guardians of the bride and groom see whether the day
of the marriage is free from any affliction of any dosha and other
obstacles. Latta dosha is such a condition which is considered malefic for
marriage. ‘latta’ means leg, which means if a planet kicks a nakshatra
stationed in the marriage muhurat then latta dosha is afflicted.

According to astrology a planet situated in a nakshatra if strikes a

nakshatra before or after forms latta dosha. Let’s see how a planet
strikes a nakshatra. Sun situated in a nakshatra strikes the 12th
nakshatra ahead of it. Mars kicks the 3rd nakshatra ahead of it, Jupiter
and Saturn hit the 6th and 8th nakshatra in front of them respectively.

Besides these planets there are some planets which hit back nakshatra.
The full Moon strikes the 22nd nakshatra placed at its back. Mercury
kicks the 7th nakshatra and Venus kicks the 5th nakshatra located at the
back side. Rahu strikes the 9th nakshatra stationed at its back.

Basically latta dosha is inauspicious but it is dangerous if it is made by

the malefic planet. In this situation marriage should not be fixed. For
example, Jupiter in the kritika nakshatra is kicking the 6th nakshatra
ahead i.e. pushya, and if Venus in the kritika is hitting the 5th
nakshatra i.e. uttrabhadrapada located at the back side. As latta dosha
is afflicted in these cases marriage should not be fixed.

3. Paata Dosha
4. Yuti Dosha
5. Vedha Dosha
6. Panchaka (Banna) Dosha
7. Ekargala (Kharjura) Dosha
8. Upagraha Dosha
9. Kranti-Samya Dosha
10. Dagdha Tithi Dosha
11. Ardha Yama Dosha
12. Kulika Dosha
13. Kartari Dosha
14. Khara Masa
 For Journey:
1. Nakshatra Shoola
2. Vaar/Kaala Shoola
3. Yogini Dosha for Journey
4. Chandra Dosha for Journey
5. Lagna Dosha for Journey
6. Lalatika Dosha for Journey
7. South: Mars in 10th house
8. South West: Rahu in 8th or 9th house
9. West: Saturn in 7th house
10. North West: Moon in 5th or 6th house
11. North: Mercury in 4th house
12. North East: Jupiter in 2nd or 3rd house
 House Related:
1. Earth Sleeping
2. Bad Solar Month
3. Bad Chandra Masa
4. Jupiter in Simha Rasi
5. Jupiter in Makara Rasi
6. Sun in Meena Rasi


A Curse refers to prayer or invocation for harm or injury upon one. They do not appear
by themselves but are always provoked by human being, Rishi or Deva with high atma-
bala. This is always involving emotions (anger-Mars; sorrow-Shani; shock-Rahu)
therefore graha drsti is analysed among types of dristis. Curse is burden on the Atma be it
jivatma or Paramatma (like Sri Rama). The sin indicated by Shani is the source of curse.
Whichever Lagna is rising papa is always indicated by the bhavas lorded by Shani. When
they are additional doshas like Sankranti or Tithi dosha (like amavasya when Tara was
raped by Chandra where Kali Mata lays curse on this tithi and woman born here suffer
rape and loss of purity) then the remedy for curse will also cure those aspects afflicted by


Curse is defined by planet or sign being influenced by at least two malefics by yuti or
graha dristi.Sanjayji advises to add ashtangata and papakartari. It is very important part of
chart reading and is analysed after looking at panchanga and yogas like Kalamrta,
Kalasarpa or Grahamalika Yoga. We always try to remedy the yoga which gives the
worst experience. More malefics aspecting planet makes worst emotion associated. If the
curse is present in third, sixth, ninth or eleventh from Arudhapada the native by own
action can increase the effect of curse and the advise is to stay away from himsa/vedha
and any other form of doing harm to others. For example if curse is in eleventh house
then native is lurred by good opportunity and after feeding that direction with energy the
curse starts. Jupiter afflicted cause the curse of sage, Brahmin, priests or scholar,
Mercury indicates one’s friends, relatives or uncle; Shukra-saapa (Venus) shows the
spouse as the author and Chandra/Surya shows parents or motherly/fatherly figures. Brhat
Parasara Hora Sastra also provides information about the curse of serpents (Rahu).


First we should pay attention to curses in dusthana because it shows bad intention in past
life and association with tamas guna (Shani being karaka bhava for dusthana) and when
benefic is strong then it shows full awarness (awakening state/Jagraadi in avastha
scheme). The strength of curse depends also on state of malefics; if the aspecting malefic
is vakri remedies will not work and native must experience whole periods (moola dasa) in
challenges similar to those provoked by the native in the past life(s). Shadbala also
indicates the intensity of curse and if papa-kartari is present on the bhava of the curse
then its very serious one. On the other side Jupiter aspects the dosha/curse then the
remedy will be available and potent. Involvment of Atmakaraka and eigth house ins
neccessary as that confirms nija dosha (karmik baggage) from the past life (8th house).
The final confirmation comes from Shastyamsa. Ishta Devata yuti the curse will force one
to remember the God as the lesson of the course. If still in doubt which one of the curse
will be most affecting we should open Shastyaamsa and judge most afflicted planets
using all standart rules. There will be only one active curse in the chart, so the proper
analysis of the horoscope is important to arrive at the proper remedy. Arudhas in the
signs of the Moola Dasa graha will show the source of suffering during the period.
Shatrupada (a6) involved threatens with legal cases. The last period (1/3) of the malefic
graha will be the worst and opposite for the benefic. Order is as follows: First we should
pay attention to dusthana curses, then for most afflicted one’s and then for the most
benefic being cursed. Fifth lord is always the most benefic planet in the chart. Sometimes
the curse can come from current life and that will be visible in the pra?na as advised by
Hari Hara in Pra?na Marga. If the ninth lord is involved the curse comes from past life.
Personal suffering is there if Lagnesha (lord of Lagna) or Atmakaraka is involved. Eight
lord yuti shows ailments as the results, whilst tenth house shows financial issues (Kubera
house) and humiliation (sthana of Amala yoga).


Areas afflicted will be shown by most afflicting malefics. Here we should pay attention
to natural maleficiency and also the yoga. If malefic is lording two signs then the one
with planet will be the source of greater challenge/suffering. We use also naisargika
chakra (natural zodiac) to provide informations about effect of curse and based on that we
know that Shukra curse gives problems with finances and relationships, whilst Guru-
?aapa is bad for father, studies and spending money (meena – twelfth house). Cursed Sun
is also known as Pitri dosha and affects progeny. Jupiter curse makes one wander as the
dhi is failing (similar to weak Lagnadhipati in seventh house – Brhat Parasara Hora
Sastra). Budha curse blocks one progres and learning. Lagnesh being cursed makes one
prone to commit mistakes. Arudhas yuti Ketu will show area suffering from those
mistakes. The Bhava lorded by curse suffers a lot due to effect of the curse. If its Lagna
then for no appareant reason one is attacked and can suffer from bad reputation, second
house can destroy family and makes food polluted etc. Curses present in Chara Rasis
(movable signs) are more active abroad, opposite for fixed signs. The cursed planet
should be analysed in Varga charts to give auspicious advise for different areas of life.
Curses which involves Upapada and 2nd lord from it will affect private life and
relationships. Position of Shukra from afflicting grahas will show the type of challenges
that are waiting to be experienced.


Timing of curse can be done by using Moola, Narayana or Vimshottari Dasa. For moola
dasa we look at exact planets involved in curse (cursers and cursed). Sri Rama was
banished fom kingdom for period of the Moola dasa of Shani (14 years). Sri Rama
established Rame?vara Shiva Linga and offered prayers to Lord Shiva who is pratyadi
Devata of Sun and the forgiveness has come. Based on that name ‘Rama’ is enough to
remove all curses and sins (ref. Sanjay Rath writings). For Narayana dasa we examine
first, eight and tenth from the Dasa Rasi. For Vimshottari Dasa we look at dispositor of


The remedy lies in lord of the sign where the curse is posited or the bhava karaka for this
rasi. First we should pay attention to the lord and if it’s well-placed then the remedy lies
in Guru-roopa of that lord. The list is as follows:

Sun – Dakshinamoorti

Moon – Mahavidya

Mars – Hanuman

Budha – Vyasa/Dattatreya

Jupiter – Brhasapti

Venus – Bhrgu Shani – Various Gurus (parampara mantra)

Rahu – Patanjali

Ketu – Vedamurti
If the lord of the sign/bhava is giving the remedy then somebody will give information or
directly help the native. Karaka means solving the issue even without the knowledge of
the native. By knowing the yoga of these planet we know how the curse can end/what we
must do to avoid the disaster. Dasa Rasi aspected by remedy-planet (bhava karaka or
dispositor) or Moola dasa of the same will indicate the improvement and chance to solve
the problem with remedies. If both lord and karaka bhava of the cursing house are badly
placed then curse is very hard to remedy. Similary if the cursed planet is in fixed sign in
Rasi (own decisions) or Navamsa (blessings/mantra).

If both dispositor of the curse and bhava karaka of the curse are badly placed (per the
rules explained above) the Devata of Bhava should be propiated.

Lagna – Gayatri

Fourth house – Parvati/Mahavidya

Seventh house – Lakshmi

Tenth house – Saraswati

Rest of the houses depends on the tattva/element of the Karaka.

Jupiter is the karaka for the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh – Vishnu (lord of
Akasha/Air Tattva is recommended).

Third house is ruled by Agni/Fire tattva and Prajapati mantra will form the remedy.

For the sixth, eight and the twelfth, the karaka is Shani (Vayu/Air tattva) and Shiva
mantra is the upaya.

Alternatively for bhava devata we also use Mahavidya of the cursed graha as the remedy,
same for affliction given by three malefics.

Other Rules

Additionaly if Sun is afflicted remedy comes from Jupiter and vice versa (Rahu grast
divaakaro sadrisham). For Shukra saapa worship of Sri Ganesha is advised. Vishnu
removes all curses related to Budha. Sanjay Rath: “All curses, no matter however strong
and powerful are removed by worshipping Sri Jagannatha in His Bala Gopala Vesha. He
will pull down the curse like uprooting the Arjuna trees and frees the Atma’s like those of
the trapped/cursed Yaksha in the Arjuna tree. The Mantra for worshipping Him in this
Vesha is “KLEEM KRISHNA KLEEM“. This has to be repeated ONE LAKH times by
any member of the family wishing to get rid of any curse”.

Timing Curses and their Remedies


Abhiśāpa or śāpa, otherwise known as a curse, is an invocation to the superior powers, in order to cause harm and
bring about suffering to another person or persons, nation or lands. The person bestowing the śāpa or curse causes
misfortune to another by evoking the Gods or supernatural elements. Consequently, the cursed person is engulfed by
misery and hardship, while cursed lands are devastated by wars, strife, floods and famine. A person is instigated to
curse because of extreme and intense emotions, namely, anger (Mars), sorrow (Saturn) and shock (Rāhu)[2]. Such
emotion ignites a person to curse, which very often leads to the denial of the basic aspects of happiness and content
in life like marriage, children, family, home, money, and profession etc. of the cursed subject.

Mythology of both the East and the Occident is replete with stories of curses. The ṛṣīs of yore were particularly adept
at casting sweeping curses on all and sundry at the blink of an eye. People trembled at the name of ṛṣīs like Durbāsā,
whose legendary anger provoked him to curse frequently. The Rāmāyaṇa came into existence because of Nārada’s
curse on Viṣṇu denying him marital happiness and conjugal bliss. Viṣṇu had to take birth as a human being in the
form of the Rāma avatar to fulfill Nārada’s curse[3]. Gautama’s curse on his wife Ahalyā froze her into a stone for
centuries, until the divine feet of Rāma relieved her of her misery. Gāndhārī’s curse on Kṛṣṇa destroyed the Yadu
Dynasty. Dakṣa’s curse compelled the Moon to wax and wane, while Śanaiścara was tarnished for life, as his gaze
destroyed whatever it beheld, due to the deadly curse of his wife. The reason behind these curses were a variety of
passionate reactions: Nārada’s anger at Viṣṇu’s obstruction of his marriage, Gautama’s anger and shock at his wife’s
alleged infidelity with Indra, Gāndhārī’s hatred towards Kṛṣṇa for not stopping the Kurukṣetra war and thereby
destroying the Kuru Dynasty, Dakṣa’s anger and sorrow for the Moon’s disdain towards his 26 daughters for the sake
of Rohiṇī, the sorrow of Śani’s wife for her husband’s negligence of his marital and conjugal duties in favour of a
spiritual life[4].

A curse caused many a devatā and ṛṣī to take human birth and provides the causal link in mythological narratives to
karma and rebirth, thereby connecting two souls. At a more mundane plain from the ethereal beings, mortal lives are
very often bound in curses, silently suffering the burden of their karma from either the past or the present life. Curses
and karma therefore have a symbiotic relationship; the seed of one is often embedded in the other. Hardship and
denial in one’s life can be frequently rooted in a curse from the past life. Identifying curses in a horoscope thus
becomes an important tool for determining the cause of sufferance in this life and their remedies if any may be
documented and applied.

Discussion on curses of past births is not easily found in jyotiṣa texts, except in Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra and
Candrakalā Nāḍī, both of which talk about the denial of children due to various curses from the past life. Parsara has
written extensively on curses from the previous birth in the chapter entitled Purvajanmaśāpadyotanādhyāya of the
Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra. Basically this chapter deals with the question of childlessness or denial of children as a
result of a curse from the past birth. Such a curse may have been uttered by one’s parents, relatives, gurus, priests or
even the Sarpas (Divine Serpents) or departed spirits, in the past life, due to some action or event that occurred at
that time. Such an action or event stirred some deep passions within them of anger, sorrow or shock, thereby
provoking them to wish ill of others.

In the Harihar Majumdar edition[5] of the Bṛhat Parāśara, the chapter on curses commences with Pārvatī asking Śiva
to explain the curses from past life which causes childlessness. Śiva replies by stating that the first thing one must
undertake is to examine the bhāva bala or the strength of all the twelve houses very carefully, following which two
general principles are given by Parāśara for childlessness. These are as follows:

1. When Jupiter, Lagna lord, 7th lord and 5th lord are without any strength, there will be a denial of children or

there will be anapatya yoga.

2. When Sun, Mars, Rāhu and Saturn are posited in the 5th house in strength, while simultaneously the 5th lord

and/or Jupiter are bereft of any strength there will be anapatya yoga.

Parāśara in his primary analysis takes into account the afflictions on the 5th house, the 5th lord and Jupiter, by Mars,
Saturn and Rāhu. Jupiter is included here as it is the karaka for children and the 5th house. He then takes the planet
and the house associated with a particular curse. The examination of Pitṛśāpa would entail not only the condition of
the 5th house and its lord and Jupiter but also the Sun and the 9th house and its lord. Similarly for the curse of the
spouse, the 7th house, 7th lord and karaka Venus are examined and so on. This gives an indication that curses
represent the severe affliction of a house, its lord and its karakas by the three primary malefics, Mars, Rāhu and
Saturn, resulting in the eventual destruction of the house and its signification. Two aspects are highlighted, namely,
the strength or bala of the houses and the planets and secondly, the affliction on the kārakatva of houses and

Parāśara has identified the types of curses that one may bear from one’s past life in order to experience the sorrow of
childlessness in the present birth. These curses are as follows:

Person Name of Planet Houses

Cursing Curse Associated

Divine Sarpaśāpa Rāhu


Father Pitṛśāpa Sun 9th house, 9th


Mother Mātṛśāpa Moon 5th House, 5th 4th house, 4th

Lord, Jupiter lord

Brother Bhrātṛśāpa Mars 3rd house,

3rd lord

Uncle Mātulśāpa Mercury 6th house, 6th


Spouse Patnīśāpa Venus 7th house, 7th


Brāhmiṇ or Brahmaśāpa Jupiter 9th house, 9th

Priest lord

Departed Pretaśāpa

Parāśara gives certain combinations for these various curses which are as follows:

1. Rāhu in the 5th aspected by Mars, or Rāhu in Mar’s sign.

1. Fifth lord conjunct Rāhu and Saturn in the 5th aspected by the Moon.

2. Jupiter conjunct Rāhu, the 5th lord without strength and lagna lord conjunct Mars.
3. Jupiter conjunct Mars, Rāhu in lagna and 5th lord in a dusthāna.

4. Mercury as 5th lord in Mar’s navāmśa conjunct Mars and Rāhu and Māndi in lagna.

5. Fifth house a Martian sign and Mercury aspected by Rāhu

6. Lagna lord conjunct Rāhu, 5th lord conjunct Mars and Jupiter aspected by Rāhu.

In Sarpaśāpa, Rāhu is the common factor and plays a pivotal role in all the combinations, with Mars and the dusthāna


1. Debilitated Sun in the 5th in pāpakartāri yoga and Saturn’s navāmśa.

2. Sun as the 5th lord, in a trine, in pāpakartāri and conjunct and aspected by malefics.

3. Jupiter in Sun’s sign, the 5th lord conjunct Sun and malefics in the lagna and the 5th house.

4. Lagna lord devoid of strength, 5th lord conjunct Sun in the fifth house with the lagna and the fifth house

aspected by malefics.

5. Ninth lord in the 5th house, 5th lord in the 10th, and lagna and 5th house afflicted by malefics.

6. Mars as 9th lord conjunct 5th lord in lagna or the 5th house, with the 9th house afflicted.

7. Ninth lord in a dusthāna, Jupiter in a malefic sign, and lagna lord and the 5th lord conjunct malefics.

8. Sun, Mars and Saturn conjunct in either lagna or the 5th house, with Rāhu and Jupiter in the 8th or the 12th


9. Sun in the 8th house, Saturn in the 5th and the 5th lord conjunct Rāhu.

10. Twelfth lord in the lagna, 8th lord in the 5th and the 9th lord in the 8th.

11. Sixth lord in the 5th, 9th lord in the 6th house and Jupiter conjunct malefics.

One can observe the affliction of the Sun, the karaka for father and its placement in dusthānas and with the dusthāna
lords are the common factor, along with the association of the 9th house and 9th lord, the bhāva for father.


1. Moon as 5th lord debilitated or in pāpakartāri and the 4th and 5th houses afflicted by malefics.

2. Saturn in the 11th, malefics in the fourth and a debilitated Moon in the 5th house.

3. The 5th lord in a dusthāna, lagna lord debilitated and the Moon conjunct malefics.

4. The 5th lord in a dusthana, the Moon in a malefic navāmśa and lagna and the 5th house afflicted.

5. Moon as the 5th lord aspected by Mars, Saturn and Rāhu posited in the 9th or the 5th houses.

6. Mars as 4th lord conjunct Saturn or Rāhu and the Sun and the Moon in the lagna or the 5th houses.

7. Lagna and 5th lords in the 6th, 4th lord in the 8th and 9th and 8th lords in the lagna.

8. Sixth and 8th lords in the lagna, 4th lord in the 12th, Moon in the 5th and Jupiter afflicted.

9. Lagna in an aśubha yoga, a feeble and waning Moon in the 7th and Rāhu and Saturn in the 4th or the 5th


10. Exchange between 5th and 8th lords with the Moon and the 4th lord in a dusthāna.
11. Mars in lagna, Rāhu in the 5th, Sun in the 8th and Saturn in the 12th with the lagna and 4th lords in a


12. Jupiter in the 8th conjunct Mars and Rāhu and Saturn and the Moon in the 5th house.

The affliction of the 5th house, its lord and the Moon, the karaka for mother and their association with the 5th house
and its lord and placement in a dusthana is emphasized.


1. Third lord conjunct Mars and Rāhu in the 5th and the lagna and 5th lords in the 8th house.

2. Debilitated Jupiter in the 3rd, Saturn in the 5th and the Moon and Mars in the 8th house.

3. Lagna lord in the 12th, Mars in the 5th and the 5th lord in the 8th.

4. Lagna and the 5th houses in pāpakartāri and Lagna lord and Jupiter in dusthāna.

5. Tenth lord in the 3rd with other planets and Mars in the 5th house.

6. Fifth house a Mercurial sign with Saturn and Rāhu in it and Mercury and Mars in the 12th house.

7. Lagna lord in the 3rd, 3rd lord in the 5th and lagna, 3rd and 5th houses afflicted.

8. Third lord in the 8th, Mars in the 5th with Rāhu and Saturn or aspected by them.

The third house, its lord and the karaka for brothers, Mars is included in the combinations of Bhrātṛśāpa.

1. Mercury and Jupiter in the 5th conjunct Mars and Rāhu and Saturn in lagna.

2. Lagna and 5th lords in the 5th house with Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

3. A combust 5th lord in lagna, Saturn in the 7th and lagnapati conjunct Mercury.

4. Sixth lord conjunct 12th lord in lagna with Moon, Mercury and Mars in the 5th.

Mercury, the karaka for relatives plays the key role for these combinations.


1. Rāhu in Jupiter’s sign, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in the 5th and the 9th lord in the 8th house.

2. Ninth lord in the 5th, 5th lord in the 8th along with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

3. Ninth lord debilitated and 12th lord in the 12th conjunct or aspected by Rāhu.

4. Jupiter debilitated, Rāhu in lagna or the 5th house and the 5tgh lord in a dusthāna.

5. Jupiter as 5th lord in the 8th house conjunct malefics or the Sun and the Moon.

6. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Saturn’s navāmśa and the 5th lord in the 12th house.

7. Jupiter and Saturn in the lagna, Rāhu in the 9th and the 5th lord in the 12th.

Brahmaśāpa exhibits the weakness of Jupiter, afflicted by Rāhu, with the latter strongly placed in the lagna or trines.
The ninth house and lord, the karaka for gurus, teachers and priests also play a prominent role in these

1. Seventh lord in the 5th, Saturn in the 7th lord’s navāmśa and the 5th lord in the 8th house.

2. Seventh lord in the 8th, 12th lord in the 5th and Jupiter afflicted by malefics.

3. Venus in the 5th, 7th lord in the 8th and Jupiter afflicted by malefics.

4. Malefics in the 2nd and the 5th houses and the 7th lord in the 8th house.

5. Venus in the 9th, 7th lord in the 8th and malefics posited in the lagna and the 5th house.

6. Venus as the 9th lord and Jupiter, the 5th and lagna and 7th lords in dusthānas.

7. Fifth house in a Venusian sign with Moon and Rāhu in it.

8. Saturn and Venus in the 7th, Jupiter in the 8th, Sun in the 5th and Rāhu in lagna.

9. Mars in the 2nd, Jupiter in the 12th, Venus in the 5th conjunct or aspected by Rāhu.

10. Second and 7th lords in the 8th, Saturn and Mars in 5th/lagna and Jupiter conjunct malefics.

11. Rāhu in lagna, Saturn in the 5th and Mars in the 9th and 5th and 7th lords in the 8th house.

Understandably, the 7th house, its lord and kāraka Venus is in focus, but what stands out as a common factor is the
placement of the 7th lord in the 8th house.

This occurs when the final rites have not been performed, and then the forefathers bestow a curse in their form as

1. Saturn and the Sun in the 5th, feeble, waning Moon in the 7th and Rāhu and Jupiter in the lagna or the 12th


2. Fifth lord Saturn and Jupiter in the 8th and Mars in lagna.

3. Malefics in lagna, Sun in the 12th, Mars, Saturn and Mercury in the 5th and 5th lord in the 8th.

4. Rāhu in lagna, Saturn in 5th and Jupiter in the 8th.

5. Rāhu, Venus and Jupiter in lagna and the lagna lord in the 8th with Saturn and Moon.

6. Rāhu in lagna and Saturn in the 5th, conjunct or aspected by Mars.

7. Debilitated Jupiter debilitated 5th lord conjunct or aspected by any debilitated planet.

8. Saturn in lagna, Rāhu in 5th, Sun in the 8th and Mars in the 12th.

9. Seventh lord in a dusthana, Moon in the 5th and Saturn and Māndi in lagna.

10. Twelfth lord in the 5th with Saturn and Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house.

These combinations of curses as given by Parāśara depict the annihilation of a house and its signification. Such a
destruction of a house is done by the association of malefics, specifically, Mars, Saturn and Rāhu by their conjunction
and aspect on the house, its lord and its karaka. It is also done by the placement of the karaka and the lord in
dusthānas, and their association with dusthana lords, particularly the 8th and the 12th houses and their lords, that is
aṣṭameśa and vyāyeśa. One may refer back to the opening lines made by Śiva that is the understanding of curses is
to be done by analyzing the strength of the bhāva. When the bhāva and its signification are destroyed, it is bereft of
any strength. It is interesting to note that Parāśara here talks only about the association with malefics and the link
with dusthānas. Apart from mentioning debilitation a few times, he has not referred to any other sources of strength.
This leads one to conclude, that the malefic association of Saturn, Mars and Rāhu is emphasized in the context of
If one takes the principles expounded by Parāśara for the 5th house, one may extend them to the other houses as
well. Association of these three malefic planets along with the dusthana lords with any bhāva may destroy the
signification of that bhāva and deny the fruits of the same to the native. The table below suggests possible results of
the destruction of each of the twelve bhāvas by applying the principles of Parāśara.

House Houses and Planets Involved Possible Results

Tanu Lagna, Lagna Lord and Sun Loss of reputation

Dhana 2nd, 2nd Lord and Jupiter Denial of family and sustenance

Bhrātṛ 3rd, 3rd Lord and Mars Denial of brothers

Mātṛ 4th, 4th Lord and Moon Destruction of Mother and Home

Putra 5th, 5th Lord and Jupiter Denial of children

Śatru 6th, 6th Lord and Saturn Troubles from Enemies

Kalatra 7th, 7th Lord and Venus Denial of marriage

Mṛtyu 8th, 8th Lord and Saturn Disease and Denial of health

Pitṛ 9th, 9th Lord and Jupiter Destruction of father

Karma 10th, 10th Lord and Mercury Professional ruin

Lābha 11th, 11th Lord and Jupiter Denial of income

Vyāya 12th, 12th Lord and Saturn Denial of mental peace and sanity


Sri Jagannath Center[6] has done extensive work on curses and has extended Parāśara’s principles to other areas of
life, such as denial of marriage, home, profession, health etc. It has also extended the concept of curses on houses
as elaborated by Parāśara to that on planets (discussed above), as has been taught in the parampara of Puri.

A curse from a past birth is depicted in the horoscope when a natural benefic or a house is afflicted by at least two of
the three natural malefics, Mars, Saturn and Rāhu by graha dṛṣṭi. The reason for taking graha dṛṣṭi instead of rāśī
dṛṣṭi is because a curse is caused by an emotion and is the result of a desire to inflict harm and difficulties upon
another. The natural benefics are Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury. The Sun is included to show Pitṛśāpa. The
affliction of these planets, following Parāśara, portrays the following curses:

Affliction on Planets Curse Name of Curse

Jupiter Brahmin Brahmaśāpa

Moon Mother Mātṛśāpa

Venus Spouse Patnī/patiśāpa

Mercury Uncle Mātulśāpa

Sun Father Pitṛśāpa

When any of these planets are aspected by two or more of the following grahas, Mars, Saturn and Rāhu, a curse is
identified. Mars depicts anger, Saturn sorrow and Rāhu shock from deceit or illusion. The house owned by these
planets will show the areas of suffering, while the involvement of the Ātmakāraka in the scenario ensures that the
curse will fructify and that it is complete and the torment severe. The connection of the 8th house and its lord in this
yoga confirms that the curse is from a past birth, which can be re-confirmed with an examination of the ṣaṣṭiāṁśa.
The involvement of the Ātmakāraka or the lagnādhipati shows that the curse will be upon the individual.

Multiple curses can operate in a horoscope, of which one will be primary and will yield maximum suffering, while the
secondary curses will manifest at certain specific times. The curse of the highest natural benefic, that is Jupiter,
usually depicts the primary curse, or the involvement of the Ātmakāraka, or if all three malefics are aspecting any of
the natural benefics. Secondary curses do not exist independently, and once the primary curse in forgiven, the
secondary curses are forgiven too. The remedy has to be done for the primary curse only, as it is the root and will
remove the negatives of the other curses as well. One must also take into account other janma doṣas, like
Amāvasyā, Caturdaśī, and Saìkrānti doṣas as the curse will afflict these doṣas as well. Once the curse is lifted the
janma doṣas will be alleviated.

Curses require remedial measures to relieve the afflicted planet. Parāśara has listed a set of remedies for each of the
curses mentioned earlier, but it must be remembered that one must first ascertain whether the native is capable of
doing the remedy. The ninth house has to be examined for this purpose, which will reveal whether the native has the
bhāgya or fortune to perform remedies which will remove the affliction on the planet said to be under curse. Examine
the ṣaṣṭiāṁśa of the 9th lord which will give further indications of the capacity of the person to undertake remedies.
Information about the correct remedy is very often not made available to the native with a curse in his chart until the
curse period is over. At times, when the native is a very diligent worshipper of his iṣṭa devatā, the curse may not take
affect, or the suffering may be very minor.
Parāśara’s remedies are as follows:

1. Establish a gold idol of Nāga and worship him according to the rituals followed in the native’s house.

2. Cow, land, sesame and gold should be donated according to one’s capacity for the expansion of one’s clan.

1. Perform pitṛśrāddha at Gaya and feed a 1000 Brāhmiṇs.

2. Kanyādān or give away a girl in marriage.

3. Donate a pregnant cow


1. Bathe at Setubandha and chant the Gāyatrī one lakh times.

2. Do grahadānam and feed milk to Brahmins from a silver bowl.

3. Do pradakṣīna of a pepul tree and recite nāmagāna 1008 times.


1. Hear and chant (kirtaṇ) the names of Viṣṇu.

2. Perform Candrāyaṇa Vrata.

3. Bathe in the River Kāverī and spend time with the Vaiṣṇavas.

4. Plant a Pepul tree.

5. Donate 10 cows through he hands of one’s spouse.

6. Donate land whilst wishing for children.


1. Establish an idol of Viṣṇu.

2. Bathe at Setubandha and dig wells etc.


1. Perform Candrāyaṇa Vrata.

2. Do Brahmakṛcha Sādhanā three times.

3. Donate cows along with dakṣiṇā.

4. Donate païca ratna (diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald and pearl) along with gold.

5. Donate rice 10,000 times.


1. Give away a girl in marriage.

2. Donate a bejeweled and adorned idol of Lakṣmī Nārāyaṇa, 10 cows, beds and clothes. This has to be done

both the husband and the wife.

1. Donate an idol of Brahma after performing rudrasnāna.

2. Donate cows, silver and blue vessels.

Parāśara’s remedies for planets under curse are as follows:

Planet Remedy

Mercury Worship Śiva

Venus Worship Śiva

Listening to Hari Vaṁśa Purāna

Moon Mantra, Yantra, Medicines

Jupiter Mantra, Yantra, Medicines

Rāhu Kanyādān

Sun Hari Kirtaṇa

Ketu Donating cow

Mars Japa of Rudra

Saturn Japa of Rudra


The tool for timing the manifestation of the curse is Mūla Dasa, which is explained in detail by Sāravalī. This is also
known as the Lagna Kendrādi Graha Daśa and is a derivative of the Vimśottarī. The daśa commences from the
strongest among lagna, candra lagna and sūrya lagna. This is specifically mentioned by Sāravalī and he also quotes
Satyacārya on this principle. After the daśa of the kendras are complete, the daśa of the paṇapharas and apoklimas
take place. One must be careful in choosing the planet which will deliver the curse, which is usually the most malefic
planet involved in the curse. Observe if a malefic is involved in multiple curses, then it is that planet which will
manifest the curses.

1. Śrī Rāmacandra of Ayodhyā

Rāma’s chart shows Brahma, Mātṛ and Pitṛ śāpas, of which the Brahma śāpa is the primary curse. This is the curse
of Nārada on Viṣṇu, prophesying the denial of marital bliss and conjugal life. Saturn and Mars aspect both Jupiter and
Moon, while all three malefics, Saturn, Mars and Rāhu aspect the Sun. Saturn is in the 4th house and Mars in the 7th
in maraṇa karaka sthāna. Saturn also lords the 7th house, signifying that the curse would affect domestic and marital
life. Saturn gave him sorrow where his home and marriage was concerned and denied him happiness. His wife, Sītā
was kidnapped by Rāvaṇa, where she suffered at the hands of the rākṣasas. This period of separation and pain was
followed by moments of great test when he had to ask Sītā to take the tests of fire to prove her purity in front of the
world. The phase of separation continues, when she finally left hi and stayed in the forest upon their return to
Ayodhyā. She did not even inform Rāma about the birth of their children, and the boys grew up to battle their father.

The curse was uttered by his step mother and it banished him to the forests for 14 years bereft of all his possessions.
The curse on the exalted Sun in the 10th house, denied him his kingdom for those years. The 6th house is also under
affliction with the presence of Rāhu, showing the existence of significant enemies, in the form of rākṣasas. While in
exile, Rāma established and worshipped a jyotirlinga at Rāmeśvaram (Exalted Sun in Rāhu). He also worshipped
the Devi in the form of Durgatināśinī and Cāmuṇḍā (Moon as aspected by Mars). He was moreover a great
worshipper of his guru, without whose blessings he never undertook anything. Jupiter, Moon and Sun and were
propitiated. Venus is exalted in the 9th house, with the aspect of the 9th lord Jupiter from lagna, which is not only in
exaltation but conjoined lagna lord Moon in a perfect Gajakeśarī Jupiter, Moon and Sun and were propitiated. Venus
is exalted in the 9th house, with the aspect of the 9th lord Jupiter from lagna, which is not only in exaltation but
conjoined lagna lord Moon in a perfect Gajakeśarī Yoga.
2. Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu

The Moon has graha dṛṣṭi from Saturn, Mars and Rāhu and is also eclipsed, signifying Mātṛśāpa. Mars is the AK and
the 8th lord Jupiter is aspecting the Moon, fulfilling all conditions for a complete curse. So the Moon has to be
propitiated. The ninth house has benefic influences with the presence of Venus and Jupiter’s aspect from Dhanu.
Moreover, the 9th lord, which is also the AK, is exalted and aspecting the 9th house. The 9th lord also happens to be
in Amṛta ṣaṣṭiāṁśa. The lagna lord Sun is aspecting the 5th and 9th houses by rāśī dṛṣṭi. The path of mantra and
worship is strongly indicated and he spread the Hare Kṛṣṇa Mahāmantra in the world, to give mukti to a millions of
souls in bandhana. Moon signifies Kṛṣṇa and so the mantra of Kṛṣṇa acted like a supreme remedy. Of course,
Caitanya Mahāprabhu is considered to be an aṁśa avatar and his establishment and spread of Vaiṣṇavism in the
world is legendary, which also indicates propitiation of the Moon.
3. Śrila Prabhupāda

Brahmaśāpa is indicated in this chart, with Jupiter aspected by AK Rāhu and Mars. Mars is conjunct the 8th lord
Moon. Jupiter is conjunct the ninth lord Sun and Ketu in the ninth house. The conjunction of these three highly
spiritual planets in the 9th house is significant. The Sun in the 9th, especially in its own sign indicates temples while
the lagna lord in the 9th house shows the blessings of Viṣṇu. Ketu, the mokṣa karaka is the 12th lord. Prabhupāda
endured the curse through several dasas, including the Mūla Dasa of Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Rāhu. After the
walking his way through the hardships of saṁsāra, he renounced the world at the end of Saturn daśa. At the age of
70, in Sun and Ketu Mūla dasas, he established ISCKON, went abroad and established 108 Kṛṣṇa temples through
out the world. He spread the Mahāmantra and saved many a soul entrapped in narcotics, arms and alcohol. Observe
his ṣaṣṭiāṁśa in Ghorā. Exalted Moon and the conjunction of Venus and exalted Mercury are particular combinations
or Kṛṣṇa and Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa devotion.
4. Adolf Hitler

Lagna lord, Ātmakāraka and 8th lord Venus is retrograde in the 7th house, of which it is the karaka, aspected by Mars
and Saturn. There is a curse both on the house and on Venus. Hitler never married, although he may have had
several liaisons. The curse is so severe, the day he finally married, he committed suicide and left this world. The 9th
lord Mercury is in Bhraṣṭa (depraved, fallen) ṣaṣṭiāṁśa, indicating that his bhāgya for performing remedies was poor.
He finally succumbed to the curse in his chart.
5. Denial of Children
Curse on the 5th and 7th houses has
denied the native children, marriage, even the joys of a relationship, although she years for love and companionship.
Saturn and AK Mars is in the 5th with karaka Jupiter, which is also the 8th lord, in maraṇa karaka sthāna conjunct
Rāhu. The 7th house is aspected by Rāhu and Saturn, with the significator Venus in maraṇa karaka sthāna. The 9th
lord which is the AK is conjunct Saturn and the aspect of Guru Caṇḍāla Yoga on the 9th house has tarnished the
dharma bhāva, despite the presence of Ketu and the presence of the 9th lord in Śitala ṣaṣṭiāṁśa. Ketu does bestow
some spiritual inclinations in the native, and she took initiation, but never chose to chant her dikṣā mantra, nor saw
the need or necessity for it. Saturn is the most malefic planet as it is involved in the curses of both the houses, and
during its Mūla Dasa, it delivered the curse very severely. The blows also came from gurus and teachers and in 7th
house matters.
6. Mother Teresa: Denial of Marriage

Mother Teresa’s chart has the curse on

the 7th house, with Saturn and Rāhu aspecting it and the karaka Venus in the 8th house. Rāhu is the AK and the 8th
lord Moon is conjunct Saturn. Denial of marriage and celibacy is complete, but here blessed life as a nun celebrated
as a saint can be seen from the 9th house, where the 9th lord Sun is in the 9th house conjunct 5th lord Mars, a
complete yoga for worship with the union of the 5th and 9th lords. The 9th lord is in Komala ṣaṣṭiāṁśa, and she was
the personification of compassion and mercy, as she spend her life dedicated in building institutions for the poor, the
orphaned and the needy. Every breath was spent in caring for the destitute that she picked up from the streets of
Calcutta, whether there are orphans or lepers. One can clearly observe that in the charts of saints like Mother Teresa,
Śrila Prabhupāda and Caitanya Mahāprabhu, remedies have worked through their 9th houses, through their prayers
and worship, which became an integral part of their lives, and the very purpose of their birth.
7. Denial of Marriage
Venus, AK and 8th lord is under curse by the conjunction of Mars and aspect of Saturn. This curse is also on the 7th
lord. Consequently not only does she remain unmarried, she has suffered through her relationships, none of which
come to the fruition of marriage. Venus Mūla daśa delivered the curse. Venus needs to be propitiated but as the
curse is severe and since it is also the śubhapati and in a Kendra, she was advised to do Kamalātmikā worship. This
was during Mars Mūla daśa, which ends in 2005. Despite repeated plans to receive the mantra, she could not do so.
The 9th lord Mars is involved in the curse and is afflicted by Saturn and in Dāvāgni ṣaṣṭiāṁśa. It is unlikely that she
would receive the mantra in Mars’ Mūla Dasa. On the other hand, the co-lord of the 9th house, Ketu is in Mṛdu
ṣaṣṭiāṁśa, which also corresponds with the fact that she is a god fearing and spiritual lady. Ketu Mūla Dasa will
commence in July 2005; it is highly probable that she will receive the mantra then and start her remedy.
This is am indication, that one cannot really avoid suffering during the curse period, except perhaps for those who
have been doing their iṣṭa mantras diligently since their childhood.

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