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Vol. 68, No. 3
Bellingham First Christian Church
An Open and Affirming Congregation March 2018

Lent 2018
Lent officially began with Ash Wednesday, February 14,
2018. It ends on Saturday, March 31. This season of Honoring World Water Day
forty days, not counting Sundays, represents Jesus’ forty Sunday, March 25
days in the wilderness, as he prepared for his ministry.
Our forty days allows us time to reflect, pray, repent, and 11 a.m.
prepare for a renewal of our own ministries. May your World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about
time in the wilderness be significant. focusing attention on the importance of water. The
theme for World Water Day 2018 is “Nature for
Palm Sunday, March 25 Water’”– exploring nature-based solutions to the water
10:50a Gathering Time challenges we face in the 21st century.
11a Worship Damaged ecosystems affect the quantity and quality
of water available for human consumption. Today, 2.1
Maundy Thursday, March 29 billion people live without safe drinking water at home,
5:30p Soup Supper affecting their health, education and livelihoods.
6p Worship
Sustainable Development Goal 6 commits the world to
ensuring that everyone has access to safe water by
Good Friday, March 30
2030, and includes targets on protecting the natural
6a 12 hour Prayer Vigil
environment and reducing pollution.
Please sign up in the fellowship hall
6p Worship As a congregation, we are working to achieve these
goals. In our homes and in our church building, we try
Easter Sunday, April 1 to use water conscientiously. (Click here for tips on
8:30a Early Worship, Zuanich Park how to use water wisely.) And we collect our spare
9:30 Continental Breakfast, Church change to help provide clean water sources for people
10:30a Easter Egg Hunt who might not otherwise have access to water for
11a Easter Worship their daily needs.
Please bring your coin jars to worship on Sunday,
Please sign up in the fellowship hall to: March 25. All funds will be sent to Global Ministries
• Participate in the Good Friday Prayer Vigil Water Projects. If you still need a jar, pick one up in
• Bring flowers for Easter Worship the office.
See page 3 regarding information on assisting with the
Easter Egg Hunt.
Shoe’s News

First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
Shoe’s News
“Another Tragic School Day”
495 East Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226 As I watch the news and hear the voices of the students
from Parkland Florida, I can feel the sadness and frustration. I am moved because of the tragedy of yet
Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter another school shooting, but I’m also moved by their
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) resolve to never allow this to happen again. Regardless of
A movement for wholeness in a fragmented our stance on gun control, we can all agree that something
world. As part of the one body of Christ, we
welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God
has to be done to keep our children safe and allow them to
welcomed us. feel safe while they are at school.
All of Us
Ministers I remember when our kids were in grade school in
Rev. Gary Shoemaker Southern California, they had “drive by shooting drills.”
Pastor They did that just in case a school happened to be in the neighborhood of a drive by shooting. They didn’t consider
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman the possibility that the school itself might become the target
Director of Education & Community Outreach
Courier Editor
of violence. But now, sadly, school shootings are becoming regular occurrences in our country.
Amelia Nye
Accompanist Again, I don’t think it matters where you come down on
Katie Ramstead gun control, but together we must reclaim the security of
Childcare Provider our children. I understand the argument that it’s more of a
Rev. Sandy Messick mental health issue than a gun control issue. But I think it’s
Regional Minister both. I can’t imagine we’ll ever have the ability to diagnose
Rev. Teresa Hord Owens a mental illness in such a way that we know it will lead to a
General Minister and President
school shooting. But we do need to take measures to
Sunday Schedule (Labor Day - Memorial Day) prevent violent people from getting their hands on guns.
10:50 a.m. Gathering Time
9:30 a.m. Adult Sunday School
11 a.m. Worship There are other nations that have similar mental illness
12:15 p.m. Fellowship Time difficulties as the U.S., but they don’t have the school
1 p.m. Out-to-Lunch Bunch (4th Sunday) shootings and other mass murder incidents that we have.
2 p.m. Someone Cares! Community Meal
(2nd Sunday) The difference is the access to weapons designed to
Office Hours rapidly fire bullets. There is no need for assault weapons to
Tuesday - Friday be available to the general public.
9 a.m. - noon
Our staff are in and out of the office throughout the
week. Please feel free to stop by during their office As a follower of Jesus, and also a gun owner, I know that
hours or make an appointment that fits your schedule. there’s a compromise out there that will allow us to own
Officers guns without endangering our children. Perhaps a
Gregg Heyne, Moderator requirement to keep our guns locked up when they’re not
Renee Hoemann, Vice Moderator being used for hunting or target practice.
Cheryl Perry, Treasurer
open position, Secretary
We owe it to those surviving students to take action now,
Important Links:
Regional Website (including monthly
before it’s too late.
General Church Website: Pastor Gary

2 March 2018
Nurse’s Notes Help the Bunny

"So, tell me, what is it you have. Do what you can." A small gesture of
you plan to do with kindness, of thoughtfulness can do wonders in
helping someone else live their lives and deal
your one wild and
with their challenges. 
precious life?" 
One great example of how to live life effectively
Nurse’s Notes ~Mary Oliver was our own John Riseland. He showed us the
way through his leadership as educator,
athlete, husband, father, friend, colleague. His
Yes, a good question regardless of how old or devotion to his family, to his church, to those
young we are. A question that requires us to less fortunate in the community was evident in
stop long enough to truly engage the question the service he rendered. He led the way with
of what purpose life has for us: what kind of intellect, with intelligence, with humor. So, what
values and standards are we setting for did John Riseland do with his one wild and
ourselves; what personal responsibilities are precious life? He led the way, he paid attention,
we asking of ourselves. walked the walk. To that we say, "Thank You,”
To engage in these internal inquiries, to reflect, and ask of ourselves what can we do to follow
to meditate benefits our physical health by his example.
improving the immune system, lowers blood May we not take life for granted, but take a
pressure, lowers stress hormones, lowers second look. "By deliberately taking time to
cholesterol, in effect helps our bodies work look at our lives more carefully, more
more efficiently and to achieve balance.  meditatively, we allow a sense of spiritual
Life is very daily, often we get caught up in the vitality to arise, often in surprising and delightful
routine and forget that this day, this life is ways, and this too becomes both a daily
sacred, a gift from God, to be glad in it as we wellspring of gratitude and an ongoing call:
truly pay attention, that we truly notice the Rise up!”  (Monks of New Skete)
small daily gifts that enrich our lives: freshly Meditation: Eternal God, grant us the insight
brewed coffee, a comforting warm shower, bird and courage to see life more clearly and dearly,
song; the list is endless if we truly pay to see "yesterday as a dream, tomorrow as a
attention. vision, but today well lived makes every
What are we doing to enhance our own lives yesterday a dream of happiness, and every
and what are we doing to enhance the lives of tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well to this
others? We do not have to have great wealth or day."  (the Sanskrit)  Amen
influence to affect the lives of others. To quote Jane Kletka, RN
Arthur Ashe, "Start where you are. Use what Faith Community Nurse

The Bunny Needs Your Help!

Please bring financial donations to the church by Palm Sunday,
March 25, to help with this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. The Bunny will do
all the shopping and prep work and is ever so grateful for your
assistance. (Please note: some funds are still available from last
year, so we shouldn’t need much.)

March 2018 3
Who’s on First?! Birthdays & Anniversaries God at Work in Us

Sunday, March 4
Elder: Brenda Riseland
In Home Communion: Jane Kletka
Deacons: Kathy Wheeler, Bentley Becker Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary
Reader: Marceille Kobel Bridget Becker 1 Paul & Frances Van Dyke 13
Children’s Moment: Linda Heyne Aaron Pinkston 3 Mark & Renee Hoemann 21
Children’s Church: Linda Heyne Judy Bayless 6
Flowers: TBD Doug Farrar 6
Fellowship Time: TBD, honoring March Jim Franks 15
birthdays Kade O’Halloran 17
Opal Hanna 28
Sunday, March 11
Elder: Jane Kletka
Deacons: James Becker, Linda Heyne Be the Hands of God (nurture the world)
Reader: Gregg Heyne
Children’s Moment: Megan Shoemaker • Annual Bazaar Center
Children’s Church: Linda Botts • Alternative Market • Family Promise Hosts
Flowers: TBD • Blessing Bags • Food Bank collections
Fellowship Time: TBD • CAST • Joseph’s Closet
• Comfort Quilt Ministry • Clean Water Projects
Sunday, March 18 • Community Gardens • Jesus Has Left the
• Community Meal Building
Elder: Linda Heyne
• Disciples House/ • Socks on the Street
Deacons: Renee Hoemann, Celia Obrecht
Family Promise Day
Reader: James Becker
Children’s Moment: Tamalyn Kralman For more info on how to assist in any of these projects,
Children’s Church: Katie Ramstead please contact us at
Flowers: TBD
Fellowship Time: TBD
Be a Part of A Small Group (nurture your soul)
Sunday, March 25 • Women's Spiritual Growth Groups - Please contact
the church office if you would like to be a part of a group.
Elder: Leslie Pinkston
• Out-to-Lunch Bunch, 12:30 p.m., 4th Sundays - An
Deacons: Melissa Henderson, Kris Ann Lewis
informal gathering that visits locally owned restaurants.
Reader: Megan Shoemaker
• Book Group, 7 p.m., 4th Sundays - This group
Children’s Moment: Linda Heyne
explores books to expand their minds and hearts.
Children’s Church: Tamalyn Kralman
• Esther Group, 11:30 a.m., 3rd Mondays - A women's
Flowers & Fellowship Time: Esther Group
group that meets for lunch in local restaurants. (No host.)
• Bible Study, Noon, Tuesdays - Meeting in the church
Sign up in the fellowship hall to help in these
library, this group explores the lectionary scriptures.
important ministries:
• Pub Theology, 6:30 p.m., 3rd Thursdays - Beer,
• Read scripture during Sunday morning worship conversation, and God! (Or any beverage of your choice.)
• Bring flowers for Sunday worship Jeckyl & Hyde Deli & Ale House 709 Orchard Pl #1.
• Checking in Group, 5 p.m., 4th Thursdays -supportive
• Provide goodies for fellowship time following group of people who share life's journey together.
Sunday worship • Men's Breakfast, 7:30 a.m., Saturdays at Denny's - 

Please contact the office for more info. All men are invited to join this weekly breakfast group for
fun and fellowship. (No host.)

4 March 2018
Sign up for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk Joys and Concerns

Together We Are Stronger.
Laura Char invites you to walk with her at the which means you'll be giving twice as much to help
upcoming MS Walk, Saturday, April 7. Click here for people affected by MS live their best lives. Simply
more info. ask your HR department if your company matches
charitable giving, or search this list of companies
Please note:
with a matching gift program.
Did you know when you make a donation to Walk
MS your employer may match your contribution? Please contact the office, 360/734.6820 or, for more info.
Many companies match charitable contributions
dollar-for-dollar. It's quite possible yours does,

Joys and Concerns
Please submit written requests to update list.

Medical concerns: • Refugees worldwide
• Bea & Ralph Gilfilen • Iglesia de Dios, as together we
• Ellen Fisher, Bob’s sister-in-law share God’s love
• Helen Blaney • Raices Culturales/Community to
• Kelly Franks Community families in their gardening
• Marian Crim program in our field
• Daisy Shoemaker, Pastor Gary’s mom • Kristine Tissinger, missionary partner in Ghana
• Sharon Kralman, Tamalyn’s stepmom • Rev. Sandy Messick, Regional Minister and
• Chloe Gibson President
• Gary Schwebel, Diana Findlay’s son • Rev. Teresa Hord Owens, General Minister and
• Pat Spiller, Kris Ann’s stepdad-in-law President
Life’s challenges: • Our General Church ministries
• Brenda Riseland and family • Yakama Christian Mission
• Jon-Paul, Sue Ann Cross’s family • Victims of hatred, injustice, violence, poverty,
disease, and disaster worldwide
• Mary Ann Teeters - thank you!
• Katie, Bob Fisher’s daughter • All troops involved in world conflict
• Kris Ann Lewis’s family: brother Phil, sister-in-law • Peacemakers worldwide
Cary, nephew Matt, niece Hannah, Brenchly family
Beyond Our Walls:
• For the healing of our nation

March 2018 5
Community Outreach

Family Promise Wish List
Below is a wish list for our church’s Family
Promise program role as a host congregation.
Please note that any of the items below
(except food items) could be new or gently
used. Interfaith Coalition Hope Auction
Gift cards or monetary donations would also Hope is on the Way! Interfaith Coalition’s Hope Auction
be very helpful. Gift card ideas: Costco, WinCo, happens on Saturday, March 24, beginning at 5:30
Target, Walmart p.m. Please join us as we continue in our work of
ensuring that all children have a safe, warm place to
1. Bed linens
call home. You can help in these ways:
a. flat single (twin) sheets
b. pillowcases Donate an Auction Item - Do you have a service you
c. washable blankets/comforters offer, your own artwork, gift certificate, tickets to
2. Kids Activities & Homework Supplies: popular sporting events, vacation home getaway, …let
Games, movies, art supplies, TV? your imagination soar and get in touch with us!
a. pens Buy tickets. Tickets are $65 each, including dinner. Join
b. pencils your friends and members of your congregation for
c. ruled paper lively bidding and fellowship. To purchase tickets or
d. construction paper make a donation, please see Brenda Riseland or
e. crayons, markers, etc. contact us at 360-734-3983, or through our website:
f. glue
g. Games We make a difference in the lives of homeless children
h. TV? and their families, and with your support, we will be
i. Other serving additional families through our new program,
3. Cleaning Supplies Family Promise.
a. disinfecting wipes/spray Laura Harker
b. bleach Executive Director
c. mop Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County
d. broom
e. dish soap e. milk
f. toilet cleaner f. tea
g. cleaning cloths g. juice
h. Window cleaner h. Lunch meat & cheese
4. Baby supplies i. Mayo
a. diaper pail j. Mustard
b. diaper cream k. Lunch snacks (e.g. fruit, granola
c. sippy cups bars, etc.)
d. infant nail clippers l. Bread
e. nose sucker m. Oatmeal packets
f. dishes & cutlery n. Cereal
g. bottles
h. Boppy THANK YOU!!
5. Kitchen Staples Family Promise Co-Coordinators,
a. salt Megan Shoemaker and Celia Obrecht
b. pepper
c. sugar Please note: The starting date for Family
d. coffee Promise is April 2.

6 March 2018
The Church as a Village Family Resources

It Takes a Village - So How Are We Doing? Kids’ Coloring Page
It’s been many years since we, here at First Christian Church of
Bellingham, have had to consider how to responsibly bring up
children in the faith. Our Sunday School rooms sat empty. Our
hallways were quiet. A few children trickled in, then slowly
wandered away as they discovered other Sunday activities or
churches with more children.
Now, suddenly, we have children. And we have everything that
comes with that gift. We have noise and chaos and we have
responsibility. What we don’t have is the luxury of old societal
norms and the expectation that every family will be in a house of
worship on Sunday (or Saturday) morning. Therefore, we need to
take an extraordinarily hard look at our church and at ourselves
and ask some equally difficult questions. Jesus was having a Passover meal with his disciples. After dinner he took the bread and a cup of
wine and said, “Every time you eat the bread and drink the wine, remember me.”

• What do we have to offer that makes young families want to
bring their children here on a Sunday morning? What makes us Click here for a full size coloring page.
any more enticing than the many other options they already
have? (e.g. sleeping in, “family time,” sports, other churches)
• Do we want this faith of ours to live on? (Do we want First Tips from Tam
Christian Church of Bellingham to live on?)
Walking through the season of Lent with
• Are we the people to share this faith with future generations? small children can be difficult. The stories we
• If so, how will we best equip ourselves to share this faith with tell are difficult. I would advise caution as you
generations that are so very different from our own? Because tell these stories. Things we may have taken
we are faith-keepers and it IS our responsibility to share it. for granted for years may sound harsh, even
frightening to a child — from Satan tempting
• How will we educate and nurture our children into the faith in Jesus in the wilderness to the torture, trial,
ways that will equip them to be strong, wise, faithful adults? and crucifixion.
• We know children watch our every expression and every action. These are brutal stories and they are not
They listen to our every word. What kind of example are we child friendly. So, how do we introduce our
setting for them? Are we the mentors we should be for them? precious little ones to these stories?
• When children enter this sacred space we call “church,” are we Especially when most children's books tell us
making this experience a holy experience for them? that God did it all?! (Yeah, let’s be cautious
with that theology. It turns many people
• Are we helping them to know God by what we say and do? away from this jealous, vindictive God and
• Are we helping them to know the ways of Jesus by what may just make kids quite frightened of God.
we say and do? Not quite your goal, right?)

• Are we helping them to fully experience the love of God? So, depending upon your child’s age and
sensibilities, tread carefully. Jesus worked
• Are we helping them to understand the purpose of church? hard for God. Some people didn’t understand
• Are we truly welcoming them into God’s holy space? what he was doing. Some were jealous.
Some were angry. Some were worried. So,
• As we set parameters for them, because yes, there must be they wanted to stop him. They hurt him very
parameters, are we doing so with good reason and in badly. And he died because of what they did.
loving ways? (Or are we grouchy at them?) Did God do it. Probably not. Did God know it
It’s hard to be a kid. You may remember. And yes, I know it’s would happen? Probably. Was God sad? Most
hard to be a grown-up, too. So, let’s make our village a loving definitely. Was there a bodily resurrection of
one — for everyone. But let’s make sure our village takes care of Christ? Oh, boy. Who knows? I wasn’t there
its children above all else. to touch those wounds. Were you? But, do
we celebrate Easter? Absolutely!
Peace, love, and Mickey Mouse,
May God’s Spirit of Wisdom be with you,
Tamalyn Tamalyn

March 2018 7
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Week of Compassion Offering 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 7pm - [4H] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

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1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

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1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 6 : 3 0 p m - Pub Theology, location 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
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2 p m - Community Meal

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location TBD
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1 1 a m - Worship 6 : 4 5 p m - [Guide Dogs]

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
5 : 3 0 p m - Prayer Vigil for Peace
in the Middle East

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1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir 6 p m - Good Friday Worship 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
1 1 a m - Worship 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time

1 p m - Out-to-Lunch Bunch

7 p m - Book Group

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